Friday, July 29, 2011

Living In The Moment

Another week has past.  The events that came to each of us these last days were unique in their own way.  Although some of them may reoccur in the future, they will not be as they were this last week.

I often think about the chances that come to us each day.  The ones that we allow to go to the side and not act upon the opportunity that may be offered to us.  I know that in most cases it is impossible to act upon all such times that may come our way.  Yet I wonder at times if the ones that I do allow to go untouched were ones that possibly could have brought me an extra special blessing.  Some may say that such a wonder is a form of regret and I guess that in some way it is.  Yet each day as we venture out on our daily life we choose the events that we partake in or avoid.  It is in the question as to why we join in a cause or why also we may quietly walk by hoping that no one notices.


Sometimes our reasons are good ones.  At other times we justify the reason so that we can avoid and not feel too bad for doing so.  As I crawl out of the hole I feel I have resided in for the last few months, I wonder about all the opportunities I may have allowed to go by the wayside.  I wonder about the revelations and the blessings that I may have missed because I did so.  I am careful not to be too hard on myself as I also know that in doing what I did, I may have also avoided things that could have brought me the very opposite.


As the year winds down and the autumn calls off in the distance, I am only now coming out of my hibernation.  It may prove to be a very interesting time.  I have missed the interaction with the blogworld and am happy to be back.  Yet I know that there are other things that call me as well.  Although I felt that I reclused myself these last few months, in my own way I made my own choices.  It was a choice of subtle seclusion and retrospect.  Sometimes the times that comes to one can not be avoided and although we may wish to take a different path we are somewhat herded down the one we would not have necessarily chosen.  These times can be blessings as well.  It all depends on our attitude and how open we keep our heart and eyes as we travel down it.


Although at times I have questioned the why of a choice I may have made, in most cases I see the reasoning eventually.  Maybe not immediately or even shortly after, it comes to me in time.  What did I learn from my latest journey?  So far the lessons that have come are those of realization; that as quickly as something comes it can also go.  It are the moments of now that matter the most.  It is not the pain or joy one gains from looking at the past that is most important.  It is not the anticipation of what could possibly be that one feels as they gaze into the future.  The past will forever keep us in its grasp if we live only in it.  The future will bring us nothing if we gaze only at the possibilities and attempt nothing to reach the goal.  But the present… It is a means to have it all.  In the present we can deal with the happenings of the past and resolve the pain that may have been there and hold precious all the joys.  We can plan and act upon the path to reach the dreams we may have for the future and eventually in time reach the destination we desire.  It is in the present that we hold all of time and the power to manipulate it in the palm of our hand.


Mother Moon


Amanda said...

I am stopping by, I used to read your blog a lot last year but I stopped pressuring myself to choose a religion and thus backed away from some of my most favored witchy blogs.

I have since learned much about my own spirituality and I started a new blog to help to motivate others.

Your post hits my day perfectly, there are no coincidences, so thank you. I seized an opportunity and was rewarded. I just blogged about it.

I used to be Iris Awakened, and you sent me such pretty cards, thank you for all of the help you have given others, you are very kind and caring.

Hooray for perception shifts and winds of change, I hope your awakening is beautiful!


On Fragile Wings said...

Sometimes, seclusion is necessary. It becomes a chance for introspection. A breath of silence in an
all too fast world...

Welcome home.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

It is good sometimes to step back and reevaluate things. It refreshes the soul - recent changes in my life have had me taking stock and working to get my life back where it belongs. Thank you for sharing your soul here.

Air Purifier said...

It's hard to live in the moment sometimes. It's really about balance... learning from your past but not getting stuck there and planning for your future but not reaching so far that you never get there. Thanks for the words of encouragement.