Saturday, January 7, 2012

Each End is a New Beginning

Another year is behind us and once again so many of us are finding ourselves preparing for the coming year. Making resolutions and promises to ourselves.  I swear each year that I will not do such things but alas as always I did last year and like so many years before I did not keep up with such promises as I would have like to have.  No big surprise. 

 Yet I will admit that this last year was a different one for me as for so many others I have spoke with.  I did not tend to my blog as I have in the past and at first this really upset me.  Yet as the year continued I realized that it was something that was not of urgency.  I missed so many of you on a daily occurrence and have tried to get back into the swing of things once more.  And honestly who knows if 2012 will be much different.  I have many things that I would like to give my time to and we will see if they transform as I would like.  If they do my time here may not be as frequent as daily but I do intend to make an effort to make it on a regular basis.  The support and friendship that I have found from so many here in blogland has been something I do not wish to let go of so easily. 

 I recently found out that an old friend of mine followed my blog.  I will be honest and say that it was a surprise to me.  Our beliefs have drifted in different directions as the years have passed.  Her admittance to me that she followed was a welcomed present this Yule.  It gave me hope.  I know that many look at 2012 as a time of uncertain change.  I myself have felt the feeling of it coming.  I do not know exactly what it is.  I am not sure if anyone does to be honest.  I only know that any end is only the start of a new beginning and thus I move forward in a positive stance. 

I am not sure what the next 358 days will hold .  I only know that all things must pass eventually and thus make way for new.  In the coming days I wish you insight, wisdom, and strength to likewise let go of that which is over and embrace that which is new and giving.  Happy New Year.


mxtodis123 said...

Wishing you and yours a wonderful year. I've missed you, dear friend.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

And a Happy New Year to you, as well. Wishing you a year of magic and happiness. :)

Natalie said...

I had been counting the days til last year was over it was such a hard year to get through, I don't know but deep inside me I have felt that this year was the year that alot of my dreams, hopes, and the things I have worked hard for will come to pass. I can't wait! I have no fear. Natalie@BridgetsDaughter

On Fragile Wings said...

Wishing you a very happy New Year

Teresa said...

This is a beautiful post. It seems so many of us dread change (me included), but often it only leads to better things. I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Life has so many surprises for us....nice to have a good one to hang your hat on early in the year.
The paper doll person is and she is a lovely person. I hope your grandson will enjoy the boy paper doll as much as Ry has.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Janie...whatever this blessed universe brings to us this year I haved decided to embrace 'Trust.' Trust that I am where I'm supposed to be and that all things are working for our highest that end I wish you a safe and sacred 2012 and new beginnings filled with love and prosperity.

It will be an interesting year I'm sure...and I've so enjoyed traveling with you the past several years...I hope more to come. :)

I've loved and enjoyed your blog and getting to know you.

You are a radiant blessing to me!

JoyceAnn said...

You're such a beautiful person , your words are like magic. I love your outlook for 2012 , words to live by. Happy New Year to You , hope it's Blissful !

Wendy S. said...

Even though we're not following a similar path, we seem to be always mirror each other in some way. I had to prioriize whe I could do in 2011 and blogging was still important but I just oculdn't keep up with it, like my ego demanded. I've found that those true friends in the blogging world and outside of it, will be always happy to hear from you and understnad when you're laying low for a while. Of course, i want to know what's going on with you, but the great Oz will reveal all when you need to ; )

Rue said...

Wishing you every good thing for the year ahead! Do as you are moved to do - that is the way to live!

Cheers and hugs to you!

Jen (Rue)

brandi said...

~hello there little the days ahead...though we may not knwo where they will be taking us...may they be days that always leave you feeling full of blessings, may you continue to learn and grow each day as you have in the past...your insight adn wisdom is one we always welcome regardlessof time passed...much love light and blessings upon you and yours~