Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Invitation for Yew

ash 2As many of you know one of the reasons that I have been infrequent with blogging the last year or so is that I have been giving more time to my Etsy site.  When Vincent had his stroke in February of 2012 much of my year swept by me in what could be described as a whirlwind.  It seemed that the first few months were somewhat of a blur and before I knew it was fall. 
It was working with my runes that gave me much of the solace I needed during this time as well as a well needed communion with nature again.  I am one of those kind of people that get excited when I get to dig in the dirt and feel it fall between my fingers or smell its rich aroma.  The same can be said for when I work with wood.  Yet I found that working with natural wood (directly from the tree) gave me even more.  I had never really thought of myself as a wood worker yet always back in the depths of me there was this yearning to be.
Alder_FearnMy Celtic Tree blogs also were something that helped to add to my love of the tree.  I look at trees as not just an access to an abundance of wood.  Personally I prefer them to give the wood to me and then work with it. This is what I have tried faithfully to do in all of my adventures.  Yet there are times when I feel that the act of them giving themselves to me involves me actually taking a branch from them.  

Last October I was asked to craft a set of runes for a woman back east.  She was not sure what type of wood she wanted so I did not start to craft them immediately.  We corresponded back and forth discussing the various varieties and their attributes.  I did not think much of it at first but as time continued I began to wonder. 

imagesCABTTTLII just finished her runes last night as I charged them by the full moon.  Yes it took almost 6 months.  The wood eventually decided upon was Yew.  She even sent me a branch from the tree in her yard.  It was the first encounter I had had with this kind of tree or this kind of wood.  Yet it was love at first sight.  I began researching the Yew when I learned of her choice and at first I have to say was a bit apprehensive.  There were many articles warning of the poisonous traits it carried.  I wondered if I should even attempt it.  Yet likewise I found articles that assured me by others who had worked with it that I would be glad I did.  They were all careful to tell me to take the necessary safety precautions.  Which of course I did.
When the branch arrived in the mail I was in awe.  An evergreen with the most delicate leaves and branches.  I was able to get two sets of runes from the branch as well as some cuts for bind runes, wands, oghams, and more. Why am I telling you this you may ask
Well I believe that each experience is given to us to learn from. That is of course if we listen with a good ear.  In the following weeks I wish to share with you some of what I have learned about the ever sacred Yew.  I hope that you will stop by on occasion to take part in this part of my lesson.  Till then I wish you a wonderful Thursday and many blessings. 


mxtodis123 said...

I am looking forward to it. And I know I said it before, but I will say it again, "Welcome Back".

audrey said...

Hello Jane.
It has been a while. I've been reading your posts since you've returned to blogging ~ just haven't left comments. I did wonder about you during your long absence and was happy to see you back. My time is limited right now, but I love making a quick visit to the blogs I favor, as yours.
I am really looking forward to your future posts about the Yew ~ it sounds very interesting.
xo audrey

Magic Love Crow said...

I can't wait to read what you write! I love Yew trees! I know there are many different types, but mine looks like the one with the berries. I actually love this tree so much that I bought two more last year. Now we have 3 ;o) Many Blessings ;o)I hope Vincent is doing well! ;o)

AkasaWolfSong said...

Can't wait to read all about it Janie if this is any indication...I love that you are listening to the trees...our blessed Ancient Standing Tall Ones!

Here's wishing for you a delightful and peace filled Easter/Oestara Sister!!!!

Betty said...

The runes in the picture look beautiful, I'm sure she will love them. It's always good to explore new things, it's how we grow. I'm glad she sent you the branch.

Rue said...

I look forward to your insights on yew. I've not had any experience with it - I'm not even sure if it grows in my area.

I also somehow missed the news about Vincent last year. I do hope he is well and recovered.