Monday, February 14, 2011

Musical Mondays - There Is Going To Be An Uprising

For a while I have toyed with the idea of somehow incorporating music into my blog.  To be honest I thought seriously about creating a completely new blog yet the more I pondered on this idea the more I thought to myself I did not have the time to give it.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and already with my sluggish ways the last couple months, I am being a bit hard on myself.  Thus I came up with the idea of Musical Mondays. 

I am always amazed at how powerful music can be.  It has the ability to say so much to so many and often different messages.  A good example of this is the song I have chosen as my first post.  I am sure many of you watched the Grammys last night.  I will be honest and admit that the only reason I was adamant on seeing them was that I knew Muse would be performing and rarely do I miss a chance to see them.  I was not exactly planning on doing a Muse song as my first entry as it is Valentines Day and I would think that a song of love would be a bit more appropriate.  Yet to tell the truth I am not much in a Valentine mood today and after I heard the bit that Glenn Beck did today on Muse:  Well lets just say that I had to take up for my boys. 

I know that I do not speak much on politics here at Mother Moon and that is mainly because it can cause a bit of a stir sometimes.  Yet there are moments when I feel that I must speak and lets just say this is defiantly one of them.  I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not nor will I ever watch Glenn Beck on Fox news.  I find his approach to "news" to be over melodramatic and a joke.  Yet when I was looking online today for any entries on Muse's performance last night a blimp on Beck's opinion was one I came upon.

Muse performed their song "Uprising" which speaks about the need and urgency for people (not just Americans) to stand up for what is right and just, especially when the "government" of the said country is not playing straight.  It is the perfect song for any revolution to have as their fight song. It speaks of  disgust with the strong arm of any government or bully trying to control the "little people".

What miffed me about Beck was his comparison in earlier times (about a year ago when the song first came out) of Muse and the Tea Party.  After he viewed their performance last night on the Grammys I guess they did not live up to the squeaky image he thought they should have.  My first thought was haven't you seen or heard these guys before.  One: I doubt they would appreciate being linked with the Tea Party and especially not with Beck himself as I would think he represents something they speak of so often in their politically charged songs.  Beck stated that unlike the Tea Party who wishes to restore the system, Muse calls for a revolution to take over the system. 

A fair assumption I guess, equating the song with the thought of revolution.  However, using Egypt as an example, they somewhat brought forth a peaceful revolution (as peaceful as they could) and in the end their government is in the process of restoration. 

Isn't that what restoration is?  If something has been built on for so long in a unstable manner, isn't it best if it is torn down at least to the solid foundation and rebuilt so that it will continue to grow in a healthy manner.  I could go on and on in regards to Beck and those similar who love to spout lots of pretty words and make references to things and color them so that those who do not know any better think they are so wonderful and true.  The ones who cry as if they are truly touched by the need to educate America on what we need to do to be the country that our fore fathers intended;  when in truth they really just want everyone to look to them as the savior. 

I am all for standing up for what is right, for allowing everyone to have a voice and also helping everyone to understand.  I have a problem with media who continues to pump forward a message that is created by few facts and largely by how they think it should be interpreted. 

 The "real truth" :  is it possible to really find it anywhere?  I do not know anymore.  I have found that reading all perspectives somehow helps to give one a rounded view and allows one to come to their own conclusion.  Yet even with that one does not know for sure if that is even right.  We can not simply go by what one view states.  We have to listen to all the voices and in the end allow our own hearts and own minds to come up with what we feel is just and right. 

In fairness to all sides I have posted the link to The lyrics to Uprising as well as to a link to Glenn Beck and his view.  I believe everyone has a right to their opinion.  There is also a clip on Beck's link of Muse's performance last night.  If you did not get a chance to catch it, I would watch it as it was quite entertaining as always.

In closing I will admit that this was a bit of a thorn in my side and something that I felt I needed to air.  I have never been much of a Fox News fan and well I guess the mother hen took over when they started to mess around with my boys.  Yet one of the biggest reasons I enjoy Muse so much is the passion that they integrate into their music.  Not only can it be heard musically via the wonderful craftsmanship of the musicians, it is also heard in the the powerful lyrics that they join with it.  Uprising is one of those songs that no matter what the cause one may be fighting for it makes you want to jump up and keep going until you reach the goal you are pursuing. 


nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

Question Israel with boldness.
Question 9/11 with boldness.
Speak without fear.
Hold to the truth.
~ Glenn Beck

mxtodis123 said...

Happy Valentine's Day my friend. Hope you had a wonderful day. Mine was so great that I am now heading off to bed with a tummy ache. This will teach me to have more willpower, but heck, Valentine's Day comes once a year.

AkasaWolfSong said...

You know Janie...I love it when spiritual people can stand up for what they believe their ideologies in a succint manner. You have done that. I too agree with you wholeheartedly and I'm going to leave it at that.
I can see why you love The Muse...those are some very powerful lyrics! I pray when the time is right Americans can finally stand up for what they feel is right...without fear.
Happy Valentine's Day Dear Heart! Bless you for speaking your truth!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What an amazing post. Muse is one of my favorite bands. Glenn Beck - my feelings about him shall be left unsaid. I didn't realize they appeared on the Grammys (I never watch them any more) and I'm sorry I missed it. You are right that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for offering a view of both sides. Theresa