Monday, February 18, 2013

Waking Early….

sunriseIt was an early morning.  The wind howled throughout the night, Vincent snored, and Winston kept wanting to sleep on top of my feet.  All did their part in waking me often throughout the night.  Or possibly it is just the fact that I am a 50 year old woman and interrupted sleep is something I have the pleasure to enjoy for a time. Whichever the culprit, I did not rest well. 
Yet sometime when this occurs I wonder if it could be that something else is attempting to get my attention. 
 Rising before the sun, can be a very tranquil experience.  As I sit and write I hear the wind rustle outside the window.  The wind chime is playing its’ usual morning song to me when the breeze lends its support.  The birds are also starting to wake and their songs can be heard as well. 
snow boy 2011Winston lays at my feet, fast asleep now, just glad to be able to be near me.  Soon we will venture out and start our morning chores. First we will let the cats out of the garage to start another day of roaming.  Then Winston will do his morning business somewhere in the yard, and sniff all the places where neighbor dogs and other random animals have placed their scent while I take the trash to the curb for Monday pick up. 
On returning to the house, I will drink my morning coffee and jot a word or two into my journal.  All will be done in the silence of early morning before the world wakes.  The only sound will be the random snore of Vincent still sleeping. 
dahliaI guess it is not so bad…. It is a time of solitude and quiet.  A time to gather myself before another day begins and I try to get all the many things I want to get done… done.  A time to breath and enjoy the silence before the noise of another day. 


AkasaWolfSong said...

I love the early morning's a time for me and MotherFather God and Creation. It's holy. All of it. But the older I get I realize every moment is holy.

I loved sitting with you this morning Sister and listening to your thoughts being shared. Thank You! This too, is holy.

Enjoy your beautiful day good to feel your wonderful spirit...

Dede said...

Good Morning! I so love my early mornings. George has to be up at four and it kills him I am up before the alarm sounds. Even on the "weekends" I am up, it is so peaceful and quiet, just so still. It is my time. Not to mention the things I am able to get done quickly. They are my early morning chores. LOL And George is snoring in the bed also. That is to funny.


Wendy S. said...

I don't like waking up early (not a morning dove) but like you, I find a certain beauty and peacefulness about the early morning that can be so spiritual. Big hugs to you and Winston.

the wild magnolia said...

Winston is handsome and grown big.

Amanda said...

peace is a wonderful thing...take time to enjoy it! thank you for looking at my blog!!