Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Difference a Week Can Make

Last week at this time, although I was feeling quite under the weather we were enjoying a wonderful day of mid 70 degree weather.  I could see the signs of spring everywhere from the subtle nudges of the budding trees to the melodic songs of the birds as they lazily perched on their branches soaking up the warmth. 

What a difference a week can make.  I managed to drag myself out the following Monday to the doctor as the impending winter storm to come had me quite worried that if I did not I would be stuck inside with my massive sinus headache for the time the storm and any remnants it brought remained.  I was lucky I had as I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given adequate meds to keep me busy for the next few days. 

Although I did not feel much like doing anything I managed to gas my car up and purchase the necessities I might need if by the chance the ice storm they warned about was to hit. 
*  Salt to melt any ice that may cover my porch so that I would not fall and bust my butt. 
*  Extra water just in case the pipes burst from the below 0 zero temps that we were to have
*  Extra food - as I knew that there was a good possibility I would be stranded for a few days

I checked my post box as I thought it may be a few days before I was able to get into town and do it.  I was greeted with a wonderful surprise from Faerie Moon Creations ; A pair of earrings that I simply had to have had arrived.  A nice little bright spot in my day. 

My oldest son arrived at my home early afternoon to help me out with the chores that were just a bit to cumbersome to manage in my condition.  He filled up the generator with gas and moved it to a suitable position for me to use it if I did lose electricity in the coming days.  He carried the salt and water I had purchased earlier into the house.  Best of all he sat with me for a couple hours and just visited.  We shared an enjoyable visit over coffee and soon he was off and I was left to wait for the storm to arrive.

As evening fell the sleet began to fall.  For a good two hours it hit the windows and tinkled on the vent over the stove.  I welcomed its sounds as it was better than the ice that had previously been fore casted and which I had feared.  It is always hard to see the trees and such covered with a thickness of ice that makes them bend and too often break under its weight.  Shortly after 11 pm the snow began to fall and it was silent.  I went to bed shortly thereafter.

The next morning when I awoke the snow was still falling and the winds had joined in.  Gusts of 45 to 60 could be heard howling outside.  Glancing outside and in spots seeing the dried grass of our yard I did not think we had received too much snow yet as I observed more I realized that it was drifting quite well in places, especially behind my car.

Although the weather was frightful Winston still had to occasionally go outside and do his duty.  Being the lab he is he simply loved the cold and snow that was falling.  He would dart out the door, almost falling from the slickness that was on the back steps. Like a kid on Christmas he bounded across the yard trying to place his paws in each part of snow that had accumulated.  Yet the wind brought with it funny sounds and strange scents that brought him back inside quickly. 

Vincent finally arrived home early morning.  The roads had not been as bad where he came from yet as he arrived home he stated that we were definitely getting more than most.  I started a pot of chicken soup and we settled in for the day until the storm had passed.

When it was over we received 11 inches with drifts 4 to 5 feet.  My car is still snowed in and I have not left the house except once when Vincent and I ventured out on Wednesday to replenish my bird seed supply.  Yesterday as the temperatures warmed I realized that a small pipe had busted and the plumber was called early to fix it.  Feeling much better I cleared the three foot snow drifts from my back porch and made sure that a heat lamp was placed under the house where the break had occurred.  I filled the empty bird feeders which I have to say made the bird estactic.  A chore I can already see I will have to repeat again today. 

We received an additional 2-3 inches of snow yesterday yet it was a quiet gentle snow which I simply enjoyed.  Again this evening they say we may receive a bit more then one more blast next week. 

It seems like the last 7 days have been more.  So much has occurred.  You would think that being home and unable to go anywhere I would have been able to catch up on reading past blogs (which I have some) and been able to write everyday.... Yet it was Wednesday until I really felt back to myself and then I had to try and catch up on back housework. 

Imbolc came and gone and I am not even sure if the groundhog saw his shadow.  Today once again the sun is shining and it is the first day since last Saturday that we are to get above freezing.  I am looking forward to the slow thaw that it will aid in.  I intend to go and shovel a path to the garage as well as to the driveway.  The drift behind my car.... I am not sure what I will do about it.  A neighbor has promised to try and come over with his tractor and move some if time permits. 

I know that our winter plight is far from some that many of you have experienced.  Ours has only been one week where many of you have had this going on for months now.  So I will cease with my whining.  To those of you who are still under your piles of snow and those of you who still have more to come I send warm wishes and hopes that spring will soon decide to return to us again to melt the coldness that winter has so willingly shared with so many this year.  I wish also for the tender greenness to return the warmth that is so spring to slowly come back. The days are slowly lengthening and such signs are slowly becoming more evident.  Although many of us sit under a blanket of white Spring is close by just waiting to come forth. 

Hope all of you have a very blessed weekend.  Stay warm and go Green Bay. 


Linda in New Mexico said...

Wow, so much has happened to and around in you in a week. I am glad you are getting better. Glad you had the help to get ready for the storm. Unfortunately, we are to get more Sun and then again on Weds. I remember last year we all were talking up the spring and how I loved the old woman winter....well she's a mean old broad this year and I think it's time for her to go....just saying.
Stay well, warm and aren't dogs funny about scooping it all up??????? Ellie was so much shorter than the snow that feel but she was a "big dog"at heart....ate more than her fair share...tee hee. XOXO The Olde Bagg, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you are feeling a bit better. Sinus problems are no fun at all.
I love the bird pictures. Wish we had that wonderful red cardinal here in The Netherlands. Such a pretty bird.
I really like the earrings. They are beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill! At least you were able to make it to the doctor for the proper medications to help you feel better. :) What sweet birds who have come to visit you - I always enjoy watching the birds in the winter. So many different kinds to ooh and ahhh over. :) I hope you fare the stormy weather well. We still have an abundance of snow here. In fact, my hubby used his snow shoes to go clear the snow off the roof of the shed. He looked over at me from ABOVE the roof of the shed - he was standing upon a huge snow bank!!! Enjoy your earrings - I am thrilled you love them. :) Theresa

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't this a crazy winter? Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Good luck with the pipes and getting the car out. It's amazing how difficult this one storm has made it for so many people. Stay warm, and we'll hope the groundhog was correct in predicting an early spring!

Joane said...

A wonderful post (except about the part about you being sick). I just wrote a short post as well about the coming of spring. It's unusually warm here in California in the 70's maybe even in the 80's tomorrow.It'll be like this for a bit then go back to being cold. Crazy!!! Have a lovely weekend!

AkasaWolfSong said...

So happy to hear you've gotten meds to clear up that nasty sinus infection...they are so bothersome!

I was watching the weather channel for your neck of the woods as all the snow was plummeting down...we got 23 inches of snow here, give or take a few and drifts like yours. I woke up today to a few more and more is to come tomorrow. The sun has been shining off and on and this coming week the deep freeze again...

I'm glad you were able to get out and get your much needed items and then seek the safety net of home and hearth!

Keep safe and warm and give your furbaby a hug from me! I loved your photo's shared! :)

Happy Belated Imbolc Blessings!

the wild magnolia said...

Winter is keeping you busy. Very good son to help his Mom. This always impresses me! Preparations are always good, when we are lucky enough to have time to prepare!

I love to see the birds feasting during the dead of winter!...because of people such as yourself!