Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farmer Market Wednesday's - Fresh Fruit

I am sure that many of you have read about my adventures with fruit in the past few weeks. I speak especially about Apricots and Strawberries. I cannot say enough about the jeweled fruit we call the apricot. Since I can remember I have loved this little dear. Growing up in northern Oklahoma we were not blessed with a bountiful crop each year. It seemed that a late freeze would always take the delicate blooms, thus taking also the fruit. I remember a tree in the small town where I grew up. I watched this little tree each day as spring would roll around. I waited for the blooms to appear then pray that no cold weather would come. On the years that we were blessed, I would always change my path of walking to school so that I could go past and keep an eye on their progress.

Although I was not fortunate to find fresh grown apricots at any of the farmer’s markets that I frequent, I was lucky enough to find a bountiful of them. Katie, Vincent’s mom, was a dear and let me have as many as I wanted from her tree which was covered this year. They were not huge in size, yet they possessed a wonderful taste. My only cost was a sample of whatever I ended up doing with them. I think I did everything you can do with an apricot from make jam, to tarts, to drying them and more.

I did not learn to make jam from my mother or my grandmother. Although both were big canners, I cannot remember them ever putting away jam, except for my grandma’s apple butter. Gini, my first husband’s mother, was the one who introduced me to the making of jam. Having three small children, 2 of which were growing boys, peanut butter and jellies were a mainstay at our home. Once I started making jam, there was no going back to any jelly bought in at the grocery store. Although I will admit that nothing is as good as Welch’s grape jam.

I remember once when our children had a babysitter for the day and I instructed her to just give the kids PB & J’s for lunch. When I returned home she was upset to tell me that she made only peanut butter sandwiches as she could not find the jelly. When I showed her the jar of peach jam (my boy’s favorite) in the ice box, she was confused. She knew only of grape jelly. When she left that day I sent with her a few jars of my jam to give to her mom. Needless to say it was a gift that I continued every summer for many years.

The peaches have started to ripen and I have been keeping my eye out. Most of them so far, had been somewhat small and overpriced. Yet last Saturday on our trip to the Farmer’s Market I found some that were simply beautiful. They were about the size of a baseball and had wonderful color. (see picture above)  I purchased a small basket just for eating. Upon suggestion of the producer, I will purchase the peaches I plan to put up about mid July. They are sweeter at this time. Also if they are cling free they fall from the pit easier. It will also give me and the grandkids something to do while they are visiting. I am sure they will love making my mini tarts.

I have posted my jam recipe on my favorite recipe page if you would like to take a look see.  Until next week, enjoy yourself and eat something fresh…. Not only is it good for you but it taste so good.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Hope.....

Yesterday we were graced by cooler temperatures as well as some much needed rain. It started early in the morning hours and continued until early afternoon. Before the rain, the ground had become quite dry and the pond was beginning to look a bit puny. Fuzz from the nearby cottonwood trees had collected across the pond surface giving it a choked look. The many frogs that call our pond home had also become quieter than in earlier times.

Yet as afternoon came the clouds thinned and on occasion the sun peeked out to shine across the sky. It was obvious that the drink was well needed. The pond was clear once more with subtle ripples flowing across from the gentle north breeze. The frogs even occasionally sang out in unison as if they were also giving their thanks. Flowers further across the yard than my watering hose can reach were standing upright, faces wide and colorful. It was a beautiful day.

As I began my day today, the front which had brought us the much needed moisture had also laid way for cooler mornings. I actually was able to sit on the back porch this morning and enjoy my morning coffee as Winston, Sunny, and Sweetie chased each other across the yard. I can tell the yard will need mowed in a day or two. Yet that is ok… It is worth it.

I have been quite busy the last few days. I have been completing items for the goodie boxes. I must say I have enjoyed it so much. As I have worked on the items I intend to give, I have reflected on the evolvement of myself over the last year. It is not just the writing in the blog which has had a part in this change. Many things have influenced it. Yet it has been nice to have a place to come and relax with friends and let go of the things that run through my mind at times.

I have for the most part tried to keep this a peaceful and positive place where the words spoken are nurturing and helpful. Of course like all of us there are times when I do have to step up on the soap box and speak my two cents. I have strong feelings and as I grow older I find myself wanting to speak them more. I am not sure if this is good or just the senility setting in. Either way, I think that as I begin the second year that there may be more posts that deal with some of these strong feelings.

I have often been an observer in life. Sitting back and watching and learning from the interactions that I have seen. I am not sure why I feel so inspired to stand up now and speak. Yet I think these days that there are many out there in the world who feels much as I feel. The world is not what it used to be. I know that is something that one always hears someone say as they begin to progress into age. I myself swore that it was one thing I would not say as I grew older. Yet here I am saying that exact thing. Although as I look out through the going ons of today it is hard not to wonder.

From the devastation in the gulf, to the many wars and discourse between countries, to the increase of sinister acts of violence, greed, and unlawfulness; this world it seems is becoming lost. I hope that it is only the worry of a woman who is growing in age and is dealing with the acceptance that things are changing quicker than she is able to keep up with. I hope that so much of the “technology” and “improvements” thrown at us each day truly is best for us. I hope that all we keep taking from this world is not more than we are all giving back to it.

Yet inside me there is this feeling… this cry…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Astrology of the Oak

hose born under the Celtic Tree Sign of Oak (born June 10th through July 7th) are known as the Stabilizer. Like the tree they have a great gift of strength. They are protective people and often become champions for those who do not have a voice. They are nurturing generous and always helpful. They like the oak are the gentle giant among the other Celtic signs. They exude easy confidence and carry an optimistic outlook at all times.

They possess a deep respect for history and ancestry. Many born under this sign choose the occupation of teacher as they love to share their knowledge of the past with others. Oak sigs have a need for structure and often go to great lengths to have a feeling of control in their lives.

An Oak, if healthy will live a long full happy life. Often they will have large families and enjoy the coming together of everyone. They are also often involved in large social or community groups. Oak signs pair off well with those born under the Ash or Reed sign. They are also known to join quite well with Ivy signs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mind Body and Soul - First Anniversary Giveaway

It is hard for me to believe that in a few short weeks I will have been blogging for a year. My how time does fly when one is having fun. On July 16th, 2009 I published my first post on Mother Moon. Little did I know at that time just how many blessings it would bring to me. I have evolved in so many ways during this time. I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting so many truly wonderful people. Many who have touched me in ways they will never know. Some I consider close friends, some wise counselors that give me the words I need just at the right time, some gifted and talented in a multitude of genres, and some so much more then they realize. Regardless all have given me so many blessings.

In honor of this celebration, I would like to share a little of myself with those who follow me and those who have been so many things to me over the last 365 days. Of course a giveaway is what I had in mind. I do wish that I could send something to each and every one of you as I have so enjoyed this experience so far, knowing that it could not have been what it has been for me if you were not involved. Yet I have to be reasonable.

I call this giveaway one of Mind Body and Soul. As I stated earlier over the last year I have evolved in so many ways. Each change has reflected itself back on the three areas of Mind Body and Soul. Some of the change has been subtle, only enhancing something which was already present in me. Other changes have been a bit more noticeable, bringing out in me things which I had not experienced before.

I will be giving away a total of three Goodie Boxes.  Each will be filled with items reflecting back on the areas of Mind Body and Soul and how they connect with me. 

The first Goodie Box will represent Mind: This represents the inner spiritual me and the exploration which I have been on over the last year. In my first post I spoke of my beliefs and the need I felt to be true to myself and the things I believed or at least had question about. I wanted to come out of the closet so to speak and for once in my life voice so many of the thoughts and views I had. Well needless to say I have been doing just that. It is a continuous journey which I am even more excited about today.

The recipient of this gift will receive The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. I purchased this set earlier in the year because I felt led to. Yet when I received them, I realized that my intuition was not telling me to purchase them for myself, yet as a gift for someone else. Thus I feel whoever does receive this gift will be the one to whom they were meant to go. Along with the cards will come, a hand crafted bag to carry the cards as well as a custom made spread sheet. Candles, incense, and other little goodies will also accompany the contents.

The second Goodie Box will represent Body: What better way to represent the body then by food. Many of you already know that the kitchen is one of my most favorite places to be. I truly love to cook and even more to serve what I have prepared to others. I have never been that good at telling someone I love them to their face, yet I can sure fill their tummy to where they know I care.

The recipient of this gift will receive a package filled with many of my kitchen creations. From jams and jellies, to homemade vanilla, vanilla sugar, meringues, recipes, utensils, and more… it is my hope to share a little of the joy that I feel in my kitchen with someone. Of course when the winner is choosen I will also have a few questions in regards to what a favorite may be and try my best to fit the request into the contents.

The third and last Goodie Box will represent Soul: When I think of the soul I think of a place of peace and tranquility. Yes the soul can be restless yet there is always one thing that can soothe it back to a relaxing state of peace and contentment. For me this one thing is nature, or more precise, my garden. There is no better way to calm me then to let me go outdoors and play in the dirt, or gaze upon the beauty that is always there regardless of the season or the weather.

The recipient of this gift will receive a basket filled with items representing the out of doors and more specifically my garden. An assortment of seeds cultivated from my past and current garden flowers, flower pots, a dried flower arrangement designed from flowers taken from my garden, original note cards designed with my garden photography, as well as so many other little trinkets will be sent their way. It is my way of sharing a piece of my peace with you.

Of course any who know of my giveaways know that there is always other little items tossed in the box besides those mentioned. A few of the things which will be tucked into each box are: homemade prayer beads, homemade lashed willow ornament, a tin which contains an assortment of my yummy meringues, and other little things that I am sure I will find or think of as time passes.

Now for the Rules and details: The giveaway starts today and runs through July 18th. The winners will be chosen on Monday July 19th and notified via email. Therefore with each entry please make sure that your email address is accessible via your profile or leave it within the comment.

  •  First - one must be a current follower of Mother Moon. If you are not already following just sign up when you enter.

  • Second – For one entry leave a comment about something that touches your Mind Body or Soul

  • Next – Additional entries can be obtained in the following manner

  1.  Post about the giveaway – An additional 2 entries will be given to anyone who posts about the giveaway. Be sure to comment if you do post a blog entry and leave the URL. You need only comment once about the post as I put all names in a bucket and draw.

  2. Place a Giveaway Button on your site – An additional 2 entries will be given to anyone who places a Button on their home page with a link back to Mother Moon and the Giveaway details. Be sure to comment if you do post a button.

Thank you once again for making this last year such a wonderful experience for me. As I am currently working on many of the items that will be given away, more pictures will be posted during the next few weeks. Blessings to all of you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thought To Ponder - Keeping your Promise

Promises are like the full moon
If they are not kept at once, they diminish day by day.
German Proverb

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apricots, Sandplums, and Giveaways

Summer is in full swing at our house. My table is covered with newspaper and apricots. Which means that the first of my week will be spent making jam and other baked yummies. It is also the time of year when the sandplum starts to ripen. If you have never had sandplum jelly you are missing out on a grand treat. Usually these little critters are found along the roadside while taking a drive through the Oklahoma country side. Although I will admit that I have a few hidey holes that I know of where they reside in the middle of a field. None the less, they are a wild bush that one usually does not plant themselves. It is my intent also this week to get a good mess of these little goodies and put up some much coveted jelly.

I haven’t even begun to talk about the peaches, which are also starting to show their pretty little faces in the farmer’s markets. Usually though I try to go to a self pick orchard as the prices are a bit more reasonable. Needless to say I will have a busy week ahead of me.

Last week my mother and sister were visiting so many of my routine activities were put on the sidelines as I enjoyed the time with family. My grandkids will also be visiting in a few weeks so I have to attempt to get as much as I can done in the time at hand.

The days have been hideously hot and humid here this last week and look to continue through this week. Last week an abundant rain came at the beginning of the week, dumping up to 14 inches in some places just north of us. We managed to get 3 inches which we greatly appreciated as it gave a nice long drink of water to our pond and also to my flowers which lie outside the area of my ability to water. It also helped the grass to awaken and start to grow which means more mowing. It seems there is always something to do in the yard. I have been taking my early mornings to water and do any gardening that may need tending. The humidity has left its calling card each morning by placing a heavy dew on the grass which I have to say the mosquitoes love to play in. Yet it has been nice to be able to greet the sun each morning as it starts its climb into the sky. The quiet and peacefulness of morning is one of my most cherished times of day.

July 16th marks my one year anniversary and I am in the process of putting together some goodies to give away to all of you who have been with me throughout this time and also to the new ones who will come. I am hoping to post the details and the beginning of my list of goodies in the next couple days. I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of you and thank you so much for sharing in this journey with me.

Speaking of giveaways, last week I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from a recent giveaway I had the pleasure to win. Faerwillow over at Serendipity send me a wonderful package of goodies. I received fairy note cards, sea shells, a beautiful rock shaped like a heart, a wonderful treat from her children and so much more. She is a wonderful caring person whom has blessed me in so many ways. I urge you if you have not visited her site, you should take a stroll on over and see. I can assure you that you will likewise receive a wonderful treat.

The apricots are calling, I best end this and begin my work. Take care and enjoy your day. Many blessings to all of you

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blessed Summer Solstice

The sun began to illuminate the sky this morning a bit before 6:00 am. The few clouds that lingered on the horizon gave a soft pink hue to the east and a gentle breeze could be felt. The grass was heavy with the left over humidity from the day before, which had settled as rich dew. Morning slowly awakened and the first day of Summer began.

May your Summer Solstice be a blessed one.

Celtic Tree Lore - The Magical and Medicinal Uses of Oak

s one would expect, most parts of the Oak tree can be used in some way for medicinal uses. Some examples of such remedies are as follows: Placing bruised Oak leaves externally to wounds help to reduce and ease inflammation. In older times, the thin skin from the acorn was used to cover open cuts and/or wounds. The acorn could also be ground to a powdered substance and mixed with wine and taken as a diuretic.

The bark of the Oak is the part most used when creating medicinal treatments. The bark is best collected in April or May from a young Oak. Lay the bark in the sun to dry it naturally before chopping it. Add 1 oz of bark per quart of water and boil it down til it I measures approximately one pint. One can use this mixture as a gargle for sore throats or applied to bleeding gums. It can also be applied as a hot compress for inflamed glands or in ones hot bath for frostbite. Ground down to a fine powder, the bark of the Oak can be used as a medicinal snuff that when inhaled can cease nosebleeds. A pinch of the powdered Oak bark mixed with honey and taken in the morning is said to aid in the discomfort of menstrual problems.

When it comes to the magical attributes of the oak tree, the number of uses are likewise many. One of the major qualities of the Oak is protection. Examples: Carrying a small piece of an Oak with you said to bring you a sense of security and/or luck as well as protect you from harm. Two Oak twigs tied together with a red thread to form an equal cross is considered a talisman that one can wear or hang in the home to give protection, security and also strength. Acorns placed on the window ledge will guard a home from lightning strikes. Catch a falling Oak leaf and it is said to bring you luck and prosperity and also keep you from catching a cold during the coming winter. In the old days young women would place 2 acorns in a bowl of water to find out if she had found true love. If they moved together it was yes if they drifted apart it was a no. Oak leaves burned in the home helps to clear way negative energies.

Druids used the oak tree for divination purposes and also in planning the next season’s farming. An old proverb relating to this explains:

If the Oak’s before the Ash,
Then you’ll only get a splash;
If the Ash before the Oak,
They you might expect a soak.

In some tales the wand which Merlin carried was made of the top most branch of an Oak tree.

Powers and Attributes given to the Oak are ancestry, fertility, healing, health, justice, longevity, loyalty, luck, prosperity, protection, self confidence, strength, subtlety, success, wisdom, and wit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Thought To Ponder - Summer Solstice

As Summer sprirals its' longest dance, may we be cleansed
As nature shows bounty and beauty, may we be blessed
Blessed Midsummer

Monday, June 14, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Classification and Uses of the Oak

uch like the long period of time it takes the Oak to grow in size, likewise it can take up to 60 years for one to mature and produce its first full crop of fruit. During the April and May, pale green leaves on small stocks start to appear. If by chance Old Man Winter refuses to leave and dallies in his departure leaving a few cold mornings behind, the Oak has the ability to re-leaf itself again. In August as summer comes into full bloom and most trees and plants are dealing with the intense heat, the Oak begins to produce a new set of leaves known as “Lammas Shoots.” The Lammas Shoot is golden pink in color when they first begin. As they grow and harden, they take on a darker green color. As autumn comes the Oak tree seems to be at its best. The leaves change color once again, turning to shades of yellow, orange, russet, and golden brown. The leaves frequently stay on continuously through winter even after drying and turning brown. They finally fall off the following spring or when the new buds form and eventually push them off.

As the leaves return in April, the flower of the oak begins to form; growing in clusters of male and female catkins. By May the male catkins have grown anywhere from one to three inches long and filled with pollen. It is this time when the female catkins open as upright flowers awaiting to be pollinated. Each catkin will eventually produce the fruit of the Oak, known as the acorn. The acorn ripens in autumn where it changes from a green to a pale yellow then eventually a dark brown. The acorn drops from the tree as it ripens. If not eaten by one of the many animals which find the delicious, it will sprout and eventually form a tree itself.

Yuletide is the time when the Oak King takes over from the Holly King. The Yule Log is traditionally made of Oak. It is also the host for mistletoe which grows high in the Oaks branches. When decorating the Yule Log, sprigs from Mistletoe and Holly are used.

The Yule log is never entirely burned. A small portion is kept until the next year. It is burned along with the new Yule Log symbolizing the ending of the old and the beginning of the new. The unburned portion of the Yule log is kept in the home throughout the year to protect it.

The Oak, as well as the Yule log symbolize the Green Man, the spirit of vegetation. The ashes from the Yule fire were scattered outside to fertilize the fields and bring abundance to the next year’s crop.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farmer Market Wednesday - A Day Late

A day late, I know. It is Thursday and the title states Farmer Market Wednesday. What can I say I had my days mixed up again… Although the majority of our days have started out in the upper 70s and quickly rising to the mid 90’s yesterday was much different. The day started out a bit muggy yet some clouds rolled in and even some light rain. It was just enough to keep the morning and early afternoon nice and cool.

We decided to take the bike and enjoy the pleasant weather so it was doubly fun. The ride in the misty light rain was quite refreshing. The abundance of what is available seems to still be the spring veggies. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way complaining. I love the cabbage, onions and varieties of lettuce that are available now. Alas my cabbage lady was not there so I was unable to get a new variety to try. Hopefully she will be there next week. My mother will be down visiting then so she will get to venture with me when I go out. I really think she will enjoy the variety of things we have to choose from.

Of course I purchased a good stock of cherry tomatoes. Vincent and I can’t seem to get enough of these things. They have been so favorable this spring. I think next spring I am going to try my hand at a couple bushes here at the house so we will have them on a 24/7 basis. There is nothing better for a hot summer lunch then a piece of buttered rye bread with thinly sliced tomatoes and a little salt and pepper.

I found some wonderful baby squash. A few yellow, a couple zucchini and one of my favorite the 8 ball. If you have never had one I urge you to try it. I discovered grilled squash last year and cannot get enough of it. You can count on having a post in regards to the many different ways to prepare it in the future.

I also found a couple ladies who were selling dip mixes. Of course this was a tasting booth so seeing that I tasted a good lot of them I figured that I should purchase one. I brought one home which is called Jack and the Bean dip. I will tell you right now I really do not know why it is called that. It is a mixture of Onions, Jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic, cayenne, cumin, paprika, oregano, thyme and pepper. The great thing about this is that is exactly what is in it and nothing else. There is no salt, msg, or preservatives. Something I am always looking for.

I made up a batch yesterday for Vincent and I to snack around on. Below is the recipe. I will have to be honest after doing so all I could think was is I could dry my own ingredients and make this myself. This of course would allow me to play around with the ingredients, which is something I love doing.

Combine 1 cup of sour cream and one cup of mayonnaise with 3 Tablespoons of the mix. I added a fresh chopped up jalapeño for a little extra kick. Mix and serve. Of course we started eating on it immediately yet I think it would be best if it sat for a bit to let the flavors mingle. Next time I also plan on trying it with fat free sour cream and maybe a different mayonnaise. I have been dying for an excuse to try the olive oil or fat free variety. We ate it with carrots and pretzels, yet I think sliced cucumbers or celery would also go nicely. I also think it would work great as a sandwich spread on maybe a turkey and provolone. Needless to say it was yummy.

Until next week, enjoy yourself and eat something fresh… Not only is it good for you but it taste so good.

Thought to Ponder - Perserverance

Don't worry
 if your "you" is small and your rewards are few: Remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you.

- Anonymous

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Word is Spreading - Come and Join Us

The word continues to spread - Thank you Teckla over at The Long and Winding Road for taking the time to put together this video on YouTube.

Believe... And Maybe You Too Could Fly

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you
All they show is limitation
Look with your understanding
Find out what you already know
And you will see the way to fly.
-Richard Bach-

I have often marveled at the making of a successful person. Many times it is the sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time. Yet more than that I think the need for the attribute of perseverance needs to be present. You know the ability to continually get up after being knocked down again and again.

Although many times it can appear that the one who has reached their goal of success seemed to just waltz their way through life and suddenly there they are; more times than not there is a story behind that journey. Usually the story is a long one. I once read that in order to be a success at something you need to have completed the task at least a total of ten thousand times. This doesn’t really sound like much yet when you start to apply it to whatever it is you are wanting to master you realize the time and dedication that is needed to truly do such a thing. It is not something that will happen overnight and without some trials.

Many of us do not have the ability to do this. There are many reasons that keep us from accomplishing such a goal. Slothfulness is probably the biggest. The procrastination bug has bit us all at one time or the other. Some of us are much more susceptible to its bite then others and its symptoms linger and never completely leave. It can be a tough disease to recuperate from. It seems that there is always something that we need to do and thus we postpone taking the extra time to work on our dream. We fool ourselves by telling ourselves that we will do it when we finish what we feel is so pressing at the time. Yet in reality we know that at the end of the day that time will not be there for one reason or the other. Either we found more things that needed our attention or we have given all our energy to the things before, leaving none for ourselves and our wishes.

There is also the doubting bug. Its bite can become just as troublesome. Planting ideas into one’s mind to question the need for such devotion to be given to something that one may never ever accomplish and even if they eventually do, the success they seek may not be what they wanted in the first place. Such a bite has the ability to cascade into a series of questions in one’s mind that can leave them confused as to whether their actions are really even worth the effort and even more so the cost. This eventually causes stagnation and in many times a total shut down of any activity towards the desired destination. A feeling of guilt can also accompany; which can itself manifest into a whole other issue.

The ability to sacrifice is also a trait that one must possess. One can juggle the many tasks that may be in front of them for so long until finally a decision will need to be made as to the priority of each one. When this is finally done, there will be things that will fall to the side. Many times when this happens, the things that must be limited are things that can possibly be of great importance. One must realize though that this limitation should not last forever. Usually it is for a time period in order to accomplish a given task. When this occurs in regards to people it can be a trying thing. I often think that it is more difficult for an overly emotional person to travel this road as they are often pulled between their desire for their goal and the need to tend to those who feel that they are being ignored. Too often when this occurs, they will side with the individual or situation at hand as it is present - then and now as compared to their task which may not be something that is concrete and in front of them yet.

Regardless… we all have dreams and aspirations in us. Some lie dormant for years and never see their fruition into reality. It is easier to hold it back and look at it fondly as a dream. In this way we can see it as we think it ought to be and not how it may actually be. Seldom in ones dream do we have any of the negativity that may occur if we were to truly take the actual journey. Also we can say to ourselves, if I had truly wanted to I could have done…… You fill in the blank. We have all been there and done that.

Others strive towards their dreams all their lives never actually getting to the final point. It always seems that there is something that has precedence over it. Constantly we place it on the back burner until we feel we can give it the time we feel we truly need to give to it. When in truth, such a time seldom comes. Some are content with this method. Much like the continual dreamer, it allows them to hold on to the reality they wish they could achieve. Others form a foul taste in their mouth for the dream that in the beginning was everything. Now it only leaves them yearning and regretful.

There are even those who choose denial as a means to deal with their aspirations for themselves. They tell themselves that really it is not that important to them. They are quite content with an occasional dabble in it yet they never really wanted to give the full energy that it would require to see if they had it in them to accomplish it. It was a silly notion of youth and that was all. Definitely it was nothing that a serious adult would ever consider. They have too many other responsibilities that they feel are much more important than any silly dream they may have held in their heart since they were a child.

Then there are those who have a dream, a desire to reach something. It is stronger than anything they have ever felt. They start on their journey towards what they hope to be their final goal. They falter along the way of course. There are setbacks and unforeseen obstacles at times. Sometimes they occur more often they wished. There are even times when they sit and contemplate the option of giving up. Yet each time this comes up they ultimately reach the conclusion that it is not an option. There may be times that they slow their cadence yet always they continue. They know that to stop would only hinder the cause. They always have their eye on the final point they see clearly in their mind. It is not necessarily success but to finish the journey; to complete that which they have started. To see what the outcome of their commented endeavor brings.

I would bet that there are many out there who have chased a dream. And when they accomplished all that they had wished to do, they are not necessarily a famous rock star or a bestselling author. They are someone who pursued their dream and took the steps to accomplish their goal. It is a good feeling to say that you completed a task, even if the end result was not exactly what you had wished it would have been.

So I urge you out there with a dream in the back of your mind. The secret wish you have inside that you may have never shared with anyone in fear that they would think you foolish to think such thoughts. I urge you to start that journey; whether it is from the very beginning and taking your first step or starting back up again on something that you sat to the side for whatever reason. Follow with vigor the path that leads towards your wishes. Give to your journey the time and energy needed to help bring it to full view. Delight in the experience of your travels and the experience it will bring into your life. Allow yourself to be happy in being good to you.

There will be those of course that will still scoff at you. There always are those kinds. Yet much like the saying above, look not with your eyes or listen with your ears… for they do all have limitations. A true dream gives your foresight inside; something that cannot be seen or heard but felt. If we could all but trust our intuition and believe in what we know deep down to be true….. Maybe we all could fly.

Happy Birthday To You

I would not be the fan I claim to be if I did not wish a big Happy Birthday to Matthew Bellamy. Oh to be 20 years younger... or even 10 for that matter... but alas I will admire him from afar with all the other middle aged women out there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Touch The Water - Heal Our Land

I am a woman of strong opinion. At times, I can let my voice be heard a bit louder than possibly I should. My passion for the cause gets the best of me and the ignorance of some at times is more than I can stand. For this reason I have tried to stay away from topics that have the possibility of taking me to this point. Yet I feel that there are times when such things should be put aside and regardless things should be said. Spoken out as they truly are not how they are being told to us.

I speak of the tragedy which occurred on April 20th 2010 and still continues today. The explosion in the gulf which killed 11 men (of which you hear very little of) and started the contamination of our waters saddens me beyond words. This is not an oil tanker which eventually runs dry of its contents and although massive can at least be analyzed and determined to some degree the destruction it has caused. This is a hole in the floor of the ocean. The magnitude of the damage that it has the ability to cause is unimaginable.

Even if it were to be stopped today and no more oil would shoot from its mouth, the destruction would be monumental. This is our world, our ocean. It is our responsibility to do something. In the end this will not just touch those who live in the states which border the Gulf. In time it will affect the world. Whether it be the contamination of a food source, the extinction of ocean life, or any of the other hundreds of mishaps, this one incident will eventually affect all.

We have but one world to live in. We have but one world to share with our children, grandchildren and on. We have but one world to call home. It truly is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to make a difference. Over at Old Baggs 'N Stuff Shirts Linda speaks of the cutting of your hair as a means to help. Although at times the cleanup of the spill looks to be a worthless cause, still we can’t falter. Any help that we can give; any effort put forth is something.

Hannah at Divining Women also had a wonderful idea. For us who love the world and recognize her for who she is and what she means to us, Hannah offers this aid. Saturday, June 12th, the new moon is upon us. At this time she asks that we go to the water. Any water will do, as it is all connected as one in the end. Place your hand into the cool water and pass on your strength, and your blessing. It is but another way to give of ourselves. And although there may be many who think this foolishness, there are many of us who know that the belief of many can truly do wonders.

So I ask that you commit yourself to this endeavor, and that you pass the word on to others.

Don’t let this continue…
 Make a difference…
Give a damn….
 Do something….

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hidden Treasures

This morning I received an award.  It is called the Versatile Blogger Award.  The wonderful thing about it is that, the person who bestowed it upon me, I did not know.  Upon visiting her blog The Natural Catholic I soon wondered why I had not been there before.  I also realized that Rox has been following my blog.  Usually when I gain a new follower I visit there blog and more times then not become a follower.  Yet I guess with all the going ons as of late I missed this one.  Honestly I am not sure if I would have went to a blog titled The Natural Catholic.  Funny how sometimes we see things and form an opinion without really knowing anything really about it.  I guess I was guilty of just that.  I think that in the future I will find that this little hidden treasure that came my way today was a great find indeed. 

Now on with the rules of the award.

1.  Thank the person who gave the award to you - Thank you so much Rox, I love your blog and the wonderful pictures.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
     *  I have recently discovered Greek yogurt and think it is the best thing ever.
     *  If I could visit any place in the world, the first place I would want to go is Ireland
     *  I miss having little ones in my house.  My grandkids moved out of state last year.
     *  I do not like june bugs.  NOT AT ALL
     *  I love the smell of Rosemary
     *  I love a good thunderstorm
     *  There is nothing that I would not taste.  At least once.

3.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.  ( I am going to cut mine to 7)
     *  Dancing Fire - A wonderfully inspirational blog
     *  Spellcrafts A place filled with wonderful creations made by a wonderful person
     *  Shuttering Heights A great lady with tons of compassion
     *  Tanglefrost A blog what will make you think and smile often
     *  Sparkle and Shine What can I say she loves purple and her stories and site always make me smile
     *  Raven Moon Magic A woman with true courage and a beautiful talent
     *  Peek A Boo - Madness Among the Mayhem OK I have known Bridgett for a bit but she finally moved into her new home maybe she can visit us a bit more.. She is terribly missed.

4.  And of course contact those you choose and let them know about the award. 

Thanks again Rox for thinking of me and guiding me to your site... And thanks to the rest of you... for all you do.. and for all you give...

Celtic Tree Lore - The Oak

eginning on the 10th of June and continuing through July 7th the Celtic Tree month of Oak will take place. Representing the 7th of the thirteen tree months; the Oak falls in the middle of all the others. It is said that the Celts viewed the oak as a “representation of divinity.” Druids are said to never meet unless under an Oak. The view of the Oak’s sacredness, it was at one time believed that the Oak was the first tree ever to be created by God and its fruit, the acorn, was the first food of mankind. It is said that the Oaks tree roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below the ground as the branches do above. Oak is also one of the nine sacred woods for a sabbat fire in which it represents the God. It is also the wood traditionally used in the Litha fire as this is the time when the Oak is said to reach the height of its power.

The Oak along with the birch and yew represent the three pillars of wisdom in the Roman culture. The Oak is also one third of the Triad of Faery trees along with Ash and Hawthorne. Sacred Oak groves have always been places of worship and learning. Each tribe would gather beneath what was considered their own Oak. It was called their Tree of Life and functioned as the tribes’ talisman.

The Oak is a slow growing tree. When one sees a great Oak of great size, one can be assured that it is also quite aged. It can reach heights of 110 feet (33 meters) and has a girth of anywhere from 30 to 40 feet (9-12 meters). A good example of this massive side is the Major Oak which is located in Sherwood Forest. It still stands yet is supported these days to help prevent it from collapsing. It measures 64 feet (20 meters) in its girth. This fact makes it easy to believe the tale from history that King Arthurs round table was made from a single slice of Oak. Although an Oak seems to grow a bit faster in its first century, after this point the growth increases by less than one year per year. This slow sense of growth is what matures the wood in a way to acquire the hardness and strength to give Oak its reputation of being close to indestructible.

The Oak is considered King of the woods. He is old and gnarled. Regardless of the abuse it receives it stands tall and survives over the years. He is a marker point, a cornerstone and a refuge in the forest.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Week In Review

Finally it is Friday. Although really I am not sure if that makes any difference to me anymore. Since I no longer work outside the home, I am home all week long, making the days sometimes run together. I wake up some times not sure what day it may be. There was a time when I could depend on Vincent’s work to keep me on schedule. Yet as with most jobs his has cut back somewhat. I love the fact that he is home with me more, although sometimes it really cuts into me getting all my things done. He has been off for the last 10 days and let’s just say that this morning for some time I truly thought it was Thursday.

Since I have been a bit void of blogland as of late, I thought I would give an update on what has been keeping me away. So here goes….
It has been a busy week. Working outdoors in the yard for the most part. With the temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 90s I have had to water my plants every other day. And like I have said in earlier posts, I created quite a garden to water. Yet still yesterday I could not pass up a great buy on some beautiful gerber daises, so this morning I was planting once again. With Vincent being home this last week he has been able to also help with the laying of rock in my fairy garden. When it is all finished I will be sure and share some photos with you.
The wildflowers also started to come up around the pond and needless to say it is gorgeous. Everyday day there is more color. This morning we drove the country side and occasionally stopped to cut flowers/seeds to take home and plant. Sometimes in the evening when I sit on my back porch and look out over the pond as the breeze sways the willows I am in amazement of the peacefulness of our little place. Although we have talked times about maybe moving someday, I know that if that day ever comes I will be so very sad to leave.
Another thing I learned this week was that there is the possibility that we will not get to have the grandkids this summer for a mini vacation. My son in law is to deploy to Afghanistan and they want to spend as much family time together as possible. I do understand yet will miss the time with them… Yet as I stated this is not a definite thing yet so…. Keep tossing some positive thoughts my way.
Also this week, Sunny gave me a couple of adventures to share with him. First was the feeble attempt I made to rescue a bird from his clutches. Of course I failed and like me being the sentimental sap that I am, I could not let him eat it once I seen it. Then later on the same day, he was chasing another bird whom when I saved, I thought I could nurse back to health. A small chickadee whose only issue seemed to be a damaged wing was quickly put into my bird cage to recuperate. When I checked in on him this morning, I realized that he was wounded worse than I thought and later he passed. After cutting the wood for 2 small coffins as well as 2 crosses, I assembled them and laid Sunny’s victims to rest.
On the creative side I have been dabbling in many new ideas from painting, to writing, to working with dried flowers. Hopefully I will be able to share some of my creations with you soon. I did notice that my one year anniversary is coming up quickly. In July to be exact. Be on the lookout for a big giveaway. I have so enjoyed this last year with all of you. So many great friends and wonderful wisdom has been sent my way, I want to give a little back. I am planning on announcing all the details later in June so come back periodically to check it out… I can assure you it will be a doosey of giveaway.

So with that said, I wish you all adieu. Sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts. Take a little time to enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to hug someone. I am off to tie and hang my Echinacea treasures I found today.