Monday, February 28, 2011

Musical Mondays - Mistakes

Is there something in your life that given the opportunity you would go back and change? Would you go back and completely avoid the situation and treat it as if it did not even exist therefore making it no longer a part of your life? Or maybe you would go back and still interact with the situation only this time around you would deal with it in a different manner, hoping that the choices you make this time would have a different affect on the outcome. 

I have always thought this kind of thought is folly. Of course there are things that after the fact we all would like to possibly go back and have a do over. But then just as I told my son the other day, hind sight is always 20/20. It is easy to look back on a situation and have the exact interpretation as to how we "should have" dealt with it. We seem to forget that we usually do not have all the details in the beginning like we do in the end. We also seem to forget that there are usually always circumstances that have a way of clouding our eyes or possibly making our sight a bit rose colored. 
Still we spend a lot of time pondering on the what ifs and if onlys. I have times in my past that I will have to be honest and say that I wish they could have been a bit more happier, and less hurtful. I have experiences that I wish I would not have had to endure in order to learn the lesson that I eventually gleaned from them. Yet I know also that without so many of these "times" I would not be where I am today. I would not have so many of the blessings that I have. 

One may say blessings… what can you be talking about. Well for instance, my first marriage was not the best. Yet if I had not experienced it, I would not have my three wonderful children and all the wonderful things they have brought to me. I could even go as far to say that I would not have the blessing of my grandchildren as well. 
I guess I always try and see the positive in things. It drives some a bit crazy. I have been accused of being one of those overly sappy kind of people who don't allow those with "real" problems to just have their issues. Yet I myself have had my fair share of hard times. I made the decision a long time ago ( I think I was 7) when my alcoholic father had me cornered in the dining room. Everyone else had made their escape and I remained. As I attempted also to leave he stopped me and told me to sit. I obeyed his command. As he sat there and attempted to intimidate me with his harsh words and stare I returned his glare. Even when he threw a knife which landed next to my ankle, I continued to stare at him. I remember vividly telling myself that I would be the only one who controlled my happiness. Now although I made that statement with as much conviction as any 7 year old could I still had years to learn it fully.
Life is not always fun. In fact many times it can be down right a pain in the ass. Yet it is what you make of it. It is what you do with what you have. So do I think I have made mistakes? Hell yea I am sure I have and I am sure I still will. Am I asking for a second chance? Only to be 20 some again so I could go out and act crazy and have twice the energy that I have now. 

I have choosen one of my favorite songs for today. "Same Mistake" by James Blunt. Although it may not go along exactly with the way I feel it always makes me think on the subject. Beautiful words from a beautiful voice. 

I think Sophia Loren put it best when she said "mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Awake, thou wintry earth -

Fling off thy sadness!

Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth

Your ancient gladness!

~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Mondays - Into The West

There are things through life that grasp us. They take hold of us in a manner that is hard to explain to those who do not have the wonder of experiencing them also.
To many these experiences are shared by many
yet to some they are shared by few.
In my opinion this makes the blessing even more special.
I have always been somewhat of a quiet person,
that is until of course you get to know me
 then some say I have a problem of not shutting up.
 This may be so, yet when it comes to myself and the life that surrounds me, I will admit that I do not share easily with those that I do not know well. I have become better at sharing my stories and such yet still the feeling that I may be looked upon as slightly daft lingers in the back of my mind.
I will say though that as I grow older in years,
this worry about what the others with differing opinions
may think of me grows less and less.
If only I would have known such wisdom
 when I was younger.
I would like to share some of myself with you today for Musical Mondays. Not that I do not share a little of myself with you each time I write,
it is just that today I may journey a bit deeper into the "real" me than I usually do.
I hold great belief and respect for that which the average man sometimes dismisses
due to lack of evidence or just the fear
that some may laugh at him because he claims to believe in something that most do not.

The Lord of the Rings is one of those things that touches me in such a manner. Yes I know it is a book written by Tolkien and it is said that it represents the world wars and such. Yet it is hard for me to believe that Tolkien being of the heritage and influence that he was did not have some feelings towards the unseen and that which is not fully known.
My favorite and perhaps most sad part of the story is when the time of man comes and the time of the elves and others comes to a close. Why is it that the two can't coincide together. The wisdom of the ones prior is so deep and so unlike the wisdom of man.
 Man wishes to build and grow and prosper
and does not seem to be satisfied or happy
 unless he does this.
Often in his quest
 he loses sight of what he may be damaging
in order to gain his prize.
Whereas the others
 think first of simplicity and the old ways.
Progress (or what is interpreted as such)
 is not always a good thing.
Take technology for instant.
We have become so consumed
 with possessing the latest gadgets to get us "connected"  
that we have forgotten the simply joys of life.
For some time I worried
about the fact that I did not "fit in".
 This is not longer a concern, at least not as big of one.
 I now count myself as blessed
to be able to still see the beauty of little things
 and the wisdom that many have to give us.
It can at times be a bit of a solitude life.
I am blessed beyond words to be able to live it.
I may not be in the fastest lane of life
but I most definitely am in
 one of the most scenic.

Today's song is "Into the West" by Annie Lennox. Annie has a way of putting such expression into any piece she presents and this is no exception.
 The lyrics can be found on my Musical Monday page.
Take a quiet moment to sit back.
 Close your eyes and simply experience.
Although it is a song which speaks of an end
it also speaks of another beginning.
Yet isn't that what each end really is;
 the beginning of something else.
Enjoy and remember:
it is still the simple little things
 that make this world keep turning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Love of the Wee Folk

Have you ever been in the garden on a spring day?  The warmth of the sun shining can be felt all around.  The birds sweetly sing their song and flutter about in merriment.  You feel the coolness of the earth in your hands as you work the ground cleaning the clutter from the past winter months allowing the young tender green sprouts more room to reach towards the sun as well as spread themselves to cover the ground.  You find yourself humming softly; then it happens.

From the corner of your eye you see the familiar flicker.  The sensation of their pressence can be felt as your skin tingles with excitement.  They have joined you in your afternoon activities.  You continue on as you had been yet now with the knowledge that you are not alone.  The wee folk have come to enjoy the day as well.  For the small bobbles and goodies you leave on occasion they in turn help to tend the garden as well as other things.

There are many things in life that one can not necessarily "see".  Yet I wonder, does this make their existance unreal.  I can speak from experience and say that there have been many times in my life where I have had encounters that can not fully be explained; at least not in the complete manner that some may wish to have in order to believe the story that I may try to tell them.

My daughter and I have long had the discussions on the existance of the wee folk.  She has the logical mind of an adult and does not take kindly to remembering or adhering to her child like ways or thoughts.  My grand daughter on the other hand has an immense love for the fae folk.  She believes in them with all her heart and all her soul.  Yes, I may have something to do with it, yet I believe also that she is a soul who will always keep her mind open to things, even as she grows older.  We are both gently working on her mother to remind her of what it was like when she was a child and anything was possible. 

I am sure many of you have noticed my button at the top in regards to February Fairies over at the Whimsical Cottage.  Danni has done a wonderful job of bringing a month full of information, stories, crafts, and experiences all in tune with the wee folk.  I will have a post featured today.  If you have not had a chance to go and check it out I would suggest you venture over there and see.  If you have any interest at all in fairies, I am sure you would find it wonderful. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Quickening Moon - A Garden of Self

I stepped out onto the back porch the other night just about dusk and was struck by the most beautiful sight.  Just coming up in the East was the beautiful moon.  Although she was not entirely full until today, it was simply beautiful.  I stood there for some time just gazing at her.  I continued to go out throughout the evening and gaze upon her.  I love the way she lights the night.  The subtle glow that is everywhere.  Taking Winston outdoors before bed I gazed one last time at her listening to the bat sing his nightly song.  Such a peaceful moment.

The moon this month is known as the Quickening Moon.  A wonderful word to describe this time of the year.  The time just before the spring equinox.  Although many will say it is still winter, spring is already working her magic.  Deep down in the earth the seeds of the coming years flowers and more are awakening. 

The word Quickening means, the first sign of new life.  Those of you who have had the blessing of giving birth know that feeling when you first feel your wee one move.  Somewhat like a butterfly fluttering inside of you.  It is that moment when you realize the reality of the life you are carrying.  

The same is with the birth of Spring.  February brings a time when we first start to see the subtle signs of Spring and rebirth that it brings each year.  You will see the breaking open of the earth to help the bulbs planted last fall to come forth and climb towards the sun and life.  The trees begin their journey also.  Soon the Bradford Pears will start peeking out their tiny white flowers and before one knows spring will be evident everywhere.

A quickening is also at work in us as well.  As the wheel turns and we follow the seasons (some more than most) we know the feelings that each one brings us.  The quiet feel of winter as we retreat into inward reflection and silence.  Yet now spring or a renewal is at work in us as well.  Those of you who are sensitive to the changes know what I speak of.  You have felt it and those of you who have that stirring inside yet quite do not know what to call it... it is the quickening you are experiencing.  Open yourself up to the wonders of rebirth and an awakening of yourself as well.  Who knows what beautiful gardens you will grow this year, not only in the literal sense yet also in the sense of your garden of self.  blessings.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celtic Tree Lore - The Emotional Willow

This last month (January 24th – February 20th) Willow has been represented. I have a special love for the willow as we are blessed with many of them encircling our pond. Their gentle ways have always been a trait I love about them. They hang over the water in their sheltering way, swaying as the breeze blows through them. Such resilance they have, as I have witnessed it when the ice has covered them and pulled them towards the ground with its weight. Yes, there have been times when they have broke yet more often they have bounced back after the ice melted.

The Willow is the tree of enchantment and is ruled by the moon. This could be another reason why I am so attached to the willow as I also hold a dear fondness for the wonderful moon who will be in all her beauty in the next days. The willow tree is often found near water and thus is influenced by it. Legend says that the Moon Goddess gave rain to the willow as a gift because of her love for it.

Willow is an emotional tree, encouraging us to explore the range of all the emotions that may rise up within us. We should not hide our feelings but allow them to be expressed in a safe place. Healing will often come from this expression of emotions. Tears may also fall, once again exhibiting the connection with water.

There are times when we must allow ourselves to submit to the watery world of our emotions as well as our subconscious.This release will allow us to be carried to a fuller and deeper understanding of what is truly inside of us. In turn we will be more able to show our true self. We learn that with every loss there is the potential for a new beginning.

I spoke a couple days back about the many twigs and sticks that had fallen from my willow and my intention to gather them and put them to some use. As I gathered the sticks small and large, I realized the abundance that lay on the ground.  In turn I began to understand the emotional release that the Willow wants to give. Year after year I watch as the wind blows and sticks fall to the ground. I have often wondered why. If the Willow is so flexible and able to endure the winds and ice without breaking why does it lose so many small twigs and sticks? Then I realized the answer. The sticks are excess that is not needed. Loss of them does not hurt the tree to any extent that would cause serious injury. In fact, the subtle pruning allows the weaker twigs to fall and the stronger ones to remain. Just as we release the emotional excess that is not necessarily needed, the Willow does the same.

In honor of the beautiful Willow and her reign this last month as well as the coming Full Moon, I would like to share a little piece of my willows with you. From the sticks that I have gathered thus far, and a little of my imagination, I have created a few items.
A stalk of Willow Twigs entwined with jute, copper, and stone

A Willow Star entwined with copper

And lastly a set of Willow runes

Just leave a comment. Be sure that your profile if set to public and that your email is accessible. Otherwise just leave your email just in case you are chosen I want to be able to contact the winner. I will keep this open through the end of the month, choosing a winner February 28th

The Willow has many facets and many things to share with those who seek it as a friend. Next time you come upon a Willow tree, stop and pay homage. She is turn will bless you in a manner only the Willow can.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WanderLust Wednesdays: Bluebirds and New Kitties

Many of you have inquired about the condition of the small bluebird that I had the blessing to nurse some time back. Let me first say that this experience was one of the most rewarding times I have had with a small creature of the wild. I have always been one of those who thinks (or should I say wants to think) that I can somehow help any creature in need. I have picked up strays and hurt animals for as long as I can remember.

Most of these rescues of late have come from the clutches of my dear cats. Yes I know they are cats and it is hard for me to expect anything else from them. I am not sure if there is a way to teach a cat not to chase birds, mice or even small moles. I have put safety collars with bells attached so that they will at least make some form of disturbance as they attempt to stalk their prey. Yet I think they have learned even how to silence these. Sweetie is so good at blending with the dried leaves and colors of winter that there are many times I do not see her until I am right beside her…

Not long back Sunny and Sweetie were in the yard playing with a grass rat that they had herded up into the yard near the back porch. They were having fun chasing it back and forth between them never really hurting it only enjoying the fun of the chase. I of course had to save it from the fate that I knew would eventually come its way so I also started to herd the creature away from them. They continued to follow it down to the edge of the pond. Vincent and I watched as it appeared that they mouse would escape by swimming its way to freedom. It swam the full width of the pond coming out from its triumph escape only to be snatched up in the clutches of a hawk that had watched the entire episode. He was grateful for the cats and I tiring the mouse to the point where he had to do little to catch him.

There is a new kitty in our lives these days. After the tragic death of Blackie I went through a time where I considered adopting a new cat from a local shelter. Each time I would go to Pet Smart I would go in and see the kitties (I do this any time I go there). I would always find one that caught my fancy. I decided though that I would wait until Summer when my granddaughter came to visit and let her pick the new kitty out. Well I must of sensed the a new kitty was coming because last week right after the heavy snow I heard this meowing. It sounded remarkably like Blackie’s old call. I could hardly believe it as his voice had been so distinctive. Lo and behold a new tom was the owner of the call. His matted long hair and worn feet told me that he had traveled far or that he did not have a home to call his own. He was quite skiddish so at first I was not able to catch him. I left him food in the usual spot I did for all the other strays that came to visit.

The other night I heard him again and went to investigate. This time it was as if he called me. I went to him. He was near the cellar and the cat house (a homemade dog house Vincent built which the cats call home) where Blackie used to spend most of his time when he was visiting. He allowed me to walk right up to him and as I bent down and offered my hand he came and I picked him up. I was amazed that he was so accepting. He spends his evenings with Sunny and Sweetie now under the fairy tree. I know he is special as Sweetie accepts him and she does not accept just any kitty. To be honest as silly as it sounds I feel like he is somehow connected to Blackie. And the fact that I am able to hold him and show him affection is quite special to me as I always wanted to do just that with Blackie .

About the bluebird. The reason I started this post in the first place. I tended him as I had told you in my last post about him. He was a delightful little guy. He sang each day as he sat on my counter and watched me about the house. Occasionally I would check on him and make sure he was drinking and eating. He seemed to be doing so well. One day as I removed the towel that covered his cage each evening he seemed somewhat slow and not as perky as he was usually yet when I checked him, he seemed to be fine. He had eaten and he even sang during the morning. I went about my chores yet each time I passed him he just did not seem the same.

Later that afternoon I noticed he was nestled up in his red fleece blanket yet as I spoke to him he did not move. I opened the door to his cage to check on him and that is when I realized he had passed. I can not tell you how sad I felt as this outcome. He had done so well and seemed to be recouping so good. Yet the release of him back into the wild was not something I was going to be able to witness. I will say that when I first found him and started to care for him I referenced my book on birds as messengers to see what it said about blue birds. It stated that bluebirds were a representation of love. I could definitely see that in all that this little piece of blue beauty brought me in the short time he was with me. I prepared him a small box and lined it with his red fleece blanket. Decorated the box then buried him near the fairy tree.

Thank you to all of you who were so kind in sending words of well wishes for him. I have already seen other fellow bluebirds since and fortunately the cats have not bothered them anymore. Blessings

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Is In the Air

Yesterday many were singing “Love is In the Air”… yet today I have to say my song is Spring is in the air. As I did my morning walk around today, I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of wee crocus peeking out of the ground from beneath the pile of spent sunflower seeds that lay beneath my young oak . As I looked closer I could see more that are well on their way to blooming in the near future. A further walk around the pond showed me even more signs of spring’s nearness. The daffodil and tulip bulbs I had planted earlier last fall were breaking mother earth and starting their climb towards the warming sun.

Most of the snow that we had received the last week is melted. Only the snow that blew and formed the towering drifts still remain. Yet they too have melted considerably and will be a distant thought in the coming days. The weather is warming to the 70’s and possibly 80’s and I find myself craving to take my rake to the garden and clear the accumulated leaves that have blown and piled in the last few months. I know though that a spring snow could still come and the sweet Williams that are cradled beneath the warmth of the decaying leaves are tender and green and do not need to be uncovered so soon. So I will hold myself back a bit longer before I do too much.

The high winds during the winter storms loosened many of the small twigs and branches on the willows that surround the pond. I do have plans to gather them in the coming warm days. I have many ideas racing around my mind as to how I might put them to use rather than just get rid of them. Look for examples of these ideas in the coming weeks as I bring them to life. I have big plans for my garden beneath my fairy tree; many of which include the use of these twigs.

I am also planning a Spring trip to see the grand kids. It is still a few weeks away but I have to say I am excited. Yes I know it was just a couple months since last I visited but what can I say I already miss them. They all seem to grow so fast. It is hard to believe the my little Buddha (my nickname for my grand daughter) will be eight this year. The wee one is walking now so of course that will be fun. And lastly my little sushi pal (my oldest grandson) can’t wait for me to come so we can share a plate of edamane and some tuna rolls. Needless to say I am more than ready.

Have you seen any signs of spring approaching or has old man winter still got you in his grip. Do you have any big plans for your spring garden? In the coming week as the temperatures warm, I hope that the urgings that only spring can bring come to each and everyone of you. Blessings

Monday, February 14, 2011

Musical Mondays - There Is Going To Be An Uprising

For a while I have toyed with the idea of somehow incorporating music into my blog.  To be honest I thought seriously about creating a completely new blog yet the more I pondered on this idea the more I thought to myself I did not have the time to give it.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and already with my sluggish ways the last couple months, I am being a bit hard on myself.  Thus I came up with the idea of Musical Mondays. 

I am always amazed at how powerful music can be.  It has the ability to say so much to so many and often different messages.  A good example of this is the song I have chosen as my first post.  I am sure many of you watched the Grammys last night.  I will be honest and admit that the only reason I was adamant on seeing them was that I knew Muse would be performing and rarely do I miss a chance to see them.  I was not exactly planning on doing a Muse song as my first entry as it is Valentines Day and I would think that a song of love would be a bit more appropriate.  Yet to tell the truth I am not much in a Valentine mood today and after I heard the bit that Glenn Beck did today on Muse:  Well lets just say that I had to take up for my boys. 

I know that I do not speak much on politics here at Mother Moon and that is mainly because it can cause a bit of a stir sometimes.  Yet there are moments when I feel that I must speak and lets just say this is defiantly one of them.  I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not nor will I ever watch Glenn Beck on Fox news.  I find his approach to "news" to be over melodramatic and a joke.  Yet when I was looking online today for any entries on Muse's performance last night a blimp on Beck's opinion was one I came upon.

Muse performed their song "Uprising" which speaks about the need and urgency for people (not just Americans) to stand up for what is right and just, especially when the "government" of the said country is not playing straight.  It is the perfect song for any revolution to have as their fight song. It speaks of  disgust with the strong arm of any government or bully trying to control the "little people".

What miffed me about Beck was his comparison in earlier times (about a year ago when the song first came out) of Muse and the Tea Party.  After he viewed their performance last night on the Grammys I guess they did not live up to the squeaky image he thought they should have.  My first thought was haven't you seen or heard these guys before.  One: I doubt they would appreciate being linked with the Tea Party and especially not with Beck himself as I would think he represents something they speak of so often in their politically charged songs.  Beck stated that unlike the Tea Party who wishes to restore the system, Muse calls for a revolution to take over the system. 

A fair assumption I guess, equating the song with the thought of revolution.  However, using Egypt as an example, they somewhat brought forth a peaceful revolution (as peaceful as they could) and in the end their government is in the process of restoration. 

Isn't that what restoration is?  If something has been built on for so long in a unstable manner, isn't it best if it is torn down at least to the solid foundation and rebuilt so that it will continue to grow in a healthy manner.  I could go on and on in regards to Beck and those similar who love to spout lots of pretty words and make references to things and color them so that those who do not know any better think they are so wonderful and true.  The ones who cry as if they are truly touched by the need to educate America on what we need to do to be the country that our fore fathers intended;  when in truth they really just want everyone to look to them as the savior. 

I am all for standing up for what is right, for allowing everyone to have a voice and also helping everyone to understand.  I have a problem with media who continues to pump forward a message that is created by few facts and largely by how they think it should be interpreted. 

 The "real truth" :  is it possible to really find it anywhere?  I do not know anymore.  I have found that reading all perspectives somehow helps to give one a rounded view and allows one to come to their own conclusion.  Yet even with that one does not know for sure if that is even right.  We can not simply go by what one view states.  We have to listen to all the voices and in the end allow our own hearts and own minds to come up with what we feel is just and right. 

In fairness to all sides I have posted the link to The lyrics to Uprising as well as to a link to Glenn Beck and his view.  I believe everyone has a right to their opinion.  There is also a clip on Beck's link of Muse's performance last night.  If you did not get a chance to catch it, I would watch it as it was quite entertaining as always.

In closing I will admit that this was a bit of a thorn in my side and something that I felt I needed to air.  I have never been much of a Fox News fan and well I guess the mother hen took over when they started to mess around with my boys.  Yet one of the biggest reasons I enjoy Muse so much is the passion that they integrate into their music.  Not only can it be heard musically via the wonderful craftsmanship of the musicians, it is also heard in the the powerful lyrics that they join with it.  Uprising is one of those songs that no matter what the cause one may be fighting for it makes you want to jump up and keep going until you reach the goal you are pursuing. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


There is a privacy about winter
 which no other season gives you....
 In spring, summer and fall
people sort of have an open season on each other;
only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.
 ~Ruth Stout

I know that so many have had more than enough of old man winter and his crazy ways.  The snow falls this season seem to be one for the record books in so many cases.  However I have found that such times offer a wonderful time for quiet and peace.  A time to reflect on the ending of the cold and the warmth that is soon to come with the approaching spring. 

Soon the warmer days will come and the small buds of green will peek through mother earth to emerge once again for yet another turn of the yearly wheel.  We will soon forget the woe and grumbling we had in regards to the snow and all its bother.

Days will become longer and we will seek to find things to do to fill up the time with activity.  We will no longer have enough time to silently sit and wonder about the questions and thoughts that circle our minds.  We will be far too busy with the things that warmer weather and sunshine bring to us. 

In the last few weeks of winter... take a few moments to enjoy the silence it brings.  Take a few moments to think what it may be that he is trying to tell you as he covers the earth with his fluffy white blanket.  There are so many times that nature tries diligently to tell us things, yet too often we do not listen.  Even when we are put in a place where there is silence and no other activity can be done, we still do not open our ears to hear what may be being whispered to us ever so softly. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Difference a Week Can Make

Last week at this time, although I was feeling quite under the weather we were enjoying a wonderful day of mid 70 degree weather.  I could see the signs of spring everywhere from the subtle nudges of the budding trees to the melodic songs of the birds as they lazily perched on their branches soaking up the warmth. 

What a difference a week can make.  I managed to drag myself out the following Monday to the doctor as the impending winter storm to come had me quite worried that if I did not I would be stuck inside with my massive sinus headache for the time the storm and any remnants it brought remained.  I was lucky I had as I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given adequate meds to keep me busy for the next few days. 

Although I did not feel much like doing anything I managed to gas my car up and purchase the necessities I might need if by the chance the ice storm they warned about was to hit. 
*  Salt to melt any ice that may cover my porch so that I would not fall and bust my butt. 
*  Extra water just in case the pipes burst from the below 0 zero temps that we were to have
*  Extra food - as I knew that there was a good possibility I would be stranded for a few days

I checked my post box as I thought it may be a few days before I was able to get into town and do it.  I was greeted with a wonderful surprise from Faerie Moon Creations ; A pair of earrings that I simply had to have had arrived.  A nice little bright spot in my day. 

My oldest son arrived at my home early afternoon to help me out with the chores that were just a bit to cumbersome to manage in my condition.  He filled up the generator with gas and moved it to a suitable position for me to use it if I did lose electricity in the coming days.  He carried the salt and water I had purchased earlier into the house.  Best of all he sat with me for a couple hours and just visited.  We shared an enjoyable visit over coffee and soon he was off and I was left to wait for the storm to arrive.

As evening fell the sleet began to fall.  For a good two hours it hit the windows and tinkled on the vent over the stove.  I welcomed its sounds as it was better than the ice that had previously been fore casted and which I had feared.  It is always hard to see the trees and such covered with a thickness of ice that makes them bend and too often break under its weight.  Shortly after 11 pm the snow began to fall and it was silent.  I went to bed shortly thereafter.

The next morning when I awoke the snow was still falling and the winds had joined in.  Gusts of 45 to 60 could be heard howling outside.  Glancing outside and in spots seeing the dried grass of our yard I did not think we had received too much snow yet as I observed more I realized that it was drifting quite well in places, especially behind my car.

Although the weather was frightful Winston still had to occasionally go outside and do his duty.  Being the lab he is he simply loved the cold and snow that was falling.  He would dart out the door, almost falling from the slickness that was on the back steps. Like a kid on Christmas he bounded across the yard trying to place his paws in each part of snow that had accumulated.  Yet the wind brought with it funny sounds and strange scents that brought him back inside quickly. 

Vincent finally arrived home early morning.  The roads had not been as bad where he came from yet as he arrived home he stated that we were definitely getting more than most.  I started a pot of chicken soup and we settled in for the day until the storm had passed.

When it was over we received 11 inches with drifts 4 to 5 feet.  My car is still snowed in and I have not left the house except once when Vincent and I ventured out on Wednesday to replenish my bird seed supply.  Yesterday as the temperatures warmed I realized that a small pipe had busted and the plumber was called early to fix it.  Feeling much better I cleared the three foot snow drifts from my back porch and made sure that a heat lamp was placed under the house where the break had occurred.  I filled the empty bird feeders which I have to say made the bird estactic.  A chore I can already see I will have to repeat again today. 

We received an additional 2-3 inches of snow yesterday yet it was a quiet gentle snow which I simply enjoyed.  Again this evening they say we may receive a bit more then one more blast next week. 

It seems like the last 7 days have been more.  So much has occurred.  You would think that being home and unable to go anywhere I would have been able to catch up on reading past blogs (which I have some) and been able to write everyday.... Yet it was Wednesday until I really felt back to myself and then I had to try and catch up on back housework. 

Imbolc came and gone and I am not even sure if the groundhog saw his shadow.  Today once again the sun is shining and it is the first day since last Saturday that we are to get above freezing.  I am looking forward to the slow thaw that it will aid in.  I intend to go and shovel a path to the garage as well as to the driveway.  The drift behind my car.... I am not sure what I will do about it.  A neighbor has promised to try and come over with his tractor and move some if time permits. 

I know that our winter plight is far from some that many of you have experienced.  Ours has only been one week where many of you have had this going on for months now.  So I will cease with my whining.  To those of you who are still under your piles of snow and those of you who still have more to come I send warm wishes and hopes that spring will soon decide to return to us again to melt the coldness that winter has so willingly shared with so many this year.  I wish also for the tender greenness to return the warmth that is so spring to slowly come back. The days are slowly lengthening and such signs are slowly becoming more evident.  Although many of us sit under a blanket of white Spring is close by just waiting to come forth. 

Hope all of you have a very blessed weekend.  Stay warm and go Green Bay.