Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Thought To Ponder - Honesty

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. ~Author Unknown

 This last week I encountered a bit of a hiccup in my otherwise smooth sailing life. To some this incident would be something rather silly and initially one may not think much of it. Yet it has given me quite a blow and I have found myself struggling to get back to my normal self. Solitude has helped somewhat… shopping didn’t hurt… music always makes me happy… yet still I can feel it presence lingering.

A half truth is a whole lie - Yiddish Proverb

The incident that kicked me in the butt so, was someone dear telling me something they knew I wanted to hear yet never meaning a word of it. I am not sure how you like your coffee stirred yet for me I like it straight and black (figuratively speaking – I take it with sugar and cream in real life) I would much rather like someone to tell me the straight truth, even if it is not what I may necessarily want to hear, then to lie to me. Eventually the truth always comes out. When it does it is like bringing up the same damage all over again, thus you get kicked twice instead of just once.

The least initial deviation from the truth
 is multiplied later a thousandfold.

Usually such an event would not bother me so, yet when it is someone who means more to you than the average Joe on the street, it makes a difference. I have learned over my life experiences that it is fruitless to hold grudges or to harbor on events that may have not been the best to you. Yet I also know that looking at them realistically is also important. In doing this sometimes we have to admit things that we may not necessarily like. This is what I am dealing with most right now. Something that I believed to be true is not necessarily so.

The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff. ~Ambrose Bierce

Thank goodness for busy work, as well as the beauty of nature and big bumblesome dogs who are still puppies. They all seem to help keep one’s mind off of things that may try to burrow their way into ones thoughts when one really would rather they don’t. I know that as the saying goes “this too shall pass” it is just taking a bit longer than usual.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

K is For Kaleidoscopes

Since I received my Nikon a couple years ago I have taken literally millions of pictures.  I have learned that the perfect shot is usually a thing of luck and timing.  One can go out with the full intent of doing some great photography and come home with maybe a couple or maybe nothing at all.  I think that is one of the elements of photography that drives those who love it so; attempting to take that perfect picture.

I have gained an intense love for attempting this feat in nature.  Trying to grasp that beauty that we see on an everyday basis if we look.  Flowers are another of my passions thus they are part of my portfolio in a grand way.
I am not a fan of photo shop as I want the pictures quality to be there because of my attempt yet there are times when I dabble in it for fun.  One of the attributes of Photo shop I love is the ability to make kaleidoscopes with a chosen photo.  Who does not remember this novelty of older times?  A tube put up to the eye and when twisted showed beautiful variations of color and design. 
My flower photos have shown to be a wonderful tool for such things.  The wonderful thing about photo shopping a kaleidoscope is that the photo does not have to be perfect.  The imperfection can not be seen.  I thought for ABC Wednesday I would share some of my photos which I have worked over.  Being a symmetrical person myself I love how the photo is taken and proportioned perfectly giving color and design to each attempt.  I have even taken a few other photos and played with them.  Below are a couple of kaleidoscopes of something other than flowers.  Can you guess what it may be..

How About this One?
The possibilities are endless.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Month of Ivy

eginning September 30th through October 27th we celebrate the Celtic Tree month of Ivy.  Although Ivy is not what most consider a tree, it still holds its place among the others in Celtic Tree Lore.  Its uses and importance are just as strong as that of the Oak or Hazel. In the coming weeks we will examine a few of these important traits. 

Ivy is a wild evergreen climbing vine that attaches itself to other trees as well as stone walls and other surfaces. It climbs such surfaces by fibers that grow our from every part of the stem. These fibers resembles roots and have small disks at the end by which it attaches itself to the roughness of the tree or wall it is climbing. If by chance the ivy finds soil or a deep crack the fibers will then become roots. These roots act as a means to obtain nourishment for the stem as it climbs. When this is done to another tree, the ivy can actually injure the tree it is attached to by taking of the trees life resources to aid itself.

Ivy only produces flowers when the branches get above their support. The flowering branches are bushy and come out from the climbing stem with flowers at the end of each shoot. Usually an ivy will flower during Autumn if there is enough sunlight. They appear as small clusters of greenish white or yellow . They can continue to bloom until late December. There bloom is scentless yet still they are a good source of food for birds, and insects during the cooler months when there is usually no other food source.

The fruit or berry of the ivy do not ripen until the following spring . Although this is true they still are a good source of food through the winter for birds and other wildlife. . When the berry does finally ripen it is likened to the size of a pea and are black or deep purple in color. They are not pleasant to taste and have a slightly resinous smell.

Although the ornamental covering that Ivy lends to the objects it climbs, left untended, it can become an aggressive invader. It can not only harm the tree it is connected to but alto others. Growing untended in the woods its dense growth and abundant leaves form a thick canopy that can keep the sunlight from reaching other plants below.

In early times ivy leaves were often given to cattle for food yet it was not something that they enjoyed eating. Likewise deer and other wildlife will eat them during winter only when there is nothing else. The wood that comes from Ivy is very soft and was seldom used. The wood is very porous and it was thought that it had the property of separating wine from water by filtration. Yet this was soon realized that the wood absorbed its color and the wine lost some of its flavor so it did not catch on.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

If You Believe - What Would/Could Be Possible

Morning friends!  Today we are celebrating one of my favorite movies, "Practical Magic".  It's a story of two sisters who share a rare bond.  Born and raised in the neighborhood 'Witch House' needless to say they were the odd ones of the community.  Yet through their lives they learn life's lessons as most of us do by taking risks and learning from our experiences. 

It gives a lesson of friendship and/or sisterhood that few find.  A closeness that is rare these days when it seems that everyone is worried about what others may think if they knew the real person behind the mask.  Which is funny because we all wear them. 

I love however, in the end a number of women come together to help those, who before they were skeptical of.  They lay aside their predjudices and beliefs for a moment to help because one is in need.  I like to think that such feats are not just something that happens in movies.  

I also love the innocence of Sally, who as a young girl is afraid to suffer the pains and losses of love.  Because of this fear she creates a Love Spell asking for one to be sent her way that is so unique that he could not possibly ever exist.

 Amas Veritas - True Love Spell
He will hear my call a mile away
He will whistle my favorite song
He can ride a pony backwards
He can flip pancakes in the air
He will be marvelously kind
His favorite shape will be a star
He will have one green eye and one blue

Ah but love is love and it will occur when and where it wants.  We do not have the power to attempt to summon it away.  And Sally's unique love interest very well does exist.

I invite you to take a journey today through the various other blogs who are also celebrating Practical Magic; each in their own unique manner.
For more info on other participants go to

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Evolution of The State Fair

This last week Vincent and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and jumped on the Harley and went out for a ride. The State Fair was going on so we figured that we would step by for some of that great fair food. You know what I am talking about: Roasted ears of Corn on the Cob, Giant Cinnamon Rolls, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes and the list go on. They even had something called deep fried beer. They are small little pockets of bread which have been deep fried with a small portion of the brew inside. Personally I do not see the attraction yet it seems that at least here in Oklahoma each year there are those who are just waiting to see what the next deep fried treat will be.

I myself enjoy the exhibits which themselves seem to be dwindling somewhat. We finally did find the building where all the 4-H and other home extension activities were taking place. Yet most of the exhibits seemed to be sales of items that in my youth would never have been found at the fair. Oh well I guess that is just a sign of the times. Already our state fair has shrunk down to a mere 7 day event. I remember when it ran full swing for 2 weeks. Yet attendance has fallen and it is no longer the “fun” thing to do, even here in rural Oklahoma.

Guess it is proof that I am beginning to age. When I speak of my youth I have to realize that it took place over 30 years ago. It hurts to type such a realization. A lot can change in a time span of that magnitude. Believe me…. A lot… But fortunately some things will never change no matter how much time goes by. And for that small miracle, I am thankful.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blessing At Mabon - And the Winner Is

First and formost, Blessed Mabon to each and every one of you out there in blogland.  Fall came officially last eve at 10:09 pm central time.  A beautiful full harvest moon accompanied her.  It was simply a beautiful night to be outdoors and enjoy nature in all her glory. It has been windy and balmy here the last few days yet a cool front is promised to arrive tomorrow bringing with it the cool crisp days that I look forward to so in Autumn.

The last few days have been full of busy work.  Doing last minute things for my son's wedding the first week of October, celebrating my sisters 50th birthday, running Winston to the vet (he has had a bout with the stomach flu), and all the regular chores and events of everyday life.  Yet sprinkled through these times have been a few wonderful blessings. 
 First off a package was waiting for me when I arrived home last week from a dear friend in Wales.  Many of you know her .  Inside was a beautiful crooked hawthorne wand and some of her wonderful homemade incense.  The box smelled absolutely wonderful. 

Then a few days later, I received another package from Candace at Howling Moon.  I had won a giveaway earlier and inside was my prize.  A simply adorable Santa orny with such intricate work and detail  Although I know Yule is some time off, I can not bare to put it away til then.  It will definately be out on display for the rest of the year.

Then to top it all off...
 Yesterday I received my Mabon exchange box from Linda in New Mexico. 
It was filled with tons of goodies all tucked inside a cute little wooden basket.
Spicey spices from green and red chilles, carmel corn...
A beautiful pair of acorn ear rings, and so much more.  Needless to say I feel quite spoiled at this moment. 

Then I realized that today was the day to pick the winner for my giveway.  A wonderful way to give back for all the goodness and blessings that I have been receiving.  Of course I carefully wrote everyone name down and jumbled them up good, reached inside and pulled out the lucky person's name. The winner of of my 300 follower giveaway is Kally 83 over at Kally's Cauldron.  Congrats Kally if you could shoot me your mailing info I will get your goodies together and have it shipped off to you shortly. 

You may be wondering when my next giveaway will be.  I am participating in Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween and will be donating a set of my willow runes to her many items.  I will also have a giveaway of my own during the month to involve her event.  Be sure and keep a look out for the details.  Thanks again to all of you who left such beautiful comments in regards to my blog, it is only what it is because of you. 

Blessed Mabon and Full Harvest Moon, may the rest of your week be joyful. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Queen For A Day Giveaway - 31 Days In Fact

I had to  pass this wonderful find on to the rest of my friends as it is just too good to keep to myself.  Over at Artistic Halloween Queens a simply fantastic giveaway is about to begin.  They have combined their wonderful talents and are having a giveaway each day of October.  It is a giveaway that truly oozes generosity.  So head on over to their site  and check out all the goodies that one has an opportunity to win.  I can promise you that you will be just as giddy as I was when I found it. 

Celtic Tree Lore - The Astrology of Vine

or those who are born under the Celtic tree sign of the Vine,(September 2nd through 29th) they often have unpredictable and changeable personailities. They can be indecisive and full of contradictions. This is often due to the fact that they see both sides of a story and can emphazise with each side equally. They have trouble choosing sides because they see the good points from both sides.

There are areas where one born under the sign of Vine is quite sure. Such areas include food, wine, music, and art. Vine signs are known for their good taste. Luxury seems to agree with this sign. Many times such people have the “Midas touch” for changing things from drab to dramatic.

This sign is charming elegant and maintain a level of class which usually gives you a group of friends. You are often the center of attention due to your class and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon

Many of you know that this last week I was leisurely enjoying some wonderful grand kid time out in Tennessee.  I have to say that my trip was wonderful and although I spent a good 6 days there it went by so quickly that it was definitely not long enough.  700 miles is too far away for a grandma and her grand kids...

Yet today I would like to take this moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to my son in law Jon.  He is currently serving his country in Afghanistan and thus is away from his family. 

During my visit his absence was very evident in all of the days activities.  However I enjoyed the manner in which my daughter has tried to help the children to deal with this. 

On the kitchen table are two jars filled with Hershey hugs and kisses.  Around each jar hangs a sign which reads Hugs and Kisses from Daddy.  The idea is  any time (preferably once a day) when the kids fill a bit blue due to their dads absence they can go to the jar and grab a hug or kiss from him.  Not only does it make them feel better it also taste really good.  Hershey has come out with so many different flavors these days that the assortment is endless.  Each time their tiny hands go into the jar they pull out something different.  I loved this idea as well as the kids did.

Another idea was a small army doll with a place on the face to put a photo of the desired soldier who is gone.  Of course on their dollies is a picture of their daddy.  Each evening before they go to bed they kiss their daddy doll goodnight and snuggle up with him. 

I can only imagine the thoughts that race through their little minds these days knowing that their father is in Afghanistan.  My granddaughter had spoken at times in regards to his adventures.  She does not know exactly what he is doing yet some of the stories she relays to me that are told to her from her classmates makes me want to cry. 

When we were young we did not have the instant access to all the going ons of the war.  Life was still simplistic and we had to wait for the censored report that was allowed on TV as well as the posted letter from our loved ones if and when we received them.  Today a simple click of the button can get you info instantly via the Internet as well as an email posted letter. 

Today Jon celebrates his birthday, away from home and his family.  I am sure that they are thinking of him and possibly even spoken with him today.  Still I hope that his day was a good one.  That at least for a brief moment he was able to escape into a minute of time where he was with them if not in person at least in spirit. 

Happy Birthday Jon!  You serve our country proud as well as my daughter and my grand kids... Take care and be safe.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I is for Iguana - ABC Wednesdays

A couple years ago, we spent our Christmas in a very non traditional manner.  Seeing that everyone had alternative plans and we would be home alone anyway, Vincent and I decided to join a couple friends and spend Christmas in Cozumel.  Needless to say we had a wonderful time.  It was by far one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had. 

While there I snapped these photos of the local Iguanas.  They seem to be everywhere and came in an assortment of colors.  I thought they would be a fine addition to this weeks ABC Wednesday where the letter of the week is I.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Flys When You Are Having Fun

Well I am nearing the end of my mini vacation to see my grandkids... It is funny how fast time can fly when you are doing something that you enjoy so much.  It seems like only yesterday that I arrived and tomorrow I leave.  I have taken loads of pictures and have just as many stories to talk about.  I am always amazed at how good my grandkids can make me feel.  The hugs and kisses and quiet little moments can give so much... Thank you all for understanding my absence.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Vine in Mythology

n Greek mythology Dionysus is the god of nature and the god of wine and inspiration. He was also the god of ecstasy and his cult was one of the mystery religions. It was said that it was Dionysus who first produced wine from the fruit of the vine. He is also known for spreading the art of how to tend the grapes properly.

His nature reflected very much the nature of wine. On one had he could bring joy and unbelievable ecstasy. On the other hand he could bring unthinkable rage which often led to brutality.

Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele. Semele was a mortal. It was said that Zeus came to Selmele one night invisible. She recognized her experience only as that of a divine presence. She knew she was a lover of a god, yet she did not know which god it was. It was Hera (Zeus’s wife) who eventually confronted Semele disguised so that she would not be identified. She convinced Semele to see who her lover really was. When Zeus came to her once again, Semele made him promise and swear on the River Styx that he would reveal himself. Because of his love for Semele, he could not deny her request, although he knew that what would happen to her. When he revealed himself to her, she instantly was struck dead due to the fact that she was mortal and could not stand to see him in all his glory. Zeus then took their unborn son Dionysus from her womb and sewed him into his thigh until he was ready to be born. When the time came, Dionysus was born from Zeus’s thigh perfectly formed. He was known as the twice born god associated with death and rebirth.

Dionysus wandered the world and was accompanied by his maenads who actively encouraged his worship and what became known as cult. The maenads were wild women often flush with wine. Their shoulders would be draped with fawn skins and they carried with them wands made of hazel tipped with pinecones. No temples were erected to Dionysus, instead they worshipped in open and free in the woods. It is here they would worship until they reached states of frenzied ecstasy.

When Dionysus is depicted he wears a crown of ivy and is usually covered with vine leaves and grape, an image similar to the Green Man.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Week In Review

I have always disliked 4 day weeks. You know what I am talking about, the holidays that fall on a day that gives you a much anticipated 3 day weekend yet you suffer later with the fact that you only had a 4 day week. Having that extra day on a Friday does not seem to mess with me as much as when it falls on a Monday. It seems to throw me off completely.

In the beginning I do not think about it much because I am still enjoying the afterglow of the long weekend and of course we all know that at the beginning of the week we think we have all the time in the world. Those of you who are procrastinators know exactly what I mean. Yet as the end of the week gets closer you realize that abundance of time you had is dwindling down to little of nothing. Needless to say this last Labor Day week has done just that to me.

I am beginning to think also that Mercury Retrograde may have something to do with it. I have tried desperately to ignore the effects of this occurrence yet I feel that she is laughing hysterically at me and my fruitless endeavors. Thank goodness that it will be over next week.

The week was productive even though in some ways I felt it was far from. I did manage to schedule Winston to go in and get snipped. He had been such a lovely puppy and I did nothing but brag on him. I even felt sorry for him and his “appointment” with the doctor. No more mind you. Over the last couple days he has chewed to pieces two pairs of my favorite black panties as well as one of my expensive black bras. The panties… they can be replaced rather easily. The bra… well let’s just say when you are a size like me that it is best when you special order under garments. This is something that makes them not readily available as well as a bit pricey. So of course I was a bit inflamed yesterday when I caught him in the act. He went in today to see the doctor and I say have fun buddy. With my luck this will not help this fetish at all.

Hurricane Hermene paid us a visit over Wednesday and early Thursday morning. It was nice to get the much needed rain. Our pond was filled up nicely with the 5 inches that Mother Nature was gracious to bestow on us. The frogs were in heaven through the day as the rain fell soft and gentle to begin with and they were all over the yard exploring. I have been so amazed by the huge number of frogs we have this year. Most of them are about the size of a half dollar yet some are dime sized. It is a treat to walk along the ponds bank each evening or early morning and watch them as they jump in. I have tried to film this oddity yet thus far have been unsuccessful.

Finally I managed to send off my give away boxes to Mary and Leila as well as Tracy’s goodies she won from my Ewitch giveaway. With the surprise of my 300 plus followers and also the subtle signs of autumn I decided to start another one yet have it run only through September 23. What better way to celebrate the Fall Equinox and September’s full moon than with announcing a winner for my latest giveaway. I think I have far too much fun with these giveaways.

Believe it or not I am also making a good dent in my Christmas shopping/creating thus far for the year. I am so eager to share some of it with you yet I do know that some of my family actually read this blog and well I can’t let them know any of the presents. I have really enjoyed my crafty holiday season. I am also having Thanksgiving at my home this year and have even got a few ideas in regards to making it quite festive.

Lastly I am blessed to get to spend the weekend with my grandkids. I cannot wait. My grandson turned 4 on Labor Day. We are celebrating his birthday this weekend. Don’t think I have to explain to anyone how obsessed I am with my grandkids so I will leave it at that.

Hope all of you are blessed with an enjoyable weekend. Until next week.