Friday, September 18, 2009

My New Button

As some of you may have noticed I have attempted to create and add a button to my site. To be honest this has almost drove me crazy... I finally got the picture added to my sight, figuring out all the little quirks etc. Yet when attempting to figure out the addition of the hmtl text below... well let just say I think my computer savy went out the window.

The instructions I were given were simple enough and I attempted several times to complete them yet each time in doing so, it would raise havoc with my button.

Seeing how it only makes sense to me that when there is an easier route that does exactly what I want it to do is available I opted to go for it.

So in saying this, if you opt to post my button to your sight, it is quite simple. You just copy the picture and add it as a picture gadget. There is an area above to add a link. Simply put my blog site:    Save and it is finished.

I guess I am just one of those girls who "has" to be different... Honestly... I am one of them old women who can't figure it out... Have a wonderful weekend...


Lisa said...

You are too funny. :) Your button is really pretty. It's going on my blog very soon.

girlichef said...

What a welcoming blog you have...thank you for visiting me so that I could find you :) I can help you with a codebox for your button (very pretty, btw) if you'd like. I'll email ya... :)