Friday, January 11, 2013

Change–My Goal for the Coming Year

hummingbird mothAs life continues to venture by for me I am subtlety reminded of the changes that occur.  When I take the time to slow and look, I see that life is forever going on.  Sometimes it even goes on without me, or so it seems.   I guess that is what happens as we enter the later parts of our lives. 
I have never found much pleasure in participating in the rat race of day to day events.  Although I have timelines that need to be adhered to and deadlines that have to be monitored I dislike the feeling of going 90 miles a minute just to be sure that I complete all the things on my list. Yes I have been busy these last months, but it has been a different kind of busy.  At times the busy work has even been somewhat enjoyable. 
calmEach year, like many others,  I try to choose a word that could best describe my outlook for the coming year and how I would like to incorporate that action into my day to day life.  Thinking on my word for this year I am not quite sure of my choice.  The word that I continue to come back to somewhat scares me to tell the truth.  However I have learned that it is an action that although it may hold an aurora that can make some grimace, it also can be a positive action as well.
The word that I speak of is change.  It is easy to grow content in our little piece of the world.  We shy away from venturing  out and entering into things or places that may not make us feel as comfortable or at home. I think this is something I have done over the last few years and although at times it has been quite enjoyable, it has also hindered me from many things. 
Be yourselfLittle by little the last couple months I have seen a light that calls to me.  It shines from a place that I would not consider a comfort zone for me, yet it still beckons me to go to it.  I have to say that it does intrigue me and in some ways even excites me.  It would demand that I go into areas that will require some things from me that I may find a bit of a struggle at first yet they are all things I know that I can do and that in the end I would be glad that I did push myself in such a fashion.
It is the procrastination that I need to battle the most.  I am one of those who is sometimes easily detoured from a rabbit that may be hopping by.  Honestly I think it is an excuse to focus on something else.  I think this year may be the year that I finally get off my butt, so to speak, and finally do a few of the things that I have been meaning to tackle for many years.  It will most definitely be a change for me, but a good change indeed.   Wish me luck. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Thought To Ponder – Balance

Life is like riding a bicycle,
To keep your balance you have to keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year… A New Opportunity

three candles in the windWell the holidays are over and a new year has begun. Time for resolutions to be set and often then not quickly broken.  I have given up on resolutions at this time of the year… It is too much like setting ones self up for failure.  I learned quickly via last year’s occurrences that there are too many things in life that one can not plan for.  Taking one day at a time seems to work best for me at this time in my life.
Change comes to all it seems eventually.  Sometimes it is a gradual occurrence that we may not even notice.  Then at other times it is like a wave crashing on top of us.  Causing us to lose our footing and fall flat on our butts.  Either way we experience it. 
imagesCAD71QO0I am not sure what 2013 will have in store for us all.  It seems that life is only getting more complicated.  There are the looming political issues that are plastered across the TV each day.  Fiscal Cliffs and Financial Landslides.  There are the senseless acts of violence and aggression against so many who are unable to defend themselves.  And lets not forget the lack of concern that man has acquired for this wonderful earth we live on and the great need to take care of it so that we will not eventually destroy  ourselves.  Yes, it all sounds quite dismal when it is put into such a context.  But I still see hope.  I know there are those out there who still do not think in such a way. 
little oak fall 2011I know there are those who despite the complacency we have learned to live with over the years, are not crippled by these things.  There are still those who do not feel that everything needs to be done for us simply because we are entitled.  That pulling ourselves up by our boot straps and fixing ourselves is what life really is.  We understand the great need for attention to this earth and the nurturing and care that is needed to sustain it for those to come.  And the violence that seems to be so rampant and unexplainable.  The mindless acts that seem to keep occurring with no apparent reason of explanation.  I am not sure about this one.  I only think that we need to be there for one another.  To keep an open eye and ear to concerns that may arise.  To listen to the sounds around us and not simply to the little world that so many of us have built up around us and ours so that the ugly world will not intrude.  Although at times it seems the only true defense. 
I grew up in a small rural town.  It was simpler times and instead of stagnant afternoons of mindless video games, we spent our time in the fresh air and sunshine.  I know that life is still there.  I mean… there is always sunshine and relatively fresh air outdoors.  Yet it calls for a change.  It calls for a turn in what is the normal day for most. A little extra effort if you please.  I know that one can not change all yet if one becomes many a shift can be felt.  I pray for this year to see that shift.  If only a small one, I pray it comes. 
May all of you have a truly wonderful new year, filled with new wonders and experiences that truly bless you.  Remember even the events that may at first seem dismal can turn out to give you blessings in the end.