Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Invitation for Yew

ash 2As many of you know one of the reasons that I have been infrequent with blogging the last year or so is that I have been giving more time to my Etsy site.  When Vincent had his stroke in February of 2012 much of my year swept by me in what could be described as a whirlwind.  It seemed that the first few months were somewhat of a blur and before I knew it was fall. 
It was working with my runes that gave me much of the solace I needed during this time as well as a well needed communion with nature again.  I am one of those kind of people that get excited when I get to dig in the dirt and feel it fall between my fingers or smell its rich aroma.  The same can be said for when I work with wood.  Yet I found that working with natural wood (directly from the tree) gave me even more.  I had never really thought of myself as a wood worker yet always back in the depths of me there was this yearning to be.
Alder_FearnMy Celtic Tree blogs also were something that helped to add to my love of the tree.  I look at trees as not just an access to an abundance of wood.  Personally I prefer them to give the wood to me and then work with it. This is what I have tried faithfully to do in all of my adventures.  Yet there are times when I feel that the act of them giving themselves to me involves me actually taking a branch from them.  

Last October I was asked to craft a set of runes for a woman back east.  She was not sure what type of wood she wanted so I did not start to craft them immediately.  We corresponded back and forth discussing the various varieties and their attributes.  I did not think much of it at first but as time continued I began to wonder. 

imagesCABTTTLII just finished her runes last night as I charged them by the full moon.  Yes it took almost 6 months.  The wood eventually decided upon was Yew.  She even sent me a branch from the tree in her yard.  It was the first encounter I had had with this kind of tree or this kind of wood.  Yet it was love at first sight.  I began researching the Yew when I learned of her choice and at first I have to say was a bit apprehensive.  There were many articles warning of the poisonous traits it carried.  I wondered if I should even attempt it.  Yet likewise I found articles that assured me by others who had worked with it that I would be glad I did.  They were all careful to tell me to take the necessary safety precautions.  Which of course I did.
When the branch arrived in the mail I was in awe.  An evergreen with the most delicate leaves and branches.  I was able to get two sets of runes from the branch as well as some cuts for bind runes, wands, oghams, and more. Why am I telling you this you may ask
Well I believe that each experience is given to us to learn from. That is of course if we listen with a good ear.  In the following weeks I wish to share with you some of what I have learned about the ever sacred Yew.  I hope that you will stop by on occasion to take part in this part of my lesson.  Till then I wish you a wonderful Thursday and many blessings. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Results are In

Crow_Moon_webThe full moon has finally arrived.  Beautiful as ever may I add.  I was so glad to see that the skies have been clear the last couple nights leading up to this eve and they will remain so tonight.  I love to watch her as she rises.  The coolness of the air always seems to make her that more beautiful and bright.  It is the last of the cool nights this year, at least until the fall comes again much later in the year.  So I will gaze on her this eve and enjoy.  
Also today is the day that I choose the winner of my latest giveaway.  I saw that I had 15 entries.  I have to say I dislike random number generators so, I created my own.  At least for this time.  Tossing the numbers all in a bucket, I drew one out and it was the wonderful number 8.  Counting down on the comments I come to Dori T at My radiant Moon.  A wonderful blog that I am surprised I hadn’t found sooner. 

Dori, I have sent you an email to inform you and await your reply with all your posting instructions.  To the other 14….. don’t worry I am hoping to do many more of these as I used to in the past…. That is if I can get my butt into gear and get a bit more organized…. There is always an excuse isn't there? 
Congrats again to Dori.  And do try and sneak a peak at the gorgeous moon tonight.  As always I can assure you she will be beautiful. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring

It was one of those March days

When the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:

When it is summer in the light,

And winter in the shade.

~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wee Irish Blessing

st patricks

May you always have blue skies above your heads

Shamrocks beneath your feet.

Laughter and Joy a plenty

Kindness from all you meet.

Good friends and Kin to miss you

If you ever chance to roam.

And a path cleared by the angels themselves

To always carry you home.

Bridger P.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Spring Giveaway

DSC_0363Well better late than never…. I always say.  I promised a giveaway and “finally” here it is.  The weather has warmed up here to the upper 70s and low 80s and what can I say, I have been dying to go outdoors and work in my yard so I finally gave in.  I did however take a few moments out to throw this thing together. 
Anyone who has been a part of past giveaways of mine know that it is a continuous process and although there are pictures now to show the initial items up for grabs, I can assure you that more will be added.  I love to toss a thing in here and something in there.  Whatever seems to move me at the moment in other words.  I can already tell you that there are a couple secrets tucked inside the flower pot that are out of sight.  Why? you ask… Because every one needs a little surprise once in a while. 
DSC_0362Now for the rules.  All you need to do is leave a comment and be sure that there is a way to contact you in case you are chosen as the lucky winner.  I am going to try and give extra chances as time gets closer but don’t hold your breath.  If the weather stays nice, I may be outside forever…
The winner will receive a colorful little flower pot, as well as one of my  little drawstring bags.  This one is a rich purple and adorned with the Green Man himself.  To also acknowledge Ostara/Easter a little pink hare will be tucked inside as well.  Like I said before other things will follow as well as a few surprises.
33The giveaway will run through March 27th (The Full Worm Moon).  The temperatures are beginning to warm thus the earth is warming as well.  Robins can be seen searching for the earth worm that can be seen now after rains or when you start to turn the soil for planting.  It is also known by some as the full crow moon.  The crows, at least mine, can be heard squawking more than often as they call in Spring and announce the ending of winter.  Good luck to all of you .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway

In times of old I was known to have an occasional giveaway.  With my absence over the past year or so… they have become but a memory. 
As Spring seems to be popping up all around and the newness of life is all around, I want myself to give back.  So many of you have stayed with me over this time of change in my life.  Many of you have even came searching for me when my voice was not heard over a period of time.  For this I am so grateful.  You will not know the many times that those emails or comments hit me at exactly the time I needed them most. 
I do not know exactly what it will be except that I am going to put together some of my items from my Etsy Shop now as well as some ideas I have been toying with and have not posted as of yet.  Thank you again for all the prayers, support and simple friendship you have bestowed to me.  Blessings

Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping Busy

With Spring trying its' best to arrive and me trying my best not to do anything in my garden before I should,  I have been trying to keep myself busy with things indoors.  Yesterday was spent rearranging and organizing our office / my craft room.  A couple 6 foot shelving units helped tremendously and put much of my supplies in plain sight.  This will help with not purchasing things I think I need when in truth I have plenty.
I also have been working on some new items for my Etsy shop.  This "hobbie" has brought me so much joy and kept me busy as well when I needed to be.  Working with the woods calmed me tremendously at a time when my mind seemed to be full of so much but I  could not have told you what.  
When I went outdoors this morning to greet the day once again Spring was tempting me to come outside and play.  I have to admit the urge is getting stronger and I am not sure how much longer I can keep myself from starting to clean and plant.  I figure if I can hold out about one more week or so inside I should be good.  I am sure that I can find plenty of things to keep me busy. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The First day of March

st patricksWell it’s finally March, although it seems that this year is already flying by.  Spring is just a mere 20 days away – at least the official first day of Spring.  This last week our state was covered in a blanket of white.  Some were more like buried in a blanket of white.  We did not share in the fun of multiple feet or even inches of the white stuff.  We did however manage to receive a nice rain which helped to liven up our pond for all those things down deep under water that are ready for the warmer days to come.  I noticed our first kingfisher out fishing the pond just the other day.  A bit earlier than usual but a very welcomed sight. 
dirt and trowellI still feel that Spring is not completely ready to make it way here.  Yet it still gives us occasional glimpses of its impending arrival.  This morning as I went and filled my many bird feeders, I examined my flower beds throughout my yard.  Many of my flowers are peeking out.  I want so bad to go and clean out the weathered leaves and such that has accumulated around them.  I know that this could be a very bad idea as it is these very leaves that drive me crazy that are keeping these gentle little plants warm.  So I keep myself back from doing such things until a later time. 
Soon enough the warmer weather will come and then I will be forever going on about the abundance of yard work that I have in front of me.  There is always something isn’t there. 
The weekend is near.  I wish for all of you a pleasant one.