Monday, September 20, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Astrology of Vine

or those who are born under the Celtic tree sign of the Vine,(September 2nd through 29th) they often have unpredictable and changeable personailities. They can be indecisive and full of contradictions. This is often due to the fact that they see both sides of a story and can emphazise with each side equally. They have trouble choosing sides because they see the good points from both sides.

There are areas where one born under the sign of Vine is quite sure. Such areas include food, wine, music, and art. Vine signs are known for their good taste. Luxury seems to agree with this sign. Many times such people have the “Midas touch” for changing things from drab to dramatic.

This sign is charming elegant and maintain a level of class which usually gives you a group of friends. You are often the center of attention due to your class and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs.


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