Friday, May 27, 2011

Mumblings On A Friday

Well this weekend is said to usher in the beginning of summer. Unofficially of course. Yet Memorial Day is usually when most feel that summer has begun. I myself like to think of June 21 as the beginning of summer. It lends itself to making me think that summer is longer than what it may feel like some years. Yet like most I am already in the swing of summer.

The recent rains have finally started the grass to growing and mowing is quickly becoming a weekly if not more often chore. I do not mind this as I always enjoy my time on the rider mower with my ear buds deep in my ears listening to my music at high volume as I plow across the yard. It is an escape of sorts. Lost in the music and enjoying the smells and sites of nature.

Although the heavy rains filled our pond to its brim once again it also brought about a few friends that I could do without. A good share of snakes and snappers have come to reside in our little water hole. Something that I do not take too kindly too. I am happy with the many frogs we have yet the snakes and turtles... well they can go. Vincent works to keep them out as best he can and already he has taken some of both out.  Yet I noticed today as I was enjoying the morning that there are still some there. The trees and brush have been cleared enough around the pond so that it does not lend itself much to them residing for long yet I am not too keen on stepping upon one as I am strolling around my pond admiring the sites. I give my neighbors way too many things to laugh at. I do not need the scared of snakes dance to be another attraction.

I decided to transplant some of the wildflowers that grow so abundantly in our yard this year to some choice places where I could allow them to grow and not mow over them. This adventure has proven to be quite enjoyable and I think it may become one of my yearly traditions. I have always disliked mowing down so many of the flowers that grow each spring. I also bordered my yard with other perennials along the bottom where it meets the woods. I am hoping that they will create a colorful border as the years pass. One that does not need to be tended so diligently yet allows a nice splash of color as we sit on the back porch and look out.

As I have said previously it has been a bit of an odd year thus far. I being the thinker that I am, continually try to figure out the reason for the difference. Yet have not been able to put my finger on anything specific. It seems that life as of late is sort of scattered in so many arenas. Although there is no reason for it, there seems to be a bit of an uneasiness in me. Like I said I am a bit of an over thinker so I try not to over think this situation.  Still,  I am continually taken back to the same square of thought. I wonder if any of you have felt such things as this.

If so what are your conclusions on the topic? Or am I just being a bit of a silly and once again thinking and over analyzing way too much. I guess I can blame it on the pre menopausal events that have seemed to overtake me as of late. Goodness I never thought that turning 50 could be so much fun. (That is a sarcastic statement!!) Yet I refuse to allow a little thing such as age get me to a place where I feel sorry for myself and come to a conclusion that because of it I am unable to enjoy life anymore... 50 or not I am still going to have all the fun I can.

Well enough of the rambling....I leave you with this thought to ponder as the day continues.

Confront the dark parts of yourself,
and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness.
Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.
Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength
August Wilson

Enjoy the rest of the day. May blessings come your way


mxtodis123 said...

What a great quote to ponder! Only through facing the darkness do we find our strength. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy said...

I don't think you over think at all...I "think" you've a very introspective and thoughtful person who notices the seasonal changes and likes to ponder on them. And what a perfect quote to meditate on when we start doubting ourselves and want to bring our consciousness to light. Wish I could lazily day dream on your front lawn with you, without of course the snakes...

Teresa said...

I absolutely love your quote! Lately, I keep looking to transiton from the work force to full time farming. I wish the transfer could be instantaneous, and I wonder what horrible person I was in a previous life to deserve the fate of being a behavior disorders teacher. Yep, I might overthink things a bit.

Wizardess said...

I am loving that 2 of Swords, even though I don't usually like 'cute' Tarot cards. What deck is it from?

Brianne said...

I feel it too. Lately, I have been reflecting that this world has much too much male thinkng and doing dominating it. I think so much more than we have had in the last thirty years. I think that this unequal balance is throwing not only unrest in the more obvious politcal areas, but in society and environment as well. I don't mean that only men are responsible for this. Women are responsible as well. I think that it is important to keep the feminine and to project it strongly in everything. Maybe, then, we can help with the unease of these days.

audrey said...

Hi Janie.
I, too, have been absent from blogging for several weeks. I was away for a week and then had company for 2 weeks. I am slowly getting around to visit my blog friends.
I am relieved to hear that your family weathered the storms and all is ok. It has been a frightening Spring with all the storms and devastation.
I hope things will calm down in your area now and you won't have storms to deal with.
I want to thank you for the beautiful lavender filled pillow, Janie. I photographed it and blogged about it, but still want to personally thank you. It was such a nice surprise and so very thoughtful of you.
Take care and I hope to visit again soon.
♥ audrey

the wild magnolia said...

We need to keep our light hearted attitudes, for sure, on the other hand we need to pay attention and gather the best possible harvest of knowledge from our lives.

Thoughtful post! Thank you!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I felt very lost earlier in the year and just restless in general. I think we all go through it. Various external influences can affect us. You are headed in the right direction. Be strong and refuse to succumb to your fears and doubts. You can do it. Have fun - age is only a number!