Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Brings Us Home....

So many times we stray from the path that we are traveling.  Sometimes what distracts us is something that can bring insight, clarity, and maybe even a good lesson.  Yet most of the time it is something that simply just distracts us. 
     Over the last few years I feel like I have been distracted big time.  A number of things have been the culprit.  A few of them were I guess understandable: My husband's stroke in 2012, My mom's heart attack and open heart surgery in 2015, The birth of my eighth grand baby and name sake Gemma Jane in 2014... Those were all events which still have an effect on my time and  energy.  However that is life... It doesn't stop for us and wait until we are ready for it to start up again.  It continues to move... It continues to evolve.  
     During this time there has been moments for me... Sometimes those moments were few and far between but thankfully they were still there.  Just when I thought I could not go on anymore... like I would scream and never stop.... like I would just give up... that is when these "moments" would occur.  Oh I love how the world works... How the powers that be happen just at the right time... Pushing us to the brink of almost falling, almost giving up.  It is such times that help us to grow, help us to grow those wonderful callouses that helps us to get through life.  
     My rune making is one of the things that really helped me at these times... The working of the wood, the focusing on the symbols their meanings... They brought me a solace that was able to calm me.. .They brought me home... They brought me back to me..