Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Samhain - And The Winner is........

First off I would like to wish all of you a wonderful All Hallows Eve... It is an absolutely beautiful day here... I have been busy with all sorts of things.... I had to go outside and enjoy the sunshine as well as the warm temperatures.. It is Halloween and I saw wasps, butterflys and ladybugs... wonderful...... My back porch was covered in willow leaves from the days before when the wind blew like winter... of course I had to sweep them off....
I prepared my apples for the cemetary.  I am some distance from any of my relatives to visit them so I decided to go out and give the Wright babies (Jackie Moon story) each a little something this Hallow Eve.  A nice little apple with a marigold tied with a red ribbon.  I don't get many (if any) trick or treaters so I figured I would do this instead. 

I am also busy preparing the food and such for this evening... Roasted corn, acorn squash, Halloween Pie (sheep herders pie with charmed potatoes), and fairy cakes with homemade whip cream... It just all sounds so yummy... I can't wait to eat it....

Also finally got around to carving 2 of my pumpkins... The 2 tall ones from Tennessee.  Also planning on making some roasted pumpkin seeds .  I still don't think I will be able to bring myself to cut the others.... they are just too nice looking... Although eventually I know that the rot will get them... I plan to harvest the seed though and plant them for next season...

Lastly I am sure you are wanting to know who won the giveaway.... I tried to get one of my cats to help with the drawing yet they could not be more interested in such things, so I decided to have my handsome husband help me out.  He was nice enough to lend a hand and pull out a name for me from the all the entries.  I am pleased to say that the winner of my very first giveaway "A Little Tonic Before Bedtime" is  D Suplicki from Whimsical Cottage  .   Shoot me your mailing info and  I will get the package in the mail to you first thing Monday morning... I added lots of extra little goodies so enjoy.  Be sure and also watch for my November giveaway.  I will post all the details on Monday November 2nd.  This one is dear to my heart I am quite excited about it. 

Lastly I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend fill with magic and good times.  Thank you for helping make this a very special October for me.... Blessings

Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th - So Much to Do

Still I have not brought myself to carving into my wonderful pumpkin I found earlier this month.. However it is my plans tomorrow to do just that... To create a wonderful jack o lantern and to roast the seeds.  Yet before tomorrow comes I still have so much else to do....  Shopping for the goodies for our feast tomorrow.  I have decided to make Witches Pie, Roasted Acorn Squash with cinnamon, Roasted Corn and Fairy Cakes for desert.  I also will have roasted pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts to snack on before time as well as a nice warm kettle of apple cider on the stove through out the day. 
It is going to be a small gathering.  I do not know many whom I could invite to come and feast with us on charmed potatoes and fairy cakes; Then sit around the bon fire outside as I burn my wormwood into the night... Although I think that this year that is best... I truly feel like it is not only the beginning of a new year for me yet also the beginning of a new me.  Much has been happening within me this last month and once I learned to allow it and let it go, I could not enjoy it more.  I am eager to start November 1st with a quiet bang.  I know that the coming year will bring much to me in many areas.. Many I am more than likely not even aware of yet.  I love surprises!!!

Today is also Vince & my 3rd anniversary... We will have an afternoon movie then our meal at home.  Something we started shortly  after we started to see each other.  It is just so much more relaxing staying at home laying out the blanket on the floor and laying out all our favorite goodies to nibble on with a bottle or 2 of wine... Such goodies as sauteed mushrooms, asparagus in lemon butter, crab and shrimp, strawberries, and on and on.  We can have a feast and then some for half the cost of a swanky meal out... Plus if the mood arises.... we can act upon it immediately instead of waiting...

Don't forget, tomorrow is also when I announce the winner of my October Giveaway - A Little Tonic Before Bedtime.  If you haven't entered just click on the link and it will take you straight there.  Yea I know I said the entries would stop today but I see no problem taking it up til when I draw tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Friday...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Beauty of Death

As I did my morning routine and ran through the many blogs that I follow, I came across one that truly touched my soul.  Not so much because of how it was written yet because of the treasure it gave to me.  You may wonder what treasure this could be.  The moment I began reading and gazing upon the beautiful photos I knew that in my future a trip was in the works.  No I do not know when or even exactly how yet I know that there will be a day in my life when I will venture across to Savannah Georgia and spend some special moments at Bonaventure Cemetary. 

I do not know why cemetaries effect me so.  I can remember the feeling way back in my childhood.  There was a small lonely cemetary out in field that I admired often as a child.  Each time I would pass it I would gaze at it and wonder who was it that lay under the beautiful monuments that stood so straight and majestic.  One evening while passing again I saw it in the distance.  Lit my a small light, an angel stood with her arms opened to the heavens.  At that moment I told my mother that I wished to be buried there whenever I died.  She quickly spoke and informed me I was unable to because it was a Catholic cemetary....something at that time in my life I did not understand....

As time  passes for me, still I find myself drawn to the places where people lay thier loved ones to rest.  I will be honest and say that I am not one who beleives in spending time at a graveside to visit those who have moved on.  I feel that their pressence can be felt around us regardless of where we may be.  Although I truly mean no disrespect to those who do.  My sister passed 5 years ago and on occasion I do go and sit with her.  I however am drawn more to cemetaries for the ones who are there that I do not know yet and may somehow get to know.  The lives passed and the stories to be told.

In looking at the photos of Bonaventure I am in awe at the beauty I see.  Such care taken in the statues placed.  Such detail.  The stories there must be to tell.  I have a feeling that as time passes I will  find myself walking the trails of many more gardens.  Gardens both small and large, both here and there.  Each one lending me something precious, something rare.  A glimpse into the stories told, some remembered and some long forgotten.  A beauty that can only be found in death. 

Thank you Peach Tree Blog for bringing such a lovely blessing today.  For a more detailed story of Bonaventure Cemetary click the link.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The End of October is Fast Approaching

This morning as I look towards the east at the red/orange hue of the morning sky, I can tell it is going to be a grand day full of sunshine and other great things. There are still a spattering of colors throughout the yard left by flowers that are still hanging on til the frost nips it into its final sleep. The trees are full into their change of color before they too are lulled off for the winter. Their coats of yellow, brown and orange cover the still green grass in preperation for this act. The birds that frequent my bird feeders are active already fattening up for the months ahead as well as the local squirrels that horde all they can to line themselves with that extra layer of fat.... The cats have already begun to thicken not only from their extra food consumption but also from the increase of fur growth. The days are definately moving towards winter and colder times. It is hard to believe that in a few short days October will gracefully bow out and November will be upon us... The new year will start and the quiet time of winter will begin.  I enjoy this time of year, except for the nasty weather that can sometime come with it.  Although it is a time of quietness and reflection it is scattered with festive times of gathering of freinds and familys that help to warm the colder times.  It is a time when the kitchen is always warm due to the constant use of the hearth (or stove).  Kettles of stews are always found simmering or lucious cakes and cookies are baking.  The smell of recently harvested apples can be sensed via the nose cooking slowly in a number of dishes such as fresh apple cake, Candy/Carmel Apples, Apple strusel pie, and even fresh apple cider.  No wonder it is always the time of year when we manage to put on a few extra pounds.  (But its all SOOOO good


Another sign of the end of October is the ending of Mrs. B's giveaways... Which today is a good one.. no really a great one.
Such things as A subscription to Witches & Pagans , A wonderful set of Recipe cards every girl should have, An adorable handmade doll with my name so of course I simply love it , and a beautiful pendant with a small feather.  Being the bird lover I am I adore this as I am a collector of feathers myself.. Head on over to try your hand at winning some of the last treasures she will be giving away.  I can promise you you will not be disappointed. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Chance to Enter my First Giveaway

It is only 3 more days until I draw the winner of my first giveaway A Little Tonic Before Bedtime.  I am quite excited about it myself.... I found a box to mail it way too early... As I have been tossing additional little things here and there into it... So whoever wins this will have a nice surprise.... Not only will they receive the bottle of Wicked Remedy & the glass to sip it with... I added a Halloween Candle, A bottle of my homemade incense, and a few other things I found... I have already decided what my November giveaway will be... I am even more excited about it... I love giving presents...
So tell your friends, tell your pals, tell anyone you want really, to check it out... The winner will be announced the afternoon of Friday, October 30th.... Good luck

Monday, October 26, 2009

March of A Thousand Skeletons

This weekend we went to the 3rd Annual Ghouls Gone Wild parade.  First Halloween parade I had been to.  What caught my attention more than ever was their claim to have the march of the 1000 skeletons.  It was something that I just had to see for myself.   After finding a good parking spot along the route and securing a nice viewing place we waited for it to begin.   During this time we took in the sites as well as the eats and drinks.  We were also entertained by the many who dressed the part , especially the kids...
Finally the parade started.  There were costumes of everything imaginable.  Cars, local music and so much more.  I choose only a few of the phots as there was no way to incorporate all the many sites.  I found that there were several different ways to incorporate a riding lawn mower into a parade. 
I would have to say that the most popular costume was the zombie. From Pirate zombies to political zombies to just regular run of the mill zombies.  Yet I will say that some of the zombies played their part extremely well.  So well in fact that I had to wonder a time or two if possibly there really were a few true zombies mixed with all the others... Or possibly just a few who had a little too much of the zombie juice. 

As the parade neared its close we eargerly waited for the 1000 skeletons.  Finally in the distance you could see the light of their torches.  Photos just did not do this site justice.  They drew closer and finally they came to our corner.  It was a site I will say that... And we are eagerly waiting for next year so that we can once again go and I think this time participate ourselves...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Eat That Mushroom - It is Poisonous (Or Friends.. Gotta Love em)

I love to go in early spring and hunt Morel mushrooms.  I love the way they can spring up in a matter of seconds.  One minute you can be walking in one place and see nothing, then you turn around and bam.... there is a Morel.  Plus they taste wonderful sauteed up with butter.... so yummy. 

Many of my friends think I am a bit mad for actually eating a wild mushroom.  In fact I don't think I could ever get Vincent to try one... He got crazy eariler this summer when I picked a mushroom I had found while mowing that looked much like a male endowment.  Telling me to go immediately in the house and wash my hands...I am a bit of a fungus nut and this year has been an abundance of shapes, sizes and types... Yet I do not wish to talk about mushrooms this morning. 

I wrote an entry yesterday in regards to a trip to my local bookstore.  I talked about my delight in finding a magazine with an article on my groupie crush as well as a wonderful vanilla latte.  I also spoke of a book I had found and my eagerness to read it.  Quickly I received various comments in regards to the credibility of the author and the acruacy of her work.  I will admit that I was not well versed on any of her previous work so I truly appreciated the information given.  Many of you, (one in partciular - Bella) were very helpful in explaining your views and perspectives on the situation, giving me links to go to so that I could read and come to my own conclusion in regards to the acusations that had been made. 

This is exactly what a friend is.... Someone that will tell you if they see you doing something they feel may harm or mislead you.  They speak honesty regardless of the popularity of it.  They speak their heart and say what concerns them in a manner that warns you of possible mishap.   To all of you I want to say thank you for your honesty.

Yesterday I read an entry in regards to comments on blogs and whether or not they should be in opposition to the entry.  Where as I do not think that malicious comments that are only meant to be attacking someone in a manner to make the writer look bad so that the commenter can feel like they are superior is wrong; I do think that an honest opinion is exactly what the comment box is for.  So I say keep on telling me what you feel I need to hear as well as your honest to goodness opinions... I love them and would not have it any other way.... By the way I still am smiling.... and still I think it is always good... :-)

PS: WARNING:  The above mushroom IS NOT a Morel.... Just wanted to make that clear so no one would go picking a bunch of wild mushroom and start eating them..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smile.... It Always Works and Its Always a Blessing

I am a sucker for any book store... I admit it.  It is difficult for me to go into one and not walk out with some form of reading material.  Barnes & Noble is even worse because most of them now have a starbucks smack dab in the middle of the store.  Thus I have 2 vices that I have to try and overcome and needless to say I am not good at either...

Yet yesterday while out and around I stopped by the local Barnes & Noble as I wanted to pick up a couple magazines I have been looking for.  I was saddened to learn that the Rolling Stone issue I was wanting was out of date and I had missed it.  However I was thrilled to find the issue of Q (A British music magazine) I had been wanting and thought I had missed with a great article on Matthew Bellamy - lead guitarist and singer for Muse.  Now some of you may be saying Muse?  Well lets just say that if you have a chance check them out.... They are truly the next big thing from that wonderful country across the pond.  (hint:  I am somewhat of a fan)

Although finding the magazine was a great thing, I found something else even better.  I always stop by the small section of New Age, Mystical, whatever they call it area and see if any new books have arrived.  I really should not do this as I always seem to find one that I must have.  I had to laugh as "The Men Who Stare at Goats" (a book about psychic spys & another great George Clooney movie) and "Goddess of the Market-Ann Rand and the American Right were both in this section.  I mean I can sort of see why the first was there, but was unsure why the latter was.  I mean I know she was an antheist but really. That was the only thing that I could think tied it in with New Age and such... Anyhow about my find...

While looking over the few titles they had, which really seems to keep getting smaller each time I go in there... I found a book that caught my attention.  I am sure many of you have already seen this book, read it, whatever, but to me it was a little nugget of gold I found in the bottom corner of the shelf.  I know it is not the best way to purchase books but many times I rely on my intuition to lead me to what I need and it was right on yesterday. 

It was the cover that caught my eye first, a tranquil slate blue with greenery and a crescent moon in the upper right corner.  Then the title "HedgeWitch" by Silver Ravenwolf.  Something just told me that I had to get it.... And so I did... Last night as I begun to read it (after I read the article on Muse ), I could hardly believe it... It was like it was speaking to me about all the things I have been mulling around in my mind and heart the last few days....

Three treasures in one afternoon.... Hard to believe... Muse, a new book, and oh yea a nice hot vanilla latte with a dash of cinnamon.  I could not do anything but smile big and think to myself before I fell asleep.... it always works.... and its always a blessing. 

The Woodmans Garden - Update

Wanted to give a quick update to all of you who have been following my ongoing story.  I have decided to cease entries in my blog.  If you are wondering why?  I am deciding to take what I have and work it a bit more and  create an actual book.  I am limited somewhat in the length and details I can go into with it being on a blog and I am learning with my style it could draw out a bit more than the month of October.  So... I am devoting more time to it outside of blog time.... If by chance any of you are still interested in the outcome or finished product..... just let me know and when available I would be glad to let you read it and give any criticism good or bad. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh the Blusterly Cold Days of October

It is hard for me to believe that this month is close to over.  Ten more days are left in October.  In some ways it feels like it has been going on forever and in others it feels like it has only begun.  I had always thought that Spring was the time of year when I evolved most.  Maybe that was because of the rebirth of Spring and the feeling that all is awakening.  Yet now I feel that Autumn is my time.  Turning inward to reflect, preparing for the winter ahead.  The dark times that are close at hand. 
The sun did not come out today.  It was a cold wet day.  The wind blew as it does often in Oklahoma yet at this time of year it is a bit different.  I spent much time watching the multi-colored leaves fall from the trees and blow across the yard.  The cats themselves were somewhat restless and begged me to let them into the garage early so that they would not have to stay out in the wetness.  I did give them what they wanted yet I myself somewhat enjoyed the drearyness of it all.  A hot cup of tea and a couple rice krispie treats was all I needed. 
The quietness of this time has brought much clarity to me as of late.  It is true to hear that small voice sometimes you need to be still and keep your mouth shut..... and just listen. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Is Your God?

It seems that at of late I have ran across many blogs dealing with the issue of Christianity vs. Paganism.  I have read and commented on most of these writings yet truly do feel inspired to write my own.  Thus here goes.  I know that this is an extremely sensitive subject to both sides as well as to those who feel somewhat stuck in the middle.  I think I feel my empathy for the middle people the most as they are not truly accepted by either side entirely.  Somewhat like being a mixed spiritual follower.... You are not considered Christian and you are not considered Pagan.  I remember when I first decided to start Mother Moon.  This is one of the issues that drove me to see its need.  I grew up in Rural Oklahoma.  One can not get anymore Bible belt than that.  There was a Southern Baptist church on every corner.  Ok I am embellishing the truth somewhat but you get what I mean.    Alternative beliefs were something that were greatly shunned upon and anyone known to be dabbling in such things was immediately marked.  No you didn't necessarily have a  W plastered on your chest but being a small town the word got around... And the bad thing about the word getting around anywhere is that it never is the same two times in a row. 

I did not grow up in what would be considered a "church home" yet it was the church where I received much of my early belief system.  I will say this, that although I grew up in the church, I questioned it constantly.  Especially when I realized that people were telling me one thing and they themselves were doing the opposite.  At an early age (4 to be exact) I started to question everything that was told to me.  I did not accept anything based simply on the fact that it was what my Sunday School teacher told me.  I wanted to understand it for myself.  I wanted to experience it for myself.  I wanted to live it myself.  I wanted it to be personal and mine. 

Eventually due to this thought process and the fact that I had come to conclusions that were not in tune with their teachings I fell away from the "church" yet not necessarily away from God.  I do not claim to know what is the truth and what is not.  I do not think anyone can.  I do know though that this world is too vast and intricate to not have a creator.  Or at least that is my thought process. 

My God has been with me since I can remember.  I have received comfort, wisdom, solace, strength, and so much more from my God.  I have been shown my God best through nature and all that surrounds me that is true and real.  Not made from man's hands or even from his mind. Although I will say that there has been some grand inventions and words and music wrote that stir my soul to no end.  I experience my God best when I am in nature.  The trees speak to me as only they can.  The wind cradles me and rocks me gently.  Tears fall from the sky to cleanse me as well as to invigorate me.  The sun shines on me and warms my soul.  This is my God.  The animals as they frolic in the woods, the flowers as they bloom and lend their fragrance to the day.  The beauty of a clear clean night when the moon is full.  Sometimes my God is a she; a mother who holds me in her arms and gently sings me to sleep.  Sometimes my God is a man; who helps me to see the folly of my ways and lends wisdom to help be once again walk the right path. 

I do not claim to know or completely understand your God or their God, her God, or his God.  Yet I beleive that as real as my God is to me... yours is likewise to you.  We all walk our own path in an attempt to take that journey that only we ourselves can truly take.  No one is capable of doing it for us then telling us this is how it is.  We must experience it on our own.  I can not see why anyone would want one to do it for them and then miss out on the delight of the experience.  I am not sure what to call myself... I only know that I am a believer..... And it is like I always say... Believing is half way there. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bit of Change Was Due

I am sure you have noticed a change of scenery on my blog site... A bit more tranquil, yet still fallish.  I needed something calming yet festive.  And this is what I came up with.  I am finally back from my trip to Tennessee to see my grandkids.  It was a wonderful time as always yet the weather was not the best.  Cold and rainy so our outdoor activities were cut a bit short.    I will be posting most of my pictures as well as adventures on my other 2 blogs Rantings Of A Crazed Woman  and The Picture As Janie Sees It.  So if you want to check out all the fun I had head on over to them through out the week.  There is lots to see.

Yesterday I wrote a quick entry before we left to head home about the need to change and become a bit more serious and less I guess what I would call commercial.  I have loved the many giveaways this month and will more than likely still enter many.  Also the over emphasis on Halloween and the month of October has made my head do a bit of spinning.  Thus the change of scenery for my blog site.  I have found many wonderful recipes as well as craft ideas that I will surely keep and do at later times.  Yet I have had a gnawing at me for a bit that there is more to all this then just that.

Fall has always been my favorite of all seasons.  I love how the earth seems to prepare itself for the long sleep she will take throughout winter.  I also enjoy likewise how I tend to turn inward and re-evaluate myself and where I have been and where I would like to be going.  My spiritual journey has always been something dear and close to me, since I can first remember.  (And I have memories way back).... As of late there has been many things pointing to this area of my life and a need to clean up and/or clarify it once again to myself.  It has been somewhat of a fast ride for the last few years, yet a very exciting and wonderful one also. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel the need to fatten up my entries on mother moon some.  I will be the first to say that my journey is a young one yet also a very old one.  I have not walked the path that many of you have yet I have walked a long one myself, just via a different route.  I have always cherished the wisdom I have found along the way from so many  and from so many different walks of life.  I know that I may be wishing for the impossible yet I do wish that we could all just get along.  Accept one another for who and what we all are, and stop trying to say one is right or wrong.. but that is another entry for another day. 

I want to thank all of you who are so gracious with your comments and remarks to me.  I truly do beleive that we can learn something from anyone - even if they disagree with us.  Thus please feel free to be honest with your words... I would want it no other way... So there it is.... Or at least the beginning of it... I only ask one thing.... I have walked my path alone much of my life and where I have gotten used to this, it is not the manner I would choose.  It is friends and family and even enemies sometimes that help us to get where we would like to eventually go..... I hope you will help me as I journey...

Oh yea, the picture at the top.... I took it while I was in Tennessee... The deer were everywhere literally... I loved it when I saw this doe in the cemetary..... There were about 5 others with her.... I think when I retire... that is where I will go to die... Northern Tennessee is one of the most beautiful areas ever created....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Moon Sunday - I'm Coming Home

Well my vacation is just about over.. We decided to stay an extra day so we will be traveling home today.. It was great to see my daughter and the grandkids as always... There is nothing like a childs hug to make you feel good... however I am ready to return home and get back to my routine... No scratch that... I am ready to return home and shake up my routine a bit.... Maybe it was the dreary weather we had while visiting... the sun did not shine at all while we were here. It did come out a bit yesterday yet really that was just a teaser.  I do not do well on constant cloudy days.  We still were able to have lots of fun yet many things we had hoped to do were not possible.
Today the sun is in full swing and it is the new moon.  I am looking forward to both.  I have had many things run around in my head while here yet probably the foremost has been the need for me to get busy with myself.  I have read some wonderful entries from many of you and I have to say that many have inspired me.  I know it is the month of October, Halloween and all... yet I think I am ready  to put that in the background.. Yes I do have a few more activiities that I need to attend to and yes I am looking forward to them, yet it is time to get a bit more serious I think.
I am only on a laptop here so many of the changes I wish to make I am unable to do.. Yet let me say that in the coming days look for a bit of a change with Mother Moon as well as with myself...  We are nearing to the first of November quickly. Maybe that is what is stirring in me... The need for a new beginning.. to clean house and sweep away some of the stagnet air and dust that has accumulated.  To get to some more meaty entries and dive a bit deeper into the happenings and such....
I apologize for the ramblings today... and also if it makes little to no sense... Just felt the need to release a little... I look forward to the coming days.... I have a feeling that they are going to be interesting to say the least.... To all of you.... have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy your time before you go back to the chores of another week...

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Woodmans Garden - Part 6

Grace entered the kitchen, to the aroma of Millie’s abilities as a wonderful cook. “I have already filled your cup dear.” Millie said referring to the small china cup which sat on a delicate matching saucer lined with small purple flowers, if you would call a thistle a flower. “Cream and 2 sugar, right love?” Grace nodded and sat in her assigned seat, as Millie sat a large plate of fresh blueberry scones on the table in front of her. There is fresh butter and lavender honey also if you like. She added.

Thomas stared at Grace while she sipped her morning coffee. She smiled at him yet he continued to stare at her with little expression. His consistency was beginning to make her uneasy when he finally spoke. “Why didn’t you ever visit James? Did you not like him?” Grace was not sure how to respond. She really hadn’t liked him yet she knew she could not say such a thing to Thomas. Fortunately she was saved when Faith entered the kitchen “Come on Thomas, it is time for school.” Thomas jumped out of his chair grabbing the remaining piece of bacon on his plate. “Goodbye Grammy” he said as he ran to Millie’s side and flung his arms around her waist. She returned his gesture and kissed his cheek as only a grandmother can. “Goodbye dear.” As they left the kitchen Millie turned back towards the sink which was piled high with dishes.
Grace had finished her second scone and she knew with food as good as this it would need to be her last. Stacking her cup and saucer on top of her plate, she rose to help clean the table. Millie turned and quickly stopped her. Don’t worry dear I will tend to those. Michael is waiting in the garden for you. Go ahead now. And she took the dishes from Grace’s hands.

Grace felt awkward as she was not certain as to how exactly to get to the garden. Millie could see her frustration. “Oh dear she said, out this door and then turn right. You can’t miss it. Here put this sweater on, there is a bit of a chill this morning. Millie handed a small red sweater to Grace. The collar was detailed with handmade lace. Tiny buttons of silver fell in a row down the front and a small pocket lay at the bottom on the right.

As Grace exited the back door she was glad Millie had given her the sweater. A slight breeze blew yet it was a cool one. A light fog still hung over the tree top as if to shelter the forest beyond from the coming warmth of the sun. Grace pulled the sweater closer and put her hand into the one pocket. She could feel something in the pocket. She pulled her hand out along with the pocket’s contents. As she opened her hand she found in her hand a smooth stone, green in color and another one of the white stones she had found the night before in her room within the velvet bag. Once again the figure inscribed resembled a B. She wondered what such things were. She put the contents back into the pocket as she saw Michael walking towards her from the garden shed across the way.

Well child what is it you wish to know? Grace barely knew where to start. So many questions. Would it be best if we talk in the kitchen while we wait for this fog to left, the old man stated. I am sure Millie will have a cup of tea for us. She smiled and nodded as she turned to return to where she had just come.

Returning to the kitchen she took the sweater she had worn and returned it to Millie. “There is something in the pocket. Grace remarked. Oh dear that is just my rune and malachite. Speaking of runes did you find your bag I left for you last night? “My bag?” Grace said in a questionable manner. “They belonged to you when you were young, Millie continued, A gift from your father. Grace looked puzzled. My father? She had never remembered her father speaking directly to her, let alone giving her a special gift.

I thought you might enjoy their return to your possession. Millie said. They should have never been taken from you; Regardless of all that happened.” Michael looked at Millie as if Millie quickly sat the 2 cups of tea she had prepared, once again in the small china cups with matching saucers lined in thistle and excused herself from the room.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Candle

On my Table 'ere she sits
Silver, Red and Blue
Constant when her Flame is Lit
Watching All I do

Carmels & Cream

One of my favorite flavors... autumn or otherwise is carmel.  Whether it is warm and soft, covering an apple, chewy between my teeth, or just hanging off the end of my finger... you get the picture... Believe it or not I have never made home made carmel apples except for the wrapple kind which personally I dont think count.  My kids were never really crazy about them and my teeth just are not what they used to be. Yet the desire for that warm rich flavor over took me this fall and I decided to make me some.

After looking at the recipe on the back of the carmel bag I realized that the simplicity of its preperation  was that for me not to do it would just be ridiculous.  Plus I wanted to make it while I was visiting my grand kids so I figured I would try it out at home first.... (Really I just wanted to eat some carmel... warm gooey carmel.. yummm) Sorry got a bit carred away there.

All I did was put the candies in a pan. Pour 2/3 cups of half and half in with it and slowly warm it on the stove, stirring it occasionally, making sure it didn't stick or that it was melting properly.. And did I say taste it.. Yes, I tasted the nice warm carmelly goo several times to make sure that it was melting properly... I tasted it again to make sure the consistency was right.  Of course the first time I tasted it it wasn't so I had to taste it a couple more times.. Well you get the picture. (again!!)
It turned out wonderful and not too bad the many many times I tasted it  before it was finished.  Needless to say this is a treat I will make again.  It worries me though.  Before I was able to keep myself away from my weakness by telling myself it was too much of a bother to prepare... Now that I know how easy it is... I will be sitting in some dark corner in the middle of the night with my finger in the bowl making those funny umm ummm ummmmmmmm sounds.  What can I say.. I Love Carmel..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Beauty of Fungus

To say the word Fungus... one immediately goes to thinking of nasty... gross... things that you do not want to be touching.. Yet to me, when I hear this word I immediatly think of mushrooms, toadstools, and such.  This time of year they pop out all over our yards..... Fairy rings can be seen popping up before the time of the full moon in hopes that the wee folk will come and play amongst them. 

At my blog The Picture As Janie Sees It I often post my photography I have take or the nature that surrounds me.  This year I was lucky to have plenty.  Fungus or Shrooms as I like to call them were in abundance.  I am amazed at how they can not be seen at one moment then you turn around and there they are.  For any of you who have ever hunted Morels you know exactly what I am talking about.  For those of you who haven't you are missing a treat.  Morels are a safe wild mushroom that grows in abundance in wooded areas in early spring.  The perfect time to go hunting.... when a oak leaf is the size of a squirrels ear.  Or in early April. 

Although I strongly suggest that if you do not know what you are doing.... don't... Many Shrooms are poisonous and without proper identification can be a severe health hazard.  Yet still even if you can not partake of this delicacy that nature has, you can still marvel at its beauty and its manner of sneaking up on us when we least expect them.  Next time you see a shroom peeking its head out of the grass waiting for that perfect moment to spring itself into existance.  Allow it the priviledge of doing just that.  And pay attention to when it finally does emerge.  you may be surprised by the beauty you discover in a gross little thing we call "fungus".

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jackie Moon Update

Many of you will recall an entry I wrote some time back about Jackie Moon.  I had been at the local cemetary attempting to get some photographs when I ran across an odd headstone.  It was made of concrete and placed in what appeared to be an old barrel.  The name and dates had been scralled into the concrete and antique colored marbles outlined the edges as if in an attempt to add some decor to the oddly fashioned marker.  Its oddity has grabbed me and the curiousity of you has deepened it even more. 
I had to go back to investigate further... In closer examination I learned that it was not a barrel yet a hollowed out radio speaker that housed the monument for Jackie.  I could still see where the wire which covered the front had been cut away leaving sharp edges around the outside.  The stickers were still fierce there and I had once again forgotten my small garden spade I had planned to take to clear the ground before the face to see if I could find any further information in regards to dates.  Thus I will have to once again return to Jackie to investigate further.

I did however find another mystery or possibly just a further tangle to the web of Jackie's story.  Surrounding Jackies stone are 5 other stones.  All except two made of Concrete with the information written as if with a rough instrument.  All 5 of the markers of that of children, infants or toddlers and all from the same family (Wright).  In seeing this I was even more perplexed than before.
First at the tragedy that one family should suffer the loss of so many children in such short of time.  It appears that the deaths begin December of 1926 and ended March of 1943.  Although this sounds like a large span the tragedy can be seen when you realize that the losses were aproximately every 6 years.  The childrens ages range from 1 day to 9 months.  Thus it is easy to see the grief that must have accomanpanied such loss.
Yet still the question even more to me... why do these tiny markers surround an even larger mystery... That of who is Jackie Moon.  Yes believe me  I am curious and have been trying to research this as best I can.. Yet so far I have not found much to help me out.  Yet I am not one to give up easily especially when it is something that I find so intriguing.

Although I will say this.  I do not think that the finding of Jackie's marker was an accident for me.  I beleive things happen with a purpose, especially meaningful things.  These 6 people have become part of me... I can not just turn my back and think no more of them.  The cemetary they reside in is older and not tended well.  Stickers and weeds grow wild and the markers  can be easily hidden.It is apparent that no one comes to visit them or if they do it is on rare occasion.  

I learned today that in some countrys they believe in 3 deaths. (actual death of the body, burial into the ground, and when you are remembered no more).  These 6 have encounted the first 2 yet not the 3rd.  They still are alive in my memory as well as in the ones of you who have pondered on their story.  And for this I am thankful.

Monday, October 12, 2009

GG's Coming......

What can I say I am a tremendously proud GG.  My grandkids are my pride and joy.  And once again I am going to get to go and visit them.... It seems that the fall break in school is a whole week in length so, Vincent and I have decided to venture to Tennessee on more time and get some grandkid time in... We are suckers I know.. but with faces this cute... who can say we are wrong in doing so. 
It seems that each time they turn around they are growing up more and more.. Changing looks, getting taller.  And seeing that I used to get to see them at least every other day, I am still going through my withdrawls.  I am looking forward to doing all sorts of fun October things with them... We have a trip planned to a Pumpkin farm... Cookie Making.... Going to the Movie, "Where the Wild Things Are", and so much more.
Yet I have not forgotten you at all.  I am working frantically to have a posting scheduled for each day while I am gone.  An update on Jackie Moon, Continuance of The Woodman's Cottage, as well as a couple of my favorite recipes for this time of year.  I will still be checking in from time to time, yet I did not want to jeopardize any of my time with the family.  Enjoy the coming days and I am sure I will have lots to tell when I return... I actually think we may make it to the Bell Witch Cave this time....

The Woodmans Garden - Part 5

Grace approached the door to her room, more than ready to once again feel the comfort of the huge bed which was given her. Placing her hand on the small crystal knob, she suddenly stood motionless. She could hear voices and they seemed to be coming from her room. It sounded much like singing. Again as earlier when she first came. Who would be in her room? She had left the crowd of 4 in the kitchen earlier when she said her goodnights. Then who could this be. She shook her head as if to awaken herself from her thoughts and once again began to turn the knob leading into her room. As she pushed the door open she was surprised to find that her room was empty.

The small lamp next to the bed was lit as was a small candle on the table across the room. Her bed had been turned down and a cup of hot tea sat beside the candle. She noticed also 2 small pieces of stone on the table. They were white as the trees she had seen from her window. As she drew closer she could see that they appeared to have some design inscribed on each. She was unsure what each meant yet one appeared to resemble a B and the other an R. She had seen these before. She remembered playing with such stones when she was young. A small bag made of red velvet and lined with red silk sat behind the vase on the table. She reached for it feeling the softness of the velvet. A red cord tied the bag as to not allow what was inside to escape. Opening the bag she could see it contained stones similar to the ones on the table.

She dumped the contents of the bag onto the table. A total of 25 stones lay scattered across the table. She looked at them for some time. Maybe they would give her some clue as to the memories that seemed to be hidden in her mind. Yet nothing came to her. She returned them all to the red bag and pulled the cord closing it tightly and placed the bag back on the table by the candle. After enjoying the tea left for her, she retired herself to the awaiting bed and the sleep she deserved so.

The trees around her were dense and no matter which direction she looked she could not see any clearing to escape her dilemma of feeling she was lost. The sun appeared to slowly be setting; however any real point in time was difficult to penetrate the heavily covered branches above. She sat to collect herself and attempt to remember where she had come from. She was beginning to grow cold and her stomach growled from the hunger she had due to her plight. All directions appeared the same to her. Honestly she did not know for sure which directions she had come from. She would have to accept the fact that she may be in the woods after dark. She rose once more, determined not to waste any of the daylight which may remain.

The trees around her were white as ivory for they were birch. This was a good thing as their color helped to illuminate the last of the suns light giving Grace an ability to see. As Grace wandered further into her maze she noticed a woman sitting on a small tree that had appeared to have fallen. As the woman stood, grace could see her figure to be tall and lean and her skin the color of the birch itself, and her movements sleek and almost silent. The trees themselves seemed to acknowledge her presence.

She nodded her head to Grace as if to welcome her to the clearing she had come to occupy. Her hand outstretched in a gesture requesting Grace to come and join her presence. No words were spoken between the two, yet all was said that needed to be said. She reached down to where she had sat and retrieved something from a small bag and handed it to Grace. It was a small cake made of fresh crushed grains and wild berries which added color as well as flavor and sprinkled across the top was a substance which tasted like sugar.
Next she moved aside from where she stood and showed Grace a small natural spring of fresh water. Grace fell to her knees and began to cup the water in her hands to drink, yet the woman stopped her from doing so. From her belt she took a small silver ladle attached by a silver chain and handed it to Grace. Grace filled the ladle drinking until she was thirsty no more and returned it to the woman’s possession.

As Grace rose once more, the woman pointed towards the woods in front of her. Grace took it to be the direction she was to journey to finally reach home. Soon Grace saw the white trees which stood guard at the woods entrance. She had come home.

The early morning light shone through the window as Grace opened her eyes. Another dream. She wondered what this one meant. Did it mean anything at all? She did not know. She rose to prepare for the day and her many activities and also to find out the source of the wonderful smells she sensed. Yet in her mind she knew that it had to be Millie’s blueberry scones and fresh coffee.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Goodie

I received my prize from Spelled with a W which I won via Mrs. B's Giveaway. It is simply wonderful an already I have used some of my resin in my little kitchen cauldron ... I simply love it... Be sure and check out both sites and the wonderful things each has to offer....