Friday, January 11, 2013

Change–My Goal for the Coming Year

hummingbird mothAs life continues to venture by for me I am subtlety reminded of the changes that occur.  When I take the time to slow and look, I see that life is forever going on.  Sometimes it even goes on without me, or so it seems.   I guess that is what happens as we enter the later parts of our lives. 
I have never found much pleasure in participating in the rat race of day to day events.  Although I have timelines that need to be adhered to and deadlines that have to be monitored I dislike the feeling of going 90 miles a minute just to be sure that I complete all the things on my list. Yes I have been busy these last months, but it has been a different kind of busy.  At times the busy work has even been somewhat enjoyable. 
calmEach year, like many others,  I try to choose a word that could best describe my outlook for the coming year and how I would like to incorporate that action into my day to day life.  Thinking on my word for this year I am not quite sure of my choice.  The word that I continue to come back to somewhat scares me to tell the truth.  However I have learned that it is an action that although it may hold an aurora that can make some grimace, it also can be a positive action as well.
The word that I speak of is change.  It is easy to grow content in our little piece of the world.  We shy away from venturing  out and entering into things or places that may not make us feel as comfortable or at home. I think this is something I have done over the last few years and although at times it has been quite enjoyable, it has also hindered me from many things. 
Be yourselfLittle by little the last couple months I have seen a light that calls to me.  It shines from a place that I would not consider a comfort zone for me, yet it still beckons me to go to it.  I have to say that it does intrigue me and in some ways even excites me.  It would demand that I go into areas that will require some things from me that I may find a bit of a struggle at first yet they are all things I know that I can do and that in the end I would be glad that I did push myself in such a fashion.
It is the procrastination that I need to battle the most.  I am one of those who is sometimes easily detoured from a rabbit that may be hopping by.  Honestly I think it is an excuse to focus on something else.  I think this year may be the year that I finally get off my butt, so to speak, and finally do a few of the things that I have been meaning to tackle for many years.  It will most definitely be a change for me, but a good change indeed.   Wish me luck. 


Wendy S. said...

Procrastination, I'm very familiar with that, esp. around change and the feeling of space and newness. You've gone though so much change this last year and I wish for you that the changes that happen this year bring you creativity, joy and enduring health.

AkasaWolfSong said...

You Can Do It, Yes, You Can! :)
And I've got your back, plus prayers and good intentions being sent your way Janie!
Good for you for venturing out into unknown territory...while at first it may be scary, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing and perhaps as you say, everything to be gained, which is where all of us must go and one time or another in our life. I'm making a big life transition as well this year and some days I feel some trepidation but mostly just excitement, so I totally understand where you're coming from.
Here's to New Adventures Sister Soul!!! :)
Blessings on the Journey Too!

brandi said...

~ah the best of best luck this year...may you carry it along in your pocket this year...a touchstone to rub when you feel it may be a wee bit to hard to carry on...change is hard...realizing it...accepting it...and creating it...but this i know you can attain and carry on well and i greatly look forward to seeing what comes forth in the coming days~

Illustrated Ink said...

Change is a scary but such a rewarding word. Good for you for giving it a chance! Procrastination finds its way into my life on a very selective basis. Hmmm, pretty much only when I have something huge to get done and the thought of it stresses me so I just go and piddle about elsewhere. Ha, ha - gotta love that avoidance!

Dede said...

Janie I wish you all of the luck you need to get things started in a forward direction for you. Once you start feeling good moving in a forward will learn to embrace it. Wishing you much productivity my friend!


Tracy DeLuca said...

What a great post for me to read on my visit by today! I have recently decided to make some changes in my life and start focusing more on myself and my wants and desires. I am learning new things and trying to grow myself.

It is wonderful to see you still blogging!