Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday - It Only Takes A Spark

I heard the other day that by the 17th of January most people have already fallen from keeping any new year resolutions they may have made.  I found that somewhat of a dismal outlook even though I do not tend to make resolutions anymore.  I do agree that they always seem to be something that one is destined to fail at and well who needs that, especially at the beginning of the year when we all sort of want to just start over. 

These past couple weeks though it seems that I have been a bit of a slowed pace, not wanting to do much of anything.  I am not really sure for the reason.  It could be the cold that crept over me just after Christmas and will not seem to completely go away.  Maybe it is the cold weather that for the last few days has made it not very enjoyable to go outdoors.  Or maybe it is just a case of the winter blues that is spoken of so often at this time of year.

Being stuck inside I have watched television a bit more than usual and will admit that I am not finding much that is worth watching.  I watched the second Twilight movie (New Moon) the other night on HBO and as I was with the first one, was again disappointed.  I guess that I am just one of the weird ones.  I was told by a friend that Twilight is the greatest love story ever told.  I have to say I beg to differ.. No really I think I do more than beg to differ.  Where I can see the appeal to a teenage girl who has stars in her eyes in regards to romance and love for that dark stranger that doesn't seem to fit in any piece of normal;  I can not see why so many middle aged women are so taken by this .Yes it does involve vampires and where I find them also to be strangely romantic and alluring it is hard for me to call the Twilight series an epic classic of romanticism. 

In my idle time I also ventured to the movies to see "Season of the Witch".  The previews looked interesting and it had Nicolas Cage in so of course my curiosity was there.  Again I was disappointed.  Where I will admit that there were a few instances where Cage's blue eyes were quite captivating, the story and acting was lacking to say the least.  I felt that they could have elaborated so much more on the story line and made it a bit more interesting.

I keep looking for something to jump start me into some sort of energetic frenzy yet as of yet nothing has sparked.  Maybe a bit of a conjure to help spruce up the spirits is needed.  Something to awaken that hibernating muse inside and possibly help to inspire me to do something invigorating.  I welcome any ideas any of you may have.  Suggestions are greatly welcomed and strongly encouraged. 


Rue said...

I've been feeling the same way lately. I do have a hard time with the cold weather - it really puts a damper on me wanting to get outside and do things.

A little magical lift would be a good thing and there is a full moon coming...

It's good that you got to a movie though - even if it wasn't great - you got out!

Teresa said...

Whenever I get in those winter blues, I either make something (started soap making over winter break) or "clear the clutter". Everything is better when we get rid of the excess. Hope you find something to help you out.

D.Suplicki said...

You're one step ahead of me with your motivation, you've at least been blogging!

I'm not sure what's happened with the massive energy sapping, but I've been hit with it as well. I'm not melancholy and there's no reason for my sloth-like state as of late that I can discern, but it's there. Causing me to procrastinate on paintings and watch far too much DIY network.

Hopefully a wee bit of fire will come light us up with energy again very soon! <3

crafty cat corner said...

I am in total empathy with the way you are feeling. I have had to be really pushy with myself to get motivated into doing something creative. I think you are right, the weather, the after festive dropsy and the spring that seems a long way away. But, I know that once I get into my workroom and start actually doing something will feel better.
I was looking forward to the Nicolas Cage film but am always a bit dubious now as so many films do not come up to my expectations. something to do with age ?? or just the public that will put up with any old rubbish, call my cynical if you like.

faerwillow said...

~if you find such spark please do pass it along...i started out quite vamped to go and well it seems i am creeping my way into a sleeping mode...walking around trying to focus and spunk up that spirit of much as i enjoy the quiet slowness of winter i do miss the energy of spring and summer that fuels me...i wish for you days where you are feeling full of radiant light to sparkle and shine as your spirit wishes my dear friend...much love light and blessings always~

Wendy said...

I personally didn't like the "Twilight" and "New Moon" movie, they seemed to be both the same with a sulky girl and this errr...perfect, sparkly vampire. Please, I'd rather watch "True Blood" any time. Now there are my kind of vamps. I haven't been sick, but I've been wanting to nest and so losing myself in some fantastic books!!! If you want a few suggestions, Mother Moon, email me and I'll let you know. I hope your cold clears up soon. Sending you hugs and blessings.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Janie...
Unless you are very uncomfortable with where you are in the present moment, why not just embrace the here and now? Perhaps it is exactly where you need to be if your cold has not left you yet. Perhaps your body is telling you to slow down right now and ease into the New Year?
I don't do resolutions either...I don't see the point. If we shed what doesn't work for us at the end of the year then what we have to look forward to is the incoming new energies we've freed (from the ones that didn't work) up so I don't do resolutions...only that I try not to do what in the past didn't work. LOL
As for the Twilight Series I've never read any of the books or watched the movies and quite frankly cannot see what the fuss's a little over the top for me.
I think we all feel a little bit of the letdown after all the hub-bub of the is such a whirlwind time for many and then all of a sudden it's gone. I think you may have hit the nail on its proverbial head in saying after the holiday blues!
I send you loving energy Janie, and gentle healing energies too.
I do care about you deeply as a Sister. Be gentle with yourself and just move easily into your days, following your heart and doing what brings you Joy and Peace.
All My Love,
I pray you feel better and send healing energies your way Dear Heart...

The Frog Queen said...

I wish I had the answer, but like many of the commentors, I am feeling the same way. I think that I am always running from September to December - that at this time of year I shut down....and it seems that no type of motivations works.

Hope you find your muse soon....sending good thoughts your way.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I haven't gone to see "Season of the Witch" I had the feeling it was not going to be great, but I was going to get to the theater soon. After your review, I'll wait until it comes out on video.

And about sparks, well that is a tough one. One of my resolutions was to revamp my blog and I'm almost done, but I have been VERY tempted to give up. Several times.

Hope your fire rekindle soon!

Mina said...

There is not a soul I know who is not feeling this same way, including myself. At times like this I try to remember that this is still the waning time of the year and as Nature is saving Her stores and preparing to give rebirth to the land in ways we cannot see, being a part of the natural world ourselves, why would we be any different?

I feel the fault lies not in our desire to withdraw within and seek our own solitude, but with society's constant push to behave like robots and run full force at all times. We tend to feel "lazy" and "unproductive" by these standards. Take care of you and when it's time, you will return.

Heather said...

Hello there and a happy january to you! I think this sudden cold weather has got us all off to a slow start. I just want to stay inside and nap! Sorry to hear the movies disappointed. I agree about Twilight-- its hardly the greatest story ever told. Its hard to believe that a relationship can last when the only interests the people involved seem to have are being in love. And that Edward is just a little too intense and possessive for my tastes. But I can appreciate that its good for teenage girls to look up to a more 'old fashioned' type of romance. well, as old fashioned as a romance with a vampire can be ;)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I have felt exactly the same way. For awhile I was feeling so sad and not myself. It seems like the wintry weather has actually revitalized me a bit. I'm creating things and feeling more at ease. I am not sure what sparked it - so I will try to send some positive healing energy your way! Theresa :)