Saturday, July 16, 2011


Good Saturday morning. The hot summer sun has risen to begin yet another wonderful day we have here on this big ball we call home. Because of mother earth's desire to give us a "hot" summer this year, I have already been up and done my daily yard work before the crack of dawn. One nice thing is that I do not need to mow as often as in previous years. I still have my little green sanctuary down under the tree house, where I water on a regular basis to keep at least a little corner of my world lush and green. The birds and other animals seem to appreciate the effort as well. They delight in their early morning baths to wash the dust from them as they play beneath the sprinkler and the cool welcomed water. The neighborhood bunny has also found me and has made my spot a stop on his morning jaunt. Green grass is hard to find this year and I have a special little patch that I keep a bit tall just for him.

I do miss the usual time I would spend working in the yard tending to all my areas, yet it is meant to be hot this year with little rain from the sky so I will search for the other things that life has for me to mull over. Last night I did venture out as well as the night before and gaze upon the beautiful full moon. The heat did make the sky a bit hazy yet she was quite beautiful as she rose last night. It never ceases to amaze me how she takes my breath away each time she comes out in all her glory. I love the glow she casts across the night. Natures night light.

As I sit here and comment on the intense heat that we have experienced (25 days of 100 plus temperatures) there are many who are dealing with an abundance of rain. The news last night reported cities in the north plains who were dealing with heavy floods. Such extremes seem to be taking place in our world these days. Last February we broke a record with a record low temperature of -31. As compared with the many highs we have had thus far this summer. The temperature has reached anywhere from 105 to 118 depending on which part of the state you reside in. I cannot help but sense that mother nature is attempting to get our attention.

I will be honest and say that I do not know much in regards to all the theories that go around to explain such phenomenon yet still it seems that something is occurring. The true explanation may not be fully clear to us as of yet. That does not mean though that we should not take heed and listen to what may be being told to us through such actions.

I hope that whether it be intense heat (fire), an abundance of rain (water), violent storms (air), or earthquakes (earth), that this finds you well and in good spirits. I have missed being here on a daily or even weekly basis. Like the weather I have been a bit different this last few months. Once again as in previous recent posts I hope to be able to make a more frequent return as before. Til then may all you have a blessed weekend.


Gordon said...

Rain. And it does NOT find me well. Absolutely over London's radical interpretation of "Summer" this year.

*long sigh* heat would be good. Let's swap for a bit. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

So very much a Mother Moon thing to create and oasis for the neighborhood critters, in spite of heat.
After the ugly low temps this winter, so many of my shrubs gave up the ghost and the ones that hunkered down are dead on the upper branches and thriving at the bottom. Everytime I look out at my Pomagrante I am reminded that "in spite" has a totally different meaning in the scheme of things to nature. I didn't cut the top branches because I was hopeful but now they are a reminder. Survival is a part of it all.

audrey said...

Nice to see your post, Janie. No matter where we live, we are all dealing with some kind of extreme weather this year. I think Mother Nature is not happy and is sending us a message. We need to listen.
Stay cool. Enjoy your summer in spite of the heat. Yes, the moon was a beauty last night.

Avie said...

Blessed weekend to you too Mother Moon. Such a thoughtful post - I hope this finds you well. x

Faerie Moon Creations said...

It is good to hear from you again. We've been experiencing a spell of lovely weather - although it is expected to become very hot and humid next week. Summer is not my favorite season at all. So wonderful of you to create a little sanctuary for the animals and birds - I am sure they are most thankful for your efforts. Stay well...