Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Did You Survive

For those of you who didn’t know, yesterday was Blue Monday.  Yes it was suppose to be the most depressing day of the year. 


Why you might ask? Well they say it falls right about the time when those who make new year resolutions fall off the wagon .  Exactly the reason I do not make any.  It is hard enough trying to stay up day to day with myself.  I do not need any added feats or hoops to jump through, especially those that I may put there for not really good reason.  Next it is also about the time that many are starting to receive all those reminders of the monies owed due to their Christmas spending.  Exactly the reason that I try and spread my shopping out through out the year.  In fact believe it or not I have already purchased a couple for this coming Christmas.  I also believe in home made gifts for Christmas. Something I also have major plans for this coming year.   And lastly, because it is a time when most of us have been stuck inside due to frigid temperatures and/or never ending inches of snow.  Something we have yet to see here around me this year. 


Needless to say I am not one who believes in Blue Monday.  I think ones day is exactly what one makes of it.  Yes there can always be trials and such that are staring us smack in the face.  Things that we can not avoid no matter how far under our covers we crawl or how many shots of tequila we consume.  Yet even with muck up to my ears I know that contentment is possible.  No I am not saying that I enjoy it 24/7 but I do know that one can make a situation lots worse simply with an attitude.  Like wise one can make it so much better simply with an attitude.  That being said I hope that this is the first you have heard about the dreaded blue Monday and that yesterday was a wonderful day.  And if by chance it wasn’t, there is always today to make it better. 


Have a blessed day.


brandi said...

~even though they are confused by such weather...a beautiful sight your columbine are...up until the other day our wee littlest was left ever so confused by mother nature...what happened to winter mama...it looks like spring! i shared with him all in good time mother nature will give us a glimpse of winter days to come...and sure enough...snow is falling as i type! much love light and blessings my dear friend~

Teresa said...

It truly has been a strange winter. We've had the roller coaster up and down as well. I, too, have thought a lot about where Nature is leading us.

AkasaWolfSong said...

So true Janie...I too watch Mother Earth and Father Sky for their signs...it is the only truth I can hold onto it seems. The earth never lies.

I wish for you a blessed day as well Janie...it is warmer than normal here and I am washing curtains and windows. Doing a bit at a time for the spring thaw that will surely come. We really aren't all that far away from it now.

Enjoy your Dear Sister! :)
Much Love and Big Hugs!

Leigh said...

Well, human nature just likes things complicated. I think too, that human nature wants to see self as smarter than the natural creation. Seems like man is trying to re-create his own world, through genetic modification, cloning, weather control and the like. Can't say I have any faith in that outcome.

Anonymous said...

We have been having strange weather here also. We have been very warm this winter...for Minnesota that is :) We have now started getting more seasonal temps. I must admit that I am happy about this. I love curling up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea and a throw. It's just something that I love to enjoy in winter.
Your photo was so pretty but spring and summer aren't that far away. Then it will be another of my favorite times of year because I can walk thru my woods and enjoy the aroma of the earth and the vegetation.
I believe that I enjoy something about each season.
Nice post~~~

Natalie said...

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Thank you and the picture of the blue flowers are beautiful.

Brianne said...

Well, if there is only ONE Blue Monday, then we are on our way to a good year. I don't make trite New Year's Resolutions either. But there is a time of year that has reflection of wanted action. Like yoga, our actions - our life - should be lived each moment with right intention. It sounds like you are on a good way. Journey Joyfully. Peace. Brianne