Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Interview with Mother Moon - Conclusion

Q: Do you wear or own any Celtic Motifs? (such as jewelry, tattoos, art or so on?) I wear a Celtic cross which some call a witches cross. In earlier days I wore a cross at all times. It gave me comfort and peace. As I allowed myself to embrace the beliefs I held I felt that wearing the cross no longer was appropriate yet I wanted to wear something. I searched until I found my necklace. It called to me and so I embraced it. I also wear a collection of silver Celtic designed rings. A pinky ring with a green stone, a larger one with a garnet and a larger Celtic ring design.


I have wanted to get a tattoo for some time yet have not as of yet found the symbol I would like. I am leaning heavily towards a replica of my necklace.


Q: If you do, what means the most to you? I once had a small pinky ring of Celtic design with a small garnet. I loved that ring until one day that I lost it. Now in its place I wear the one with the green stone. I have lost this ring off of my fingers many times. Even outside in my yard it has fell from my finger. Yet each time I lose it I am always reunited with it. I have come to believe that it is a lucky symbol. It means a great deal to me and I never take it off. (unless of course it chooses for fall from my finger)


Q: What makes you like Celtic Lore enough to write about it? It has inspired me in many areas of my life yet most of all it has inspired me in a spiritual sense. It has brought questions to me as a person going through life yet if I ask for answers, in some way it always seems to answer. I do not ever mean to push or shove my beliefs onto anyone. I feel that each ones spiritual journey is a personal walk that they must take alone. There are always guides along the way to help us see a bit more clearly yet the path we travel is one of solitude or it should be. Because of the things I have been shown and the things I have learned I feel it is only right that I share. What one does with such information is completely up to them. It may speak to some and say nothing to others. That is not for me to decide. Yet to keep the knowledge I have to myself I feel is not right. I would want someone to tell me if I was about to walk off a cliff. It doesn't necessarily mean that I would not still walk off the cliff but I would do it in a completely different manner.

Q: Has it influenced you any other ways? It has influenced me in regards to the way I act towards people. It has helped me to become for accepting of differences in those who do not believe as me. I used to be somewhat pushy in regards to trying to make others see what I was saying. I see now that it is not for me to say. We each have the struggles we have and it is not necessarily our place to tell others how to deal with such struggles. It is our place to be there for them.


Q: How so? Many times this entails simply sitting and being still. My tree lore has helped me with this as to get to know nature one has to sit and be still and listen. Not to our minds or thoughts but to the simple sounds that surround you. One also has to be attentive to the smallest of detail and realize its effect on that around it. It can make one so much more aware of the huge impact they may have on the environment around them.


Q: How do you think Celtic Culture has influenced people of today? There are still many today that even though they may not realize it they in some way celebrate and acknowledge Celtic ways. So many of the holidays that celebrate today were replicas (adjusted slightly) of pagan festivals celebrated long before the church. Yet as a means to "convert" the pagans, the church designed like holidays with different names of course to take their place. They incorporated just enough of the previous theme to make the pagans feel they were still celebrating their old ways. Prime examples of such events:


*Yule and  Christmas
* Samhain and Halloween
* Ostara and Easter

I think also that in many family and cultures there are traditions passed down through the ages that still hold glimpses of the old ways to them. This can be seen in cooking ways as well as old remedies to help colds, upset stomachs and such. When my granddaughter lived closer, each winter I had a special tea that I would make. We would drink a cup at the beginning of winter along with some special fairy cakes I would make. We would never get colds yet all those around us would. We told them that is was due to the tea and cakes yet they laughed at us. I have tried to pass such bits down to her as she grows. I keep a book for her of tiny tidbits and such for when I am gone. In her I hope the tradition continues as I feel assured it will


Q: Do you know anyone else who has been influenced by the Celtic World? I think there are many. I do not necessarily go around asking of making a point to note how I may feel one is affected. Yet like I mentioned earlier, it can be seen in many ways and some are ever so slight. I watched an old Scottish woman make shortbread once. She was infatic about the manner in which she combined the ingredients and also about the markings that were to go on the top as it baked. I asked her why and she looked at me and said so that the blessing will be good and the eater will receive it.


Also I know many that as they prepare their gardens each spring that certain rituals must be held and performed before the ground is tilled, the seed is sown, and the crop is harvested. There are more than likely many who partake in such rites that no one knows about. A simple toss of salt over ones shoulder, although some think is just an old wives tale is the purification of the area around oneself from the evil that may be present.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add? I think that regardless what ones heart may be calling them to do in regards to the answer to the many questions that come to all of us throughout our lives, we should all be open to at least listening. There are so many influences in so many forms that attempt to tell us these days that this is wrong and this is right. Take this pill and it will do this. We become so excited that there is actually something that will fix this that we fail to continue to listen to what it could also cause in its place. We are a world of fast moving, high rising, got to do better than before people. We have lost the simple secrets that the world has to offer us. They have not gone anywhere , although we with our ways of improvement will see that that will not always remain the case.


There will come a time when there will be no more time to "fix things". It may not happen in my life, your life of anytime soon after that, yet the time will eventually come. Although we have been raised to believe that we are not doing good unless we are creating a new, we are being led astray. Technology is the snake in the Garden of Eden we have been given.

Thank you for joining me in the sharing a little of myself.  Blessings


Kitty said...

Thanks for sharing this about yourself. Its lovely to find another person who feels the pull of the Celts and their culture. :)

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I've really enjoyed this interview (all three parts) Janie! I can relate on many levels here.

Thank you for sharing!

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I enjoyed reading all segments of your interview. Thank you very much for sharing it in full.

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I loved this little interview with you. We could really use a celtic perspective columnist at would you be interested?