Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekly Featured Blog - Raven Moon Magic

You may have noticed a new entry to the right for my weekly featured blog.  If you haven't I would suggest that you take a look.  I found Sheree's site - Raven Moon Magic a while back.  My favorite part about it is the wonderful photographs she displays.  I love how she tells her stories as much with photos as she does with words.  Her eye for a great picture is fantastic.  Plus being in New Zealand, she has some breathtaking views to share.

She also has a must see Esty Shop - Monsheshe.  This is a treasure I only recently visited yet have already purchased a gift for my daughter from her.  She is quite talented in her creations. I am always looking for things that are unique.  I simply love her Paper Moon items.  Check them out when you have some free time.  I think you will agree with me on all counts. 


sheree said...

Well isnt this a nice surprise xxx thankyou so much, and thankyou so much for your purchases.
I love passing on my treasures, and I must also mail you a photo of 'the start of an adventure'
thankyou so much again