Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life Goes On….

The last two weeks of life in our household has been anything but normal routine.  It is odd when life brings your events that take you away from the “normal routine” and you find yourself just staying afloat amidst all the change and chaos.  As things slowly revert to some form of normalcy you look at the time passed and are amazed at the time that has gone.  Finally our lives are somewhat normal.  Vincent is slowly improving.  Now we have the multitude of doctor visits and additional tests that need to be ran to verify or clarify what has occurred.  It is a bit easier to deal with than the darkness of a black  hole that you find yourself in at the beginning. 


Yet even though our world was turned upside down in a matter of seconds, life itself continued to go on.  Bills still needed paid… appointments that were made needed to be kept, rescheduled or cancelled completely… the house although not lived in for a few days still managed to become cluttered and needed tidied…. laundry began to pile… You know the drill…  Yet in the midst of this all a moment occurred that could not help but make me smile. 


A while back I spoke of how I was reopening my Esty shop, determined to become creative and once again attempt to peddle my wares.  Really before the only wares I had were my willow runes, yet they were something I was quite proud of.  Each set was created and became like a baby to me.  Well last week I sold my first set of willow runes from my Esty shop.  Yes it did come at a time when time was not necessarily something that I had tons of.  Yet still the event was a joyous event to me.  I will send them out tomorrow.  They are to be a gift for a husband’s birthday. 


As I worked with them and prepared them for their journey to their new owner, I realized that life is forever turning.  It does not stop when we have a moment that may seem to hard or too much.  It keeps moving on.  Much like we must try to do in the midst of such moments.  This event has shown Vincent and I much and truly I see it as a blessing.  It could have been so much worse than it was.  It was just enough to get our attention and let us know the things that needed to be done to advert a further possibly more severe event.  It reminded us of the precious time we have with each other and those around us.  Although I do not like to learn lessons or be reminded in such a manner, I am thankful that the message was given. It has shown me so many things this last two weeks and many of them are truly blessings. 


To those of you who have sent blessings and well wishes our way, thank you.  I have felt the healing energies and they have been so welcomed and appreciated.  I hope that I am able to return the gift.  Blessings


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I am so delighted to hear that Vincent is slowly returning to health. It will be a long road but one that I know you are both up to. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts. How wonderful that you sold some of your beautiful runes. I know they will be most loved. I did try to find your shop but was unable to. I am glad the sale brought you joy!

Teresa said...

I am so glad that you are finally starting to get back some degree of normal. Congratulations on selling the runes. The picture is beautiful.

AkasaWolfSong said...

This is great news Janie...all the way around! :)

Continued prayers and well-being sent to your family, most especially to Vincent, a warm, gentle, healing to wash over all.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Those are the most beautiful runes I have ever seen......

Blessings to you. Many, many Blessings.

Bogaman said...

Your post today reminds me of a quote I have hanging on my wall. It simply says,"Life: It goes on."
I don't remember where I saw it first, but at the time it moved me. Do to the situation I was dealing with at the time. I made a plaque and painted those words on it so that I would have a physical reminder of the quote and what it meant to me. Regardless of what befalls us, life does go on.
I'm glad to hear Vincent is recovering. Will still keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. X.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi, I am sorry you are going through so much! I am happy Vincent is getting better ;o) Life sends us messages all the time and sometimes those messages are hard lessons to be learned. My mom was just scammed out of a lot of money. Lots of crying has been done, but we are strong and going to come together ;o) Your willow runes are beautiful! I have to go check out your shop ;o) Thanks for joining my blog yesterday ;o) All the best!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am sorry, I couldn't find your Etsy shop? ;o)