Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Welcomed Visit

The last couple weeks have been anything but normal for me. I have had little time to do the things that I normally do each day such as tend tediously to my garden so that it is free of pests and any weeds that may attempt to creep in, or be as diligent in blogging as I normally am.

However the time has been well spent. My grandkids paid me a visit last week and I have to say I loved every minute of it. I will admit that the 700 mile trip each way (to and from) their home has left me not wanting to climb into a car anytime soon. Yet sometimes we do things in order to obtain things we really want.

Although the drive is close to 11 hours each way, it always seems to go by quickly. I love the scenery. The short stretch in Tennessee where we exit the interstate and drive until we reach their home is one of my favorite areas. From the very first time I traveled this road I felt a kin to it. I must have experienced it in a past life or something because it is so much like home to me. No matter how many times I experience this stretch of land it never seems to become old to me. It is the trees that speak to me more than ever. The majestic pine line the road towering straight up to the sky. An array of weeping willows, holly, and various types of oak and elm are also everywhere. The fragrance of some flower can be found always. Whether it is a constant smell of honeysuckle or the spring daffodils which seem to grow wild everywhere, it is a calming beautiful piece of Mother Earth.

We had received ample rain previous to the kids arrival and also a good downpour the first day they were here. This kept us inside yet that was fine. We made meringues and brownies and watched “Alice In Wonderland”. It was a wonderful relaxing first day back and much welcomed after the long drive.
Throughout the week, we worked in the yard as the rains had made it a necessity. My little grandson was a true helper. He was always ready to lend a hand outside with weeding, mowing, or anything that was asked of him. Although the mosquitoes sure seemed to like him and we had to be sure and spray him down with off before he ventured outside for too long or he would be eaten alive. I hope he keeps that trait as when he is a bit older I may want to hire him for the summer.

My granddaughter on the other had preferred to stay inside away from the extreme humidity. I can not say that I blame her that much. It was terrible last week with the returning heat and the rains before. I did manage to get her out once yet only because she realized that her brother was getting paid for his efforts. After a short time even the extra incentive did not make a difference. She was safe and cool inside.

My favorite time by far with my grandkids was each evening when I would put them to bed. After tucking them in and reading a story, I would sit on the bed and talk with them for a bit. We would talk about all sorts of things. Many times my grandson would fall asleep during this time as he was always going full steam 24/7 and once he stopped it did not take long for him to nod off. Yet my granddaughter and I would continue. She is 7 and the questions are endless in her little mind. It was a precious time indeed, for both of us.

I hated to see them go home and of course wished they could have stayed longer. Yet I cherish the time that we did have together and know that it is quality not quantity that truly matters. They will be back up in October for my son’s wedding and I found out the other day that this is also my granddaughters fall break from school so they will have a bit longer visit. Considering the distance between us, we have been truly blessed with the opportunities to see each other several times each year since they have moved.

There has been nothing that has blessed me more in my life than the opportunity to be a grandmother, or GG as they like to call me. It is the best gift I could have ever been given.



mxtodis123 said...

I'm so glad for you. Grandchildren are such a joy. Just wish my boys would get busy.

faerwillow said...

~i am so happy you had such time with them and sorry they had to go...quality not quantity...ever so true, yet sometimes hard to most favorite time of the day is bedtime...our closest conversations have always come to be...truly a STILL moment that stays with us forever...happy to have you back in your little space! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

the wild magnolia said...

The joy of time spent with grandchildren when they are small feeds the soul and creates memories for the wee ones.

Your grandchildren are lovely.

Blessings & Happy Day!


Linda in New Mexico said...

I thought about you alot during your time with your grands. I knew your were having a wonderful time. I know you have missed that closeness with them and I know that this was a glorious gem of grandmothering time. Good for all of you. Blessings, Linda

RA said...

Lovely kids! Such a blessing. :)

Wendilea said...

I feel the same way about being a granny. It is a profound blessing. So glad you had a wonderful time!

Disandra said...

What beautiful grandbabies!

Also, thank you for your blog. I have enjoyed reading all the back posts and I look forward to reading more. :)

Anonymous said...

It truly sounds like a wonderful time. It makes me look forward to becoming a grandmother (but not too soon).


VintageSage said...

Your grandkids are precious!! What a wonderful gift to spend time with them. :)

~Onreeone~ said...

I look forward in the not so near future to having grandbabies to spoil. I don't know whether or not you received my information because I have not gotten a reply about being a Winner. Im still so excited that I've told everyone I know. Send me an email please to so that I have the right email address for you. love your blogs- your a dear! Thanks Onreeone (Angie)

Josh Healy said...

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Crystalrainbow said...

Enjoy the GG times while you have them :) they are truly beautiful x x x a little something over on my blog for you xxx

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a perfect trip, and one I'm sure they'll remember long into adulthood. Those weeks in life stand out for all involved.

They're both beautiful kids.

Oh, and I can't say I blame your granddaughter much for staying inside's been absolutely scorching here. And after such a mild summer last year. ::sigh::

I've missed you!

Rue said...

So happy to hear of your wonderful visit with the grandkids - especially those evening talks. I have very fond memories of tea and chats with my grandmother.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh how did I miss this lovely post about your trip to and fro and about your wee babes?

I can well bet your grandchildren enjoy you as much as you enjoy sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

Lucky You!!! :)

Dede said...

I am so happy for you and them! Your grandson sounds like mine, at my hip doing everything he is able to do in the yard. All of my granddaughters like to stay inside too. All but one and I do think she is going to be my little buddy by next summer! She loves the critters and "playing" in the dirt. The best part is her mama doesn't fuss at me for her getting "dirty". October will be here before we both know it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!