Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Forever Entwined–A Love Story

imagesCADKH1AKOnce a bard by the name of Phelim was blessed with the birth of a daughter. Her name was Deidre.  At the time of her birth, a wise druid foretold that the child would grow to be beautiful beyond compare.  Her beauty would be such, that wars would eventually be fought over her and death would come to many.
When hearing the words that were said by the druid, many in the surrounding area began to believe that death to the child soon and quickly would be the best resort.  Then there would be no way that the future could come to pass.  Yet Conor MacNess, King of Ulster, would not hear of such a happening.  He took the child and swore to marry her when she became of age.  She would be forever hidden from the world to avoid the prophecy coming to pass.
King Ulster bid the care of young Deidre to Lavercham, an old nurse that was in the kingdom.  He would visit Deidre from time to time.  As she grew it was quite obvious that she was indeed beautiful.  As time came near for her to wed King Ulster, she confided in her nurse that she longed for a younger man, as King Ulster was much her senior.
deidre and naoiseThus Lavercham became her link to the outside world and soon her link to Naoise.  Naoise was one of the three sons of Usna and himself was quite handsome.  Their love grew strong and quickly.  Because young love is forever spontaneous, they fled to Scotland where they were to be protected by Naoise other two brothers.  They lived in peace there for many years.  But all good things do end and there was a prophecy to fulfil.
King Conoro was by no means happy when Deidre had fled in the night.  For although he was acting out of the kindness of his heart in the beginning when he saved the young child, he had grown to desire Deidre more and more as she grew.  Her beauty had surely captivated him and he could not stand to have her as his wife.  Through cunning ways he managed to entice them to return to Ireland.
As foretold war began and blood was spilt.  The three sons of Usna were slain.  This in turn left Deidre at the mercy of King Conoro, which was exactly as he had planned.  For a year and one day Deidre lived with King Conoro.  Yet in this time she never spoke one word nor did she ever smile. 
imagesCAHXCM6TAt the end of a year and one day, she committed suicide.  From her place of burial, a Yew tree sprouted growing to the heavens, its branches hanging low to the ground as if to weep.  The branches were said to have twined and spread across the country side eventually finding what they sought, the grave of her beloved Naoise.  Twining themselves together as one they remained through time.


AkasaWolfSong said...

How sad....

Magic Love Crow said...

This is very sad, but the ending is beautiful with the Yew Tree!