Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day–And All Is Well

cat and snowThe snow is falling outside, although the weatherman insisted we would only see rain.  I prefer the snow.  It silently falls and covers the ground to make for a quiet peaceful world.  It is a wet snow and I know that it will not stay long.  The rains that I know will come later today will melt it away in record time if the slightly above freezing temperatures don’t do it in sooner.  Yet for now I will enjoy it.
The wet weather will keep me inside today.  Working on items for my etsy shop as well as tending a pot of beans I put on for supper.  And if time allows I plan to whip up a batch of schnetka for nibbling with coffee later on this afternoon.  All in all I know I have plenty to keep me well beyond busy for the day. 
weedsStill I long for the warmer weather and the chance to get myself outdoors and my hands into the earth.  I found my columbine starting to come up the other day.  I want to be sure and tend any brave flowers that may be peeking up from their winters rest a bit too early.  Covering with a blanket of mulch so that old man winter will not have the chance to nip them and keep them from their full potential when the weather truly is warmer in the months to come. 
yellow_wren_in_winterI was sure to fill all bird feeders yesterday before the weather did turn as I knew the birds would appreciate the extra attention and goodies while the weather was a bit nasty.  I love my feathered friends so.  The joy they bring to me is more than I can express.  They truly are special little creatures and something I believe so many do not take the time to stop and enjoy.  But aren't there so many things that the average man does not stop and realize each day.   That is the true sadness in the world.  That it is all right at our finger tips yet we are too busy with trivial often worthless things to see the beauty of simplicity.  But then anyone who has read any of my prior readings knows that is one of my soapboxes. 
Blessings to you and yours this blessed Wednesday.  May you have a moment to enjoy a simply joy.


Dede said...

I was thinking the other day about all of the things that I keep more than busy with every day and wondered how I did it and worked too. So happy when I seen that you had opened up your shop. Your runes are gorgeous! You are so right about no one stopping and really enjoying the great, vast beauty that is right in front of them. All anyone has to do is just to stop...just for a moment each day and they would have such a better day.
Enjoy your day! You have gotten it right!


AstarteAlison Moon said...

Lovely post, I'm with you there, I love the way the snow silences the world and makes everyone slow down just a little, blessings, Alison xx