Friday, March 1, 2013

The First day of March

st patricksWell it’s finally March, although it seems that this year is already flying by.  Spring is just a mere 20 days away – at least the official first day of Spring.  This last week our state was covered in a blanket of white.  Some were more like buried in a blanket of white.  We did not share in the fun of multiple feet or even inches of the white stuff.  We did however manage to receive a nice rain which helped to liven up our pond for all those things down deep under water that are ready for the warmer days to come.  I noticed our first kingfisher out fishing the pond just the other day.  A bit earlier than usual but a very welcomed sight. 
dirt and trowellI still feel that Spring is not completely ready to make it way here.  Yet it still gives us occasional glimpses of its impending arrival.  This morning as I went and filled my many bird feeders, I examined my flower beds throughout my yard.  Many of my flowers are peeking out.  I want so bad to go and clean out the weathered leaves and such that has accumulated around them.  I know that this could be a very bad idea as it is these very leaves that drive me crazy that are keeping these gentle little plants warm.  So I keep myself back from doing such things until a later time. 
Soon enough the warmer weather will come and then I will be forever going on about the abundance of yard work that I have in front of me.  There is always something isn’t there. 
The weekend is near.  I wish for all of you a pleasant one. 



Most definitely...don't get the winter covering out of the way of Spring quite yet. Too early, there is always a threat of a frost yet.

But....hurry up Spring. I hear'ya!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Mother Moon, I love that you have been out in the garden checking on your plants. I am afraid to check for fear I will start poking around and cause more harm than good (as you said) and so I just look from afar.
Glad to read you here today, Oma Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

I hope you have a very pleasant weekend too ;o) I look outside, with the thick snow and wonder how the plants survive? It's amazing! I to want to jump out there and pay them a visit ;o)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Happy March to you, as well. Wishing you warm weather and beautiful spring flowers...soon, I hope!

Rue said...

Finally getting a chance (on a VERY early Sunday morning,) to settle in with a nice cup of coffee and read up on what I've missed in blogland. Can I just say how happy I am to see your lovely presence here again?! Hugs & green Spring blessings to you!