Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Mondays - Into The West

There are things through life that grasp us. They take hold of us in a manner that is hard to explain to those who do not have the wonder of experiencing them also.
To many these experiences are shared by many
yet to some they are shared by few.
In my opinion this makes the blessing even more special.
I have always been somewhat of a quiet person,
that is until of course you get to know me
 then some say I have a problem of not shutting up.
 This may be so, yet when it comes to myself and the life that surrounds me, I will admit that I do not share easily with those that I do not know well. I have become better at sharing my stories and such yet still the feeling that I may be looked upon as slightly daft lingers in the back of my mind.
I will say though that as I grow older in years,
this worry about what the others with differing opinions
may think of me grows less and less.
If only I would have known such wisdom
 when I was younger.
I would like to share some of myself with you today for Musical Mondays. Not that I do not share a little of myself with you each time I write,
it is just that today I may journey a bit deeper into the "real" me than I usually do.
I hold great belief and respect for that which the average man sometimes dismisses
due to lack of evidence or just the fear
that some may laugh at him because he claims to believe in something that most do not.

The Lord of the Rings is one of those things that touches me in such a manner. Yes I know it is a book written by Tolkien and it is said that it represents the world wars and such. Yet it is hard for me to believe that Tolkien being of the heritage and influence that he was did not have some feelings towards the unseen and that which is not fully known.
My favorite and perhaps most sad part of the story is when the time of man comes and the time of the elves and others comes to a close. Why is it that the two can't coincide together. The wisdom of the ones prior is so deep and so unlike the wisdom of man.
 Man wishes to build and grow and prosper
and does not seem to be satisfied or happy
 unless he does this.
Often in his quest
 he loses sight of what he may be damaging
in order to gain his prize.
Whereas the others
 think first of simplicity and the old ways.
Progress (or what is interpreted as such)
 is not always a good thing.
Take technology for instant.
We have become so consumed
 with possessing the latest gadgets to get us "connected"  
that we have forgotten the simply joys of life.
For some time I worried
about the fact that I did not "fit in".
 This is not longer a concern, at least not as big of one.
 I now count myself as blessed
to be able to still see the beauty of little things
 and the wisdom that many have to give us.
It can at times be a bit of a solitude life.
I am blessed beyond words to be able to live it.
I may not be in the fastest lane of life
but I most definitely am in
 one of the most scenic.

Today's song is "Into the West" by Annie Lennox. Annie has a way of putting such expression into any piece she presents and this is no exception.
 The lyrics can be found on my Musical Monday page.
Take a quiet moment to sit back.
 Close your eyes and simply experience.
Although it is a song which speaks of an end
it also speaks of another beginning.
Yet isn't that what each end really is;
 the beginning of something else.
Enjoy and remember:
it is still the simple little things
 that make this world keep turning.


Robin Larkspur said...

What a beautiful post!! Your words ring true for me, too. And I do so love listening to and seeing images of the most beautiful story that Tolkien wrote. Middle Earth, oh to live there.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now I want to watch all the LOTR DVDs again!

Lorena G. Sims said...

Very good post, thank you for sharing. In some ways, I can relate and I'm still not over the worries of what others may think about me.

Kristen said...

Oh WOW what a post! Breathing....Thank you!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What an amazing and beautiful post! I am sort of the same as you - somewhat guarded unless I know someone really well. Then, I am open and loyal. My hubby has read Lord of the Rings 13 times. I had read The Hobbit. But seeing the films was amazing for me, in many respects. Sad and also so beautiful and moving. Theresa

JoyceAnn said...

Thanks for sharing this about yourself , you could have been writing this about me except for the LOTR stuff. I've never seen the movies. I know that the older I become , the less I want to fit into main stream society.

~ Blessings ~

Linda in New Mexico said...

psssssst. your missed at the garden sweet lady. TOB There's a fairy pirate uprising and we're thinking of redoing the joint. tee hee