Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Forever Entwined–A Love Story

imagesCADKH1AKOnce a bard by the name of Phelim was blessed with the birth of a daughter. Her name was Deidre.  At the time of her birth, a wise druid foretold that the child would grow to be beautiful beyond compare.  Her beauty would be such, that wars would eventually be fought over her and death would come to many.
When hearing the words that were said by the druid, many in the surrounding area began to believe that death to the child soon and quickly would be the best resort.  Then there would be no way that the future could come to pass.  Yet Conor MacNess, King of Ulster, would not hear of such a happening.  He took the child and swore to marry her when she became of age.  She would be forever hidden from the world to avoid the prophecy coming to pass.
King Ulster bid the care of young Deidre to Lavercham, an old nurse that was in the kingdom.  He would visit Deidre from time to time.  As she grew it was quite obvious that she was indeed beautiful.  As time came near for her to wed King Ulster, she confided in her nurse that she longed for a younger man, as King Ulster was much her senior.
deidre and naoiseThus Lavercham became her link to the outside world and soon her link to Naoise.  Naoise was one of the three sons of Usna and himself was quite handsome.  Their love grew strong and quickly.  Because young love is forever spontaneous, they fled to Scotland where they were to be protected by Naoise other two brothers.  They lived in peace there for many years.  But all good things do end and there was a prophecy to fulfil.
King Conoro was by no means happy when Deidre had fled in the night.  For although he was acting out of the kindness of his heart in the beginning when he saved the young child, he had grown to desire Deidre more and more as she grew.  Her beauty had surely captivated him and he could not stand to have her as his wife.  Through cunning ways he managed to entice them to return to Ireland.
As foretold war began and blood was spilt.  The three sons of Usna were slain.  This in turn left Deidre at the mercy of King Conoro, which was exactly as he had planned.  For a year and one day Deidre lived with King Conoro.  Yet in this time she never spoke one word nor did she ever smile. 
imagesCAHXCM6TAt the end of a year and one day, she committed suicide.  From her place of burial, a Yew tree sprouted growing to the heavens, its branches hanging low to the ground as if to weep.  The branches were said to have twined and spread across the country side eventually finding what they sought, the grave of her beloved Naoise.  Twining themselves together as one they remained through time.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Yew, which graspest at the stones
That name the under-lying dead,
Thy fibres net the dreamless head,
Thy roots are wrapt about the bones.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Yew and Fairy Realm

imagesCABMGA34A tradition is current in Mathavarn, in the parish of Llanwrin, and the Cantref  of Cyfeillioc, concerning a certain wood called Ffridd yr Ywen or the Forest of the Yew.  It is so called on account of the so called magical yew tree that grows exactly in the middle of the forest.  Under the tree there is a fairy circle called The Dancing Place of the Goblin.  There are several fairy circles in the Forest of the Yew, but the one under the yew tree in the middle has the legend connected with it. 

Many years ago two farm hands with the names of Twm and Iago journeyed to do a days work in the Forest of the Yew.  It was early in the afternoon when the forest began to fill with a thick mist.  The mist was so thick and blocked the sun to the point the young men thought that the sun was beginning to set, thus they prepared to journey home.  When they came to yew tree in the center of the forest, the mist was no longer there and the light of the sun had once again returned. 
fairy realmBelieving it was now too early too venture home they decided to lie beneath the great Yew tree and take a nap.  In time, Twm woke to find that Iago was no longer slumbering with him beneath the great yew.  Concluding that Iago had probably awaken before him and started his way home, Twm did likewise, having no reason to think different. 
As morning came and Twm went to fetch Iago for the next days work, he was perplexed to find that he was not there.  In fact he had not been seen since the previous day.  Being asked by several on the whereabouts of Iago, Twm finally admitted to their adventure the day before and how they had fallen asleep inside the fairy circle which lie beneath the great yew in the center of the forest.  They searched for days throughout the forest and the country side yet no sign of Iago could be found. 
Still wondering on the whereabouts of his friend as well as the stories that circled about the odd happenings in the forest, Twm decided to seek the advice of gwr cyfarwydd (a conjuror).  The man gave to Twm this advice and stressed that he follow it exactly.
Go to the same place where you and Iago had napped.  Return exactly one year from the time that he was last seen.  Make sure that it is the same day of the year and the same time of the day, yet do not step foot inside the fairy ring.  Stand on the border of the fairy ring and he will return with the fae to dance around the circle.  When he is close enough, grab hold of his hand and snatch him from the circle.
Twm did just this and rightfully so, Iago and the fairies came out and began to dance around the fairy ring.  As he circled near Twm, his hand was grabbed and Twm pulled him out. When questioned about his whereabouts and his slimmer look, Iago gave no information.  He only remembered his nap beneath the tree the year before.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ancestral Connections–The Yew Fairy

yew fairy
As with the ancient Yew, the Yew fairy is likewise one of great wisdom.  She is the oldest of all tree spirits and thus her powers are the same.  Because she is said to carry such ancient wisdom, her message is often difficult to pass simply as mere words.  It is in the form of visions that she communicates with whom she chooses. 
In this manner she conveys a connection with the eternal as well as revealing an ancestral knowledge that may very well be long lost.  In doing so she often connects those of todays with those of years passed.  By being the conduit between two times,  something that may have been lost over the years can once again be regained in the child of today.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Yew–Tree of Eternity

Planet – Saturn and Pluto
Element – Earth and Water
Symbolism – Tree of Life, Immortality, Rebirth, Change, Reincarnation, Longevity
Metal  - Lead
Birds – Eagle and Hummingbird
Colors – Black and Dark Green
Fifth vowel and last letter of the Ogham Alphabet Idho
Represents  the Winter Solstice- December 21st – Yule

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With Age Comes Wisdom

words of wisdomI often think back during situations of my lifetime to words of wisdom that were spoke to me.  I will admit that I do it much more often now that I have aged somewhat myself then I did when I was of a younger age.  I think that could be true for many of us.  At a young age we tend to turn our ears away from words spoken to us as a means to help guide us a bit more straight in life.  But then when one is young we are ready to conquer the world and we wish to do it in our own manner, learning our own lessons… right or wrong.  It is human nature I guess.
Yet through time we store those morsels of truth and guidance back in a corner of our minds.  As time progresses we are more apt to rummage through the old boxes and take them out again.  Many times we will even mount them and admire and live by them.  After of course we have learned from them.
It is usually the aged that silently sit back and watch the young do their thing.  A smile crosses over their face when no one is looking as they think back to a time they themselves were the same.  Some are graced with the ability to translate their message so that it may be listened to and possibly even acted upon.  Yet many know better than to speak up and offer a piece of their wisdom learned through the years. It is usually not until such relics have passed on that we realize the wonderful treasures that were hidden in their words.  Sadly too often it is not until then that we realize the worth of what they gave us and the loss of what we did not take.
yew tree at graveyardIt is believed that the Yew may very well be the oldest living tree.  Much of this belief is attributed to the manner in which it grows.  It can grow to great size.  Eventually through time it will begin to decay and start to hollow out.  Still determined and resilient a  new sprout will come forth from the soft compost of the decay allowing it to continue its existence. 
It is not just in this manner that it continues it life span.  Its branches also re root  and eventually will grow into trunks of new trees.  Because of this small new trees can be found around the area of the yew. If transplanted these trees will grow easily into new Yews themselves.  The prolific nature of the Yew can be found in many forms. Its continual manner of rebirthing itself makes it easy to see how it is associated with transformation and regeneration. 
phoenixI liken it to the phoenix.  Who through its fiery death will always come forth from the ashes and once again thrive.  Each time being more adept and capable to adapt to its surroundings and circumstances.  The yew allows nothing, save mere destruction, to end its cycle.  In truth even that may not be able to annihilate it.  It has survived for millions of years with evidence pointing it back to the Triassic era.  Translated to something most would understand, that is 200,000,000 years
Imagine the wisdom that such a life  could tell.  Living such a span of time and silently watching all that transpired around it.  The changes that came and went.  The secrets that were whispered beneath it as it stood and listened. The wonderful stories it could weave for us. The wonderful lessons it could teach.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Journey With the Yew

yew branch and berryI find it odd that in all my writings in regard to Celtic Tree Lore that I never dove deeper in to the incredible Yew.  Coming into my life last fall with such vigor, it made a point of gaining my attention.  Not in a quick manner, yet one which developed over time. Much like the Yew itself.

Morsel by morsel I learned of its beauty and wisdom.  Each time a piece was found I was eager to start searching for the next.  I eventually reached a point of almost craving its nourishment. Likewise a feeling of hunger would come if I waited too long to satisfy my cravings.  

ben and jettysDespite its warnings of toxicity in almost every manner, save its berry, I still could not keep myself from it.  It called me like that pint of Ben and Jerry's I keep hidden in the back of my freezer.  Knowing I should eat sparingly, yet finding it hard to control myself.
I promised to share some of my treats with friends and followers, thus here I am. I warn you though, a taste of such delicacies may capture your curious palate as well.  In the days to follow a morsel will be laid out for you.  Will you come casually at first, out of curiosity.  Only to find yourself waiting for the next plate to be set on the blogging table?  We will see.. My hope? You will do just that and when this series is complete you may find yourself missing your daily treat and even then yourself go and forage for your own tender morsels. 

Bon Appetit…..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wulpurgis Nacht

Walpulgis nightIn my absence as of late, I have tried to take some of my extra time and focus on myself and possibly widen my horizons and or mind. Some times this is fruitful. In reading my almanac the last few days, it urged me to explore what is referred to as Wulpurgis Nacht. Having a German background I knew it was of German origin and I have to say it heightened my curiosity.
I love how timing  plays such a key role in our lives.  I often think people do not realize this wonderful mystery of everyday life.  How the powers beyond give us messages at just the right time when we may need such words or nudges.  This urging I think was one of them. 
imagesCA0I1OMKWhen I started to research Wulpurgis Night, I learned that it is a name given to the manner in which Germans (and many other cultures) celebrate May Eve.  It is believed that on Brocken – the highest peak of the Harz Mountain in Germany – at this time a strange light can be seen - known as the Brocken Spectre.  Many think this light comes from the those who celebrate the pagan ways.  Of course with this explanation also comes those who relate it to evil sorcery, Satanism, etc.  But then anyone can find bad in something if they set their mind to it.  I have to laugh at the irony of that because it is just as easy to find good in something if they set their mind to it as well.
bonfireToday marks the eve of May Day, Beltane, and so on.  A time long ago when there were those who danced around fires and asked the spring time to hasten forth.  The bonfires were lit to ward off evil as well as lend a cheerful atmosphere to gather and commune with one another.    There will be many who venture out into the night this eve to once again keep the tradition alive.  Will you be one of them? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sacred and Silent ~ The Everlasting Yew

On occasion we are blessed with an occurrence in our lives that touches us deeply.  I am of the belief that too often such opportunities are lost to us because of the multitude of noises we allow to clutter our thoughts and mind each day.  Such moments are often sitting silently not in the foreground but in the shade of life. 
Some time back I read “The Sin Eaters Last Confession” as well as “Walking With the Sin Eater” by Ross Heaven.  (Another such blessed occurrence in my life).  Although I loved both books tremendously, the one thing that seemed to stay with me more than anything from them was to take my time walking through nature (as well as life).  Tromping along heavy footed, not looking where you are going will almost always assure that you will step on something that you should have taken the time to savor.  I have implemented this act into my life and have been rewarded in so many ways.  From the tiny little blue flowers that cover my yard in the early months of spring to my wonderful experience and true introduction to the Yew Tree.
I had wrote about the Yew in my earlier Celtic Tree Lore series.  I had regurgitated all the attributes of it and its many forms of symbolism as well as uses etc.  Yet I did them without a personal connection to this wonderful tree.   I love how life has this wonderful little way of helping us to learn from our folly at times.  This was my experience with the Yew. 
mesquite closeOnce a people pleaser I think forever a people pleaser.  Even when you come to grip with the fact that you can not make everyone happy all the time, you still have a yearning to try as best you can.  This is somewhat my motto with my crafting of runes.  It took some time to come to a point where I felt I could actually craft a set of runes for someone else.  I have always felt that the crafting of ones own tools is best and infuses the strongest amount of strength into them.  Yet because of consistent requests I finally began to do so for others.  Still I wanted to help incorporate as much as I could of the one requesting them into my crafting.  This included an attempt to craft from any type of wood requested if I was able to obtain it.  My first experience with this was mesquite, which I was able to obtain via my son who was working in the Texas Panhandle near New Mexico, a place where Mesquite grows in abundance.  It was a lovely experience and likewise I obtained a special love for the wood. 
imagesCA4OKMNYMy courtship with Yew was a bit more drawn out and lengthy.  A set which was requested in October of 2012 and did not get filled until just this last month, a time of almost six months.  What started as a customer who did not know what form of wood she wanted took a winding road of decision until she finally arrived at the Silent Yew.  Her explanations for its choice via correspondence coupled with my own research on the tree would lead me on a journey of respect, admiration and a sincere adoration for the tree.  She eventually sent me a branch from a Yew she had in her yard. Upon its arrival let me say it was love at first sight.  A beautiful branch of almost 5 feet with foliage still attached.  
As I said earlier, it is always best when the experience can be a personal one.  The lessons seem to stay with one longer and the imprint and connection is that much stronger.  In the coming days, I would like to share with you some of the wonders I have come to learn from the Yew.  I hope you will come and take the journey with me. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Yew

yew and cemetary
The wind has sighed upon my leaves
Through many ages passed
A sheltered place for he who grieves
Beneath my branches vast

I reach above towards the sky
`Midst ancient slabs to dwell
O touch me and you yet shall die
Beware the tolling bell

Behold my splendid aspect fixed
Against the falling sun
As there I stand, alone, betwixt
All heav`n and everyone

(Magnificent her posture be
Her shadow softly falls
Upon all those now ever free
Laid down behind stone walls)

Enfolded deep within my boughs
I`ll bear your wearied soul
To carry you, not e`er to rouse,
Then meetly deem you whole

To thus transform and so renew
All set beyond this earth
Deliver each as pure and true
And grant e`erlasting birth
Valerie Dohren ~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Invitation for Yew

ash 2As many of you know one of the reasons that I have been infrequent with blogging the last year or so is that I have been giving more time to my Etsy site.  When Vincent had his stroke in February of 2012 much of my year swept by me in what could be described as a whirlwind.  It seemed that the first few months were somewhat of a blur and before I knew it was fall. 
It was working with my runes that gave me much of the solace I needed during this time as well as a well needed communion with nature again.  I am one of those kind of people that get excited when I get to dig in the dirt and feel it fall between my fingers or smell its rich aroma.  The same can be said for when I work with wood.  Yet I found that working with natural wood (directly from the tree) gave me even more.  I had never really thought of myself as a wood worker yet always back in the depths of me there was this yearning to be.
Alder_FearnMy Celtic Tree blogs also were something that helped to add to my love of the tree.  I look at trees as not just an access to an abundance of wood.  Personally I prefer them to give the wood to me and then work with it. This is what I have tried faithfully to do in all of my adventures.  Yet there are times when I feel that the act of them giving themselves to me involves me actually taking a branch from them.  

Last October I was asked to craft a set of runes for a woman back east.  She was not sure what type of wood she wanted so I did not start to craft them immediately.  We corresponded back and forth discussing the various varieties and their attributes.  I did not think much of it at first but as time continued I began to wonder. 

imagesCABTTTLII just finished her runes last night as I charged them by the full moon.  Yes it took almost 6 months.  The wood eventually decided upon was Yew.  She even sent me a branch from the tree in her yard.  It was the first encounter I had had with this kind of tree or this kind of wood.  Yet it was love at first sight.  I began researching the Yew when I learned of her choice and at first I have to say was a bit apprehensive.  There were many articles warning of the poisonous traits it carried.  I wondered if I should even attempt it.  Yet likewise I found articles that assured me by others who had worked with it that I would be glad I did.  They were all careful to tell me to take the necessary safety precautions.  Which of course I did.
When the branch arrived in the mail I was in awe.  An evergreen with the most delicate leaves and branches.  I was able to get two sets of runes from the branch as well as some cuts for bind runes, wands, oghams, and more. Why am I telling you this you may ask
Well I believe that each experience is given to us to learn from. That is of course if we listen with a good ear.  In the following weeks I wish to share with you some of what I have learned about the ever sacred Yew.  I hope that you will stop by on occasion to take part in this part of my lesson.  Till then I wish you a wonderful Thursday and many blessings. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Results are In

Crow_Moon_webThe full moon has finally arrived.  Beautiful as ever may I add.  I was so glad to see that the skies have been clear the last couple nights leading up to this eve and they will remain so tonight.  I love to watch her as she rises.  The coolness of the air always seems to make her that more beautiful and bright.  It is the last of the cool nights this year, at least until the fall comes again much later in the year.  So I will gaze on her this eve and enjoy.  
Also today is the day that I choose the winner of my latest giveaway.  I saw that I had 15 entries.  I have to say I dislike random number generators so, I created my own.  At least for this time.  Tossing the numbers all in a bucket, I drew one out and it was the wonderful number 8.  Counting down on the comments I come to Dori T at My radiant Moon.  A wonderful blog that I am surprised I hadn’t found sooner. 

Dori, I have sent you an email to inform you and await your reply with all your posting instructions.  To the other 14….. don’t worry I am hoping to do many more of these as I used to in the past…. That is if I can get my butt into gear and get a bit more organized…. There is always an excuse isn't there? 
Congrats again to Dori.  And do try and sneak a peak at the gorgeous moon tonight.  As always I can assure you she will be beautiful. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring

It was one of those March days

When the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:

When it is summer in the light,

And winter in the shade.

~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wee Irish Blessing

st patricks

May you always have blue skies above your heads

Shamrocks beneath your feet.

Laughter and Joy a plenty

Kindness from all you meet.

Good friends and Kin to miss you

If you ever chance to roam.

And a path cleared by the angels themselves

To always carry you home.

Bridger P.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Spring Giveaway

DSC_0363Well better late than never…. I always say.  I promised a giveaway and “finally” here it is.  The weather has warmed up here to the upper 70s and low 80s and what can I say, I have been dying to go outdoors and work in my yard so I finally gave in.  I did however take a few moments out to throw this thing together. 
Anyone who has been a part of past giveaways of mine know that it is a continuous process and although there are pictures now to show the initial items up for grabs, I can assure you that more will be added.  I love to toss a thing in here and something in there.  Whatever seems to move me at the moment in other words.  I can already tell you that there are a couple secrets tucked inside the flower pot that are out of sight.  Why? you ask… Because every one needs a little surprise once in a while. 
DSC_0362Now for the rules.  All you need to do is leave a comment and be sure that there is a way to contact you in case you are chosen as the lucky winner.  I am going to try and give extra chances as time gets closer but don’t hold your breath.  If the weather stays nice, I may be outside forever…
The winner will receive a colorful little flower pot, as well as one of my  little drawstring bags.  This one is a rich purple and adorned with the Green Man himself.  To also acknowledge Ostara/Easter a little pink hare will be tucked inside as well.  Like I said before other things will follow as well as a few surprises.
33The giveaway will run through March 27th (The Full Worm Moon).  The temperatures are beginning to warm thus the earth is warming as well.  Robins can be seen searching for the earth worm that can be seen now after rains or when you start to turn the soil for planting.  It is also known by some as the full crow moon.  The crows, at least mine, can be heard squawking more than often as they call in Spring and announce the ending of winter.  Good luck to all of you .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway

In times of old I was known to have an occasional giveaway.  With my absence over the past year or so… they have become but a memory. 
As Spring seems to be popping up all around and the newness of life is all around, I want myself to give back.  So many of you have stayed with me over this time of change in my life.  Many of you have even came searching for me when my voice was not heard over a period of time.  For this I am so grateful.  You will not know the many times that those emails or comments hit me at exactly the time I needed them most. 
I do not know exactly what it will be except that I am going to put together some of my items from my Etsy Shop now as well as some ideas I have been toying with and have not posted as of yet.  Thank you again for all the prayers, support and simple friendship you have bestowed to me.  Blessings

Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping Busy

With Spring trying its' best to arrive and me trying my best not to do anything in my garden before I should,  I have been trying to keep myself busy with things indoors.  Yesterday was spent rearranging and organizing our office / my craft room.  A couple 6 foot shelving units helped tremendously and put much of my supplies in plain sight.  This will help with not purchasing things I think I need when in truth I have plenty.
I also have been working on some new items for my Etsy shop.  This "hobbie" has brought me so much joy and kept me busy as well when I needed to be.  Working with the woods calmed me tremendously at a time when my mind seemed to be full of so much but I  could not have told you what.  
When I went outdoors this morning to greet the day once again Spring was tempting me to come outside and play.  I have to admit the urge is getting stronger and I am not sure how much longer I can keep myself from starting to clean and plant.  I figure if I can hold out about one more week or so inside I should be good.  I am sure that I can find plenty of things to keep me busy. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The First day of March

st patricksWell it’s finally March, although it seems that this year is already flying by.  Spring is just a mere 20 days away – at least the official first day of Spring.  This last week our state was covered in a blanket of white.  Some were more like buried in a blanket of white.  We did not share in the fun of multiple feet or even inches of the white stuff.  We did however manage to receive a nice rain which helped to liven up our pond for all those things down deep under water that are ready for the warmer days to come.  I noticed our first kingfisher out fishing the pond just the other day.  A bit earlier than usual but a very welcomed sight. 
dirt and trowellI still feel that Spring is not completely ready to make it way here.  Yet it still gives us occasional glimpses of its impending arrival.  This morning as I went and filled my many bird feeders, I examined my flower beds throughout my yard.  Many of my flowers are peeking out.  I want so bad to go and clean out the weathered leaves and such that has accumulated around them.  I know that this could be a very bad idea as it is these very leaves that drive me crazy that are keeping these gentle little plants warm.  So I keep myself back from doing such things until a later time. 
Soon enough the warmer weather will come and then I will be forever going on about the abundance of yard work that I have in front of me.  There is always something isn’t there. 
The weekend is near.  I wish for all of you a pleasant one. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Poetry Quotes–Wordsworth

The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure:--
But the least motion which they made
It seemed a thrill of pleasure.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day–And All Is Well

cat and snowThe snow is falling outside, although the weatherman insisted we would only see rain.  I prefer the snow.  It silently falls and covers the ground to make for a quiet peaceful world.  It is a wet snow and I know that it will not stay long.  The rains that I know will come later today will melt it away in record time if the slightly above freezing temperatures don’t do it in sooner.  Yet for now I will enjoy it.
The wet weather will keep me inside today.  Working on items for my etsy shop as well as tending a pot of beans I put on for supper.  And if time allows I plan to whip up a batch of schnetka for nibbling with coffee later on this afternoon.  All in all I know I have plenty to keep me well beyond busy for the day. 
weedsStill I long for the warmer weather and the chance to get myself outdoors and my hands into the earth.  I found my columbine starting to come up the other day.  I want to be sure and tend any brave flowers that may be peeking up from their winters rest a bit too early.  Covering with a blanket of mulch so that old man winter will not have the chance to nip them and keep them from their full potential when the weather truly is warmer in the months to come. 
yellow_wren_in_winterI was sure to fill all bird feeders yesterday before the weather did turn as I knew the birds would appreciate the extra attention and goodies while the weather was a bit nasty.  I love my feathered friends so.  The joy they bring to me is more than I can express.  They truly are special little creatures and something I believe so many do not take the time to stop and enjoy.  But aren't there so many things that the average man does not stop and realize each day.   That is the true sadness in the world.  That it is all right at our finger tips yet we are too busy with trivial often worthless things to see the beauty of simplicity.  But then anyone who has read any of my prior readings knows that is one of my soapboxes. 
Blessings to you and yours this blessed Wednesday.  May you have a moment to enjoy a simply joy.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Waking Early….

sunriseIt was an early morning.  The wind howled throughout the night, Vincent snored, and Winston kept wanting to sleep on top of my feet.  All did their part in waking me often throughout the night.  Or possibly it is just the fact that I am a 50 year old woman and interrupted sleep is something I have the pleasure to enjoy for a time. Whichever the culprit, I did not rest well. 
Yet sometime when this occurs I wonder if it could be that something else is attempting to get my attention. 
 Rising before the sun, can be a very tranquil experience.  As I sit and write I hear the wind rustle outside the window.  The wind chime is playing its’ usual morning song to me when the breeze lends its support.  The birds are also starting to wake and their songs can be heard as well. 
snow boy 2011Winston lays at my feet, fast asleep now, just glad to be able to be near me.  Soon we will venture out and start our morning chores. First we will let the cats out of the garage to start another day of roaming.  Then Winston will do his morning business somewhere in the yard, and sniff all the places where neighbor dogs and other random animals have placed their scent while I take the trash to the curb for Monday pick up. 
On returning to the house, I will drink my morning coffee and jot a word or two into my journal.  All will be done in the silence of early morning before the world wakes.  The only sound will be the random snore of Vincent still sleeping. 
dahliaI guess it is not so bad…. It is a time of solitude and quiet.  A time to gather myself before another day begins and I try to get all the many things I want to get done… done.  A time to breath and enjoy the silence before the noise of another day. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Poetry Quote

Autumn_fairy_by_Ironshod"Come fairies,
take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you upon the wind
 and dance upon the mountainslike a flame.”
  W.B. Yeats

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lazy Saturday……

A lazy Saturday.  I glance out the window and the sun is shining brightly.  I can hear the birds even inside with the doors closed.  I long to go outside and enjoy what appears to be a gorgeous day.  Yet when I open the door the cold air reminds me that it is still early February.  Although I long for Spring I know that Winter still has a bit of a hold on Mother Earth and will take his time to leave for good.
daffodil fairyStill I see the signs that Spring is coming.  The small hens bit is starting to peek out with it pops of purple.  Nestled throughout the yard are dots of yellow from the brave dandelions who dare to show themselves this early.  My crocus are blooming beneath my little Oak.  Even a different smell seems to flow through the air. 
I love when the Earth begins this procession into the coming warmer times of the year.  It is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Not only for nature but also for us as well.  Dormant for the last months, nestled snuggly in our warm abodes we sat and reflected on the things of the past year and planned for the things ahead.  Changes we felt needed to be made were noted and we began what we could to see that such plans would come to full fruition. 
little spring fairyNow the time where we can emerge from our hibernation is close at hand and the land calls to us to come and enjoy ourselves as the dance of awakening begins.  Longer days, warmer weather, green grass, and color seen everywhere as life returns. 
Take a moment to venture outside in  the coming days.  Enjoy the beauty that a quiet still moment spent with nature can give. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Change–My Goal for the Coming Year

hummingbird mothAs life continues to venture by for me I am subtlety reminded of the changes that occur.  When I take the time to slow and look, I see that life is forever going on.  Sometimes it even goes on without me, or so it seems.   I guess that is what happens as we enter the later parts of our lives. 
I have never found much pleasure in participating in the rat race of day to day events.  Although I have timelines that need to be adhered to and deadlines that have to be monitored I dislike the feeling of going 90 miles a minute just to be sure that I complete all the things on my list. Yes I have been busy these last months, but it has been a different kind of busy.  At times the busy work has even been somewhat enjoyable. 
calmEach year, like many others,  I try to choose a word that could best describe my outlook for the coming year and how I would like to incorporate that action into my day to day life.  Thinking on my word for this year I am not quite sure of my choice.  The word that I continue to come back to somewhat scares me to tell the truth.  However I have learned that it is an action that although it may hold an aurora that can make some grimace, it also can be a positive action as well.
The word that I speak of is change.  It is easy to grow content in our little piece of the world.  We shy away from venturing  out and entering into things or places that may not make us feel as comfortable or at home. I think this is something I have done over the last few years and although at times it has been quite enjoyable, it has also hindered me from many things. 
Be yourselfLittle by little the last couple months I have seen a light that calls to me.  It shines from a place that I would not consider a comfort zone for me, yet it still beckons me to go to it.  I have to say that it does intrigue me and in some ways even excites me.  It would demand that I go into areas that will require some things from me that I may find a bit of a struggle at first yet they are all things I know that I can do and that in the end I would be glad that I did push myself in such a fashion.
It is the procrastination that I need to battle the most.  I am one of those who is sometimes easily detoured from a rabbit that may be hopping by.  Honestly I think it is an excuse to focus on something else.  I think this year may be the year that I finally get off my butt, so to speak, and finally do a few of the things that I have been meaning to tackle for many years.  It will most definitely be a change for me, but a good change indeed.   Wish me luck.