Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pink Moon of April

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. The wind blew somewhat yet that is simply Oklahoma, one gets used to it eventually. The wonderful thing is that as night begins to fall the wind usually diminishes and you are left with an enjoyable evening. Yesterday evening seemed to sit in perfect with this routine. I went out just as the sun was setting to put let Sunny & Sweetie into the garage for their nightly snooze. Yes, they are quite spoiled. Because of the occasional coyotes, I would much rather they spend a safe evening locked up in the garage then risk the possibility of being someone’s dinner. They do not mind it much either.

After they had been tucked in nicely I strolled around the yard at twilight. A wonderful time of the day. The moon was coming up in the East and although I knew that it would not reach its fullness until today, it still shone as if it were. I watched it for some time as it rose into the night’s sky giving its glow to the ground below. As day came to a close and night began, the whippoorwill began to sing its nightly song. The chill returned again without the warmth of the sun to help keep it away. Yet still it was difficult to pull myself away from the moment to return into the warmth of the house.

Today as the day began and the wind once more began with a vengeance, the quietness of last night is far away. The sun is full and with the stout south breeze that blows I know that the day will be a warm one. I am not sure that I will get much yard work done today, although I do need to. Vincent and I found a wonderful deal on some stone last weekend. The large pile that sits to the north of my house is calling to be used to line flower beds and more. I also have some new bedding plants that need to be planted as well as some excess seeds that I wish to sow. Although I have marigolds emerging everywhere it seems from the seeds I scattered last fall, I still have a multitude (2 gallon bags to be exact) that still need to be scattered. I am not sure if they will bloom as they are said to be an annual however the seeds that were tossed last fall have sprouted up nicely.

If by chance the winds prove to be too much to work outdoors today I can always return into the house and do several things. I have the finishing touches on the baby blanket for Nathan that I truly need to finish before I go out to Tennessee after the first of the month. I have a book that I have been reading that I just have a bit more to read until it is finished. I also have the experiements with the new recipes I have been trying out lately that I can always play with. So I do not have to worry about finding something to do.

Once again this evening I am sure I will once again venture outside as the day ends to catch a glimpse of the moon as she climbs the night sky in all her glory. The full moon of April is referred to as the growing moon or sometimes the pink moon. It is a name given because of the pink flowers that fill the meadows in spring, although here in Oklahoma they are mainly yellow and orange. Because of the many willows that inhabit my land and my love of the full moon, I am strongly considering creating a Moon Circle. Already I know the perfect place for it. Another item to place on my to do list. It is amazing how that list never seems to shorten although I am constantly completing tasks.

Be sure to venture outdoors yourself this evening and take a moment to enjoy the Moon as she shows herself in full form. Enjoy her beauty and the peace she brings. Blessings


Born of Fire said...

I hope you enjoy your evenings as I have already set aside wood for a fire and am planning to spend a good portion of the night outdoors.. The infamous to do lists.. It is true they rarely shorten.. Unless your like me and tend to put a reminder at the bottom to burn list in case of frustration..

mxtodis123 said...

We've got a lovely day here, too. A little breezy and cool, but just perfect. I'm looking forward to spending in a little time in my back yard tonight. Looks like the moon will be visible.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

We too love to watch the moon, but I don't like the effects on people during the full moon. It just brings out the crazies in us all!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Thank you for the moon reminder and featuring my blog (I love that cornflower). I was just out in the garden, pulling weeds, listening to the birds and my chimes blowing in the wind. I think everyone had a windy day today.

Judith said...

sounds sooooo relaxing!

Dede said...

I so hope that you get to spend the day doing your yard work. Lucky you to have found a deal on stones. Still waiting on my deal. The moon was gorgeous, so bright. George and I went for a long walk, it was wonderful, Doc thought so too. Wishing you a day of productive yard work.


Toni aka irishlas said...

It was a beautiful moon and I soaked up every second of her that I could! To me, there is nothing like the stillness of the night lit by moonshine. It a small bit of piece left in our chaotic world.
Have a wonderful weekend.