Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Journey With the Yew

yew branch and berryI find it odd that in all my writings in regard to Celtic Tree Lore that I never dove deeper in to the incredible Yew.  Coming into my life last fall with such vigor, it made a point of gaining my attention.  Not in a quick manner, yet one which developed over time. Much like the Yew itself.

Morsel by morsel I learned of its beauty and wisdom.  Each time a piece was found I was eager to start searching for the next.  I eventually reached a point of almost craving its nourishment. Likewise a feeling of hunger would come if I waited too long to satisfy my cravings.  

ben and jettysDespite its warnings of toxicity in almost every manner, save its berry, I still could not keep myself from it.  It called me like that pint of Ben and Jerry's I keep hidden in the back of my freezer.  Knowing I should eat sparingly, yet finding it hard to control myself.
I promised to share some of my treats with friends and followers, thus here I am. I warn you though, a taste of such delicacies may capture your curious palate as well.  In the days to follow a morsel will be laid out for you.  Will you come casually at first, out of curiosity.  Only to find yourself waiting for the next plate to be set on the blogging table?  We will see.. My hope? You will do just that and when this series is complete you may find yourself missing your daily treat and even then yourself go and forage for your own tender morsels. 

Bon Appetit…..


AkasaWolfSong said...

Can't wait to see what I shall learn Janie...I'm sure it will be phenominal. :)

I've just moved geographically so I am trying to catch up with everyone's blogs...hope all is well in your world? Happy Belated Beltain by the way! :)

Enjoy your Spring Day...it's gorgeous here!

Sending much love to you and yours..

Magic Love Crow said...

My brother loves Ben and Jerry's!! I will be here for my daily treat ;o)