Monday, August 31, 2009

The Magician

Creativity - Inspiration - Life Force - Empowerment

The process of coming to terms with ones potential is the center of the Magician's meaning. Realizing your purpose and taking the steps needed to achieve that goal. Keeping a centered and open mind is the key. Intuitiveness, Imagination, & Ingenuity: All come from inspiration. Yet true inspiration comes when the mind is open and willing to be filled by what is to come. It is not a time to worry or doubt. Trust is imperative in order for what is about to come to come smoothly and work as it should through you.

The card is overflowing with symbols. The cloak of feathers or Tugen, reflecting the presence of raven knowledge or second sight, the four magical tools which lie on the stone table representing the four suits and also the potential available, and Stonehenge in the back drop representing an ability of travel between worlds to name a few. All whisper of the great ability available.

The Magician card calls one out. Asking for trust and willingness in allowing the inspiration and abilities within oneself to flow as it is meant to. To listen with an open mind to that which is calling and to use all the tools within ourselves to flourish in the manner and purpose we have been called to.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Oak Tree

The Oak tree has long been revered. It is said that the Druids would not meet unless an Oak tree was present also. It is symbolic of strength, wisdom, and personal growth. Its seed, the tiny acorn, when planted has the potential to grow into the massive Oak tree over time. This reference likewise shows how we ourselves can go from nothing to something more within time and patience.

The Oak holds with it the powers of protection, health, healing, and luck to name a few. Two oak twigs tied together with red twine in the manner that they form a cross and hung in the home, will ward off evil. Fires made of oak which are burned when one is ill is said to draw the illness out. And carrying an acorn in ones pocket can ward off illness or pains, preserve youth, and even bring luck.

Trees have always been a special friend to me. There is something about the greatness and wisdom they hold. To sit quietly beneath a large shade tree renders some of the most relaxing time I can find. The term tree hugger is often used in a fashion to make fun of one, yet I find this term quite flattering. If you have never truly hugged a tree try it sometime. You may be surprised at the feelings you experience.

I write of the Oak because of my relationship with one in particular. When we first moved to our property down in the southeast corner of the yard was a small sapling. Truly it looked more like a stick. When I first introduced myself, it seemed that possibly I may have to do away with it. It was unshapely and didn’t look to become much of anything. Yet still I tended it. I watered it and made sure that it was not mowed over. As it grew I groomed it as needed making sure it would gain the most strength it could and not waste unnecessary energy on its growth.

As the years passed it grew slowly. Today after 4 years it has grown to where I can no longer reach the top to prune if needed. A feeder of bird seed sits snuggly inside its branches almost hidden to give refuge to those who may need it. At its base is a circle of stones. Within the circle are lavender, rosemary and sage. Wild sunflowers and yarrow also grow beneath its shade. Occasionally I sprinkle corn around its perimeter for the animals that may come its way. On full moons an extra surprise I may place beneath it for the fairy that frequent. It has become a good friend to me.

It is here that I planted my first witch bottle when it was still a young tree. Asking it to watch over it and guard it. Frequently I go and spend time with it just as its presence brings joy to me. Technically I am told it is not on our property, however this makes no difference to me. Still I tend it as needed and cherish the relationship I have received from it. It has taught me much. Recently another young Oak near our pond was found. Likewise I have tended to it. However the first one is still my favorite.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trust Yourself

There is a calmness that comes with the acceptance of yourself. A sense of peace and an ability to better handle the stresses and challenges that may come to you in regards to the difference you may have to others. I say this because, over the last year, this has probably been one of the biggest lessons I have learned.

My views and/or beliefs have always seemed to be somewhat different than those of the people who were around me most. I was careful not to vocalize them to openly as I did not want to alienate myself too much. However I soon learned that this was exactly what I was doing. I have always sought truth. By this I mean that if I questioned something, I investigated it further until I came to a conclusion which I could better understand or accept. This manner led me to discovering and believing views which were not as popular with those around me. In time it also led me to a place where I felt more at home and more at peace.

Accepting myself and my beliefs, trusting them for what they truly are, has completely opened my life to a whole new level. Of course I still have the moments when my actions or words may not meld as well with my surroundings. When those who are not knowledgeable or who choose to close their mind to any other perspective but their own, challenge me and where I choose to stand. This moments are not as stressful as in times past. The trust in what I have sought and what I have found has made it much easier.

Challenges will follow me throughout my life I am sure. And I greatly welcome them, as I do beleive that it is through such challenges that we grow and learn. How boring the world would be if every thing just ran smoothly. No questions to be asked or puzzles to be solved. This is what creates the adventure of life for us.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Chariot

Triumph - Success - Mastery - Control - Journeys - Fame

A complete sense of control transcends from the picture of the Chariot. A firm grip on the reins of the horses that lead her, her staff clasped strongly in her hand, she is ready for anything that may come her way and she knows it. Her confidence and surety are evident in all things about her.

The black and white stallions which lead her to where it is she goes, are representative of the black and white or good and bad in all our lives. They work side by side , giving balance to her ride. Understanding that it will take an acknowledgement of both to assure the ride is smooth. Acting as two facets of the same mechanism, they work together rather than against. Her strong hold on the reins of both, show her ability to manage any unwanted forces that may come her way.

It is a control or management of ones self. Understanding the need for challenges and possible adversities to come our way in order that we may learn and grow to the point we are destined to achieve. Understanding the need also for the moments to be still and recognize and acknowledge the beauty and wisdom that is also part of the final picture.

It is a travel and/or growth that is gained through time. It is not achieved quickly or overnight. Yet once we are aware of the path and the stamina needed to take us to the final destination the ride will become smoother and more familiar. Finally leading us to that place we are to achieve.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Continuous Fate

Long time… much ago
When things were younger still…
When time went slowly
And love was gained by will…

A boy with eyes of dragons
That shown an emerald green…
Felt love and lust for someone
Whose face he had never seen….

Yet still he could taste her passion
And yearn her skin to feel…
And long for that one moment
His fate with hers he’d seal.

His life it seemed was destined
To meld with her as one
Yet nowhere could he find her
Her presence was but gone

For many years he sought her
Her nearness a constant need
Seeking every corner
The path to her to lead.

At last one day she faced him
Her eyes a brilliant blue
That shown with Mother Moons own glory
And beamed a love so true

His hands they finally touched her
Ran his fingers cross her skin
Kissed her lips so softly
Wishing so much more to win

Their love transcended others
Much further than all else
For time had waited for this moment
To complete and fill the self

Even when at last they parted
Something not that either wished
Love still burned and shown as brightly
As when they received the gift

Through out time they seek each other
Wishing only just to find
That one that touched them deeply
And was one of their own kind

No one else can ever fill
The void left by that they lost
Never will they yield the search
No matter what the pain or cost

They will search until they find
The one that filled them with such joy
The love, the passion, and the pleasure
The final ending to their story.
Written by Raelin
Copyright 2009 - All content rights reserved - Mother Moons Message

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Kitchen Witch

Artist Jo Moulton

There is something about the aura of a magical kitchen. You can feel its energy as you enter. It is warm and inviting and gives a feeling of comfort and solace. I remember my grandmothers kitchen in this way. Although to my knowledge she never considered it magical, at least not in the sense most would, it was a place of pleasant memories and wonderful dishes that had been prepared out of love for those she cared for. I believe most of us can recall such memories, whether it be from our grandmothers, moms, or others who have touched us throughout our lives.

To the person who considers herself a kitchen witch, the kitchen is a sacred place. In earlier times the kitchen was considered an honored place of the home. It was the first area of a home to be built as it held the hearth or home fire. The hearth fire was seldom allowed to die out as it symbolized the heart of the home. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have a true fire built hearth in out kitchens. In today's world this is somewhat impractical so we settle for a gas or electric stove. Yet still it represents the same. Although for those who have used both, (gas or electric) the use of a gas stove is preferred. There is something about the sight of the actual flame burning as opposed to an element turning red and distributing heat.

The mood of the kitchen is also evident. As you glance around an assortment of items may be seem. Such things as candles, mortar & pestle, fresh herbs and/or flowers and so on. To some who are not aware it may not even be obvious of the difference of ones kitchen compared to their own, however the difference and definitely the attitude is there. Depending on the activity, the area can be a sacred circle in which magic is truly executed.

Cooking has long been a passion of mine. There is something about taking the time and energy to gather and combine items in a matter to create something delightful for others. A true lover of the kitchen knows exactly what I am speaking of. Growing your own items to be used, cleaning and preparing it as needed, then the actual cooking and serving the dish you have prepared. In each act it is as if one injects a piece of themselves. Thus when given to others it is as if you are presenting yourself. The memory of my grandmothers fresh baked plum pudding, my Aunt Inez home made chicken and noodles, or the way my mother could make a potato take wonderful no matter how she prepared it, leads me to believe that there is a little kitchen witch in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Queen of Wands

Dynamic - Confident - Strong Willed

Giving and compassionate in nature expressed through a strong and charismatic personality, this is what the Queen of Wands represents. Although her nature lends her to the constant possibility of having things her way she still attempts to demonstrate such ability with charm and grace. Able to motivate others to join together for a common cause and eventually execute its completion. She is a born leader although she does not force herself into this position.

Confidence can be seen in her as well as a strong sense of who and what she is. Her demeanor is one of strength, compassion and inspiration. Although she is capable of a darker side if she herself feels threatened or one she considers her own is likewise. She will fight til the end and is a loyal friend. As a partner she is likewise. A deeply passionate lover, she brings excitement and laughter to her mate. Her strong nature tends to be in the for front even at times when she does not necessarily mean it to be, yet when all is peeled away her intentions for such things are in good jest. She possesses a strong sense of caring for others and those less fortunate or who may not be able to fend for themselves. She gives unconditionally and expects nothing in return. Her soul is nurturing and loving.

Sometimes a good intention can have underlying motives. Perhaps without a recognition of this or possibly due to a denial of what truly drives one. When reversed the Queen of Wands represents the negative attributes that can come with a deeply passionate person. Jealousy, anger caused by misdirected passion or manipulation are a few. In regards to partners, friends or those close a controlling nature may occur coupled with a deep sense of possessiveness. Taking advantage of others around for ones own pleasures or gains is also a quality seen in the reversal.

The symbolism of the Queen of Wands is that of wisdom & loyalty. The position in the chair shows confidence and surety of herself. She can be a loyal trustworthy Alli to one and a fierce competitor to another.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pagan & Christian - Why Can't We Just Live Together

It amazes me sometimes how difficult some make it. What is it? Anything really. It is almost as if they strive for discord or difference... Their life just is not complete without a little unsettleness occurring. In the continuing argument between Paganism and Christianity, this is even more true.

Growing up in a small Oklahoma town, the one thing that it was not short of was churches. It always seemed that each was striving to boost their attendance and membership more than the other and therefore whichever one was winning at the time was the place to be. Not growing up in a church going home, I was what was considered fair game. I can say that out of the 7 churches in our small town of apx 5000 I attended all but one. I do not regret this in anyway as it truly gave me a broad overview of all the denominations and their beliefs.

The church itself gave me much comfort and guidance as a child, something I will forever be grateful for. However the people truly made me cautious. I learned not to trust completely what was said, yet to search for myself to find the answers to my questions. This search led me in several directions yet always seemed to eventually lead me to what I needed to learn. "Seek and Ye shall Find" Yet some of the paths which gave me the wisdom I longed for were forbidden by the "church"

It took a great deal of time to get past this feeling of shame and guilt that loomed over me. Yet with time and much soul searching, I made it past this point. Ones spiritualism is just that.... ones spiritualism. It is a personal relationship that is shared between oneself and their God/Gods. It is not for any other to dictate and force onto them. However there will always be those who do just that. There are Christians who deny Paganism and Pagans who deny Christianity... Yet I truly feel that my beliefs and path is a combination.

"Belief" by John Mayer is a beautiful song. The first time I heard this song, its words rang so true in my mind and seemed so well to explain to me why people feel so passionately about what they believe... Allowing each their own is something I truly try to do... knowing that I am not perfect and at times fall short. Yet still I have to keep in mind that as much as I want for others to allow me my space, my beliefs, that I likewise need to allow them theirs, regardless. I am sure that still I will find disagreement in my manner of belief. That as I become bolder and step out further in regards to this, many who before were friends will not be there. It has already happened somewhat.

Yet I have never been more complete in my life. My life has never been more full and enriching. The path I follow is truly where I need and should be. I know there are many others out there who feel much the same way. Yet when it comes down to the bottom.... I remember this one fact, It will not be one of those people who I stand before, or who will judge me and decide my fate as I pass on into the next phase. Just as it will not be me that they stand before. I am at peace with my God and that is truly all that matters, whether it be called Wicca, Christianity, etc..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recipe of the Week: The Witch Bottle

The witch bottle is an old spell of protection. The bottle when created, becomes a trap for any forces that may come ones way wishing them harm. From spirits, to thought forms, to simply negative energies. It can be a powerful tool in shielding yourself from the unseen. There are many forms of the witch bottle. These variations range from protection, to blessings, to curses. However in today's use, most times we see the witch bottle as a form of protection for the maker of the bottle.

I remember my first witch bottle. Not knowing much I stumbled over various recipes and versions of execution. Like any magic, a personalization can bring more power and energy than any other ingredient. I came to the conclusion that a combination personally created would serve the best purpose. It has served me well over the years.

A small jar is needed. This can be an elaborate bottle to a simple cleaned out jelly jar. The ingredients are the energy which lends the strength to the magic. Items that are of yourself such as your hair, clipping from your nails, urine (esp. at the time of a woman's menstrual cycle) and semen are all part of who you are and will represent yourself.

Next, items such as small rusty nails, pins and/or needles, broken glass, razor blades, rose thorns, red wine, sea salt, rosemary, sage, basil, mistletoe, garlic, yarrow, and rue can be gathered to be included in the ingredients. Do not feel that all these items are needed. Use what you feel led to use, including others not listed if so inspired. Keeping in mind that the items included will represent a shield that is to ward off any negativity that may come your way.

Combine all the ingredients chosen into the jar. Tightly secure the lid, wrapping with red thread or string. Seal the lid and string then with black wax. The bottle is then to be buried in the far corner of your property. There are several chants that can be said during this rite. I penned my own as I wished to make it as personal as possible.

The Witch bottle is said to destroy negativity and evil. The pins,needles, razor blades, etc are said to impale evil, the urine and or red wine drown evil, and the rosemary and other herbs send it away from your property.

I prepared and buried my witches bottle approximately 5 years ago under a small oak that I was nursing into growth. The oak has grown since then, yet still it watches over the spot. Lavender and Rosemary also accompany the area. It has become a special area for me.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rule of Three

Bide ye the Rule of three ye must,
In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust.
Eight Words the Rule of three fulfill
And it Harm none, Do as ye will
Lest in Self Defense it be,
Ever mind the Rule of Three
Follow ye this Mind & Heart
Merry ye Meet & Merry ye Part

The Rule of Three has several variations. Each one in some way fitting a bit more comfortably with the one who prefers it written in that manner. However this is a rule that can and probably should be used by all, thus the translation above is used. Not necessarily does one have to follow Wicca to hold these words close to heart.

How grand of a world it would be if we all were to abide by the Rule of three. Our actions and words being carefully considered before we exhibit them. Verifying that to our knowledge no harm will come to anyone because of them. Unfortunately life is not so. We do not have the ability to control anyone lest ourselves.

To many this rule and/or law refers to a warning for anyone who may be considering to pass bad energy whether in the form of magic or other on to someone else. It warns that the repercussions would be three fold of whatever one projected towards another. When I first learnt of this rule it fascinated me as I tried to implement it. If one abides by its guidance, and in an honest manner, it is quite difficult to justify any wrong doing towards anyone, no matter how tempted we may become. The simple attempt to abide by it alone can alleviate many situations that may have other wise not been avoided.

Many will notice the reference to the exception of self defense. Not all renditions of this rule include this reference, however I have chosen to include it. Mainly because I think it is important to emphasize that this is not a rule that says one should roll over when injustice is done to them. On the contrary, I believe that when negativity is given to one that considering the situation, one should respond accordingly. This is consideration for the entire situation. A response and not a reaction. Meaning an action taken after reflection and not immediately in haste and strong emotion. I have found that dealing with such times in this manner will not only make the result more fair and just, it may detour it all together. Forgiveness is something that is often found in quiet times of reflection when we look at something not necessarily from solely our own eyes, yet the many perspectives that may be involved.

The message can be found in many variations. Examples of such are that of Hinduism's Karma concept, Christianity's Golden Rule, Wicca's Rule of Three and many more. All emphasize the need to think before we act. To understand that a consequence, whether good or bad, comes with each action we choose. It challenges us to be more diligent as we walk the path laid before us. To become more aware of our surroundings and the energies that may be coming from us. Many choose to not acknowledge the power they may have simply by the words that come from their mouths or the manner in which they conduct themselves.

A simple exercise... a conscious effort to stay aware of the Rule of Three. No, perfection is not a possibility however, it is something that should be our goal.


Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hermit

Keywords: Guidance - Retreat - Caution - Withdrawal - Meditation

A new week is upon us... Once again we look forward to what may lie ahead for us in the coming days. As the card was pulled this morning, I wondered if it would continue to show the path that it has for some time to me... As I suspected, yes it did..... A couple weeks ago, at the beginning of August, many of us celebrated the festival of Lammas. Symbolizing the time of harvest and wisdom. Soon Autumn will be upon us and the leaves will turn from their colors of green to red and yellow. The earth will prepare herself for the coming of another year.

In the card of the Hermit we see him standing on the cliff, his staff in one hand his lantern in the other. He is the wise old man. His flowing beard shows his age as well as gives an air of wisdom. He beckons us to take a journey, to partake on an inner quest. The wolf stands silently by his side, ready to accompany him or us just as he accompanied Merlin during his hermitage in of the forest of Caledon. He stands for power and strength, for wisdom to be found within us, and also for self control.

It is a time to retreat from the distractions that the outside world can give to us. Those things that detour us from taking the necessary paths that we should in order to help us to see and eventually evolve into our potential. It is time to turn inward to focus on ourselves. Such introspect can be done in numerous ways. A retreat, whether as elaborate as a weekend away to the silence of the woods, or as simple as a quiet afternoon of meditation in the solitude of your home. A good book with information and resources that lend themselves to enriching your mind and thoughts further down the way that you are traveling. An afternoon in your garden, amongst the many plants and flowers, tending them and nurturing them to gain strength.

It may be a time where there is need for someone to lend themselves to you in a spiritual guidance manner. A teacher perhaps. The guide may even be that of an inner guide. One that is within us, to offer support , guidance, and/or specific teaching as we go along our journey. It is not a time to make rash decisions, yet a time to withdraw from the things that may take from us the small quiet things that we can only hear in the silence of solitude.

His light is small yet it will shed ample glow to the path. The path at times may be rough, yet his staff will help support and lead you forward. The companionship he gives can be felt in the presence of the lone wolf along your side. It is a time for solitude, for silence. So that the message that is to come forth can be seen as well as heard. Allow its message to bring forth the newness of life and allow yourself to go to those places that can only be reached alone. Refresh your soul in the message it will give you.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mother Moon

On a cool November eve,

After setting of the sun.

As the twilight hastens forth,

And the night has just begun.

In her brilliance forth she comes,

Lifting from the east

Shining forth for all to see,

From grandest down to least

Upward slowly as she climbs,

Into the darken sky

Shedding glow to all below,

From her pedestal on high

She is known as mother moon,

And full this night she be

In all her glory forth she comes,

And shines her light on me

Her strength is felt deep in my soul,

Her guidance in my heart

Shes been with me for many years,

Yes from the very start

Each month I watch her come and go,

From waxing thru to wane

Her movements guide me thoroughly,

Thru loses and thru gains

My mother moon, my dearest friend,

To you always be true

For you have been there all for me,

I give myself to you.

Content Copyright 2009 - Mother Moons Message

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enjoy the Full Moon

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

There is nothing like a summer shower to break the heat. We have been fortunate enough to have approximately 3 weeks of cooler weather with a nice rain thrown in here and there. Once again our yard is green and lush like it was at the beginning of spring. Birds are more abundant and seem to be more active. New flowers have bloomed and flourished also since the beginning of our cooler wet spell. Yet it seems that summer is not quite finished with us yet.

Although July gave us a nice break from the heat and reminded us of the wonderfulness of fall, August came in and seems to be telling us that summer is not over just yet. The 100 degree plus temperatures are said to be heading back our way this week. The added heat has already given a nice boost to the grass and mowing is going to be a chore that will need to be tended with before the week is over.

The heat has also once again urged the sunflowers to once again grow and bloom their big beautiful yellow flowers. Lifting their faces towards the sun at the start of day and turning them slowly as if to follow it throughout the day to bask in all its warmth and sunshine. Being an avid bird lover, sunflower seeds are something that are abundant at our home. Throughout the yard small seedlings can be found. Not just underneath the obvious bird feeders yet also throughout the yard from where the birds have dropped them, the seeds seem to be everywhere. Many of these seedlings are mowed over or plucked from their place in the ground. Yet this year many have been allowed to grow and bloom.

Thanks to my granddaughter, who shared her left over pumpkin seeds with me a couple years back, I have learned the joy of cultivating the seeds of many plants and using them the next year around. Thus, the large yellow flowers that eventually drop their faces from the sun and lean over as if in exhaustion due to the weight of the seeds that have grown to cover their face, are then cut and dried. When fully dried the seeds are then extracted and kept until the next year to once again start the cycle over.

Granted many of my sunflowers are not grown in this manner yet from the seeds that have dropped from the birds, yet there are a few that still are planted from the seeds that have been recycled from the years past. This is still a project in the early stages. With flowers only being on a 2nd or 3rd generation. Yet I look forward to the years when I can enjoy the flowers that have been grown from seeds that have been taken from a plant, that can claim the first seeds as a long distant relative.

Much like an aloe vera plant given to me, which came from a plant that is over 30 years old. Many a new growth has been taken from her and many have enjoyed her remedies. Imagine 30 years. Silly maybe, yet to pass something, even a plant through time excites me.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Five of Cups

I have always had a love for the Tarot. It has called to me since I was young. As time has past it seems that it is continuously teaching me new things. It seemed only natural to include it into this blog site. Therefore, Mondays will become Tarot Day. The Druid Craft Tarot by Carr-Gomm will be the card of choice. Drawing on both Wicca & Druidry these cards lend themselves wonderfully to everyday life. Our first card it the five of Cups

A combination of both Druidry & Wicca can be felt in the interpretation of each card. The Cups representing emotions as in most decks, however taking it a step further and including the aspect of the West and the element of Water. The number five emphasizing the pentagram, a figure associated with both studies. The number five also lends itself to challenges, crisis, and/or transformation resulting from the previous.

The five of Cups, represent loss or something taken from you, represented by the cups overturned on the grass, empty of their contents. Such loss can cause grief, disappointment, and/or anger. It also can mean the full circle that grief tends to lead us on. A series of feelings such as denial to anger to despair to realization. There is often good that comes from a crisis. The 2 cups still sitting upright on the rock symbolize the options that are still available to us if we choose to look at them. Shifting your view from the past, or those things gone or lost, to the future, or those things yet to be gained may be an option to be considered. Possibly something left by the one that may have been lost, if the loss was a person. A legacy or inheritance. Not always to be considered in a monetary sense of the word.

Reversed this card indicates a definite time to move forward. The loss and all the feelings that came with it have passed. Hope is once more alive and shown in the cups still standing and filled, despite those that have been overturned and spilt. It is time to leap forward as the lizard does towards the fish and grab the newness that awaits you. To shed the cloak that covered you in grief and once again move forward to new opportunities.

Blessings & Peace

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm