Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Blessed New Year to All

She is out in all her glory..... The beautiful full blue moon ..... Blessings to all of you.... May the coming year bring each of you new opportunities to experience the wonder around us.  May good friends surround your always... and may good fortune shine its light on your path as you journey through this coming year.   Enjoy yourselves tonight.... Blessed New Year to all...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Little Word - with so many possibilities

I can not believe I am posting another post today yet there seems to be much on my mind..... Either that or I just can't keep my mouth shut... either way, Im back again.    In my readings today in blog land I ran across a post on Deep Inside My Broom Closet.  It spoke of choosing for yourself one little word to represent the coming year.  It was one of those things that well, I just could not get out of my mind and continually I kept thinking what my one word would be. 

Many ran through my mind such as: productive, blessed, encouraging and so on... yet none of them exactly jump up at me.... So many things I see in the coming year.... so many "Possibilities" I had found my word.... I see so many things before me.  Opportunities to evolve and grow and move on down the path I have chosen to take.  Whether it be in my relationships, my craft, my writing, whatever there are endless possibilities for me to take advantage of. 

The key is what will I do with all the possiblities before me.  Will I allow them to come and go.... to slip through my fingers and then wonder why they did not evolve into more.  Or will I seize them, grab hold and let them take me where they will.  Will I be willing to put the work and time into them that many of them will require for them to blossom to their full potential.  I am a procrastinator at heart.  Something I am not too proud of yet it is a part of me.... I have never truly tried to overcome this trait.  Maybe 2010 is the year to start. 

I hope that this time next year when I look back again at all the obsticles I have overcome, all the parts of my life which I have grown in and the new ones I have added, I hope that I can truly feel like I took advantage of the possibilities that were placed before me. 

What is your one little word.... think about it... you may be surprised what you are led to realize.... Blessings.

December Giveaway Results

It is that time again..... Time to announce the winner of my 3rd giveaway...."A Few of My Favorite Things"... which may I say has grown to a box full of my favorite things... I am terrible about starting a giveaway and as soon as I post the terms and such and take the picture,  I pack it  so that when I do choose the winner, I can ship it out immediately.  An open box is only an invite to me to toss something else into it sooo....... To the lucky winner I say this... there are a few extras in there... Hope you don't mind....

And now to the information that you are waiting for..... I used a number generator this time, which I am not too proud of,  Laziness is the only excuse.... too many other things to do.... so for this one time please forgive...... And the results are:

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 40 Result: 14 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Translated to a warm body..... The winner is Lyon from Wandering Hearth.  Lyon congrats, I truly love reading your blog it has truly enriched me many times.... Love your honesty and openess... Also love your meatier posts.  Good reading.... If you can send me your mailing information I will get this box out to you in the next couple days. 

Keep an eye out for the next giveaway which should be posted by next week. 

Weekly Featured Blog to Visit

It seems that many of the blogs that I run across are women, young and old, trying to figure out how to live the way they feel in their hearts, yet not upsetting the tendar balance of friends and family.  What is it about us, that gives us such nuturing ways that we feel obligated to see to the happiness of so many.  It is just the make up of a woman I guess.  I do not think that this will change anytime soon. 

Anytime someone signs up to follow my blog, I go and check theirs out.  This is one of the secrets I have in finding the treasures I find.  And once again the hunt proved fruitful.  June like many of us is hiding in her broom closet and has choosen to share her adventures with blogland.  I love her writing as it seems true and honest and you can hear the concern in her voice as she writes about the pros and cons of slowly sharing her beliefs with those who encircle her world.  Truly I believe that this is an admirable trait and one that will eventually bring her out of her closet in full force once she gains the confidence she needs.  And we all know that friends can help this process tremendously.
   Of course this is where the lot of you come in..... Isn't her title and such so cute, her button likewise.... Closet Magick has a little of all of us in it.  Of course there are some that this point may be long gone in their journey which is even better for June as your pearls of wisdom can help her I'm sure... Still there are others who struggle also with the release of knowledge to family and friends on the inner workings of your life when it comes to beliefs and practices.  I invite you to visit June at Closet Magick and welcome her.   

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Is A Good Sign

Goodness,  just a little after 8 am and I am writing my daily post, this truly is a good sign.   Could it be that I am slowly getting back into the groove of my routine?  It seems the last few weeks have been a blurr, racing past at full speed, leaving little time if any to do the things which I normally do on a daily basis, let alone anything new.  I have survived, which in itself is a good thing.  And yes... I even have had a good time if I say so myself.  I have learned that despite some things that may not necessarily be my favorite that if I let go a bit sometimes it is much easier.  Believe it or not I can be somewhat controlling with my environment... Hard to believe isn't it...

I have so many anticipations for the coming year.  In just a couple days  the old year as most see it, will roll past us letting way to 2010.  Although I truly believe in truth my new year started after Samhain, as I felt the change and shift in things start to take place at this time.  Yule likewise brought its continuing feeling of subtle change evolving.  All of which seems to be good.  A fresh feeling is what I see on the horizon and it excites me.

So many new friends have come my way this past 6 months.  When I started this blog in July, I was yearning for people of like minds in my life.  Those who I could be open with and speak my mind freely -  with no worry as to their response.  I have even enjoyed the difference in opinions as it has as it always does, help me to remember there are always 2 sides (usually more).  This acceptance has given me confidence in so many things.  It is such a blessing when one has such friends to surround themselves with. 

This new years transition is quite special in so many ways..... Not only does it bring us a new year, a chance to once again "start over".... It also is the night of the  blue moon, when there are 2 full moon occurrences in one month.  Although this happens on average of every 2 and a half years, it is still a rare occurrence and something to enjoy.  There is also a partial lunar eclipse at this time yet it is not visible to any of us in North America.  I was truly hoping for a clear crisp sky on this evening and still am keeping my fingers crossed yet it appears that the weather man has other plans in store for me.  Hopefully they are as incorrect as they usually are and I will be able to enjoy this site in all its glory.

I can not help but be a bit giddy as time slowly continues on its journey.  I have such a feeling of excitement in me.  I hope that the feelings I feel are an overall vision for all.  It is so time for some good things to happen to so many.  The last year has been a rough patch for many and still in some cases it continues.  I truly hope it was our winter and we are about to enter into a time of spring and new birth.

A few words I leave you with this fine Tuesday morning.... Although I usually do not encourage new year resolutions as I feel that many times we make a list of things that we are destined to fail at, I would like to ask that in the many minutes that make up your day today, that you take a few of them and sit quietly off by yourself.  I know that this is close to impossible sometimes, yet try diligently to acquire the time to do so.  Make it place that is peaceful and your own.  In silence ponder the coming year and a few of the things you would truly like to accomplish, or at least begin to accomplish as many times we are accomplishing feats throughout our lives.  Just choose one or two and make them somewhat simple.  Promise yourself that an honest effort will be given towards this endeavor as you venture forward into 2010.  And to make that wish even stronger..... write your choices on a small piece of paper and put it someplace special.

I truly wish for all of you a wonderful day: one filled with vision and inspiration for the feats and challenges you will encounter this coming year.  We are all filled with the wisdom and the capability to succeed through anything that is placed before us... Remember...... Believing is halfway there..... xo

Monday, December 28, 2009

How It Snows In Oklahoma

Thought I would share a picture with you.... to sort of give you an idea of the how snow looks in Oklahoma... Anyone who lives where it is flat and there is the potential of high winds knows exactly what I mean..... Took this picture when Vince and I got out to survey the results of the 14 inches of snow mixed with our high winds.... Needless to say it took this fellow a few days before he could dig is truck out....

The Quiet After the Storm

Well the holidays have passed once again.  The blizzard that blew in on Christmas Eve is well on its way to melting.  Remanants of it can still be seen in the drifts that are still to slowly melt in the colder tempertures.  The days have been full of sunshine which helps.  The birds were glad to see the winds die down and the snow cease.... The seed was scattered throughout the yard yet still I have ventured out since to recoup their feeders to full status again as that is the way they like it. 

Christmas eve proved to be a very special time as who came to my back door about 11:00 pm that eve but Vincent himself.... He slowly managed his way home although he had to take the long way and about 3 times long as normal.... It was good to have him home with me for the holidays.... He was wise not to tell me he was going to attempt the trek as I would have been worried all day... Many people were stranded throughout the state with the blowing snow and such.... We had a quiet Christmas day and my son an his fiancee came in yesterday and left this morning....All in all my Christmas was a good one. 

I am ready though for the coming year and all the things it brings... I am hoping that the skys stay clear for the beautiful full moon that will grace our skys this week.  A blue moon to be exact.  Something you don't see all too often... There is the normal cleaning up after the holidays and my drawing for my giveaway is this Wednesday.... Guess I should be thinking about January's giveaway...

To all of you I wish a wonderful week and look forward to catching up on all the back blogging that I have missed over the last few days.....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well..... it snowed... its snowing... and its suppose to keep snowing....

I love it when I am in store to learn a lesson or two... Usually because when these wonderful opportunities come my way, it is usually in a grand way, as I don't learn lessons well unless they are delivered to me via an iron skillet... Just kidding...

The alternative title for this post could be "Be Careful What You Wish For".  Being my cheery festive self I encouraged the snow to come and give me all they had... needless to say it has done just that..  Instead of taking a northly track and giving us the light dusting of 1-3 inches I was expecting, the storm took a more scenic southerly route which brought it straight over the top of us....

Don't get me wrong I love a nice snow fall even a nice hefty one of several inches.. it is the 40 to 50 mph winds that I am not that crazy about.  Being flat as a pancake here in Okie land, these kind of winds take the normal 1-3 inches of snow and drift it to 2-3 feet....  Plus that previous prediction of 1-3 has climbed to 8-12 inches with local pockets of more... Except for a few scares that we may lose power, I have loved being warm and toasty inside, venturing to my back door occasionally to toss some new bird seed out onto the back porch for my feathered friends to enjoy.  Which I may say is driving Sunny & Sweetie crazy as they sit by the back door with the birds inches away, yet divided by a glass door. 

I am thankful that although my son was traveling from DC today to Lawton, a bit south of me, with his fiancee they did make it safely to Dallas and are staying with relatives there until the storm blows over.... The wonderful change in weather did make it to where Vincent is no longer able to come home tonight and therefore will probably not be home until next week.  Although he is going to go up north a bit to his moms for Christmas Eve and Christmas. 

With that all said, I guess I was suppose to spend Christmas alone.... No need feeling sorry for myself.. I have already talked to all my kids to make sure they are all snug and safe somewhere..... I talked with my grandkids while they made cookies for santa and was also informed how to make magic reindeer food.  A mixture of oatmeal and glitter.  The oatmeal is for the reindeer of course and the glitter is to help Santa find his way to your house... Don't even know if glitter would help Santa find me tonight...

So I snuggle down for the rest of the day and evening with Sunny and  Sweetie, a nice blanket, a good book and a hot cup of tea... Tomorrow, Christmas day, I plan to make the cookies and breads for when my son comes home on Saturday.... I am thankful that solitude does not sadden me anymore.  There are many alone tonight that do not feel the same way.  They do not have the assurance that there are still those who love and care for them and who will see them as soon as time and weather permits.  I wish I could reach out to them... Invite some of them to share an evening with me... I have been alone during the holidays at a time when it did sadden me.... it is not a pretty thing....

In saying that don't waste an opportunity to lend a helping hand, offer a smile or a kind word, or more if you are able... there is always someone who is less fortunate than you, no matter how less fortunate you may be.... And remember that even those who may seem to have plenty may also have less in other areas of their lives.. To you and yours I wish you all a very merry Christmas eve and day.  May it be filled with love, warmth, and special memories.  Blessings to all of you and thank you for the friendship you have so gracefully shared with me this past year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let it Snow... Let it Snow... Let it Snow.....

Well... the weather man says that we have a possibility of 4-12 inches... although if you live in Oklahoma you learn that the weathermen tend to exagerate a little.  Especially when it is suppose to be the first snow of t he season and the day it is suppose to fall on is Christmas Eve.  According to records, the percentage of our chance of receiving a white Christmas is 3%... not very high... This figure is based on records that go back to the late 1800s... Doesn't sound to favorable does it...

However I am keeping my fingers crossed... I brought Sweetie and Sunny in for the evening as it is suppose to be very cold in the morning .  I figure with it being the holiday season I would let them spend a couple of days in the warm house instead of the garage.... Plus they are good company....

It also looks like I will not be alone for Christmas after all... Vincent is going to be able to come home, that is if the blizzard of 2009 does not hit... I have plans to cook and just have some quiet time to myself..... Hoping so to wake up in the morning with the back yard covered with that wonderful white stuff they call snow... we will see.... keeping my fingers crossed...

My Little Sis - Cee

When I first started my ventures in blog land, one of the very first people to befriend me was a wonderful woman from deep in the woods... From the moment I met her I was drawn to her.  She put on a persona of gruffness and seemed to shield herself somewhat from those outside her mountain.  She spoke her mind clearly with no worry of whom she may offend, yet her words are seasoned with truths that needed to be said.  Such things only seemed to draw me more into her. 

She was not one who gave up much of herself personally very easily yet persistance does have its rewards.  I wondered at times if she felt I was a bit of a nuisance yet really could not help myself to try and get to know her more.  In time I learned more and more of her life and ways and each time was all that more drawn into her.  She has now allowed me to call her my little sis yet in truth I feel she is an old soul whom I have had the wonderful grace of meeting and getting to know.  She has taught me much and pulled out things that were inside me that I did not realize were there. 

She is a friend in every true sense of the word, although she lives thousands of miles away, across a vast ocean and deep in the mountain and woods of North Wales.  Although we have never met personally in this life I feel she has been with me in past.  I truly count myself blessed to have been given such a soul to share with.  My litte sis, my friend

Sugar & Spice

The past few weeks I have pulled a few of the newer blogs from blogland that I have come across and posted a link in the upper right corner of my page.  At first this was just a whim because I wanted to share some of the goodness that I had found, and also because I wanted to help with a boost to the new ones starting out.  As one can expect, I am still finding these little jewels and so have decided to continue to share them on a weekly basis... This weeks featured blog, Sweet and Sour Witches:

A very new blog with only three followers and only 4 posts.  Yet I love the manner in which she describes herself as sugar and spice.. Something I think all of us can identify with. I highly recommend a peek at this new and upcoming blog and hope that the added traffic will entice its author to write more.  enjoy....

Almost Over - 31 days of Yule Giveaway

Well, December is quickly closing to an end which means that the opportunity to win any of the great prizes over at 31 Days of Yule is also coming to an end.  Today I spoted this cute cup and saucer from Light Laughter & Love so cute... I can just imagine a nice cup of tea in it...
Another of the giveaways today is this Angel Art Album from Midnight Cauldron.  You have to check out the Esty shop as well, (Midnight Cauldron Esty Shop) as there are so many wonderful nostalgic items.... Check out the witch tags... too cute...
Lastly a place I know many of you are very familiar with, Laughing Vixen Lounge.  She has tons of her pendants to choose from and the lucky winner will have their choice of all of them.... Not many days left to try your hand at winning yet with 3 trys today your odds are better.... good luck to all of you...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blessed Yule / Winter Solstice

Unfortunately this is not a recent picture of my yard yet one taken last year.  We have had the cold temperatures yet still have not had any of the white stuff on the ground.  We did have a beautiful frost this morning though.  I rose just as the sun was rising and slipped on my sandals and coat and went to let my kittys out of the garage.  It was so still and the first sun danced off the frost making it glitter that I just could not go back inside directly.... So I made the circle and filled my bird feeders instead, know that they would appreciate the added breakfast treat.  There is nothing like a cold crisp morning without a speck of wind.  To greet the day as the sun first peeks over the horizon and slowly rises, bringing his warmth to offset the cold... I love those quiet first moments of morning. 

Tomorrow is Yule and the greeting once again of the sun as he starts his return... I love this day, although it is the shortest day of daylight it is also the day that begins our trek to spring of the warmth and new birth...  This year has been extra special for me as it has been a rekindling of my love of the season.  What I mean by that is that it now holds a special new place in my heart.  I found out llast week that Vincent was going to be away for Christmas day and that I would be spending my day alone as well as Christmas eve.  This saddened me somewhat and I continually tried to figure out ways to make it a positive experience.  

Yet then when he comes home this last Friday I find out that he is still spending Christmas eve and day away yet we would be able to spend Yule together... I found this sort of funny as Yule has become dear to me only this year and I will be able to spend it with him.... I love how the fates work .... Always looking out for us even when we do not realize it....  So to you and yours I wish a very blessed Yule time... May the Winter Solstice be a time of joy and warmth as we welcome the returning of the sun.  Blessed be....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

I am not sure what I have been doing to deserve so many wonderful winnings as of late, yet I was truly surprised this morning when I received an email from Nydia over at Bring Up Salamanders letting me know that I was the lucky winner of her Dream Pillow giveaway.... I love the work she does over at her Etsy shop - Cariocawitch.  I can not wait to receive it and of course it will go in my quiet room which may I say is coming along wonderfully.  I am hoping to have pictures and such up shortly to show all of you...
Another big thank you to her son Lucas for being the magical hand that reached in and drew my name...   I know that many of you already know Nydia and her wonderful ways yet if you have not had the pleasure, I urge you to venture her way and visit.  She is a kind soul with some wonderful stories. 

Heads Up: Another Rune Giveaway

Just wanted to let you know that I have donated another set of Runes to the 31 Days of Yule Giveaway and they will be up for grabs tomorrow.  So if any of you are interested, hop on over after 9 pm this evening and sign up for a chance to win. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Little Gumdrops

What can I say I am an proud grandma, or GG as I am called.  I can never waste an opportunity to brag about them.  I will admit that I am not crazy about not being near them around Christmas time yet understand completely them wanting to spend their first Christmas at home....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yearning For Yule

Although this is the official first Yule I will celebrate, I do not think there will ever be a time when I long for it to come as much as I do now.  Samhain came and ended the year taking me into a time of reflection upon myself.  A time where I looked deep into my motives and desires.  Although it was journey that took me to some dark places, it also was a prosperous one and taught me much about myself.  Yet now I yearn for Yule when the time of darkness will let way to a time of coming light.  

It is hard to explain the contentment I feel inside myself as I have finally choosen the path I would travel at that fork in the road.  I dallied there way too long thinking I was moving forward when in truth I was only wandering around the same location for years.  Telling myself I was making progress when in truth I was moving nowhere.  It is good to be up again.  It is good to see new scenery, meet new friends...

This Yule represents a turning point for me.  A turning point to that which I should have been following.  I can tell that the path I choose was right.  I can tell that the darkness that was looming and at times completely engulfing  me is slowly lifting... Yule is but days away.... It comes slowly on the horizon with its sliver of silver.  It reminds me that each day is a new chance, a new opportunity to shed  the past, that which may be unwanted or unsightly; to create a new today, a new tomorrow. 

There are times when we must look inside ourselves and admit that there may be things, even things we may cherish and hold dear, that we must allow to pass and move on.  For it is with this death that we give way for newness to come into us.  It is with the passing of this darkness also that we give way to newness and light.  May this coming Yule fill each you with a sense of newness, a sense of purpose and a sense of love.  May you find that which you search for and wish for and dream for.  As we all know that dreams are born in the dark to be awakened and lived in the light. 

Blessing to all of you.

Look What Steve Made

It is day 15 of the 31 days of Yule and still there are loads of great giveaways.  As most of you know I don't post anything about giveaways unless there is something I really like.  And I think I found something that many of you will like.... This handmade goddess cup from Look What Steve Made.    I think it is just gorgeous.  There is also a giveaway today for A Thermal Herbal therapy.  I tell you, you just can't beat the great things that are being given away each day on this.  So I urge you to stop by The Soccer Mom's Guide to Wicca and check it out.  Fae and Juniper have done a fantastic job of putting this all together... It  flows so easily and both are a couple of wonderful women..... Oh good luck... but if the fates are with me... which I hope they are... I will win that mug... or at least I hope I will... :-)  take care

Monday, December 14, 2009

In A Perfect World........

In a perfect world.... there would be no crying, at least not because one was sad...
In a perfect world..... there would be no hatred or jealousy towards others for no reason...
In a perfect world..... Only kind words and love would be shared amongst each other....
In a perfect world.....

Wait, we don't live in a perfect world, and unfortunately we never will.  There will always be someone somewhere who is crying because they are lonely, feel unloved, hurting, sad, and so on... There will always be those who lash out in unjustified hatred or jealousy towards someone for no reason except that they feel threatened.  There will always be someone somewhere who needs to be held and loved.

Yet there will also still be those who share kind words with those in need.  There will be those who if only via a smile will give of themselves.  There will be those wonderful people who know just when you need a hug and give you an extra tight one when its needed.  There will still be the total stranger who says just the right words at just the right time. 

I am so thankful for that assurance.  When I began this blog back in July of this year I guess you could say that I was lonely.  I felt a void in regards to the kind of people whom I felt could understand me and my beliefs and such.  I held so much of myself inside of me because of this and truly did not feel that I could share with many.  As I met others with like thoughts it reassured me and I was excited about the prospects of people whom I would be able to finally share with.  I am not sure what I was expecting exactly.  That coming out and claiming myself Pagan would solve all the issues I once felt I had. 

I have to laugh at myself now... when I think back on this... for I have learned that there truly is nothing new under the sun.... I have met some truly wonderful people via blogland, many whom I know I can say with confidence will be in my life for many years to come.  A few who will be like family to me til the day I pass.... This makes me smile and be so thankful.  Yet also I know that I have met some whom are not as nice, and this makes me sad. 

I think that it is harder sometimes via blogland to decipher people such as this.  It is so easy to speak a colorful word and make oneself appear so wonderful.  To wrap our words in honey and sugar and pretty pictures and intice those who read them to think "Oh she is so sweet she has to be a wonderful person."  Yet still things can be said and done in a subtle manner that can offend someone and at times one or both are not even aware.  And just as in real life (outside of blogland) the message can spread and soon one is thought ill of with no good reason. 

I am not really sure why I am writing this all... I have seen signs of such behavior and I have been told of such behavior... Never will I speak any names as truly that only adds to the fire and helps it to continue to burn.  Yet truly I think that in some way we are all here for the same reason when it comes down to the bare nuts and bolts of it... we all had words which we wanted to speak for one reason or the other.  We had a message we felt compeled to share.  And truly I think that if the truth be known everyone of us has helped someone in some way, many at times without us even realizing it, as not everyone who reads our words leave a comment to verify their existence or the magnitude in which they were touched. 

I am thankful for the kind words that are left in my comment boxes, yet am just as thankful for the disagreements that may appear. It is through open communication that one learns.  I know that to many this post will make no sense what so ever.. yet it is just something that I felt I needed to say....

Blessings to All of you ...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day

I rose early this morning, well before the sun rose.  A somewhat disturbing reoccurring dream would not leave my head despite my attempts to think on more pleasant things.  It only seemed to worsen each time I would try and go back to sleep so I gave in and left the warm comfort of the bed and Vincent's "soft" snores.  I made my way to my computer and caught up on some reading via blogland that I had not had a chance to earlier this week due to my busy schedule...

In the silence of the house I read some wonderful words from others in regards to the holiday season, traditions, struggles and such.  It was a pleasant time.  As the sun started to peek on the horizon and I could see the first light of the day softly come through the fog that still lay across the yard, I could not help but smile.  I knew the day would be a good one.  I slipped my shoes on and grabbed a coat and ventured outdoors to greet the day.  Such stillness... Heavy dew hung on the grass beneath my feet.  In the distance a faint rooster could be heard sounding to be relunctant to rise just yet... A silver crescent moon hung in the sky perfectly as if to greet me.   I heard the distant sounds of shotguns, probably quail hunters .  Their multiple shots told me either they had found a bountiful covey or that their aim was bad, I hoped for the later.    I let my cats out of the confines of the garage to join me outdoors.  They eagerly came. 

Back indoors I made the coffee and returned to my window and chair to watch the morning sun rise.  They say that today is to be spring like.  Yet as I look outdoors the greenery is missing and the splashes of color that accompany this time is also vacant.  Yet warm tempertures are evident.   The sun glistens off the still dew wet limbs of my willows and the birds begin their morning jaunts to check and see if food is still available in the feeders that line the yard.  The day is starting.  The stillness and silence will soon be past, giving way to a beautiful day.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters and Newbies

A quick thank you to all of you who have been so gracious to share your addresses with me.. I am truly overwhelmed.... and honestly can not wait to start writing.. I did not realize that A Simple Question would be answered so quickly and by so many.  When I was younger at one time I had over 100 pen pals around the world... there are a scarce few that I still even write to... It has been a true blessing to me.    I wanted to give another quick shout out to another newbie in blogland.  After seeing how you all responded to Amanda at Iris Awakened  I thought I would try it again. 
I ran across Brandi's blog Serendipity the other day.  She likewise is a new one to blog land with only a couple followers and the occasional discouragement that no one is listening.  I think what amazes me most about some of these blogs, as I was the same way, is that so much effort and feeling is put into the writings and the upkeep of the blog although no one seems to be reading it...

I will assure them though that many people run across your blog and read and are touched you just never know it.  Much as in life.  Oh the people we have an influence on that we never even know about.  I think if we did it would scare us to death.  Enjoy your Friday and stop by and visit Brandi if just to tell her hi.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis the Season

Yes, I know my picture is big, I intended it that way.  It just seemed to need to be that way.  Yesterday I posted in a manner in which I am not accustomed.  It had been gnawing at me for some time yet me being the kind that does not like to wear my feelings or my issues (past or present) on my sleeve for the world to see; I kept putting it off.  It is a scary thing to place yourself out there defenseless in a sense.  Allowing others to see the soft underbelly of yourself.  Knowing that with such information others now know a piece of your achilles heel.  Yet time lended itself to doing so and I finally gave into my urges.

So many of you came back with such heartfelt comments.  Some of you were a bit honest yourselves and shared some similiar feelings or experiences from your past or present.  And some of you brought tears to my eyes with the manner in which you expressed yourselves. 

Yule is a time of quiet reflection.  A time when we have turned into ourselves after the harvest of the previous month.  A time after giving thanks for all that we had come our way in the past year.  The slowness of this time can not help but bring one to look at themselves.  This has been my course this last few months.  As I have stated in previous posts, my time of change had always been spring.  Yet this year, fall and winter seem to have taken over this task.  Truly if I were honest, I would admit that this whole year has been a constant evolution of change. 

I remember this time last year, my thoughts towards the coming year of 2009 were hard to read.  I could see only black yet I had this reassuring feeling that it was nothing to fear.  It was a feeling that things would be bleak yet there would be nothing to worry about and I need not get overwhelmed about the change that would happen.  And true to my vision that is exactly what occurred.  My world was turned completely around.  My grandkids moved and left a void that I did not realize until it occurred.  Vincent's work slowed to the crawl of a snail .  Other occurances happened also;  most of which I was not expecting  yet still I never worried.  There was always this calmness in me. 

I worked through my empty nest with my grandkids and realized that it was only a transition in our relationship.  The closeness would not disappear only take on a new face with new facets.  We had shared the early years and our bond had been forged.  The time that Vincent was not working allowed us to become closer in a new way.  We realized the likeness we both shared that before, time did not allow us to explore.  This time also allowed me to look hard at myself.  I no longer had many of the distractions  or excuses as before to keep be from doing so. 

I began to see myself simply as me... Not a mother, not a grandma, but as a woman who once again was on her own (save the wonderful company of Vincent).  I began to think of my passions, my desires, my wants and it began to excite me...fall came and went and winter is fast approaching, I find myself once again looking ahead at the new year. The beginning of November beckoned in another cycle and I can feel its newness.  The blackness that shrouded the previous year is lifting and there is light in the distance. 

Today is a new beginning. Not only in regards to myself, yet also for each one of you and the billion of others that walk this world. It is an opportunity to change, to do more, to do less, to follow that which is so strongly calling your name. The choice falls equally on each of us. No one has more, no one has less of the ability to do any of what is laid before them.

That was the first paragraph I wrote when I began Mother Moon back in July of this year.  Much has  happened in those 6 months.  I have made many new friends.  Friends that have helped me to see that which I was unable to see before; many without even realizing it.  I have come to realize that I truly do have a purpose and the abilities to complete that purpose.  I have grown in strength and stamina regarding my beliefs and that which I feel so strongly to be calling me.  I have always been a believer in fate and that there are things that are destined to occur, it is just our choice to decide how we deal with the opportunities.  

I by no means consider myself arrived; I think I have just learned how to ride the ride a little better than before.  I look forward to the ventures that are in store for me; the new people I will meet, the opportunities that will come my way good and bad, and the lessons that will be learned by each one.  Sounds more like a new years post yet in a way it is.  Thank you to all of you who have shared with me, cried with me, laughed with me, and just been with me.  I wish you all a very blessed Yule.  I hope that regardless of your surroundings that you feel the warmth of friends and family and the precious gift of love.  And know that although it may sound cliche I am here for you.  An ear to listen and a heart to care.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend. 

A Simple Question

I am a lover of the old ways.  Although I love the ease of the computer world and the time it saves, I am also one that truly loves to receive a letter in the mail on occasions.    In saying this, I would like to request any of you who would like to do so to email me your address.  My email address is  I would love to drop you a note or something more on occasion.  A simple surprise can so brighten ones day.  Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memories of Christmas Past

One thing I have always tried to do in regards to my writings within my blog have been to keep it neutral and somewhat upbeat.  I am one of those people who attempt to eternally be optimistic and look on the bright side of life... Find the lesson in all occurrances, smile even when I'm beaten down.  Yea.. you know the kind of person that some people just want to kick in the butt at times... I understand, I do, yet it has been the way I have learned to survive and will defend it till the end.  When it comes down to dealing with some of the wonderful trials and tribulations we all seem to have the wonderful pleasure of experiencing, it is this positive attitude that  helps me to pull from if any positive energy there is to find; As sometimes it is all the goodness that may come from it.

You are probably saying what the heck does that have to do with Christmas past.  Well yesterday I wrote my Tag blog.  Answering all the Christmas questions about preperation and such.  Memories, traditions and so on.... Many of the questions were not the easiest for me to answer.  As the cupboard I had to extract answers from was limited to say the least.  Yet I put on the good front as I always do to make it sound festive and pleasant... Like I said earlier... I am the tough girl... Yet after I wrote, it kept nagging me that in a way I was not portraying an honest picture.  In saying that, this is my attempt to reveal a bit of myself.  No specific reason except that there are some of you in blog land that I have grown quite fond of.  Your friendship and daily words have been a true gift to me.  As with any good friend I would have, I would want to be upfront and open as that is what I am.  So I figure it was time to let a bit of myself be shown. 

I think I have a love hate relationship with the holiday season.  What I mean by that is that my early memories as a child are vague and not what one would call pleasant.  I do not have an abundance of Christmas family memories to fall back on.  There were many years when my father was still at home when we did not even recognize the holiday.  No tree, no presants, no explanation.  It was odd being young and seeing all the other children with their family traditions and their gifts.  Their homes filled with lights and tinsel and the wonderful smells of Christmas goodies and mine dark and quiet.  For so many years this puzzled me as I would explain it as a child would explain it, having only themselves for any clues. It was somehow my fault.  Yet in later years I would understand a bit more, learning that my father was raised Jehovah Witness (although he was not a practicing one) and they do not recognize the holiday.

When my father left the home (via a divorce), my mother being the full blooded German woman she is, began what I would know as the start of my Christmas traditions.  A little bit of history to help you understand this a bit better.  My mother met my father in Germany while he was in the Korean War.  She married him and later came to America.  She has a past of a strong independant East German woman, yet when she met my father and came to America she left all that behind her.  My father being the alcoholic he was did not make life easy or pleasant, yet all of that is truly another story. 

His departure from our family did not take place until I was well into my teen years.  Thus most of those young years for me;  when most kids are in awe of Santa and are anticipating  the gifts to be left under their tree. such things were not part of my life.  Even back then I loved to cook and all I wanted was an Easy Bake Oven... The dearness is that when my father was gone and my mother began our Christmas ways, one of the first gifts I received from her was an Easy Bake Oven, although I was 14 years old and already cooking in the kitchen it was special to me. 

It was not until I began a family of my own that I truly began my holiday traditions. I was hell bent on having the perfect life.  Perfect holidays, perfect family, perfect everything...Mainly because I just did not want to let any bad in.  Still the little girl mentality.   I attempted to give my children some of what I did not have.  The one bad thing about that: I did not really have an example to draw on except for the perfect examples that I had read about.  I wanted a "Bobsey Twins Christmas".. (If you remember this series of books, then you are definately telling your age).  Needless to say I had to learn the lesson that this perfect ideal did not exist.  There is always a little bit of life out of place and many times even more. 

 Through time and much trial and error I have gotten to where I am today.  I still dread this time of year (beginning at my birthday November 19th through the end of the year) as it holds so many bad memories; but it is far from the dread I felt in years past.  It seems that each year that passes brings something new to me that adds to the goodness of this season.  Eventually I know that the scale will lean towards the good memories more than the bad, in truth it is already there. 

I have lost the desire to raise a huge tree with massive decorations.  Much of this is due to the fact that little children do not run around my house on a continuous basis.  I have devided up the old ornaments and have them ready to give to each of my children for their remberance.  I am happy with our little pre lit tree Vincent and I purchased a couple years ago.  I just have to take it out of the box each year and stand it up. So easy yet still it gives a little of the Christmas glow.  There are not massive presents under the tree each year as I have learned that there is more to this season than presants.  I will admit that I love to give and do not really worry if I get anything in return.  Sometimes I thank my lack of presents as a child for that.  I had so much time when I did not get any gifts that I truly do not expect them as much and am wonderfully surprised when I do get them.  Yet on a strange other note, I give because I remember what it was like not to receive... go figure...

This will be the first year for me that all my kids are not around me at Christmas time and the grandkids as well.  It is an adjustment to say the least yet I am trying to fall into my ever changing role as best I can.  The quietness this year has given me time to reflect.  Something that although we do not like to do it can be very rewarding.   In my life I have not focused on "me" much.  I am learning that this is the dawning of me.  It is a time to search out myself and tend to the things that make me who and what I am.  A new thing but a good thing.  As I settle back and watch as Yule time unfolds I can not help but smile.  No it is not a "Bobsey Twins Christmas" but it is becoming my blessed Yule. 

Irish Rose Afghan - Giveaway

There are a few things that can not help but make me think of my grandma, one of them is crocheting.  This beautiful hand crocheted afghan by Irish Rose Creations is to be given away.  It is nothing more then beautiful and an extremely generous.  Head on over to her site as well as her Etsy Shop - Irish Rose Creations and check it out. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tag - I Guess I'm It......

I used to love the PE games we would play when I was in grade school.. Please do not ask me to tell you just how long ago that was... Yet Dodge Ball, Kick Ball and the wonderful game of Tag were the usual ones played.  Seems that Heather  has started a game of blog land tag and Juniper at Wicca Moms has just managed to tag me... I am somewhat like Juniper in that I am not to crazy about these chain things in blog land, but in reading the questions I thought what the heck, its filler and it will let you all know a bit more about me...  

Of course there is a list of questions to answer and rules to abide by:  isn't there always.....  So here they are: 
- Copy and paste the questions to your blog
- Then Tag 5 or more of your favorite blogs and leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged.
- When you post your blog, please spread some Holiday Cheer, and leave a link back to Heather's Blog as well as the one to the blog of the person who tagged you.

So here are the questions:

1. Have you started your holiday shopping? I am always shopping... I like to get gifts that reflect the person I am giving them too, so of course yes I have.

2.  Tell me about some of your favorite traditions.  On Christmas eve we always have a big feed of goodies.... Candies, Cookies, Meats, Cheeses and such... Have done it for it years. Although this year will be the first in many that we will not have it as all the kids are scattered and it will just be Vince & I...

3.  When do you put up your tree?  This year we put the wee thing up quite early... although usually we wait til a couple weeks before Christmas.  Traditions seem to be changing with me as I transition from "Christmas" to Yule.  It has taken on a new meaning.

4.  Are you a Black Friday shopper.  Never.... Never...... Never.....

5.  Do you travel for the holidays or stay at home.  When the kids were little it seemed we always traveled... had to be at everyones house in a matter of a few days... I did not like it at all... The kids however loved it, yet who wouldn't if you were overloaded with presents.  Now I enjoy sitting at home.  Although with the kids abroad I have a feeling that we may travel from time to time to visit. 

6.  What is your funniest holiday memory  When my middle son woke up in the middle of the night to find me filling the stockings.  Before then he really believed in Santa...

7.  What is your favorite Holiday movie I watched "Its A Wonderful Life" for the first time last year with Vincent.  He could hardly believe that I had never watched it... A nice old heartwarming movie that makes you feel good all over... Yet I have to say I truly love, Christmas Story... Ralphie is my hero.  The movie makes me laughs for hours.

8.  Do you do your own holiday baking? Of course I always do my own baking holidays or no holidays....

9.  Fake or real tree.  In regards to the Christmas tree, fake... As I can not see the reason to cut a perfectly good tree down just so you can dress it up and let it die.  I love the smell don't get me wrong but I have grown far to fond of trees and just can't see the worth of such a thing.  Something with me that has changed through the years... Last year we did purchase a small Pine which was potted.  We kept it in the house til after the holidays then planted it outdoors.  I like this tradition much better.  You still get the wonderful aroma yet you don't have to slaughter a tree to do it. 

10.  What day does the actual panic set in to get ia ll done.  I think I have grown past this point.  Yule time should not be a time of panic.  It is a time of quiet calmness.  If preperation takes me to a place of chaos then I need to rethink what I am doing. 

11.  Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas/Solstice Eve?  Usually not.  As I said earlier I shop year through and usually am able to get this done early. 

12.  What is your favorite family fun time at the holidays.  Cooking the food and feeding it to friends and family.

13.What holiday craft do you like the best. Which ever one I am doing at the time... Yet if I had to pick it would probably be my cooking. 

14.  Holiday music yes or no? and if yes what is your favorite song.  I do not like the way Christmas music is everywhere all the time from the day after Thanksgiving and on.  There are a couple songs that I love due to sentimental value yet when you hear it so much it becomes a drain.  "O Holy Night" is one of my favorites because I remember my sister always wanting to hear it sung before she went to bed on Christmas Eve and as I grew older and learned the song, I realized it had beautiful 3 part harmony.  It has always been one of my favorite songs to sing.

15.  When do you plan to finish your shopping  when I finally find the perfect gift. 

Now I have to tag five other bloggers and make them do  this themselves (sorry!!)  Here they are in no particular order, and through no fault of their own.  Really I am just curious as to how they will answer all these questions....

Sorry girls, I really am just curious to see how you answer these questions, some of you more than others... hee hee... I am so naughty...


Give Peace A Chance

It is hard to believe that it has been 29 years.  Many times I wonder what all John would have given us if he had had the opportunity to live those years... yet we will never know.  What would his opinion be today of the world and all it has come to.  In another time and another place, he's probably laughing. 

You are missed, that goes without saying..... You are remembered for you gave and more....... You are loved by so many......

John Winston Lennon
October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Giveaway - A Few of My Favorite Things

I had so many things runnying around in my head for this months giveaway... Then finally I decided on the above... They are a few of my favorite things... which at this time of year go well together.... I love the birds as I have talked about in past postings... I dont even want to know my budget for seed and such... A while back I was given a box of packaged popcorn balls that were to be thrown out... I took them because I knew the birds would love them.... I put a few in my trees via a wire string and right I was... They ate them up... With the weather getting colder I figured that some peanut butter and some added seed would be good for their bellys... Hence the bird feeder.... While I am out feeding the birds, esp lately, it can get rather cold so a nice shawl is good to have... Hence the hand knitted  multi colored shawl that you see.  Now even a good shawl can not take all the winter cold from you, so when you finally do come in from the cold, a nice hot cup of tea is nice.  Hence the big red cup with a variety of tea to choose from.  Maybe you like honey in your tea, as do I.  Hence the honey stir sticks.. You will love them.  And what would a nice cup of tea be with out a piece of chocolate... A variety of chocolates to nibble on as you watch your birds out your window.  And lastly, today while I was finishing up my grandbabys quilt I did this cardinal square.  I thought it would go wonderful with this giveaway made up as a coaster... just a few of my favorite things to do on a cold december day. 

To enter just do the following:

-Leave a comment.  If your profile is private be sure and leave your email so that I can get a hold of you in case you win....
-Be A follower -

For extra entries:
-Post about the giveaway on your blog - be sure to leave an extra comment with your link to the post so I can give you credit.
-Post a button on your sidebar with a link back to my site - gives you 2 extra entries - just post 2 comments letting me know you did this...

The winner will be choosen randomly on December 30th... Wouldn't want to take anyone away from their New  Year Eves celebrations... You do know it is going to be a blue moon.....

Goodness Do I Feel Like Its Yule Time

I have been runny around like a chicken all weekend.. trying to get things done and have not spent much time tending my blog.  When I finally get on today.... a little late I might say.. I was wonderfully surprised to find I had won this wonderful gift basket from Prim & Whimsy.  Isn't it gorgeous.. and wait till you see my giveaway for the month... a few of my favorites... somewhat similar to this one... so of course I am going to love it... thanks Jeanne....

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Ongoing Project - Christmas Quilt

Many of you have asked about how my Christmas quilt is coming along... I thought I would show you... I am about a third of the way done.  I am hoping to have it done so that I can send it off to my grandkids next week, along with one of those recordable books from Hallmark.  "The Night Before Christmas". 

  Even though I can not be there, they can wrap up in the blanket and listen to Vince & I read the book to them.  As you can see my quiliting squares are not completely straight... I never have nor will I say I am an expert seamstress... part of the reason I purchased a machine that sews for me... :-)

Yet I can assure you it is made with all the love I can shove into it.  It is my first quilt to ever make and I figure that my grandkids will be the most forgiving so they will not mind if not all the squares line up just right.  I will be sure and post a picture of the finished project as I am a bit excited about it myself.  I have had loads of fund making it and have learned alot too...

Christmas Goodies - A Great and Easy Gift

As most of you know I truly love to cook.  It is something that has been with me for as long as I can remember.  I remember as a little girl mixing together ingredients and baking small spice cakes  before I could even read a cookbook.  I knew the basic ingredients and I would make up my own recipes.  They really didn't taste that bad, and still I have a fondness for spice cakes to this day.  I am participating in Home Crafted Holidays over at Domestic Witch and today is my day to share some of the things I do at Christmas time.  Although this year I am hand crafting many of my gifts, each year there is one thing that I do without fail and that is make goodies for my friends & family.  Each year I try and make a new recipe just to try something different yet I always have my familiars that everyone wants for sure.  One of these regulars are Toffee Almond Sandies.  A cookie recipe I found some time back that just sounded good and after I tried it I have made it every year since.  I would like to share it with you.

The recipe is as follows:
1 cup butter
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup sugar
1 cup confectioners sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon almond extract
4 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cream of tarter
1 teaspoon salt
1 cups sliced almonds
1 package English Toffee bits OR Almond butter brickle chips

I prefer the toffee, yet of course it is one of my favorites.  In a mixing bowl, cream the butter, oil and sugars.  Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.  Beat in the extract.  Combine flour, baking soda, cream of tarter, and salt;  gradually add to the creamed mixture.  Stir in almonds and toffee bits gently. 

Drop by teaspoons about 2 inches apart onto an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove and let cool then enjoy.  This recipes makes aproximately 9 dozen.  I know thats alot of cookies yet seeing that I give these away I like the larger recipes so I don't have to skimp.  If you are a lover of sandies, I can tell you these are wonderful.  The recipe is easy enough to adjust to other nuts if you would like besides almonds, such as pecans, cashews etc.  If you do this though remember to exclude the almond extract.  Kept in an air tight container these cookies last a long time.  They have a wonderful texture that allows them to be moist and delicious even after packing and sending abroad.  Plus it always puts such a wonderful smell in the kitchen and house when you cook.