Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Mumblings–Five months til Yule

july 25As I rose this morning, I glanced at the calendar and realized that it was the 25th of July already.  Can you believe that it is only five months away from Yule.  I have to admit that I love the thought of that. To be honest it is mostly because of the cooler temperatures that I know will be present at that time.  The temperatures this summer have been brutal to almost anyone who lives in the States.  Oklahoma is well used to having an occasional “hot” summer yet some of the areas further north are way out of their comfort zone with the temperatures as well as the humidity they have been experiencing this year.


It does seem though that the uneasiness that I felt earlier in the year may be subsiding somewhat.  I find myself a bit more focused as well as energized.  It is probably the time of the year and the need to start gathering and preparing for the coming fall and winter is calling even though it seems to still be a ways off.  I have already started considering the treats I will bake and give away for the holidays as well as started my holiday gift shopping.  Last year I was able to complete all of this busy work well before and I was left with ample time to leisurely bake and cook to my hearts content.  It was quite enjoyable.


Although thought of cooler times are well on my mind, I still am saddened by the excessive heat.  The flowers have struggled so, as well as many of my bushes in my yard.  We have been without rain in some areas for so long that the ground has started to crack and buckle.  Many areas have mandatory water rationing and thus can not water their yards as they may wish too.  I am fortunate that we have a water well and thus I am able to water within reason.  Our pond once more has started to decrease in water yet it could be much worse.  Earlier in the year (May) we received a good rain which filled it to the brim.  If we had not gotten that, it would be no more than a muddy little hole. 

rain_1Last night I woke to the sound of rain drops on the skylight, a noise that usually does not wake me.  It did not rain much but enough to dampen things a little.  I in turn went out this morning and turned on the sprinklers for a bit so the birds could have a bit of fun before it became too hot today.

Here is hoping that this finds you all well and if by chance the heat has gotten you down, just remember…. Two more months until fall and only five until Yule.  Then we will have a whole new weather condition to complain about. 


Mother Moon


mxtodis123 said...

Oh believe me, my friend, I am counting the days. It's been a brutal summer here in the city. The air is so hot and close that one can barely breathe. I'm with you. Looking forward to Yule.

Hoping you are doing well.

Wendy S. said...

I can't wait for the cooler weather and esp. Fall...Summer has never been my fave. season. Your cookies look delish. and hope you share the recipe ; )

AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Janie...I would gladly share some of the rain we received Friday and Saturday in our area...we got about 2 inches I think, and a brief respite from the heat until Wednesday. You are right that the excessive heat is getting to everything! I cannot wait for Autumn and crisper, cooler air.
I am happy your uneasiness is letting up a is hard to enjoy life when we feel such angst? You continue to be in my heart thoughts and prayers.
I too should get busy and prepare for Yule'd be a lot easier as you say!
Cool Blessings and Much Abundance Dear One!

Wizardess said...

97 days til Samhain, too! Hope you get some relief from the heat. We got torrential downpours was lovely!

KrisB said...

More importantly, less than 100 days to Samhain.. Halloween..
My favorite time of year!! :)

Kristen said...

Oh yes I know the heat is brutal! It not only keeps us from enjoying our outside friends I seem even more couped up in the house. We haven't had much for rain either and I have emptied my rain barrel twice trying to keep the gardens up. Here's hoping for a more pleasant autumn.

Avie said...

Oh my goodness! The wheel seems to be turning so fast this year.