Monday, November 30, 2009

And The Winner Is........

Well the day has finally arrived and I have drawn the two winners of the handmade willow runes with the help of my hubby Vincent.  He graciously agreed to be then non-partial individual to rummage among the ove 70 entries and choose 2 random followers. 

I have to be honest and say I truly wish I could give each and everyone of you a set.  So many wonderful comments were made concerning the runes and the reasons behind why you would like to receive them.  I had a wonderful time working with them in the process of their creation and I am very excited about the 2 lucky winners. 

The first winner is Heather from Girlchef.  I know many of you know this site well.  If you love to cook or just love to look at simply yummy food I urge you to stop by this site.  There is always something wonderful being cooked up.  Congrats Heather, drop me an email and let me know if there is any specific personalization you would like on your box. 

And the second winner is Bridgett at Doug & Boo +2.  Congrats Bridgett.  A mother, a wife, and a friend to many; her site is proof of that.  Drop me an email  also and let me know if there is any specific personalization you would like on your box. 

As I said I would love to give a set to everyone... and there is one more chance to win again... I am participating in the 31 Days of Yule over at  Much similar to Mrs Bs Halloween Giveaway for the month of October, yet in December and for the Yule time.  I will be giving away another set there.  I am not sure of the exact day yet when I find out I will give all of you a heads up... I would advise you to go over there and check things out as the giveaways start tomorrow and the first 2 items are posted today. 

As for my December giveaway, I have not decided yet what it will be.  I am hoping to have it posted before the end of the week, so keep your eyes out.  Have a happy Monday eve...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Coming of Yule

This morning I rose to a cold blusterly day.  The wind was steady and full from the north and the darkness of the clouds affirmed the prediction of the weatherman that rain would soon be falling.  As I made the morning coffee in the quietness of my now empty house, (except for my sleeping husband) I knew that it would not necessarily be quiet for long.  Thanksgiving is past this is true.  The preperation of the big family meal which this year I prepared single handedly, is past and the visits from family members over the last week has also subsided.  There will be a bit of a lull in the commotion of the past week; A few days or possibly just one where I may have some down time to recoup from the prior week and the all the going ons it brought with it. 

Although I say this, I know it is not true.  Yule is in the distance; and the distance is not that vast.  It will approach quickly I know.  In some ways I am happy at this as December 21st is always a day I cherish as it means that the road to Spring is on the downside.  I am not much of a Winter person.  I don't do the cold very well.  Don't get me wrong, I love how Winter slows us all naturally down and allows us to reflect on ourselves and the areas of our lives that may need tending.  Yet the days without sunshine that at times occur can sometimes have a toll on me.  That is why I look forward to the turn in the road that will lead  us once more to Spring with warmer tempertures and yes.... more sunshine.

Also at this time I seem to always be full of things to do.  Most of my time is spent in the kitchen, which is a love of mine so I do not dread this too much.  I begin my Holiday baking/cooking officially tomorrow.  I like to send gifts out all during the month of December, especially when they are of the eating nature.  Sometimes I think that Holiday eating is as enjoyable as Holiday presents and so forth.  I have several new recipes I would like to try this year also and with my need for perfection in the kitchen I have a feeling that I may be testing some of these a couple times before they are send out.  This also gives me a good excuse to keep a little for myself and let Vincent have his share of taste tests.  Keep your fingers crossed as I would very much like to share some of them with my readers also. 

Then there is always the decorating of the house.  Vincent was a dear before Thanksgiving and put the lights up around the house.  I know it is way early yet it is nice to have them out of the way. Yet there are other things that I like to have out and around at this time of year.  Something that as the month progresses will need to be done.  The Christmas Quilt that I started for my grandkids is also in the final stages and will need to be finished and sent off shortly.  It seems the more I think on it, the more I realize I have to do...

Tomorrow also is when I draw the winners of my November Giveaway.  I am excited to do this.  Not yet sure what I will have planned for my December giveaway... Yet I know that I will need to think this one up in the next couple days.  If you have not already entered, you have until the time I draw tomorrow to sign up.  Just hit the link above. 

So... today may be somewhat of a day of rest for me.... I stress the word somewhat, as I still have the little chores to do that were neglected while company and more fun things were present last week, and then tomorrow starts another week.  I hope for you and yours that you have a wonderful Sunday and that your coming week is filled with only good things....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Goodness what a time it has been the last few day... First our router went out.  Of course this happened on Friday evening, when we could not do anything about it until Monday morning... Also of course this happened for the second time, (happened the previous weekend) and I was told to have it checked out last week... So the I told you so was given to me a few times.... Plus there is just the wonderful time of Thanksgiving and all the preperations. 

My guest list has increased to 12 with 4 staying at our home for a few days.  So I have been busy doing the usual, house cleaning, grocery shopping and such. I will start some of my cooking today... Mainly just the goodies as my mother and sister are already here and my my brother and his wife arrive tomorrow evening.... It is so much  nicer to have things to just nibble on instead of cooking all the time... gives more time to visiting and such, plus I am dying for a good batch of Aunt Bills candy...

I will do my best to write a few words throughout the week, yet I think I may not be able to do it as much as I would like.... Who knows an escape into the computer room to vent some stress may come in handy from time to time... One never knows...til then  :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yummy - Better Than Cake

Undisclosed Desires

MUSE | MySpace Music Videos

Just have to share a little of my favorite music with you all on my birthday.... enjoy......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Giveaway Reminder

I have been so overwhelmed by the response to my November giveaway of a set of handmade willow runes that I have decided to give away not one but two sets.  Thank all of you for your wonderful comments and also for the passing of the word to others.  It is so appreciated.  If you still have not entered, just click the link below for all the details.... You have all made this a wonderful experience for me...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simplicity and the Art of Little

Autumn has settled in and it seems that life is finally slowing to a slower pace for the winter months ahead; although for some this is a time when it is quite the opposite.  The holidays approaching seems to create a frenzy in the air that there is not enough time to do anything.  Last year I was able to complete all of my Christmas shopping well before the beginning of December which gave me the entire month to do nothing but enjoy the holiday season.  I did this in many ways, most of which included cooking and my grand kids... It was a wonderful time. 

I promised myself at that time that  I would continue to try and do this each year as the alternative had been a mainstay of mine for many years prior and each holiday I could not wait for the season to be over and gone with.  This slower pace of life seemed to follow me not only last Christmas yet through this last year.  With Vincent's employment being connected to the Oil industry, work has definitely been slower and we have had much more time together than previously. 

At first this sort of drove me a bit crazy, as I was used to my alone time.  Yet as time passed we fell into a new nitch and became to enjoy the new lifestyle.   Over the last year we have been able to visit the grandkids more than we would have if he had been working (4 times to be exact).  We were also able to make a trip up to DC and visit with my son and his fiancee stretching our trip out to a weeks time which enabled us to see much more than we would have on a shorter trip.  We were able to work on our yard and improve it in many ways at a minimal cost as we had more time on our hands and could do much of the work ourselves.  It also gave us some time to both reflect on ourselves and what we each wanted out of life.  What our passions were and what we might like to pursue more of an interest in. 

I have to say that it was a bit of a strange year for me... As I had always been the kind of girl who felt that you had to be going full steam ahead to accomplish anything now or later... This slower pace of lifestyle has taught me much.  First and foremost I think it has taught me that one has to be sure that whatever they are pursuing in their lives in whatever manner that it is something, someone, etc... that makes them happy.  Something they enjoy, something they love.  Something that even when it is not the best of times you still can smile and know that it is your passion, it is your love....

The next lesson I learnt is that more is not always best... In fact most of the time it isn't anywhere near it.  The simple things in life are truly the most precious.  I know that none of us would be telling the truth if we were to say that we would not take a million dollars if it were handed over to us with no strings attached.  Yet, I do know that money is not everything and even more so it can sometimes only bring you more stress.  I love how in today's times  many are reverting to the old custom of bartering with one another... Giving one thing for another... Give my talents for your talents... It is so much simpler than $.  And it is more equally based many times. 

I am not sure what this next coming year has in store for us.  Vincent's work is still slow.  Yet each time I feel that I may have to return to the work force, something happens and it is no longer a necessity.  I have talked about change much these last couple months.  I still can feel the shift that is taking place.  Yet also I know that through much of this last year I have been prepared for what lies ahead.   I am not sure exactly what it is, yet the anticipation excites me greatly.  It has been a good thing to learn the importance of simplicity and the fullness of little.  It was a lesson I always knew.  I was just taken a bit off track by living the average life.  I am glad to be back where I know it is I should be.  Back to the earth and its energy; back to the center of it all.  At least now I know if I have to venture back into the rat race, I can now find my way back home. 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thoughts About the Last Few Days

It has been an eventful last few days.   Unexpected  occurances, computer issues, and more.  I always find it funny how when such things occur many times in the middle of it all you do not realize the lessons that you will learn in the end. 

One of the unexpected occurances was the passing of  someone we knew.  It was the mother in law of Vincent's brother.  We hail from a very small rural town so when we went back to attend the furneral we saw several people that we have known much of our lives.  Some of them I knew immediately, while some I would not have ever recognized if they had not been introduced to me.  The service was at one of the local churches.  It was led by the resident pastor along with a guest pastor (a woman related to the family). 

Both were reminiscent of the life Mary had led and how she had touched so many.  In the end any wishing to interject any personal memories were encouraged to do so.  The body was then taken to the family farm to be buried next to her husband who had passed 10 years earlier. 

I speak of all this as I have always thought how would I like my afterlife to be dealt with by those who are left behind... I have always had strong feelings that I would like the whole affair to be as festive as possible.  I know I have no say as to how anyone would respond in regards to my passing yet I would hope that it would not be a somber sad time.  Lots of good music... (you should hear my play list for my furneral), good food, lots of laughter, and everything good.  A good ole party I guess is what I'm saying... 

I try to live my life as best I can, doing all the things that I would like to do.  Those things I may not be able to do immediately I keep in mind and hope that eventually I will be able to conquer yet another one of my dreams.  By looking at life this way, I think that I can easily say that when I pass that I will pass with no regrets.  I will have tried to live my life to its fullest and at times beyond that.  Also, I don't like the word "die".  I have already told Vincent refer to me as having passed.  To die seems so final to me.. As if there is nothing else left.  My views and beliefs lead me to a more positive picture.  I will have but passed on to my next adventure.   I am sure that some of the guest may even catch a glimpse of me there, if they look hard enough...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me today in my mailbox.  Actually two surprises.  The first on was my mystery giveway prize I won from Jules at Moon Cat Farms.  To be honest I had not remembered even entering it so I was surprised when she told me I had won.  It was a wonderful goodie box filled with a wonderful sachet bag, some of her home made soap, fatty pens, an adorable frame and a truly yummy dark chocolate & pomegrante candy bar.  I would like to know how she knew that I die for dark chocolate.  And I have to say the pomegrante taste wonderful... thanks so much Julie.  I truly love all of it.... (esp. the chocolate)

The next surprise was from my youngest son.  Him and his fiancee currently live in Alexandria Virginia, which means that they will not be here to celebrate my birthday with me next week.  Also because they are leaving for a week in Tokyo on that day... Must be rough.  Anyhow, they sent my gift early which I had to open when I received.  I am terrible about waiting... Did I say I love surprises. 

I was totally knocked over when I opened the package and found the painting by Dorothy Kadosh.  It was simply beautiful.  The painting is done in a somewhat 3-d sense with the tree wrapping around the canvas.  It is simply beautiful.  Some of you may be familiar with Dororthy as she is an artist from Pennsylvania yet even more she is known for her work as an Astrologer and her work in Metaphysics.  She is currently director of the School of Psychic Self Defense . 

Also in the package from my son was his usual quirky card which only him and I would laugh at and a small (actually tiny) chinese food container.  Inside it were 2 tiny oragami turtles, a fortune cookie and a pair of beautiful purple and silver earrings.  Needless to say I was pleasently surprised today.  A lovely way to start off the week before my birthday.  Kids, you just have to love them. 

Early Christmas For Noah

I just had to share this with everyone as I knew you would want to take part if you have not already. See below...

A little boy who is battling cancer is feeling the love from people around the world. Five-year-old Noah Biorkman is in the final stages of the disease. His family along with complete strangers are helping him celebrate Christmas early this year.

Noah's family will celebrate Christmas November 13 and 14 this year. Noah loves Christmas cards and what started out as a request for cards, has turned into a flurry of well-wishes from people all over.

The response has been overwhelming. In just one day alone, the Post Office in South Lyon delivered 80,000 pieces of mail.

David Priebe, the officer in charge of the Post Office in South Lyon, says he's never seen anything like it. He says even during the Christmas season the Post Office doesn't see this much mail.

Noah's South Lyon address spread fast on facebook and blogs with the address in South Lyon. Take note -there's been an address change, but you can still send your well wishes.
Send your card or letter to:
Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Path Ahead

It seems that as of late there has been much talk from many in blog land about the feeling of change in the air. From a sense of restlessness to the need to make major changes in the path some are traveling. It is natural for us to want to turn inward at this time of the year. It is natural for us to reflect inward and ask ourselves questions concerning the path we are traveling and possibly the detours that we may want or sometimes need to consider. Yet still the sense seems to be heavy this year. We feel the need to re-evaluate our stance in the bigger picture of it all.

I myself have felt this pull. I will say that it has been a new thing for me. Although Fall has always been a season that I truly love it has never been a time for retrospect or major change. Yet here it is and like so many others I too feel the pull that is so obvious in the air. Many have been talking in regards to their past and the struggles they endured and overcame; the key word being “overcame”. Others have spoken of the need they have felt to re-examine their belief structure and the path they may be following.

It seems that many are heavy with the sense of a coming change. We have attempted to quench this feeling with making subtle, sometimes major, changes in our own lives yet still the feeling is there. The world is a different place today. No one can argue that point. The simplicity that used to be an everyday occurrence is often hard to find, and many times nonexistent if one does not actually put it there themselves. The world is running at full speed trying to maintain as well as evolve continuously into bigger and better things. Is this really good? I cannot help but ask myself these questions. Often I sit and long for a more quiet time; when technology was not so prevalent in the world, when it did not control us as it does now.

The only constant I have is my beliefs and the solace they bring to me. The knowledge or should I say inner feeling that at the end of the day it still is all good, despite the deaths occurring each day due to war, crime, injustice, hatred, and so on. Despite the natural disasters that occur killing hundreds and sometimes thousands of people not to mention the ones who do survive yet lose everything. Despite the thousands of children who have to live in unspeakable conditions due to poverty and abuse. Whose young years are lived without someone to tuck them in each night and tell them they are loved. And the list could go on and on.

To look at the accumulation of all such things can easily be overwhelming to anyone. To ignore its presence is even worse. Yet what can one do? Still the world spins, and still it continues to “evolve”. There is a change coming, or at least a change needed. This is the weight that many of us feel. What is it that needs to happen to “set things right” again? Can it be set right? My feeling is that it will probably get worse before it gets better. As anytime you work to get a festering thorn out of an infected area, it is painful.

Grounding ourselves in what we believe, remembering that there are others who need us, and keeping our eyes and minds open to the occurrences around us (ie: not sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the signs) are just a few of the things that can help. It is a wise man who listens and sees the signs that are around him, taking notice to that which he knows to be right and acting upon those enlightenments. It is a fool who sees them and does nothing, for his fate is chosen by no one but himself.

Lest We Forget

Remember those who fought and died so that you may be free - Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its A Beautiful Day

This morning I rose as usual, made the coffee, let the cats out of the garage, and went to read the new blog posts for the day.  I have to say that I read several that truly touched me in many ways.   From Rayden's Rants to Domestic Witch and a few others I thought my day was planned out.  I was inspired for my entry of the day and although I thought it would end up being a long one, I was prepared to write it.

Then Vincents comes to share a cup of morning coffee with me and my thought to be plans for the day are changed again.  We decide to go for a short drive and see if we can find any unique photo opportunities.  The day started out a bit foggy so I was excited about the possibility of making it to a huge old cemetary I have been wanting to go to for so long. 

We made a quick stop at the post office to send off my home made Ornie to Aunt Manny for our exchange, picked up a couple Rockstars at the quick trip (the energy drinks of course) and we were off.  The further we went the more the clouds cleared and before we knew it the sky was a beautiful color of blue.  It was going to be a wonderful day for picture taking I just knew it.

We stopped at this old run down gas station out in the middle of nowhere.  It gave us some wonderful opportunities.  While we were there a local stopped by and informed us that it was in the movie Rain Man.  Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman had stopped there to use a pay phone that was located outside the building.  Unfortunately it is no longer there.  Still we were able to get some great shots.  We stopped in the town of Hinton Oklahoma and ate at a wonderful little locally run Mexican restuarant.  I had my usual Chili Relano and Vincent his 2 tacos and an enchiladia.    Mexican food taste so much better when it is not from a chain.  Home made all the way... yummy!!
Finally we went to a little state park outside of Hinton called Red Rock.  It was my first time yet I can say for sure it will not be my last.  It was filled with more color than I have seen in a long time.  Beautiful leaves of red, gold, yellow, brown and so on were everywhere.  Huge trees stretched towards the heavens stood everywhere.  Needless to say these are but a few of the pictures I took.  It was a magical place for me.  I am a lover of trees and it was the most peaceful place I have ever been.  Such grace and majesty could be felt.  I am sure the two men that were mowing and the few stray campers there thought I was a bit daft;  Lying on my back in the leaves taking pictures straight up.  Any of you who know Oklahoma know that most of our trees lean to the north, due to the constant south winds we have.  Yet here they all stood straight and tall.  Mainly because it was in a vallen surrounded by huge walls of red rock, hence the name Red Rock Canyon. 

Needless to say I did not make it up to the cemetery as I thought I would.  I did not end up writing that long blog I "thought" I was so inspired to write.  It will have to wait for another day.  Instead I enjoyed life.... again.  This seems to be becoming quite a habit for me, one that I think I could grow to really like.  On my return I was greeted by several of the sweetest comments on my blog - a extra hug for Sobeit.  You truly do brighten my days more than you know.  You are a true blessing to me.  I am beginning to think maybe it really is the red hair.  And they say blondes have more fun... ha!!!  I don't think they have anything on a red head. 

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Change Will Do Me Good

Thanks to Judith over at Merlins Mistress I decided to change the look of my blog.  Although really I can't blame her for the sudden difference.  I mean I did go out last Friday and change my hair.  To most of you that may not mean much... I mean maybe a cut her or there... maybe some curls or some highlights.  Well I was a bit more drastic... I went Red.  Yea... maybe it's just the changing of the leaves to all the beautiful shades of gold and brown and RED.... Or maybe not.

Just wanted to do something different.  And to tell you the truth I think I really like it.  It was time for a change.  I mean so many other areas of my life were changing... They have been all year long, why shouldn't my appearance also have an overhaul.  Vincent says it makes me look more witchy.  I like it because it makes my eyes look more green.  My friend Christy likes it because she is one of those that thinks you should not have blonde hair after Labor Day.  Needless to say I was a bit late in changing, but the important thing was that I finally did. 

The weather feels like it is about to change to as it should be also.  Which is a good thing.  I am ready for the dormant time of the year.  For snuggling inside with hot chocolate and baking goodies all the time.  I am ready for long afternoons on the sofa with a good book or maybe working on writing my own good book.  I am ready for self reflection that this time always seems to bring to me and the anticipation of the coming spring when all will be new again.  I am ready for the holidays and the family and friends it brings back to visit.  I am ready for Winter.... there I said it. 

I can tell that more than the weather, more than the appearance of my blog, and yes even more than my hair... there will be lots of change to come... I will admit I am a creature of habit and at times can be a bit cranky when change comes and takes me from my comfort zone, yet I know by experience that change is usually a good thing.  There is always a lesson to be learned and a new experience to explore.  So with that being said... I look forward to my new adventures as a crazy redhead.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blessed Sunday to You All

What a wonderful fall this has been so far.  The last week brought temperatures well above what is considered normal.  It was hard for me to motivate myself to stay inside and do anything that did not  involve going outdoors.  As the end of the week drew near, I found myself losing self control and snuck away for a couple days to just enjoy the beauty and the warm (almost 80) temperatures.  I know that November is not known for this and that in a matter of days that number can take a nose dive to a more seasonable temperature.

I tried to keep myself productive outside as I enjoyed the weather.  The newly hatched wasps made a game of making me look like a fool to my neighbors as they frequently dived at me.  I think they were quite confused at the weather themselves.  Flowers continue to bloom attempting to take every chance they can to show themselves before finally falling into the sleep known as winter.  I have a potatoe beetle that refuses to take no as an answer as to whether or not he can gain access to my home... Daily he sits on the back screen door waiting for the moment when it opens and he attempts once more to enter.  I will miss him when he is gone. 

It has been a time of peace and enjoyment.  A time of gentle ease before I know that once more I will need to busy myself with all the doings that I have.  I think it is important for us all to take advantage of times like these when we are given them.  It helps us to regenerate ourselves for what is ahead.  Many times we may think that there is nothing ahead or that we can not take the time to stop and enjoy.  I like to think that Mother Earth knows us all too well.  That these moments are given to us to help us to cope and  to be ready for what is to come.  Plus it helps to ease my guilt for being lazy.  :-)

So for the rest of your Sunday, sit back, relax.... do something for yourself or someone dear to you.  Smile often and reflect on things that help that very thing to happen.  Enjoy yourself.... for tomorrow is Monday...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peace Be With You

What exactly is Peace?  All week I have been wondering what I would write about today.  I somewhat knew what I wanted to say, yet could I put it down in a way that would convey the message I was wanting to get across?  Sometimes, especially about things I feel passionate about, I tend to be a bit overly agressive with my views.  It is not that I want to come across as a know it all or someone who thinks only her views are right.  It is just that my convictions are so strong that I want so badly to be sure that I was able to get my message across.

I think that Peace can be defined in many ways by many people.  To some they see it as the state of a country.  Are they at war?  And even if they are not at war, how is their govenment running the country?  Is it fair?  To others it may be the status of their work place.  Is it comfortable?  Are the people freindly and is management fair and just in their treatment of their employees?  Still to others, it may be the enviroment of their home life.  Are they in an abusive marriage?  Are cruel words spoken on a frequent basis?  Is tension a constant companion to them? 

I myself feel that Peace needs to be found within oneself before it can ever be found elsewhere.  Chaos can be found all around us everyday.  And many times this is what the average person chooses to see.  The chaos of the person who pulled in front of you and steals the parking spot you "know" you saw first.  The chaos of 95% of television these days that choose to exploit violence or drag so called "reality" everything out as we as people just love to watch others suffer.  The chaos of allowing ourselves to be swayed by the words of someone elses anger and views rather than to seek out the information and come to our own conclusion.  And the list goes on.

Peace on Earth would be a beautiful thing... and in a perfect world we would have that.  And truly I do hope that one day it will be that way.  Yet I also know that before we can get there we need to realize the things that block us from achieving such a state and start doing something about it.  Getting rid of the bad to make room for the good so to speak. 

Asking yourself if you feel the war is necessary.  And if you feel it isn't making your voice and opinion known.  By no means do I mean to demean our troops with this statement.  There is nothing I feel is more admirable than one who serves their country.  In fact I feel it should be mandatory for all to serve.  Yet I feel it is an injustice to send them to war based on reasons that are unwarrented.  If anything disrepects them, I think this does. 

Standing up for those who lives are not peaceful and stop burying our heads in the sand and act like it does not exist.  There is violence everyday that occurs that goes unreported, unchallenged, unchanged.  Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves, no matter where they come from, what color they are, or what they believe.  An injustice is an injustice.  It does not take such things into consideration before it occurs. 

And lastly look at yourself, what is your attitude?  We all have those days.... bad mood, bad hair, whatever... Yet many times we have a choice.  Make an honest effort to become more positive, more peaceful.  Realizing that much of this is based on what goes into oneself.  Garbage in... garbage out... yea I know it is corny and an old saying but sometimes it is just what we need to hear.  Stand up for what is right even if it costs you.  Stand up for what is just, even if it does not benefit you.  Stand up for Peace,  even when it means you may have to fight for it. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I wanted to  thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my giveaway thus far.  You have all been so kind with your words.  Thank you for your appreciation of the specialness of the creation of the runes.  As time has passed and I continue to grow and learn, one thing I feel stronger about each day is the great need to not harm mother earth. 

This has always been a deep desire of mine yet now it is definately an issue that is coming to the forefront of my being.  The ability to use what she gives to us and not to waste so much is an issue that can not be stressed enough.  I look forward to the future as I share even more of my endeavors with you.  I have other creations and ideas in this mind of mine.... I am eager to share.... So keep an eye out.

Also when I wrote about the full moon a couple nights ago, I used a picture which was not one of my own.  I have gotten so many responses to this picture and will admit that I feel a bit guilty as I do not know who to give credit to.  The picture above is one I took myself yesterday morning just before the moon sat in the west.  Enjoy... Have a beautiful Wednesday..... Blessings to all

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sage - A Herb for the Wise

Sage is not only beautiful to look at, it is also a herb that can lend itself powerfully to those wishing to seek its hidden remedies and powers as well as a wonderful seasoning to use in cooking this time of year.  Fresh rubbed sage is a smell that is hard to beat. 

Use Sage in your love, cleansing and protection charms.  Sage is also  known as a wisdom herb, helping one to gain insight and focus  in attempts to reach those in the spirit realm.  Neutralizing the negativity, Sage brings harmony and therefore aids in the effectiveness of such endeavors.  Sage bundles can also be burnt as a means to purify or cleanse an area.  As it is an easy plant to grow, creating your own home made sage bundles is an easy task to do once the plant is established and you are able to harvest from it each fall, giving the end product that much more potency as it was worked entirely from yourself.  

An example of a sage protection charm is as follows:  Place some sage in small bag. (make sure the bag is of silk or cotton)   Charge the bag with the four elements; air, fire, earth, & water, by calling out to each one while holding the bag.  State your request for protection .  I like to place a small ameythst  also in the bag.  Carry with you when you feel you need a boost of added protection .

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Giveaway - Willow Moon Runes

I am blessed to have a truly beautiful place to live.  A small but adequate pond sits just to the south of my house and each time I sit at my computer it is the site I see.  It is truly a peaceful place.  Not just because I say so, but because all who visit agree.  We are blessed with an abundance of birds, wild animals, flowers, trees and more.  I like to think of it as my secret garden. 

Encircling my pond is a grove of Willow trees.  The stand guard over the enchanted garden, silently watching all who come and go.  There heads bent in homage, they sway in the breeze lulling any who watch into a melodic trance. 

Last winter, ice ventured its way to our pond and to our willows.  Although they bent under the strain and many were able to survive the trauma, some sucumbed to the tragedy and we had to cut them down and trim them back extensively.  I very much did not just want to throw the wood away as if it meant nothing.  I knew that there had to be some use for it.  Recently Vincent and I came to an admirable conclusion.  We decided to make homemade runes.  In studying the process I began to see the details of this endeavor. 

One could easily cut and sand and brand the wood.  Then finish with the appropriate stain or varnish.  Yet I wanted to give the willow the respect that it deserved.  Yes I am one of those tree huggers.... Really a bit more than that.. This is the 3rd set of runes I have made.  The first was mine of course... a rough set that is natural and sits on my alter.... the second I gave to my oldest sons fiance for her birthday a few days ago.  My third set I want to give in my next giveaway.  Vincent was sweet enough to cut the runes and do the initial sanding & wood burning.  I then sand and finish them as well as perform the dedication rites.  I like to think of them as Willow Moon Runes.  As willow is often used for moon magic. 

The recipient will receive a full set of hand made runes as well as a handmade box and bag.  The runes have been dedicated as well as charged by the November Full Moon (this eve to be exact).  The box will be personalized for whomever is chosen.  As this box is my tarot card box.  All are welcome to enter as I am willing to send them wherever need be as I feel that whomever is chosen is the one who is to receive them.  All you have to do is be a follower of Mother Moons Message and leave a comment with your email.  If you would like an extra entry you can grab the picture and post it to your site with a link.  Just be sure and leave me the info in your comment  so I can give you credit for it.  The recipient will be chosen Monday, November 30th.  I am excited about this as it is something that means a great deal to me.  Good luck....

November Full Moon

Ah, there is nothing like the brillance of a full moon; yet I do believe the moons of Autumn and Winter tend to be more brilliant.  The coolness of the night air and a clear sky seems to make it bolder and crisper to the seeing eye.  I woke early this morning as I do most mornings when the moon is full.  The light of her shining through my window as if to beckon me to come and see her in all her glory.  Of course I have to look.  There is nothing more beautiful than mother moon when she is full.  I am glad for her awakenings of me, giving me the chance to behold her brilliance.  I consider it a gift, one I truly cherish.  At 1:13 pm (central time) she will be at her fullest.  She will be out of my sight at this time yet once again as  night falls I will wait for her; anticipating her arrival once more to the nights sky. 

I wish you all a blessed day and clear skys this evening as you seek to catch a glimpse of the November full moon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy New Year to All

Ok I truly had no intention at all of writing today, yet after the day I had it only seemed fitting to add a few quick words to end the day right.    First, no the dog is not mine... Wish he was...He is a sweetie I snapped a picture of when I was up in Alexandria VA last May visiting my son.  Yet this is one of my new year resolutions... to get me a dog or at least either do it or stop talking about it.  Plus I  needed (well really wanted) to post a picture with the blog...
It could not have been a more beautiful day for November 1st.  Weather was gorgeous so of course Vincent and I had to take the Harley out... A fantastic ride.  It was as if all the gunk of last year was blown off of me by the time we arrived home later in the day.  We visited a couple cemetaries while we were out also.  I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a wonderful day...

I know nothing spectacular.... Just a quick Happy New Year to all of you... Enjoy the rest of your weekend.....