Monday, May 31, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Astrology of the Hawthorne

ne who is born under the tree sign of the Hawthorne (May 13th through June 9th) is known to be an illusionist. On the outside they appear to be a certain manner while on the inside they are quite different. The phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” is widely used when describing them. They appear to be quite average, however inside they hold intense passions and deep creative fires. They have the ability to adapt well to most of life’s situations.

They are naturally curious at heart and can be involved in many different areas of interest. They tend to be excellent listeners. Because of this trait they are often approached by others to bounce their burdens onto. They also have the ability to comfort others when they feel they are in need of it. They possess a wonderful sense of humor. This can be seen in their love for a good ironic situation. They tend to view matters from the bigger picture and can have amazing insight as to the solution of situations. Hawthornes are paired best with those born under the Ash and/or Rowan sign.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Thought to Ponder

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
~From a headstone in Ireland
Remember Memorial Day - May 31, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Virtual Reality - Which Is It

Last week while skimming through the many blogs I follow,  I came across a quote that was exactly what I needed to hear at the moment. It remained with me for several days and thus I decided to ponder into it deeper and share it also, as it is something that I think we can never hear too often.

"By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have on others, and the nature of the experiences of your life."
Gary Zukov--From "Seat of the Soul"

I have always been the type of person that seems to feel more than I wish to. Sometimes unfortunately I tend to forget this and allow the outside to meld with my own feelings and then become overwhelmed. It can be a confusing thing. Experiencing feelings of sadness and anger and not necessarily knowing why. It took me some time before I began to fully understand the whole process. Funny but the same person who showed me this quote was also the one who led me to a place where I could understand it more. Fate perhaps?

I think often we do not realize the impact that we may have on others. I have learned to often that there is always someone who is watching you whom you know nothing about. Yet to them you are a model, an example. Unfortunately also there are times when we are a bad example or model with never even realizing. Does this make us responsible? That is for the individual to answer. Yet it should make one think a bit before they say or do some things.

I know that it is impossible to be so cautious that we keep ourselves from partaking in the opportunities that life gives us on a daily basis. We cannot always second guess a reaction from someone which we may not be able to fully explain or understand. Each person is doing the same thing and thus there is always the chance for some form of confusion, especially if the issue is not dealt with. Yet still I wonder what my light looks like. I try to respond rather than react. Of course being human I do not always complete this act with the perfection that I may wish to, yet still the effort is there. Yet what is it they say of good intentions?

One can but do their best and each one of us is on a different journey. Although blogland brings us together in so many ways it also hinders us. We have the wonderful opportunity to let ourselves out via the written word and those who venture by can read and respond if they so wish. Many think that only those with kind words will speak yet there are also those who have differencing opinions. Sometimes the words or views they give are not what we may want to hear. Because we are not face to face sometimes it is much easier for one to give this different light. We cannot meet for lunch or afternoon tea and chat about the weather or the happenings of our families. We do not share the difficult times as easily as we do the uplifting. Thus sometimes we do not realize when one may be in a point in their lives where they truly do need a friend.

It is this fact that makes me feel so strongly about the quote above. Our lives are no longer restricted to an occasional visit or phone call. Many if any still send a written letter. The internet has become our favored vehicle of communication. Although it opens for us the opportunity to so many other people that we would never have had the chance to encounter before; it also takes the personal touch away. We are restricted to interpreting what is said simply by our own means. No tone of voice is heard, no facial expressions. This leaves the door wide open for misinterpretation.

Maybe it is just the older part of me speaking out. I miss the smiles that a friend brings when they visit. I miss the hugs when they say good bye. I know that it is a sign of the times yet sometimes I wish that technology had not evolved so well. I have met some truly wonderful people via my blog, don’t get me wrong. There are so many who have touched me in ways that have really changed me. I would never want to change this fact for anything. Yet I do wish I could sit and have tea with some, laugh till I cried with some, and just enjoy the gifts that real life brings.

PS: Thanks Mary

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Magical Attributes of the Hawthorne

any magical attributes are connected with the Hawthorne tree. Its connection and uses during Beltane were discussed earlier in regards to the Maypole as well as its connection with the faery folk. Medicinally parts of the Hawthorne can be used to treat such ailments as hypertension and heart problems. Such medicine is derived from the leaves and fruit of the tree. May blossom wine can also be created by the blossoms of the tree. This was more than likely a popular concoction during Beltane as the blossoms of the Hawthorne are said to be highly erotic to the male gender. 

In regards to the performance of magic, it is said that a wand made from the wood of a Hawthorne will hold great power. The Hawthorne is said to be the tree from which magical powers enter the manifest world from beyond lending to the belief that such a wand would hold much power.  Such a wand is used for strengthening ones own magical powers as well as for protection and cleansing.

The Hawthorne is also considered a guardian which stands between the realms. It holds connection with the wee folk and is said to be a means of entry into the faery realm. Sprigs from a Hawthorn tree were often given to children as they slept as a means of protection. It was used as the wood for funeral pyres also. It was thought that as the wood burned the souls would escape through the thorns making their way to heaven. Likewise it is often used in spells regarding communication with those who have passed.
The Hawthorne is said to hold the power and attributes of cleansing, defensive protection, family, fertility, happiness, marriage, prosperity, purity, reconciliation, and wisdom. Thus it can be used in any spell with such holds such a theme. Its white or pink flowers which appear May through June as well as the red fruit which appears in Autumn can all be used. Other names for the Hawthorne are May, Maybush, Quickthorn, Whitethorn, or Haw bush.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Another Spring Day In Oklahoma

Weather is something that is to be expected in Oklahoma. Whether it is the wind, the humidity, or the storms, we have a variety to deal with. In the Spring months, especially May, one knows to be aware that a Spring thunderstorm could pop up at an instant and easily turn into a tornado. Recently we have had serveral opportunities to be reminded of this.

The week before a total of 34 tornados broke out in one day across the state. Last weekend a storm went through Oklahoma City, bringing with it baseball to softball size hail. If you have never experienced a severe hail storm it can be almost as devasting as a tornado. In the aftermath, birds could be found throughout yards wounded by the powerful force of the hail as it fell. Vinyl siding on homes was pulverized to nothing. Trees were stripped of their leaves. And a jogger who was caught out in the storm when it began was received severe injuries before he was able to seek cover. His back was covered in welts from the beating.

This last Wednesday, was another day when the state of Oklahoma was covered with the potential for big storms. At first I did not think much about it as being in such a place you tend to become complacent about it. Yet as the afternoon rolled around and the continuous storm updates were flashed across the tv, I began to become more aware of the potential. The first storm to spring up did so in a matter of minutes. It was headed towards a town where Vincent's daughter lives, so I sent a text to tell her to be safe. Soon after she calls me back telling me that she is not at home yet driving back from the city, going straight into the area where the storm is. Fortunately the storms at this time were traveling slowly and she managed to arrive home safe before they reached her.

Although I complain at times about the continuous coverage of the weather on tv, on this day I was grateful. At this time most of the weather was well north of me. Still I prepared for what may come. And in true form I was not disappointed. A storm quickly started up south west of us and started to grow. As it drew closer, the rain began. Still reports were that it was not tornadic just a strong storm. The rain continued to come down in buckets and soon the wind. I could tell that circulation was happening due to the manner in which the rain was falling from all directions. The tv had gone out yet I had my trusty weather radio and was able to listen to coverage.

Just when I thought it may pass over us, a report came across the radio that a lowering was seen just a few miles of us and it was coming our way. In the pouring rain, I leashed Winston who did not want nothing to do with going out in it, grabbed my purse and camera and headed to the cellar. I listened as the sirens blew outside. Still across the radio there were reports of a funnel sighted. As the rain subsided and it became still I opened the door of the cellar. Facing west, the sunshine could be seen peeking from behind billowy white clouds. When I turned to the East, I could see the storm passing. The yard was covered with water. A total of 2 and a half inches fell in a matter of about 20 minutes. A pale rainbow could be seen on the north side of the storm as it left.

It was peaceful once again. Such fury in so short of time, yet such tranquility immediately after. The storms continued through the night further east yet were not as severe. In total 16 tornados touched down. Fortunately minor damage. Just another spring day in Oklahoma

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Twilight for You.. A Little Muse For Me

Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever): "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

Sorry... the song was taken off of You Tube due to Copy right issues... but you can go to the MTV site and view the video... Have to say it is well worth it....

A Thought To Ponder

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.
~Mirabel Osler

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is Good - Pass It On

It seems there are several moments throughout my life when I have sat back, smiled, and said "Life is Good".  Even in some of the darkest times still those words can hold so much meaning.  I am sure that many of you have seen the post that has been circulating where 10 questions are sent to you to answer and you in return send out 10 new questions to others.  I enjoy these as they allow us to see sides of each other that we may not normally see.
Dede over at Brightest Blessings was kind enough to hand it off to me.  So here goes
1. Besides friends and family, what makes you truly happy? The answer to this is simple, it would have to be nature.  I find such peace in simply being outdoors and experiencing all of its beauty.  Whether it be in the songs of the birds, the bright colors of the seasons as they change, or the smell of a fresh spring rain.  It always makes me smile.
2. What is your favorite thing to do for "me" time?  If I have 'me' time I usually spend it writing or listening to music.  Both are dear passions to me.  Music has always seemed to inspire me to do better things and often it comes out via my pen.
3. What is your favorite, most fun to make item that you have ever made? Well that is ever changing.  I think recently it is baking meringues.  With experimenting on various flavors and recipes I have truly enjoyed myself.  However really anything in the kitchen makes me happy.
4. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? There are several things I can think of, yet I think if I were truly selfish with my wish, I would wish to be in my 20s again.  There is so much going on in the world today for young people that I think I would love to be a part of it.  Yes I know that although I am much older I can still be active.  I just think if I were 20 something it may be lots easier.  My non selfish wish, would be for peace as corny as it sounds. I just can't help but think how nice it would be if we all could just get along with one another.
5. What was your favorite thing to do as a child that you still do? I refuse to grow up so there are many things.  I love to write, I have journals dating way back.  I love to eat ice cream, although these days it doesn't like me as much.  I love to play in the rain, something I can still do when the neighbors are not watching.
6. How many children do you have? I have 3 children of my own; Two boys and a daughter. I also have a step daughter. I also have 2 others that live in my heart and always will be with me.   Believe it or not when I was young I was bound and determined to have 12 kids. 
7. Any grandbabies yet? Three from my daughter as you have seen.  I also have 2 other boys from my son's fiance.  Although I will gladly be anyone's GG.  If I could I would rent myself out.
8. Favorite season? Fall of course.  I love the colors, the smells, and the cooler temperatures.  It always seems to make me think of family and closeness. 
9. The job that you loved, where and doing what? I think what I am doing right now; being wife, mother and GG. 
10. Where do you prefer to live city or country? Most certainly the country.  Thought at one time I might be a city girl and learned very quickly that I am not.  I like to visit and see the sites but I am always glad to get back to my little piece of land. 

Now for my ten questions and the recipients. 
1.  If you could change one thing in your past what would it be?
2.  What would you do if you won the lottery?
3.  What was your favorite band when you were a teenager?
4.  If you were a car, what kind of car would you be and why?
5.  If you could sit and visit with 3 people who have passed, who would they be and why?
6.  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
7.  Beer, Wine, or Liquor?
8.  Where would you go to vacation if money were no object?
9.  What is one thing that make you steaming mad?
10.  Why did you start blogging?

Now for the wonderful people whom I will send these questions to. 
Serindipity at  To Fall or Stumble - you always make me smile
Linda at Olde Baggs and Stuff Shirts - you always make me laugh
Greek witch at Dreaming of Rosemary - you always make me think
Nydia at Bringing Up Salamanders - you remind me of the importance of family
Kat at Antics of A Tameran Witch - you always make me want to go shopping.
Akasawolfsong as Heart Songs - you always move my heart
And all of you make my life good....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Mini Vacation

Last week I traveled back east to finally visit my daughter and her family. It was a wonderful visit. Of course I was excited to see the new baby Nathan. He is a nice big baby which I have always loved. Of course he is a wonderful baby. He seldom cries and even giggles already. The other two kids are crazy about him as is to be expected. It was also my granddaughter’s 7th birthday. As of yet I have been fortunate to be with her for all of her birthdays. This is something I hope I am able to continue for some time. She is a great big sister to her two younger brothers. My middle grandson likewise is a good helper with the new baby. He loves showing his ability to help out in whatever capacity he can.

We managed to tackle a variety of events while we were visiting. Aside from hours of playing, reading stories, giving baths, and just hugging each other, I managed to cook a little with the kids, hunt for bugs, have a birthday party, go shopping and of course go out for ice cream. Truly it was just enjoyable to be able to be with them on a 24/7 schedule. I am already looking forward to later in the summer when they will be with us for some time. Being a grandparent has truly been one of the greatest joys I have had the pleasure to experience.

While I was away of course we did have some spring storms. Fotunately they did not cause any damage to us yet they did pass a bit close for comfort. It is Oklahoma though and something you learn to live with. Likewise while I was visiting Tennessee I was able to see some of the major flooding that had occurred there in recent weeks. I was so amazed at the wonderful manner in which the people came together to help one another. They truly do earn their nickname of “The Volunteer State”. Sadly it seemed that national news did not do the damage justice in regards to reporting the severity of it. There was little talk about Nashville yet there was much damage in other areas as well. Some smaller towns were totally isolated for days.

I returned home to find my grass grown, in need of mowing, and my flowers begging to be tended to. I was glad that the weather was moist and cooler as it helped with the lack of watering that I knew they would receive, yet the moisture also brought its own issues. So my first Monday back was spent in the yard. The birds likewise were glad to see my return as the raccoons had once again drank the majority of the hummingbird juice and the crows did a job on the suet cakes. Yet all in all it was an easy fix. I knew that I would need to complete  much of the work early in the week as we are expected to get more rain and storms this week also.

For the summer months ahead I am looking forward to creating a blog schedule which will enable me some free time. Already I have my Celtic Tree Lore posts each Monday and recently I started my Thoughts to Ponder posts each Thursday. I am thinking about a couple more throughout the week leaving the other days free for me to post a spontaneous writing if the urge moves me. I enjoy the set posts, especially when times seem to be busy, as it lends me the ability to post ahead of time. I apologize for my lack of comments on everyone’s blogs as of late. Yet know that I have been reading as much as I can. I do not think I could stay away for a very long period of time as I have grown to enjoy some of the daily visits so much.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday filled with sunshine and special blessings. Remember to take a moment to stop and listen to the sounds around you…. Take in the aromas that surround you and delight in them… and find someone special and give them a hug. Whether it be for you or them, it will leave both of you smiling.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Hawthorne and Its Relationship to the Church

hen  the celebration of Beltane is near, the Hawthorne can play an important role in the pagans’ everyday life . It is often used to construct many a May Pole that will be danced around as it is celebrated. Collecting dew from the flowers of the Hawthorne on the morning of Beltane and then sprinkling it on ones face is said to ensure that they will have lasting beauty. It is often the tree found at crossroads and found near wells which were consider to be holy. Because of this it has association with the Celtic goddess Brigid.

The Hawthorne also has said roots in Christianity lore. The crown of thorns which was worn by Jesus at the time of his death was said to be of the Hawthorne tree. Also some Christians believe that the burning bush which represented the Christian God and spoke to Moses eventually giving him the Ten Commandments was a form of Hawthorne tree. And the staff which Joseph of Arimathea was said to have struck into the ground at Glastonbury is thought to have turned into a Hawthorne tree and flowered only at Christmas time. However at a later time it is said that the Puritans cut the tree down.

Some of such lore could be due to the importance which the pagans held for the Hawthorne tree themselves because of its connection to Beltane as well as the faery folk. Often to gain control and possibly sway the pagans from the Old Ways, the Christian would take such things which held importance and likewise integrate them into their belief structure as a means to help the pagan feel more comfortable.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts To Ponder

Grandmothers are just antique little girls. ~Author Unknown

Tomorrow is my granddaughters 7th birthday.  I do not think I have ever had a greater joy than being a grandma.  It is one of my brightest blessings. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spiritual Partnership - The Journey to Authentic Power

I have always been a person who believes that opportunities come to us every day. Each one of these opportunities is a possibility; A possibility to experience and grow. Often such chances just flow past unnoticed or ignored. There are too many other things that seem to be competing for the importance of our valuable time. Yet when we do stop and notice and act upon such possibilities most usually we are glad we did.

Earlier in March of this year I was asked by TLC Book Tours if I would be interested in reviewing a new book that was to be released later in April. Something about the title struck me and caught my attention. “Spiritual Partnership – The Journey to Authentic Power".  How could such a title not spark some curiosity. The phrase authentic power alone had me wondering. I agreed and soon I received a copy of the book. At that moment I had no idea of the opportunity I had just walked into or of the possibilities I would have because of it.

The author Gary Zukav is well known already with four consecutive bestsellers. With such previous titles as “Seat of The Soul” and “Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics” he has already made his mark in the literary world as well as too many who follow his writings. I would have to be honest and say that I had not heard of him or any of his previous works. I would have to go further and say that I will be looking into his previous works as this addition has definitely created a hunger to learn more.

In a world where we are taught to deal with incident between ourselves and others based on our feelings, situations can occur that may not necessarily be the best for amicable relationships. We tend to let our emotions react instead of responding in the manner best suited. It is human nature. This book gives the blueprint to developing within ourselves the tools to be able to change by looking at ourselves and what makes us tick. What memories do we have which motivate us to react as we may - good or bad? Slowly realizing our triggers and how to deal with them in a productive manner.

As this world continues to evolve at a rate that is increasing daily, we find ourselves dizzy not only with the attempt to keep up yet also with the questions as to what will become of it all. We tend to worry too much about what everyone else “needs to do” rather than looking within ourselves and asking the same question. This book seems to help one down this path. A path of self evaluation that is more than many have even considered; yet one that is there for any and all to take.

A passage from the beginning of the prologue seems to sum it up best. “This is a book about change, the biggest change possible or imaginable… This is a book about possibilities. Experiences, insights, motivations and creations beyond our ability to imagine only a few years ago now call to us, beckoning us to new destinations and yet more new possibilities… This is a book about power.” For more information in regards to “Spiritual Partnership – The Journey of Authentic Power” see below:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Hawthorne

awthorne comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, haegthorn which means hedge thorn and the Old Saxon word haw which means hedge. Beginning May 13th and continuing through June 9th, the Celtic Tree Month of the Hawthorne takes place. For many years, the Hawthorne has lined the hedge groves of England. In the Middle Ages it was referred to as the May tree. It was called this because of the blooms that covered the tree during the month of May. Garlands of the blossoms were hung over doorways during the Beltane celebration.

The Hawthorne is part of the triad of faerie trees. Ash and Oak being the other two. They are said to represent the three realms of underworld, middle world, and upper world. All three trees are often used for the traditional Maypole which is an important part of the Beltane celebration. Hawthorne is also one of the nine sacred woods for a sabbat fire in which it represents purity.

Although the Hawthorne was highly celebrated during the month of May and Beltane, it was considered unlucky at any other time of the year. This was due largely to the early Christian church in its attempts to sway pagans away from their pagan ways. With the Hawthorne’s close ties to the faeries the priest would manipulate so called faerie pranks into evil misdeeds. Drawing the pagans away from the actual Beltane festivities was another thing, as it was a time to celebrate the sexual union of Goddess and God and sexuality in general. It was not as easy to convince the pagans to not participate.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Thought To Ponder

The only mothers it is safe to forget on Mother's Day are the good ones.
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960
Vincent and my mom going for a ride. 11-09
Remember Your Momma This Sunday

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muse Live - (Need I Say Anymore)

Muse "The Resistance Tour - Live"


MySpace Music Videos

Happy Birthday Benjamin James

Twenty seven years ago today I lay in a hospital bed. My doctor, a man who loved cigars and tried frantically to smoke them while on rounds, would stick his head in occasionally to make sure I was ok. Eventually he sent me walking the halls and told the nurses not to call him until it was time. You probably have guessed that I was in labor and about to give birth. Yet this time was my first time. Little did I know that in a few short hours I would be holding my first born, Benjamin James, and screaming for some fried chicken.

BJ as we call him came into the world a strapping baby of 9lbs 9oz. Let’s just say his head paved the way for my next two that would come later in life. I was glad that I had a large baby. The idea of having a small little one of 6 or 7 pounds scared me. BJ came into the world half grown. I remember that summer spending many a day in the park beneath the shade of the large oaks that were scattered around. I would read to him and play him music as he slept his afternoons away. Needless to say he was nice and tan before the summer was over.

I still remember the first time I felt him move in my stomach. I was sitting in the college library, reading when I felt what was like a small flutter in my stomach. I did not think much at first yet when it occurred the next time I knew it was him. That pregnancy was magical to me. It was the first therefore everything that I experienced was new for me. I remember evenings sitting on my sofa and talking softly to him inside of me. Wondering and at times worrying about all that was about to happen to me. Yet I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful times of my life and one I would never change or trade for the world.

Today BJ has grown to a strapping young man. He still has those deep blue eyes that seem to pierce right through you. His smile, when he gives it, could melt an iceberg. He always could get anything with that smile. He is still a quiet boy who loves life in his own way. He still loves good cooking and big dogs. (His fiancée Brandi is a great cook and he owns a pit bull and a mastiff) He still is my little boy. Funny… although he is my oldest he always seems to still be my baby.

So on this Cinco de Mayo,
I wish my little boy a big happy birthday.
You will never fully be aware of
just how much I truly love you dear.
You will forever be my sweet baby boy.

Love you Bunches

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Much To Do...... So Little Time

It seems that no matter how hard I try these days I cannot get all the things I wish to do in a day completed. I know it is probably because I have way too many things on my to-do list. And of course I am easily distracted by other things which are not on my list. It is a bad habit of mine, I will admit it. Yet it is hard not to venture outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather as well as all the color that is present these days. I have to do it at least once or twice a day and sometimes more. Luckily I do have Winston to use as an excuse. I am not proud of it, but what can I say.

I love the mornings especially as the sun is just rising and making its way up from the horizon. The sounds of daybreak are some of my favorite. I am an early riser which yes makes me a morning person. What can I say… I know there are those of you who appall people like us… You know those who rise at the crack of dawn and sometimes before. Winston like me is also a morning being. He does his morning business while I start the coffee. Then we sit on the porch and enjoy the whippoorwills calling one another for a bit. The air has been dry as of late and that makes for some cool mornings. The hot coffee helps  with the early morning chill.

With all the extra planting I have done this season, I have plenty to tend to each day. I am a bit worried as the days become warmer. I know that I will be watering like crazy. Yet I guess there is always a price for beauty. Over the weekend we ventured to the moms to visit and I once again gathered more flowers to plant. I dug up some grape hyacinths in my mother’s yard as she has literally hundreds of them everywhere. In the spring it looks like she has purple carpet. I also went to the local cemetery. It lies at the end of a narrow road outside of town. On each side of the road are thousand of corn flowers. They range in a various colors from that beautiful corn blue to light and dark purple, pink and white. I managed to gather a large bunch to replant here at home as well as reseed. Once again adding to the never ending to do list I have.

Besides the additions, I still have a couple hibiscuses, a columbine, and some elephant ears and I think my planting will be completed for the season. Of course there is the quart jar of mixed seeds I need to scatter around the pond and the 2 gallon bags of marigold seeds that I still have not put out. But we will not talk about that at the moment. 

So with all that said I probably had best get busy with my day, as there is a lot to do. Blessings to all of you and may your day be filled with sunshine and color.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Great Giveaway

Thought I would let you all in on a giveaway going on over at Ewitch.  Angie is graciously giving away an 8x10 of one of her Merfolk prints.  All  you have to do is head over to Her post on Ewitch and follow the instructions.  I have to say she is quite talented and is always doing something new. 

Celtic Tree Month - The Astrology of Willow

hose born under the sign of the Willow are ruled by the Moon. They hold many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. They are highly creative, intuitive, and intelligent. Many times they have a high psychic ability. They have a clear sense of cycles and the manner that each situation has a season. They tend to possess a more realistic perspective and are usually more patient than other tree signs. Because of the intelligent aspect, Willow signs often have the ability to retain knowledge and then regurgitate strictly by memory. They often are filled with potential yet have a tendency to hold themselves back for fear of coming off as too arrogant or overindulgent. It will be their powers of perception that will ultimately allow their true nature to shine through. This will lead to their success in life.

Willows must be careful of the rhythm of their moods. Paying close attention to their dreams can help tremendously in this. Willow signs are best suited with Birch and/or Ivy signs.