Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Yew and Fairy Realm

imagesCABMGA34A tradition is current in Mathavarn, in the parish of Llanwrin, and the Cantref  of Cyfeillioc, concerning a certain wood called Ffridd yr Ywen or the Forest of the Yew.  It is so called on account of the so called magical yew tree that grows exactly in the middle of the forest.  Under the tree there is a fairy circle called The Dancing Place of the Goblin.  There are several fairy circles in the Forest of the Yew, but the one under the yew tree in the middle has the legend connected with it. 

Many years ago two farm hands with the names of Twm and Iago journeyed to do a days work in the Forest of the Yew.  It was early in the afternoon when the forest began to fill with a thick mist.  The mist was so thick and blocked the sun to the point the young men thought that the sun was beginning to set, thus they prepared to journey home.  When they came to yew tree in the center of the forest, the mist was no longer there and the light of the sun had once again returned. 
fairy realmBelieving it was now too early too venture home they decided to lie beneath the great Yew tree and take a nap.  In time, Twm woke to find that Iago was no longer slumbering with him beneath the great yew.  Concluding that Iago had probably awaken before him and started his way home, Twm did likewise, having no reason to think different. 
As morning came and Twm went to fetch Iago for the next days work, he was perplexed to find that he was not there.  In fact he had not been seen since the previous day.  Being asked by several on the whereabouts of Iago, Twm finally admitted to their adventure the day before and how they had fallen asleep inside the fairy circle which lie beneath the great yew in the center of the forest.  They searched for days throughout the forest and the country side yet no sign of Iago could be found. 
Still wondering on the whereabouts of his friend as well as the stories that circled about the odd happenings in the forest, Twm decided to seek the advice of gwr cyfarwydd (a conjuror).  The man gave to Twm this advice and stressed that he follow it exactly.
Go to the same place where you and Iago had napped.  Return exactly one year from the time that he was last seen.  Make sure that it is the same day of the year and the same time of the day, yet do not step foot inside the fairy ring.  Stand on the border of the fairy ring and he will return with the fae to dance around the circle.  When he is close enough, grab hold of his hand and snatch him from the circle.
Twm did just this and rightfully so, Iago and the fairies came out and began to dance around the fairy ring.  As he circled near Twm, his hand was grabbed and Twm pulled him out. When questioned about his whereabouts and his slimmer look, Iago gave no information.  He only remembered his nap beneath the tree the year before.


AkasaWolfSong said...

What a delightful story Janie! :)

I love fairy rings...have seen very few true fairy rings in my day but the ones I have seen are truly magical. One right here in my home town was huge with great big button mushrooms in a perfect was only there for a day or so...the landowner mowed it down. I've often wondered if bad luck has followed them since then.
I'd be so afraid to do that as I so believe in the elementals!

Here's hoping and wishing you are having a joy-filled Mother's Day Sister Soul!!! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the story! One does have to watch out for fairy rings!

Judy said...

Be careful of the Fae...