Sunday, January 8, 2012

347 and Counting

The recent holidays are past and we are once again starting a new year.  Yet this year seems to hold a bit more than years past.  It reminds me somewhat of the time before the beginning of 2000.   Everyone was scared that the world would shut down due to the inability for computers to roll over date wise.  We all survived that concern and no dire world catastrophes happened that held anyone in limbo.


  Yet the concern that lingers over our heads this year is a bit different.  Yes I am talking about the year 2012 and the date December 21, give or take a day.  The end of the Mayan calendar when the end of the world is suppose to consume us all.  I will be honest and say that I have had my moments where I have looked into all the theories that encompass this date.  Let me add there are several.  Some are pure silliness…. while some truly sound to have some creditability to them.  I think that there are some who will capitalize on anything that somehow may bring them some form of monetary gain. I also think that there are some out there who have looked at this with a very open mind and have tried to see if there is anything that may be of concern.


I have always believed that no one really knows if or when the world will come to its eventual demise.  This being said I do believe that man does not realize the harm that he brings to the earth each day.  So much of what we do. we write  off to the good of evolution… of the continuance of our growth …. of our making life easier for all.  Is that really what our acts do?  I think not.  I know that so many of us would be totally lost if we were to lose our access to the technology that we hold today.  Yet it was not that long ago when we did not see the need to carry a phone with us 24/7 just in case we had to text someone just to say hi.  We did not have to send a letter via the world wide web, a stamp and envelope did just fine.  Television was something that started maybe at 5 am and finished at midnight.  Kids played outdoors in the fresh air and actually got an adequate amount of exercise.  We did not see the need to spend hours on end in front of a TV with a game controller trying to beat the latest video game. My granddaughter received an E-reader for Christmas. First off it was not from me…although I am usually easily convinced to give her things. I still like the feel of a book in my hands... The feel of the pages as you turn them. I tried out her new contraption and did not like it at all. Yes I know even the manner in which I describe it makes me sound like a crotchety old person.  Something as a younger person I swore I would never do.


  Yet really what is this world becoming.  Yes it is nice to  be able to get in touch with someone across the world instantly.  I also know that I could not be writing this right now if we did not have the world wide web.  I can not help but wonder though….. have we let it all gain too much control of us.  If something truly did happen in December of this year and we were left without so many of the luxuries that we possess now (internet, cell phones, television, computers, etc..) are there some of us that would find it close to difficult to function.  Hopefully we will not have to find out. 


Marrissa said...

Hi Mother Moon :)
When I first heard about the supposed 2012 apocalypse I will admit I was terrified! But over the years I have gotten over it (a bit lol) and figure, if something does happen, we will all be doing it and it has encouraged me to make more of today! As you said, some of the theories of what will happen in December were absolute rubbish but some seem plausible. We'll see huh! I also agree with you in regards to technology. It does make life easier, but there's nothing like getting letters in the mail, seeing kids playing and riding their bikes in the street, and you can't replace the smell of a real book. There are some song lyrics that have stuck hard in my mind.. 'we like to ride but we never walk, we make it so damn easy we get bored'. Very true don't you think? I hope this year brings you big smiles and laughs :) Take care x

Leigh said...

Very well put. I sometimes think the technologists are bent on destroying us, whether they realize it or not. Rather arrogant for anyone like that to assume they know what's best for the good of mankind and the good of the planet.