Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sage - Nature's cleanser

Last summer, while trolling the garden center at the nearby Home Depot, I came across a beautiful plant sitting off in the corner all alone.   A wonderful sage bush.  I quickly scooped it up with visions of exactly where I would plant it.  When it came time to check out, the girl not being able to find a price on the large plant sold it to me at the price of culled wood, which was a meager $4.25.  I had truly found a bargain.  I planted the bush on the dike of the pond, where I could see it easily from the back porch.

Sage or salvia officinalis as it is officially named is a common herb. Besides its abundant use in culinary methods, it is also used frequetly in cleansing rites.  When bound tightly together and dried sage smudge sticks are excellent for such purposes.  Remember that sage burns very hot.  After lighting the sage, let it flame then blow it out as it is the smoke which you want.  Pass the smoke then over the area which you wish to cleanse.  It is an excellent way to rid negative energies that may be liingering. 

Sage has also been known to aid in healing.  Many have found relief from sinus problems and even migraines through the use of Sage Tea or the inhaling of the smoke.  This is due mainly to the antibiotic agents that have been found in sage. 

I was new at growing sage, yet this plant took little if any effort and soon grew into a beautiful bush covered with wonderful purple flowers.  As fall came I decided to harvest some of the stalks for sage bundles.  It granted me a total of twelve bundles, each an average of 8-10 inches long. It brought me great joy to have my own home grown sage bundles available.   It has returned once again this summer.  Although it is not as magnificent as last summer, mainly due to over pruning by myself, yet it still is just as beautiful.  It has been a faithful teacher for me in the early lessons of my herbalism.  I look forward to many more years as its pupil. 


mrsb said...

Shows you how much I don't know about plants, lol! I totally thought that picture was lavender!

Kimmy said...

my sage is sitting in front of me. didn't know about the sinus. i think we were destined