Monday, September 6, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Medical and Magical Uses of Vine

ictures of grapes were once drawn or painted on garden walls as a symbol to promote fertility in one’s garden. It was also thought that if one at grapes or raisens that this act would increase fertility.

Intoxication from wine was thought to be the possession of the self by the spirit of the vine. It is often used in spells for grounding, working with the faery realm and reaching deeper levels of consciousness.

Dreaming of blackberries or grapes on the vine are said to speak of abundance to come. If the vine has green leaves it means one will have success soon. If you are walking through a vineyard in your dreams it indicates coming prosperity.

When it comes to medical used of vine there are many. A common cure for burns was to dress the wound with nine bramble leaves which had been dipped in spring water. Each leaf had to be dipped three times to make it work. The Greeks used blackberries as a remedy for gout . They were also used to treat insect bites, sore throats and teeth issues. The bark and root of the blackberry is still used for their astringent properties.

In reference to grapes the medicinal uses are even more. Grape juice is said to have restorative powers that aid well in cases of exhaustion and anemia. The cuttings of the grape vine in spring can be boiled with sugar into a syrup and then taken. This syrup is good for pregnant women and their longings.

The grape is also a good source of laxative and diuretic. Fasting using grape juice and grapes has been suggested by naturopathes to help with chronic diseases.