Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fate..... Its a wonderful thing

I have always believed in fate.... too many things have occurred to me throughout my life not to, yet still it continues to amaze me.  The magical way it seems to bring things and others into our lives.  At times we do not notice the significance of them... Possibly that is me, as I have always said that at times I need a good knock up the side of the head with an iron skillet to get my attention.  Speaking figurtively of course. 

For what seems like so long I have asked for others of like minds to come into my life.  Yet it was not something that I was to be blessed with until recently.  Looking back I wonder if it was because I needed to embrace myself and accept who and what I was.  Since this shift in my life, my journey has been a wonderful experience and the ease of it has amazed me at times. 

Gone is the feeling of carrying something what seemed in ways to burden me down and keep me from making the time that I should.  A confidence covers me and enables me to walk taller.  I am still new at much of this, however I know now that the road I am traveling is the one I should have been on all this time. 

I am grateful for the friends I have met along the way and the ones I am still to meet.  The influence and teachings I know will be there if I am open is something I am looking forward to with much anticipation.  I have always been one who when I see what the final goal is, I can not run fast enough to get to it.  Yet I have learned also that patience and a steady pace can make the journey more enjoyable.  I do not want to miss any of what is to be brought to me. 

Enjoy the day... and say a special word to those who were place in your life for a special purpose... If you reflect, you will know who they are. 


Rue said...

I was talking about this with my friends last night - and about how we wouldn't go back if we were able. Although there are decisions I regret - I know they've had some impact on me being the person I am today. And I'd never run the risk of changing something that led me to one of my amazing friends!

Anonymous said...

Ah those lovely fates!
I am still amazed that I am finding all these kindred spirits...all over the world.
I live in a very isolated place...up a mountain...(hence the blog name)...and it is so lovely to read and talk with everyone.
I think we find each other for a reason, I also think we are drawn to some more than others.
Only the fates know why we click on a blog that calls us...and then come back.
I am glad that you came to mine, and I am glad to have met you.
I'm also glad that you have got your button...but you know what that means...more for my addiction!
Oh well...fate put the buttons there for some reason...who am I to argue...