Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm Back... At least for a Bit

Good Morning all. It has been some time since I last wrote. Goodness well over a month. It seems like so much has been happening and unfortunately it seems that my blog has suffered the worst of it.

After a much needed vacation with my grandkids last March, I truly thought that when I arrived home I would have a bit of time to get ahead on some of the things that I knew may suffer once I started all the things that have occurred. Well needless to say I was far from right.

No sooner had I arrived home when I needed to get myself ready to go to my middle sons wedding. It was a wonderful event. A nice quiet small ceremony outside of DC in a little nook called The Inn at Little Washington. Wonderful food and fantastic company. They opted for a small gathering of just close family and will have their big reception in July after they return from their two month honeymoon of a trek around China plus a few other smaller countries nearby.

On arriving home once again I thought that there would be a bit of time to "catch up". Once again I was wrong and my mother's cataract surgery (both eyes over 2 two weeks) and the urgency of my garden and yard took most of the extra time I had. I am still trying to catch up in regards to my yard. The weather has been a bit crazy this year to say the least. We have not gotten the terrible storms that so many have had to endure yet the warmth is slow to come and the wind has been fierce. We received a meager amount of rain last weekend which even though it was minimal was nice as it helped to clean the months of dust that had accumulated in the air. I am hoping for a bit more this weekend yet am not going to hold my breath.

I considered asking for it yet after last week's occurrence in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia I am reluctant as May is the month when we in Oklahoma receive the largest amount of our tornadoes. I will continue to water my yard and pray for those who have suffered from the heavy hand of nature this spring.

Things are slowing down a bit. This last week I had it all to myself and I have to say it was a true blessing. Although once again I had big plans to get so caught up in regards to my blog and other things, I took a couple of the days to just work in my yard and play with my flowers. The quiet and simple sounds of nature were much needed. I also wanted to be sure that my gardens and such were in order for May day tomorrow. Although the weather man has informed us that it will be a cold blustery day with possible cold rain I still wanted the flowers to be tended and primped for the fae that may come and visited.

My peony bush finally bloomed this year. I was so excited when I say the blooms last week. I worried for a time that the wind may tatter it a bit. However I was able to cut two beautiful blooms to enjoy inside. I also found another pink peony bush on one of my many visits to the local garden stores. It was kind enough to also lend me a couple of its blooms to enjoy.

I am hoping to be back at a more frequent pace in the coming weeks. I will admit that I cannot promise anything as this has been a different kind of year. i am still trying to figure out why it is so array. I have missed so many of you and thank the ones of you who wrote and checked on me in my absence. It is always nice to know that one is missed. Wishing all of you a wonderful and safe weekend. And of course a wonderful blessed May Day.