Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friends for Breakfast

Although our weather has been overly warm this summer, if one rises early enough in the morning they may experience a brief time of lovely weather.  Before the sun rises high enough to start its hot walk across the sky, and if there is a slight breeze; the early morning can be quite nice. 


I learned this morning though that I am not the only one who also finds this to be a nice time to come out and enjoy the day before it becomes too unbearable.  Winston and I had just stepped off the porch when a movement caught my attention from the corner of my sight.  As I turned towards my little oak at the bottom of the yard, I noticed something jump from its branches.  Now the squirrels enjoy this tree quite a bit as there is a big feeder of sunflower seed that is nestled in the middle of it, hidden from most .  It is a treasure that is only there for those who know it is there.  Yet this did not appear to be a squirrel.  It was much darker in color, almost black.   Also if it was to be a squirrel I had somehow acquired monster squirrels as its size was a bit large.


I continued to watch not yet venturing to close as Winston was with me and the last thing I wanted was for him to catch sight of what I was witnessing and possibly take chase.   Just then a second animal jumped to the ground.  This time I caught a better view and again it was definitely not a squirrel. 

DSC_0019I could not believe that two animals of such size would be sitting up in my little oak and be so hidden from my sight.  They both crouched down at the base of the tree so that I still could not make out their true identity.  I ushered Winston into the house so that I could take a closer look.   As I ventured down a bit closer to the tree, a third animal jumped down from the oak’s branches.  Now a total of three animals hunkered down around the bottom of the small oak hidden only by a few sparse weeds .  Although the plants that surrounded the oak were few I still could not make out their faces.  Then one of them darted from their hiding place toward the woods nearby.  As it ran towards the higher grass and brush it drug behind it  a ringed tail.  Soon after the second followed and then the third.  Three young coons were enjoying an early morning breakfast of sunflower seeds nestled snugly up in the branches of my little oak.  


I still am a bit surprised that three of them could fit themselves up in the small tree.  Yet my little oak has been refuge for many a squirrel and bird.  His branches reach out accepting all who come to visit and sit a spell. I am sure that he would also welcome three coon siblings if they came his way.   I wondered after seeing my new visitors if I should attempt to trap and relocate them to a more fitting location then my back yard.  I have already done so with two others this summer. They had found my suet cakes and seed earlier at a feeding station closer to my house and were making themselves a bit too welcomed. After consuming a gross number of suet cakes and practically demolishing one of my feeders in an attempt to gain entrance, I had no other choice but to find them new homes.   I think as long as these three stay down by the oak  they will be fine.  It was obvious by their size that they were but young ones and the fact that they were three in number made me think they must be siblings who were likely born earlier this spring.  How could I possibly break up siblings. 

  I did spread cracked corn around the oak yesterday for the birds as well as the rabbits that sometime frequent.  A bit silly of me to think that nothing else might come and also partake of it. 


Mother Moon


Kristen said...

Not silly at all! I love my bunnies, and birds and even though the chipmunks have eaten all of my cucumber seedlings I still enjoy them. We also have a nightly visiter and although most would like to see her gone because she is a skunk I like the fact that she feels safe traveling through my yard.

the wild magnolia said...

The early bird gets the worm, and pictures the sleeping never find.

Thank you, for sharing.

Celia said...

What a nice way to start your day! We have racoons too but we don't see them very often....we're more likely to see our bunny rabbits and birds and squirrels....we also have foxes but again we don't see them very often. We probably have other critters that we don't even know about. It's still really humid here...even in the early morning....I can't wait for the "crisp" mornings that are coming our way as Fall comes closer....

mxtodis123 said...

Ah, raccoons. I am kind of afraid of them. We had a bunch of them who hung out around our last apartment and they used to go after my cat. There were also a couple who acted really strangely at times.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I love these little masked bandits but they can by very aggresive and destructive. I had one here last year that would come in the middle of the night and get into all the garbage cans and tear up the night I heard it out there and silently opened up my door with camera in hand and quick shot a picture through the storm door but all I got on the pic was the eyes...all else reflected back onto the glass. The creature weighed 40 pounds or more I'm sure! When I was telling my neighbor about it she said she had spotted them coming up from the sewer drains out in front of the houses...and they had been tearing her screen on her screened porch to get to her garbage cans. If you can cage them that is what I'd do Janie, as you did before, and relocate them. Best to be careful...they will grow up, lol!
I enjoyed immensely your photo shot! You can't help but love 'em!
Blessings and Safe Journeying!

Avie said...

Such mischievous little darlings! What a delight to have nature's guests in your garden. Blessings to you. xx

On Fragile Wings said...

I enjoy hearing about the racoons and the bunnies. I miss my last home on the woods. So your posts mean a lot to me.

happy weekend blessings