Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Blessings

daffodil 2012Life never ceases to amaze me.  Whether it be in huge unavoidable manners that one can not help but see the cosmic clarity of or the small simple moments that come at even a more constant rate.  The later unfortunately we seem to miss all too often.  The volume of life is usually turned up way too loud. Such little noises that come along get drowned out and over looked.  Yet there are moments when silence is there and we are able to enjoy such wonderful tender notes.  It seems that this spring has been blessed with such tiny notes of laughter, color and simple bliss.  

I refused to believe that spring could have sprungbee so early.  Yet the more I see around me the more I can not help but be convinced that I may actually be wrong.  I still find myself crossing my fingers in hopes that a late visit from old man winter does not surprise us all and make the blanket of green spotted with purples, yellows and blues disappear.  

The days have been filled with fluffy white clouds daisy pink 2012laced with grey from the possibility of rain; tiny fingerlings of green sprouting out on the willows promising the soon arrival of leaves that will dance in the wind; buds of pink and purple with dots of blue  which line the bank of the pond where the tulips have sprouted and the grape hyacinth have decided to join their dance.  Needless to say Spring has definitely sprung.


It has been such things that have seemed to be my saving grace as of late.  The last two months havefall 2011 been eventful to say the least .  Vincent and I have found ourselves facing experiences that neither of us would have ever expected before they befell us. Each moment we feel that we may be seeing an end a new issue arises and we are reminded that sometimes patience is all that one can ask for.  

I  have always been one who welcomes a new life lesson.  Mind you I try hard not to request them as that is as silly as praying for patience.  Yet still when one comes along, although I may find myself whining in the beginning, I come around and am blue and bee 2012glad for the chance to learn more about life and all it has to offer.  When I take a few steps back and look at the situation in a whole I know that it could be so much worse than it appears at times.  Although I will say that when you are sailing along on calm waters, your hand lazily hung over the edge of the boat feeling the cool water as it slowly passes beneath you, and suddenly you are awaken by a change in current and realize that calm stream is leading straight to a waterfall.  Well lets just say that you are taken a bit by surprise.  

I am thankful though for the little things that havesparrows mating made themselves known to me throughout it all.  For it has been these little blessings that have helped me to get through much of it.  From the newness of spring to the birth of a new great niece to the wonderful words of encouragement from so many of my blog friends; I have truly been showered with blessings. 


It can be easy at times of difficulty and challenge in our lives to take a stance of self pity and negativity; To just sit down in our little puddle of mud and refuse to continue.   Yet eventually we will need to once again stand up and continue on; that is if we want to get out of the experience we may be in at the time. 


Nothing lasts forever – thank goodness.  Eventually everything will pass making way for william_sageyet another new adventure in our lives.  Some are good some are not so good.  Yet there is one thing that we can always be sure of.  Along the way of whatever may befall us, good or bad, we will be blessed with little blessings.  That is if we take the time to be still… open our eyes… look for them.. and listen.  Life is a never ending adventure of ups and downs each with its own special gift of enjoyment, sorrow, laughter and pain.  For those who refuse to embrace all that it has to offer, whether good or bad, has no idea what they are missing out on. 


Blessings to you and yours.