Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Virtual Reality - Which Is It

Last week while skimming through the many blogs I follow,  I came across a quote that was exactly what I needed to hear at the moment. It remained with me for several days and thus I decided to ponder into it deeper and share it also, as it is something that I think we can never hear too often.

"By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have on others, and the nature of the experiences of your life."
Gary Zukov--From "Seat of the Soul"

I have always been the type of person that seems to feel more than I wish to. Sometimes unfortunately I tend to forget this and allow the outside to meld with my own feelings and then become overwhelmed. It can be a confusing thing. Experiencing feelings of sadness and anger and not necessarily knowing why. It took me some time before I began to fully understand the whole process. Funny but the same person who showed me this quote was also the one who led me to a place where I could understand it more. Fate perhaps?

I think often we do not realize the impact that we may have on others. I have learned to often that there is always someone who is watching you whom you know nothing about. Yet to them you are a model, an example. Unfortunately also there are times when we are a bad example or model with never even realizing. Does this make us responsible? That is for the individual to answer. Yet it should make one think a bit before they say or do some things.

I know that it is impossible to be so cautious that we keep ourselves from partaking in the opportunities that life gives us on a daily basis. We cannot always second guess a reaction from someone which we may not be able to fully explain or understand. Each person is doing the same thing and thus there is always the chance for some form of confusion, especially if the issue is not dealt with. Yet still I wonder what my light looks like. I try to respond rather than react. Of course being human I do not always complete this act with the perfection that I may wish to, yet still the effort is there. Yet what is it they say of good intentions?

One can but do their best and each one of us is on a different journey. Although blogland brings us together in so many ways it also hinders us. We have the wonderful opportunity to let ourselves out via the written word and those who venture by can read and respond if they so wish. Many think that only those with kind words will speak yet there are also those who have differencing opinions. Sometimes the words or views they give are not what we may want to hear. Because we are not face to face sometimes it is much easier for one to give this different light. We cannot meet for lunch or afternoon tea and chat about the weather or the happenings of our families. We do not share the difficult times as easily as we do the uplifting. Thus sometimes we do not realize when one may be in a point in their lives where they truly do need a friend.

It is this fact that makes me feel so strongly about the quote above. Our lives are no longer restricted to an occasional visit or phone call. Many if any still send a written letter. The internet has become our favored vehicle of communication. Although it opens for us the opportunity to so many other people that we would never have had the chance to encounter before; it also takes the personal touch away. We are restricted to interpreting what is said simply by our own means. No tone of voice is heard, no facial expressions. This leaves the door wide open for misinterpretation.

Maybe it is just the older part of me speaking out. I miss the smiles that a friend brings when they visit. I miss the hugs when they say good bye. I know that it is a sign of the times yet sometimes I wish that technology had not evolved so well. I have met some truly wonderful people via my blog, don’t get me wrong. There are so many who have touched me in ways that have really changed me. I would never want to change this fact for anything. Yet I do wish I could sit and have tea with some, laugh till I cried with some, and just enjoy the gifts that real life brings.

PS: Thanks Mary


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, you have really made me think this morning. I, too, miss sitting with friends, sharing stories, laughing until you cry. The age of computers have brought about so many changes in our lives. I wonder what grandma would have thought.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I so hear what you are saying Mother Moon...it is a conundrum in our busy, tech led lives.
I was just answering a blog about this last week where we were talking about pen-pals and how nice it is to receive a written letter in the mail versus the internet. It is the very same thing in essence. We crave for the personal touch that is weaved through all of it.
While I adore my online friends, and treasure the time I spend online as a spiritual connection for myself, I like you would much rather hear the phone ring with the voice of a friend asking me to lunch or inviting someone in for the afternoon or evening of dining, talking, and doing. Somehow I hold the hope that one day in the future we will go back to those days of beauty and simplicity and treasure the human experience once again.
Thank you for a great share this morning...
And many blessings To You!

Wendilea said...

You must have been reading my thoughts of late. I too miss doing lunch, having girls night out etc., but it seems that no one has the time to get together anymore... if it wasn't for Facebook and Blog world I would feel completely isolated. It seems Future Shock is here now and I suppose we may well adapt, however there is no harm in longing for those days of the huggable human touch. Brightest blessings and cyber hugs!

Scented Leaf said...

Many thanks for your idea.
You make me think about the technology impact in "quality of our life": can be a livesaver or can be a feelings killer. We love to find ways to control uncertainties from Nature and nanotechnologies help us to do this. We analise beyond feelings the most common problems associated with everyday reasoning. But if you want to recall and share memories and to feel love and carry around you, you should passsed contemporary impersonally tech issues - and find a truly friend.
Your final paragraf is really great and very suggestive - you impressed me with the description about techology paradox in our real lives.

RA said...

Yes, yes! on of the special things cyber relations can never offer is just sitting quietly with a friend. No words, no sounds. Just sitting there and enjoying each other's company. Truly priceless. :)

Dede said...

I still make time with my friends, just not as much as we once use to have. That's just the crazy busy world we are living in. I remember when someone told me when computers first came out,"they are going to save us so much time." I remember thinking save us so much time doing what? And now to think about not having one just to pay the bills on line, well it terrifies me. I do consider my blog buddies, most of them, friends. Still writing letters the old fashioned way, pen, pretty paper and a stamp, yep I do. I have blog friends all around the world, that couldn't have happened without cyberspace. Wishing you a wickedly wonderful week of gardening! and an extra treat for Winston.


Bogaman said...

On the quote: Cognitive thought and psychology, a grand idea. But sometimes hard to put into practice.
Up close and peronal IS the best way to relate and communicate. No doubt about that.
The cyber world has it's +'s and -'s. Some get so envolved in it they forget how to socailize in person. And some young people never learn how to. X.

JoyceAnn said...

Really enjoyed reading that quote , sometimes we need reinforcement and I needed to hear those words. Thanks for sharing !

~ Happy Day Blessings ~

Rue said...

I used to have penpals. Real live friends who I used to go to school with who would write each month or so. Now, we exchange quick notes at Christmas and that is about all.

I miss hand-written letters too. I used love paper stores and shop for pretty lined pages to write on. Sigh.

Lys said...

Beautiful text... we should take the best of both worlds!