Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Little Things - A Thought To Ponder

One sees great things from the valley....
only small things from the peak.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Belated Blessed May Day


Yes for those of you who may be wondering, I am still kicking.  When I posted yesterday (just a favorite quote) I noticed the number of times I had posted thus far this year. It was few to say the least.  The month of April was only 1. 
Most of you know the reasons that keep me busier than before and why I have not been here as much as I would like to be.  Vincent is doing well.  The doctor appointments are fewer and farther between.  Although he is still under care it is a welcomed occurrence. He is back to work and so I do manage to have a bit of time to myself.  I have gained so  much respect for those who hold the name caregiver.


May Day was yesterday and a beautiful day it was.  A bit breezy yet that is to be expected in Oklahoma.  The cottonwoods are out in full force so my allergies are letting themselves be known in a wonderful manner.  We are well above our normal rainfall so everything is in full force.  It never ceases to amaze me the changes that come.  Last year we were in a major drought.  The temperatures were extremely high and everything was brown.  This year we are close to the opposite.  The abundance of color has been a wonderful gift.  It seems my flowers and such have never seemed more healthy.  My back porch has become my quiet place.  A place to calm myself when needed.

my window 2012

As always I am hoping to be able to drop by a bit more often then I have been yet I have learned not to promise things you are not sure of.  I have missed so many of you so much and the occasional email or comment I receive from you always lets me know that some friends can never be explained or replaced…. Blessings to all of you.  I hope that this finds you well and that our visits will become a bit more frequent.  Til then be safe….

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happiness–A Thought to Ponder


Happiness in this world,
when it comes,
comes incidentally.
Make it the object of pursuit…
and it leads us a wild-goose chase,
and is never attained.
Follow some other object…
and very possibly we may find
that we have caught happiness
without dreaming of it.