Friday, February 26, 2010

What To Do?

Today I sit and wonder. Not a new thing for me actually.  I sit and wonder much of the time.  I have been accused of thinking to much on several occasions.  Yet today I feel as if I am pondering even more.  Maybe it is the fact that we received snow AGAIN last night and still the yard is a soggy muddy mess.  I am unable to go outside and just allow the outdoors to sink into me.  I can not putter around in my garden and feel the energy of the earth as I dig and plant in the soft soil.  I can not clear the dead leaves and fallen branches from where they have accumulated over the past months of winter. At least I can not do these things without the companionship of the cold and the moisture that is everywhere.

So again I sit inside.  There are things I should probably be doing and definitely things I want to do yet motivation does not seem to be much of a friend today.  I am sure I will push myself up on occasion to do a few small chores that will enable me to feel at least somewhat productive and not be too hard on myself.  Yet I long for the surge of energy that comes at this time of year.  It is not that I am tired or under the weather.  I feel fine.  There just does not seem to much of a spring in my step today.

A warm cup of tea with honey and cinnamon I am sure will help somewhat.  Maybe a good book and some quiet time to fall into it and be lost for the day in another world.  I have been working on my writing as of late.  The fact that my granddaughter has been learning to read this past year and has become quite an avid reader has inspired me some.  I had started a story some time back for my grandkids.  It incorporated them into the story.  I thought that I could read it to them when they came to visit, yet in truth I think that my granddaughter may end up reading it herself. 

It starts on a gloomy day much like today and eventually takes them to the land of Fae.  Through magical adventures and the meeting of new friends, their mundane day turns into something far more than they expected.  Maybe I should take a day off and visit.  It doesn't sound too bad. 

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.  Hopefully mother nature will be kind to you and allow you all just a little bit of sunshine. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Bit of A Detour

Well it is Thursday and the week is just about over.. Seems to have flown by and I do not feel that I have acheived all the things I was wanting to. Yet I have learned to not fret too much about such things as what can you really do about it.  I know that the main reason I do not feel as productive is that I have taken on a few other things and don't realize that I have my finger in more pots than I care to admit.  Yet I like it that way and know that I will stir even more as the weather warms. 

Today I am meeting with my sons fiance to help with planning their wedding in October.  I do not exactly know how much time this will end up taking from me yet it is something that I want very much to be a part of.  With that said I have decided to point you into the direction of another blog which I am a part of Ewitch.  Today I posted my "coming out" story which really I have never thought of it that way.  I think of it more like an evolution.  I was always that child that constantly wondered and often asked "Why?". 

So I invite you to share in The Spiritual Evolution of Me.  Enjoy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bottle of Vodka and A Few Vanilla Beans

In my many travels through blogland I am always finding new ideas. Many of these ideas are in the edible form. What can I say I enjoy eating, however as time has progressed with me, I have had to learn to eat lighter and make sure that what I do consume is as healthy as it can be. One thing that has always gotten me is the amount of perservatives that go into so many of the processed foods these days. If I can not pronounce it I am a bit skeptical as to if I should be letting it enter my body.

Because of this I am always on the look out for new and inventive ways to cook, store, or create anything that I may use in my kitchen. Recently I ran across a blog post on making your own vanilla. Now let me say this before I go any further, vanilla is one of my most absolute favorite flavors as well as one of my favorite smells. In fact when I was little, I used to sneak in the cupboard and smell the vanilla all the time. One day I took a sip thinking that its flavor would be just as glorious as its aroma. I quickly learned that this is not the case.

Vanilla is derived from the Orchid plant. One flower produces one fruit. It was first grown in Mexico and translated it means little pod. It was brought out of Mexico to Europe in the 1520's by Cortez. Today one can find a number of different varieties of bean: The Bourbon bean or Madagascar bean, The Mexican bean, The Tahitian bean, and the West Indies bean. Many may think that the term french vanilla also describes a type of bean. This is not so. This term is used to describe anything that has a strong vanilla aroma and contain vanilla grains. Vanilla is also said to have some medicinal uses. It is said it can be used as an aphrodisiac and also a remedy for fevers. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

With the fact that vanilla is the second most expensive spice, next to saffron, I found the possibility of making my own a cost saving adventure. Also the fact that I would be creating the mixture myself I felt it was more fresh and thus lest additives. Anyone who uses fresh spices also knows the wonderful difference from those purchased in stores. The freshness allows you to use less as the flavor is much stronger. Again another money saving reason.

The recipe is quite simple although if you do look it up on the internet you will find a variation of amounts to use. I basically took an overall sample from all to create mine. First get you a bottle of alcohol, such as vodka, rum or gin. I choose vodka as it was the most tasteless therefore creating a cleaner vanilla taste. However, I have spoke with some who used rum and simply loved it

The number of vanilla beans to use is where most recipes vary. I have seen 2 for one bottle of alcohol to 3 beans per cup of alcohol. I myself used 4 beans. Take your vanilla beans and with a sharp knife slice them down the middle, exposing the wonderful aroma and vanilla paste inside. You can just put the uncut bean inside yet I feel the slicing of them allows more flavor to be drawn from it. Screw on the lid and place the bottle in a dark cool place (a pantry works wonderful) for aproximately 8 to 10 weeks. Occasionally shake the bottle to help the flavor blend. Soon your clear alcohol will turn a nice amber color.

When it is time use your vanilla you will need to strain it via a cheese clothe to catch all the lose seeds that have come out of the beens and also the beans themselves. If you would like to keep some of the seeds you can strain through a sieve to just remove the bean. When bottling I put a fresh bean in each bottle to continue the process of flavor. One bottle can last up to years as each time it starts to go down, simple top it off with additional alcohol and allow to sit . You will not have to let it sit as long as before as the flavor will already be present.

There are many places to purchase vanilla beans yet I suggest you go online and purchase them in bulk. It is much cheaper and they are just as good and sometimes better. Purchasing them in the grocery store is very costly as you can only purchase one at a time. This is so simple and a wonderful way to have wonderful tasting vanilla as well as a great gift idea.

Go Out Beneath the Naked Moon

Once again I come to you with a new place to visit.  This is a newbie whose blog just recently started.  She asked if I would help tell others about her and of course you all know what my answer was.  I would be more than happy to do just that... And believe it or not, I was fretting about who to put in my featured spot this week... As always I need only to trust and the answers will be given to me.

The blog I would like to introduce you to is Go Out Beneath the Naked Moon.  Now of course anything having to do with the precious moon is going to grab my attention.  Yet let me assure you that there is many other things that are delightful here also.  Currently she is having a wonderful giveaway where she has some wonderful crone stones, an adorable octopus and a helpful book (we can all use more books) to give.  So I urge you when you get the time, drop by and make a visit.  Blessing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Garden

It is said, or so I have heard, that when the robin starts to appear you can bet that spring is close at hand.  Although the wind is still cold and we received a light dusting of snow over night I have to agree.  At first it was only one or two who would visit the yard on occasions.  They would frantically pick at the ground in an attempt to find a cold blooded worm that had found its way to the surface.  Yet as of late, as the earth has warmed and started to awaken, they are with us more often and their fight for food is more successful. 

As I did my weekly routine this morning of filling the bird feeders throughout the yard,  I also noticed another wonderful sign of the return of spring.  Nestled beneath my little oak, a small bunch of crocus sat.  I had planted these bulbs the year before yet the rabbits had gotten to them before they had a chance to bloom.  The clover is sprouting slowly in the yard and a hue of green can be seen when I glance out my kitchen window.  I refuse to spray the yard for weeds as I love when the clover and hensbit start to come.  I know its a weed yet since I was a child I have loved the blanket of purple that covers the ground when it is in full bloom.  It draws the young rabbits out.  Many a time I have seen them gathered enjoing an evening meal. 

With all the change that is occurring, it is difficult not to feel the pull ourselves.  The stirring inside that change is coming.  The urge to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in pushing out the negative energies that have accumulated.  Yes it is a time for spring cleaning. Even here on Mother Moon, I felt the need to change and lighten up the place and unclutter it some.  Likewise in our homes and in ourselves we feel the need to cleanse and make new. 

Much like the Ash, we feel the need for change.  Sometimes we are unsure of what the specific change may be yet still the pull is within us.  What is it that you feel you need to change or renew in your life.  What signs of rebirth are you experiencing? It is a time of awakenings.  It is a time when the seeds that were planted before begin their journey towards life and the gift  they have to bring. 

How well will you tend your garden?   Nuture the seeds within.  Tend to the stirrings that you feel inside.  Water them with silence and consideration.  Warm them with action and movement.  Give them what it is they need for strength and growth and in turn you will give the gift of yourself.  Each one of us is some form of garden.  Some plant with a specific ability and manner that is unique all unto ourselves.  Yet so many times we do not give that gift all it needs or wants to mature and become the beautiful thing that it is meant to be.  Today take a moment and check your garden.  Is it full of weeds?  Strangled by things that don't necessarily belong there.  Is it dry and underfed?  Lacking the nutrients that it needs to thrive and produce?  What is it that will help your garden to become the garden that you desire. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mumblings

Over the weekend we enjoyed a nice reminder that winter is slowly making his way home and spring is likewise coming back. A gentle rain accompanied by a little lightning and thunder was present Saturday evening through the early morning of Sunday. It was nice to sleep snuggled under warm blankets while the sound of the rain and thunder could be heard and an occasional brightness would flash lighting up the house. Thunderstorms always make me feel like spring is close at hand.
The additional moisture added to what we already have present was enough to bring our pond to the brim and once again soggy the yard to a point where any yard work was and will be impossible for a few days. Thus it appears to be a week of indoor workings at least for the beginning of the week. The urge to clean and air out the house is gaining strength each day. Already I have started and still I have so much to do. Yet truly it is as they say.... housework is never done... there is always "something else" that could be done.

The closeness of spring is also bringing a noticeable difference to the length of the day. Something I always love, especially when it becomes so noticeable. In 3 short weeks we will turn our clocks forward which seems to make it even more evident allowing the sun to stay with us further into the evening hours. Never has it seemed that change was desired so much as this year, although I am sure it has been. Yet do we ever think of such times when we feel we are experiencing them at the present.
I have heard so many speak of the stirrings they feel inside themselves. Whether it is in a creative sense or a personal sense there is definitely movement in the air. From the reflective looks some are taking at themselves and the ultimate decisions on the changes they may choose to make to the inspirations and musings some are experiencing, the sensations seem to be everywhere. I have always enjoyed sitting back and observing such things and the evolution that takes place. It is much like watching life in process.
Spring and all it brings has always been a time when newness seems to abound in all things. Not just the obvious things such as the color and life of nature returning yet also in the human itself. Whether we notice it or not, we ourselves lie somewhat dormant through the winter months drawing into ourselves and waiting for the life to return. We are all just part of the grander picture, the ever turning wheel of life.

Change and the Ash

hange..... Ash, is said to represent the power to create change via decisive and powerful action.  It urges us to not sit still and just "accept" a situation.  Yet to be assertive and create the change necessary to make it happen as it should. 
Change is not always a welcomed thing yet many times quite necessary.  The acceptance of such can make the transition to the next stage of any situation much easier then if we fight it.  Continuous evolution is the process of life and  thus how we grow and learn.   As opportunity comes to you to enjoy the process of change and growth, may you likewise be as the Ash and have a strong and assertive stance to the coming changes that occur.  Blessings

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Old Man Sutton - Weekly Featured Blog

Being the age I am I remember fondly the Saturday Night Live shot of "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy".  Hilariously funny yet at times quite thought provoking...  similiar to Ryan over at Old Man Sutton.  There are some of you who know of his writings, music, and art... and more whom have yet to experience it... That is the main reason I have decided to choose it as my weekly featured blog.  Ryan has a  wonderful way of taking any subject and bringing clarity  and depth to it. 
Whether it is via one of his post or one of his comments on others blogs.  He speaks from a male perspective which to me is refreshing at times... I mean lets face it... most bloggers seem to be female... He speaks of the single parenting lifestyle as well as being single, his beliefs and practices, frustrations and ponderment on many a subject  and so much more... I urge you to take a peek.  I think you enjoy what you find....

The Need of Self Denial

I have always been somewhat curious about the observance of Lent .  A time in the Catholic Church that runs from Ash Wednesday thru Easter.  The traditional purpose of  Lent is the preperation of the believer - through prayer, penitence, giving, and sacrifice or self denial. 

It is the area of sacrifice / self denial that I find so fascinating.  I have several friends and family who practice the Catholic religion, in fact Vincent is Catholic and each year as Lent comes around I hear the list of things that they decide to ban from their lives for the next aproximately 40 days.  Usually the list consists of soft drinks, certain rich and/or fatty foods,  and so on.  I worked with a woman once who each year made it a point to announce to everyone the approachement of Lent as well as the list of items she would be denying herself that year.  For forty days we would endure her daily lamenting of her trials and how hard they were yet how uplifting they were.  I will admit that in many cases I do not mind such things too much especially when it truly is a difficult walk. Although I would respect them more if they took their journey of walking on broken glass  in silence.  It is a bit more difficult to respect them let alone listen to them if their sacrifice is due to the fact that they have not had a Dr. Pepper in over a week. 

I do understand that not all people who practice this observance do so in the manner that I have described above.  I do know that there are many who truly honor its meaning and what it means to them.  Let me say also that it is not fair for me to also judge the items that one may choose to keep from themselves for this time.  I learned this lesson well last year.  My daughter, a new Catholic herself - who accepted this faith when she got married - celebrated her first Lent season last year.  One of the things she gave up was peanut butter.  Now when I first heard this I had to chuckle a bit as I thought it a bit silly until I talked with her just prior to Easter.  It truly was a sacrifice for her to keep this from herself as she is a peanut butter freak.  Although I think there are better areas that one can self deny themselves, for her this seemed to work its purpose.

I myself have always been one that if I choose to observe Lent, I would be hard on myself.  I feel that self denial and sacrifice have a wonderful way of making you look at the real picture by getting the clutter out of the way.  In older times fasting and abstinence were common items that were practiced at Lent.  I know many who still practice fasting today at this time, yet far from the extreme of earlier times. Fasting has always interested me and when I have observed it, I have found it to be an extremely cleansing time and also one of enlightenment.  As for abstinence, I am not sure  how widely this is practiced.  Yet I can see the benefit of its exclusion from ones life for a period of time as well.   

It is the absence of any of these things that gives one more time to reflect and think on themselves and also to question the importance they may be giving to such areas of their lives.  It clears things from our current lifestyle and daily routine.  I will admit I am not genius when it comes to the theology of the Catholic religion and thus this is based all on my opinions and also my readings, as well as observance of the many Catholics I know.  Yet I think it is much like anyone who wishes to seek out answers to questions they may have.  It is a means to seek enlightenment for the path we choose to take. 

Vincent is once again observing Lent this season.  I find it helpful and supportive to participate in it also, yet I refuse to call it Lent.  I feel that if I have items or areas in my life that need such drastic work that I need to deny them from myself that I need to  honestly ask myself if they need to be removed all together... And thus this is what I intend to do... I liken it much to awaiting the arrival of Spring, which is a time of new beginnings and new growth.  (much what Easter also represents)  Once again, we see the practices of old times (Imbolc, Beltane and so on) being manifested into a holiday  or practice that man can control in some sense.  Yet that is a soap box all of its own. 

In closing I think that we could all learn from this practice.  As isn't it what we do ourselves each year as the wheel turns and we recognize the changing of the seasons and the coming of spring.  Looking for the warmth to return to the earth and the new sprouts to shoot out of the fertile soil.  Shouldn't we likewise look at ourselves and ask if there are any areas that we should deny or attune ourselves to in order to prepare for this time.  Whatever you choose... blessings to you and may you find the answers you seek. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gimme More... Gimme More... For Tomorrow I Will Starve

Tuesday, February 16th.... known to many today as Fat Tuesday or Madi Gras.  A day of celebration and excess.  Since the Saints win at the Super Bowl, I am sure that Madi Gras started a tad early and has been continuing since.  However, today is offically the day that is set for this celebration.  Parties will be held, shirts will be lifted in order to gain the coveted beads that represent the event, and other acts possibly too graphic to post will be executed today... All because of what falls tomorrow - the Christian tradition of Lent.  Or at least that is how it all got started. 
Yet today there will be those who will eat their weight in Paczkis, the traditional Fat Tuesday doughnut.  I guess in some way it is the way we approach many things when we know that it will require sacrifice from us. We endulge in it until the moment we decide we will sustain from it.  As if the excess we experienced in a short period of time will somehow keep us from desiring it during the time we are away from it.  There are some things that this may work for... For instance when a loved one is going away and the distance will be for a time.  The excess of time spent together helps to build memories that can help us to deal with the time apart in a better manner.

Maybe it is just an excuse to party in the middle of the week.  I mean honestly most of us do not go out on a Tuesday like we would on a Friday or a Saturday night.  An honest assumption.  There are those that will take any excuse they can find to have a little fun and who can blame them, especially with Madi Gras as it is the party of all parties.  Although I have never participated in an honest to goodness Madi Gras / Fat Tuesday celebration I have always sort of thought of it as the wild parties likened to ancient Rome.  Lots of drink, food and craziness.  Plus a little more drink.  Such combinations always lead to a morning after where many may not necessarily remember much of the night before.  Of course I know that not all such celebrations end up in this way it is just the concept that has always somewhat confused me....

The noise makers will be loud tonight with horns blowing and beads flying.... Tomorrow there will be silence... Never the less.... I hope that all who decide to partake in this holiday  have a grand time and do not end up in any more trouble then they can handle. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Ash

ebruary 18 will begin the month of Ash in the Celtic tree calendar.  Soon clusters of small flowers along with the wing seeds will appear.  Ash is a wood of strength and flexibility.  It was often used for bows, arrow shafts, and the spokes of of wheels in time of old.  Today it is most widely used for sports equipment such as bats, snow shoes and more.  The Ash is truly native to Great Britain  although in America it is represented by other species of trees  that closely resemble the true Ash.  Known as the Venus of Woods it is often considered helpful or lucky in the ways of love.  Examples of this:  an ash leaf placed in ones left shoe was believed to result in eventually meeting ones future spouse. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drumroll Please....................

Yesterday I wrote about the over commercialization of Valentine’s Day. Something I feel very strong about. It is not just the holiday of Valentine’s that attempts to trap us into the guilty obligated feeling of needing to celebrate in a specific manner. Christmas, Easter, and so on can also be tossed into this cauldron of “capitalism”. But this is not what I wish to talk about, at least not right now. I did want to wish everyone a very special day. Although my feelings are strong in this area, I am by no means against the act of exhibiting affection and love for those close or dear to you. I am probably one of the biggest romantics there is. And if any of you were worried that Vincent would not receive a proper Valentine’s Day, I can assure you he will. This morning I prepared him an early morning breakfast of all his favorites and have plans for our evening as well.

Today is also the day that I announce the winner of my February giveaway. A combination of Imbolc and Valentines together… I have to say that wish that I could give something away to everyone who enters… and someday I may do just that unexpectedly. But for today I only choose one winner. First let me say that when I choose this person’s name this morning I found it quite fitting that she won. I do not know this person well, yet have enjoyed her blog on several occasions and love her wit. She is not afraid to speak what she feels and thinks and that has always been a quality I adore in people. So without further suspense… the winner is Judith at Merlin's Magical Mistress . She has been buried in snow this last week, living on the eastern seaboard, and just recently got shoveled out to the point where she could leave her home… I hope that this prize will help to brighten her day.

Lastly, I leave you all with warm wishes for a very blessed day, filled with love and warmth from those you love. It is a day where love is celebrated in all forms. Share a little… Happy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is.......

As I browse over the posts this morning, it appears that many have spoken of love. I imagine this is because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. This holiday has always confused me somewhat. When I was a child I have to admit that I adored taking an empty shoe box and decorating it for school. Mainly because I just like to do such things... It was inevitable that mine would be covered in shiny silver foil paper with red construction paper hearts covering it. I was not as fortunate as others to have the dainty paper doilies that I loved so much. As I think back on this time I remember how much the size and quantity of valentines one received meant. Silly really yet in grade school such emphasis is placed on such ridiculous things. This can especially be seen after you grow older and look back.
Is it really any different now that I am an adult? I have always told the men in my life to not worry about Valentine’s Day. I would much rather be surprised on a random day of the year. And the surprise does not have to be an expensive card, a box of chocolates or flowers… Although let me say I love chocolates and flowers … And don’t even get me started on attempting to go out and have a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day. The day when 5o million other people are trying to do the same thing… It is a hopeless cause. Vincent and I started a tradition the year we got together where we stayed at home and had all our favorite food. We spread a blanket out on the floor with a bottle of wine and enjoy ourselves.

My other complaint about the day is that I feel it is unfair to men. All the trinkets or at least most of them are geared towards women. The emphasis of commercials, advertisements etc is always directed to the female in the relationship. What about the other half? Don’t they deserve a nice Valentine? Of course there is always sex and I guess with statistics saying that the average male thinks about sex ever 4 seconds that is a good bet on a good gift. Yet isn’t a true relationship a bit more than sex? Isn’t sex a result of love? Let me rephrase that… isn’t it suppose to be… Think I am getting a bit off the subject now.

I think I have to agree with a friend of mine that told me once that Valentine’s Day is a conspiracy created by a woman to force men to spend lots of money and give them things they want… I say take any and every moment you can to let the one who is special in your life know just that… Listen to them and learn the things that really make them feel good and make them smile. Don’t feel as if you need to spend a butt load of funds to do it either. Many times it is the small things that makes us the most happy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Prelude to Spring

I heard a short piece last night on television that said if all went as it appeared it would that after tomorrow all 50 states would have snow on the ground.  Something that I guess is somewhat of an oddity.  This has definitely been a different year for many of us in regards to the weather of the winter season.  A number of areas have received record snowfall amounts , some of which have broken records that are over 100 years old.  I have not checked yet to see if the storm that passed over us yesterday and dumped 10 inches on Dallas Texas (which may I say is totally unheard of) continued with its mission as it crossed over the southern states.  The northern side of Floridia was even supposed to have snow. 

There are many who are eagerly awaiting Spring's arrival as they gaze out their front window only to see a mountain of snow in front of it.  Once again our place is covered with a blanket of snow and although we were forecasted a warm up of 40 and 50s through the weekend.  However starting this morning,  the skies are still gloomy and it is still cold outdoors.  I have decided to stop whining about the absence of the warmth of the coming Spring.  Definitely I have found that such behavior does not do any good in bringing it any quicker.  Mother Earth knows her plans and she is executing them as she sees best.  I have to trust this. 

I have decided to look for the good and the beauty in the current coldness.  No I am not able to go out and do the work in my yard as I would normally be doing, preparing it for the coming flowers, and planting new ones.  I have not been able to enjoy any afternoons on the back porch soaking up the early sunshine and just enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  Yet, I have seen a tremendous abundance of birds this winter.  The weather has lured them into my feeders and they have become quite tame frolicking on my back porch throughout the day.  Each time I go and make my rounds filling the many feeders I have throughout the yard, they call to me and at times ask why it has taken so long.  The quail have even been lured out to beneath my little oak where I leave them cracked corn  and seed. 

Yesterday as I was in town purchasing feed for my many feathered friends, I noticed that the store has gotten their ducklings, chicks and baby rabbits in.  I am such a sucker for little animals.  If I had my way I would have all of them.... Spring is coming.  Her pace is steady and strong.  No she is not coming with a grand entrance or a gradual warming processional  yet still she comes.  One day we will wake up and realize she has already arrived.  The warmth of the sun will hit our face, the smell of the newly bloomed flowers will flow past our nose and our eyes will see she is everywhere. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Faery Morning

The morning sun crept silently through the branches of the big elm tree, illuminating the small droplets of dew that hung to each new leaf.  Slowly each droplet grew larger until the weight was too much to remain attached to its home up high.  It was inevitable that each would eventually take its journey to the ground below.  Small shoots could be seen scatterd throughout the blanket of dried dead leaves that covered the ground underneath the great elm.  Each attempting to stand as tall as possible to soak in all the warmth they could from the welcomed sunshine.  The birds sang  as if in a means to wake all living to the dawn of the new opportunity of daybreak; each communicating their words of greeting through song.  The robins busy, heads tucked down, searching for any unsuspecting worm that may be showing a little too much of themselves through the soft earth.  An ample breakfast could be found for any robin whose search was one of success.  A slight flutter could be heard in the air throughout the small space; a sound so soft that if one did not listen carefully one would never even notice its presence.  As morning continued its arrival, slight dashes of light flashed through the small wooded area.  As if darting in and out of the dew drops as they fell and then landing on the small shoots of newly sprouted flowers that in days would bear their newly bloomed treasure.  At times it almost appeared as if the flashes of light would land for brief moments, settling for just  a few seconds; then just as quickly darting off to dance once again among the sunlit morning garden.

There are many who believe in the little people or fae as I like to call them.  There are many who respect such creatures as fairies, pixies, elves, and more.  I will be honest and say that I do not go about telling everyone I happen to meet that I beleive in fairies.  However if an opportunity arises, I am glad to take it and explain my friends.  It is somewhat difficult to fully understand them if you have not in some manner experienced their magic.  Yet the best manner in which to be so privileged is to believe in their existance.  Something that many struggle with.  I have not always been so lucky to this joy.  Yet in the past years as I have resided in the magical place that Vincent and I call home, I have had the wonderful pleasure many times.  From the flickering of lights throughout the woods behind our Elm after the day has come to an end to the slight fluttering sounds that can be heard at times while I work in  my flowers each summer to just name a few.

I am always sitting out small trinkets and bits of butter and cream for them beneath our Elm where I seem to sense them the most. They in turn have left me "presents" on occasions.  This spring I have plans to create a small fairy garden behind the elm.  I have planted flowers and such around the base of the elm and also along side of the backside of the ponds dam.  It was beautiful last summer and I look for it to be even nicer this summer.  Yet the area I want to fix for them this year is a bit more secluded and behind the Elm.  Some flowers for the shaded area as well as a small stone bench and small fairy houses.  Not necessarily for adults to go and sit yet, maybe a smaller child could fit throught the opening and enjoy.  I would love for my grandchildren to have the opportunity to explore and experience such things when they come and visit.

Whatever ones view or belief in faeries it seems that they still mystify and interest all.  Some tend to believe they are simply a figment of ones imagination.  That there is no possible way they could exist.  A piece of fantasy that has been embellished throughout the years in a manner to intice and excite one.  When fairy is said to most the image of  Tinkerbell comes to mind.  Yet there are those those who believe that faeries were created just like humans.  They are a life form that resides in a parallel but unseen world, though they have the ability to transcend from this place and travel briefly into others dimensions.  They have elemental associations but they are not raw energy.  They are thinking and feeling beings. 

Faery interaction with humans can be traced back to our ancestors and was once a very common occurrence.  It is believed by some that before we turned our backs on the fae in disbelief, that they worked beside us.  Some were helpful others were more difficult.  Yet time passed and humans soon began to push them aside, placing them in roles that were lesser then they rightfully deserved.  As this happened the break between the two worlds grew and the sightings and interactions with the fae become somewhat of a memory except to very few. 

To see faeries today one must be open to such experiences which are not easily visable to everyday eyes. Very young children still can and do see faeries with remarkable ease.  They have not yet been taught to not belive in such occurances and do not question that which they can see is quite real.  It is as they grow and are taught the rules of humans.  The need to not admit such things out loud less you be thought to be silly.. or worse still.. crazy.   There are many who say the secret to seeing faeries is simple... You need only beleive.

Antics of A Tameran Witch - Weekly Featured Blog

A short time back I ran across a wonderful blog by an extremely talented young solitary. Her artistic ability simply amazes me and I am constantly surprised at her wonderful abilities.  It just did not seem fair to not share such a wealth with my fellow followers so that they could enjoy her also.
Many of you have already found Antics Of A Tameran Witch.  I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about when I speak of her talents.  She has a range of genres from glass blowing to painting to drawing and then some.  Her first piece to attract my attention was the pages of her Book of Shadows.  Such detail is given to her work.  It is easy to tell that she has great pride in what she does.   Her site has a couple of slide shows which exhibit her work.  She is in the process of starting up an esty shop also which I have to say I am so excited about...

 So when you have a moment or two, stop by and say hi and take a look... I think you may like what you see. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The weatherman advised today that we are not quite out of the clutches of winter.  It appears that it will hold on at least for a bit longer, lingering through the end of February.  Fortunately we were blessed with a wonderful sunny day today.  I enjoyed it mostly indoors.  Although it had the appearance of warmth and sunshine, the wind had a bit of a bite and the temps barely rose out of the 20's.  Still the light was a welcomed sight.  Thursday the snow comes once again to  remind us that Old Man Winter is not quite ready to leave.  Yet the signs of spring are fast approaching each day. 
The days are getting longer.  The robins have returned in abundance.  The spring flowers are slowly starting to inch their way out of the ground.  The trees have put on their pre spring buds as if in anticipation for the departure of the colder days and the warmth that is fast approaching.  So many seem to be under the blanket of winter still.  It seems that just when we finally pull ourselves out from under its cover, we are covered again.  Although we have had an ample amount of moisture this winter the manner in which it has come is wonderful for the plants that will sprout and bloom in later months.  It has not been a gushing rain that washes away the soil yet a soft blanket of snow or covering of ice that has melted slowly allowing it to seep into the ground well.  It is still off in the distance yet I can feel it coming closer each day... It will not be long until we will welcome spring in all its glory...  In the meantime I urge you to go to Jaz's site - October Farm to see some absolutely beautiful photos of her snow.  Yes she got dumped on.. yet the pictures are simply gorgeous...

Last Minute Reminder

Just a quick last minute reminder that my giveaway winner will be choosen this Sunday, February 14th.... If you haven't signed up for a chance to win... you can head on over to the link and all the details can be found there.  Good luck...

Monday, February 8, 2010

All Who Wander

There is a wonderful quote of Tolkien's which has always given me courage.  At times when I feel that I a bit scattered and not necessarily moving forward in a straight line I think back to his words. "All who wander are not lost."  Such a profound statement in so few words.  Personally I think it a wise thing to wander then and again.  It allows one to go off the beaten path and find new things to make their mind think on. 

I have always felt somewhat sorry for those who allow others to tell them how everything is, never questioning for themselves.  You know the ones I am talking about.  The ones who allow someone to be the authority on things they feel are important in their lives.  I have always wondered why people do this.  I do understand that there truly are those who know more, are more educated, etc.  Yet when it comes to some things, let's say beliefs.... why would you want to allow someone to have such power over you.  I guess in a way I was fortunate.  Although I was very much an introvert as a child it allowed me to sit back and observe.  And believe me I did just that, which at times confused me even more.  Yet in my confusion I just wandered further in til I found the answers that satisfied me. 

Not growing up in a specific church home, I passed around to 5 of the denominations that were represented in the small town I grew up in.  My first experience was with the Lutheran church.  It was the closest thing that my mother who was originally from Germany felt comfortable with.  Even then she had problems with the social aspect that Americans put into their church going.  I remember her saying often that it was just a place to go and show off your new clothes and that was just not right. 

Then at 4 I started to attend the Methodist Church with an older couple who were childless and somewhat adopted me as a grandchild.  It was here that I truly got my first taste of the Christian religion.  One of my favorite events was once a month they would have a dinner and invite a missionary who had served in another country to speak.  I loved to hear of the adventures they had.  I found it so exciting.  One specific time we had a man from the Philippines.  He brought money from his country for the children and was so kind.  His wife prepared a dish that was native to the Philippines.  It was on this night at the raw age of 5 maybe 6 that I heard my first words of hypocrisy spoken.  The missionary had spoken and all were winding down from their meal.  People were too and fro visiting with one another.  Being a small kid no one really took mind of me as I walked around the room.  I remember overhearing 2 men speaking to one another and the words they spoke confused me.  They were making fun of the missionary and his wife.  Saying unkind words about them  and the manner in which they lived.  I could not understand this as a child.  I remember so vividly wondering why they would do such a thing.  Because only earlier they sat and talked and laughed with the man.  Needless to say as a young child this perplexed me deeply. 

There were other incidents throughout my life, whether Baptist, Christian, or so on... yet that is not the pathway I want this post to take.  It would be easy to post numerous events where man did not shine his brightest.  I do not want to expound on the negative aspect of this point.  I want to stress the positive...

I learned very early to look for the answers to my questions myself.  Of course this meant asking, listening, and learning from those around me.  Yet it did not necessarily mean that I had to accept everything that they said to me.   Some of you may be thinking, who are you to question... I am me thats who I am... I was taught that the relationship between God and one is personal... I learned that at a very young age... I witnessed that at a very young age... If it is so personal then why do I need to let someone else tell me what it is I am suppose to believe....

If something did not feel right to me... did not sit with me well I asked for guidance, for wisdom... Such things could come in a variety of manners...., A teacher, a friend, a child's words, a book, a song, from nature.... and on and on... It was endless... It was just a manner of opening up my mind and allowing it in.  So many times there are messages all around us in so many forms, yet because we are programmed not to listen to such things in this manner we don't get the full benefit. 

I have learned more from Mother Earth then I have learned from any human.  I have learned more from the simplicity and honesty of a child then I have learned from an arrogant adult who feels that they are superior over me because of the position they hold.  I have learned more from a simple look at a persons eyes who has suffered and endured, from sitting silently with someone after the passing of a loved one, from laughing at the pain experienced,  and so on. 

It is not the norm I think to be this way... Or so it seems that many people prefer to be told what it is they are to do... How they should act, what they should and shouldn't say.  In a way I understand.  Yet what is so wrong about wandering... what is so wrong about going off and trying to experience it for yourself... Yea there will be stumbles along the way, yet isn't that how we learn.  Yea sometimes we may think we are somewhere only to be reminded that we really are not as  high as we thought.....

There was a book I read as a  young girl and occasionally I pick it up and read it again.  It is an allegory something I truly love. .  Hines Feet in High Places by Hanna Hurnard.  It is somewhat of a Christian book yet to me it could pertain to anyone.  It speaks of the climb we all take through life and the journey.  A wonderful uplifting book that truly makes you think twice about all the things that may occur to you throughout life.

I guess in some ways (probably many) I intertwine my early influences of the church into my beliefs now.  Yet I will be honest and say that I can not bring myself to go to a "church"  I do not like the way the church tries to force one into a specific manner of living.  Not allowing them to have a say in anyway as to what they may feel.  I also do not like the judgmental manner some treat others.  Now I know that this is something that occurs even outside the "church" and sometimes in the pagan belief system too. Yet it does not seem to be such a prolific characteristic. 

I still consider myself on my journey.. I have been so fortunate to meet many along the ways.  Many of all faiths.  Some I have grown to truly love and others I can not seem to understand where they are coming from... I am far from perfect.. .Learned to accept that about myself a long time ago.  I can be a bit pushy sometimes if I feel strongly about something and at times have to pull myself back and stop.  I am terribly protective to a mother bears stance of those who are dear to me, friends, family whatever. I always protect the underdog, to a fault.  I am a hopeless romantic and optimist and truly do not enjoy ones who look at things negative constantly... even if they call it being realistic... I have a very long fuse and usually it will never ignite especially to the point of explosion, yet if it does... watch out.... It is the Scorpio in me that comes out at this time and believe me sometimes it is not pretty....

Once again I do not claim to be perfect... I am just me... walking along my path... experiencing my journey.  I try to be nice and pleasant... yet am sure at times to some I appear that I am not.  Yet this wanderer will continue to do just that... Wander here and there... and though sometimes it may appear to some that I am lost without a cause... believe me I am right where I need to be...