Monday, May 24, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Magical Attributes of the Hawthorne

any magical attributes are connected with the Hawthorne tree. Its connection and uses during Beltane were discussed earlier in regards to the Maypole as well as its connection with the faery folk. Medicinally parts of the Hawthorne can be used to treat such ailments as hypertension and heart problems. Such medicine is derived from the leaves and fruit of the tree. May blossom wine can also be created by the blossoms of the tree. This was more than likely a popular concoction during Beltane as the blossoms of the Hawthorne are said to be highly erotic to the male gender. 

In regards to the performance of magic, it is said that a wand made from the wood of a Hawthorne will hold great power. The Hawthorne is said to be the tree from which magical powers enter the manifest world from beyond lending to the belief that such a wand would hold much power.  Such a wand is used for strengthening ones own magical powers as well as for protection and cleansing.

The Hawthorne is also considered a guardian which stands between the realms. It holds connection with the wee folk and is said to be a means of entry into the faery realm. Sprigs from a Hawthorn tree were often given to children as they slept as a means of protection. It was used as the wood for funeral pyres also. It was thought that as the wood burned the souls would escape through the thorns making their way to heaven. Likewise it is often used in spells regarding communication with those who have passed.
The Hawthorne is said to hold the power and attributes of cleansing, defensive protection, family, fertility, happiness, marriage, prosperity, purity, reconciliation, and wisdom. Thus it can be used in any spell with such holds such a theme. Its white or pink flowers which appear May through June as well as the red fruit which appears in Autumn can all be used. Other names for the Hawthorne are May, Maybush, Quickthorn, Whitethorn, or Haw bush.