Monday, July 18, 2011

As The Wheel Turns

Balance, according to Webster is mental and emotional steadiness. Although I do not feel that I have gone off the deep end, I do not feel like I have been very balanced as of late.

After my birthday last year, I had grand plans of all the things I wanted to accomplish and the manner in which I would do just that. Of course there is still a few more months left for me to chip away at the list I created, yet the lack of enthusiasm I have had as of late has not helped matters much. As many of us know when we plan to do something so many times something always seems to come up and "change" things.

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

Robert Burns

 So with that being said I guess I am in good company and should not be too hard on myself. Most definitely this year has turned out to be much different than I had expected it to be. Not necessarily in a bad way just in a different manner. It has taught me lessons and helped me to lose a little of my controlling nature. Something that I guess I needed to work on a bit. A good life lesson is always welcomed, although the tough ones sometimes make me whine a bit. Yet as I look around there has been difference in many areas of life. From the weather to politics there are times when I want to just throw up my hands and say what in the world is going on. Yet the wheel continues to turn as it always does and will. Change is something that will always be among us no matter how much we may cuss it or wish it away

Change is inevitable, growth is intentional

Glenda Cloud

Change is what makes us who we are. How it comes and how we choose to deal with it is what is most important. Do we react or do we respond? Reaction is sudden and often from our emotions. Such times are usually the ones we wish we could go back and change given the chance. The sudden release of intense emotions often feels good initially yet later we see the folly in our actions. Responding is often done over a longer period of time. We consider all that is involved and although we may not make the best decision the one that is eventually made is often a much clearer one.
Be yourself
I know from experience that reacting is usually not the best thing to do. Sitting back and thinking over all the options and all the feelings involved will bring one to a much better conclusion. Thus with this recent change I sit back and try not to over think the situation. I look at the opportunities that have come my way in place of those I had planned on and see that there were other things that needed to be tended to first. I also am able to see the additional blessings that have come my way on this different road. So many times when things do not go our way we jump to all the bad things about the situation and forget to look for the good that may have come from it. I have learned there is always some good in bad things. It may be hard to see let alone accept, yet it is there.
July is almost over and soon the Autumn will come. The circle will have taken its course and all that was to happen will have come to pass. We may not think that it was as it should be yet in its own way it will have been just as it should have been.

Blessings to you and yours
Mother Moon


Kristen said...

Oh what an insightful post. Yes the wheel keeps going whether we want it to or not and we just have to adapt. You know the drill though I am here for those times you need to react but not in the direction it should go because you know better. LOL Some times it's great to have friend that do not judge.

Elle said...


Mama L said...

I too am experiencing the same things in my life. You put in so lovely in your post. I have to learn that it is ok to let go a bit and that some one other than me is in charge and she knows what she is doing. I feel so guilty when I start to second guess myself. Learning to follow your path it not an easy task, but it is good to know your not alone either. Blessings