Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Full Hunter’s Moon

The temperatures have cooled somewhat so the other day I decided to put the flannel sheets on the bed.  It is always nice to crawl into a soft warm bed rather than a crisp cool one this time of year.  It helps to make a nights sleep just a little bit more pleasant.  Of course though eventually one has to crawl out of this warm cozy place. 
December 2010
 Winston insisted last night that I do this a bit earlier than I normally   would, lets say about 3 am in the morning.  He was determined to go outside and do his business.  I grumbled as I crawled out of my warm fuzzy place, slipped on a sweater and went to the back door to let him run a bit. 
As I opened the back door I was greeted with a very pleasant surprise.  I knew the moon was full last night, I watched her as she rose in the east.  Yet I was reminded again of how she has a wonderful way of lighting the nighttime.  This time of year she seems to be especially bright and clear.  I stood on the back porch for a bit admiring her beauty despite the cold temperatures.  I could see the ducks as they glided across the pond lit by her.  Winston ran around in his carefree manner like he was a bit unaware that it was still so early.  Or maybe he just wanted me to come out and see just how beautiful the moon was last night. 
Crow_Moon_webThis month’s full moon is referred to as the Hunter’s Moon.  Due to the harvest that has taken place in the weeks prior.  The fields do not have as many places for the wildlife to hide, therefore the hunter’s are keen in seeing their whereabouts.  It is also call, thus because it is a time where the days shorten and the temperatures fall, meaning winter is close at hand.  It is a time to start thinking of storing for the winter months ahead.  Samhain is just days away and then the new year.  It is a time of new beginnings and a time to prepare for the long months of winter when reflection and slower times come.  May each of you enjoy the coming days with joy and many blessings.


Celia said...

I couldn't see the moon last night because of the clouds and the storm....I always miss seeing her when the clouds move in....I love standing outside under her beauty and strength.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Janie...so glad you were able to absorb some of Grandmother's energies in the wee hours of the morn...I'm sure Winston was on to it to, lol, saying "Momma! Come Play!"

A Safe and Sacred Samhain to You Sister of my Heart! :)